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Posted: Today at 13:21

30 miles in 4:20..... Took it easy..... Pah! I can do it as quick as that on my bike! Enjoy Alicante Lotte X

Swimming and football matches done, just need to deliver children to grandma and then i can think about kit for tomorrows tri..... Wind proof jacket is a cert for the bike leg. 


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Posted: Yesterday at 23:17

Haha i kissed a fair few frogs before i lucked out! I jumped into and stomped out of 2 marriages because i was impulsive and It was only when i spent time alone and started living my own life that i found my soul mate. I had no expectations and no need to be with anyone so was able to truthfully say take it or leave it. Within a few weeks of meeting we had a 'confessional' which was good as after i never felt that i had to explain myself or worry that my skeletons were going to come tumbling out and i guess neither does he. 

Just for the record he has a nice bum but If he doesnt train he is a skinny minny whose waist is smaller than mine And yes he does waste money- this week he bought cod loin, baby asparagus etc and it was blimmin lush! 

Love 'starter husbands' - very important but do make sure you dont buy a house or have kids if possible. 

PG - our primaries are closing as there are so few kids in the countryside. No issue getting into any school in fact they almost tout for business. 

CM - enjoy your break and give CC a hug from us all. 

Only one glass of wine but it has gone straight to my head and i feel pickled! 

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:39

Nooooooo dont make me feel guilty about all the work he has done.... It really wasnt much. Just a new extention or 2. Honest. AND i have sacrificed my half ironman so he can enter a local sportif because i am so lovely. FACT! 


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Posted: Yesterday at 08:39

Forgot to say boo to expressing milk for testing but yippee for getting in so quick! 

CM - you need regular breaks still so popping on here is allowed! 

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:36

I am not going to fess up to all misdeameaners but suffice to say I have had plenty and yet I dont beat myself up about them. I am what I am, I don't intentially hurt or use people but inevitably sometimes relationships are one sided and you take more than you give for a change. That's ok. 

CM - if you are happy when he is not around..... Errr you have your answer. Maybe when you find the time and space to forgive/ accept/ like yourself, then you will be able to have a relationship with someone on an equal basis. 

Parents evening was challenging but maths teacher was visably embarressed when he asked why she hadnt gone to him for help and she replied 'because you take the p*ss!'. 

Yippppeeeee to the fab fundraising Minks is doing for VLM, really hope the training and dedication pays off on the day. Anyone else doing London? 

Hoggle - EEK to the teapot cabinet wobble!!!

Nuro- Would sell out give you / him freedom to start another business rather than take a salary drop as it always appears to me he has done wonders building this one up? 

Cough appears a little better this morning and i slept ok so hopefully will be ok for my sprint Tri on Sunday (weather forecast is torrential rain and gales.....).

Spoke to my mum last night and asked her how she was managing the debts now. 'all ok thankyou' so i asked if she had cancelled either the sick pay from work or the ESA benefit (not entitled to both) 'not yet dear, the dr says i should take things easy'........ Hmmmm Paying back £1200 wont be easy if you have spent it. 


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Posted: 26/03/2015 at 14:33


Still feel crap and have to go to nieces parents evening later (because i am apparently better at confronting her teachers in a nice way).... 

Pirate DIY Half IM 2015

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 14:26

i have just cancelled my premier inn room if anyone was trying to get in for the friday and sat nights. 

Am gutted not to be joining you but have managed to negotiate a course recce in return for giving this up for hubby to do a sportif instead. 

Cotswold 226 - 2015

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 21:24

I have a pirate top and shorts but not sure i am brave enough to bare my muffin top! I have just booked a wee log cabin for the race weekend so hope to be in a bed not a sleeping bag.

I am going on the recce weekend in June - anyone else going? 

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Posted: 25/03/2015 at 07:07

CM - may be that you are angry with him and he is not showing commitment to you in which case he has had enough time and you are right to bail. it is nothing to do with you and your qualities or choices but more about him and his. i think i would be furious if i was with someone who chose to support an ex in this way (and stay married) and i can guarentee i would have bailed too. Why is the counsellor not addressing his reasons for not sorting himself out?? 

Sat in bed with a stinking cold and tight chest so going to take a leave day (of which i have 4 to use by Tuesday anyway!)

Pirate DIY Half IM 2015

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 08:04

Nooooooooo hubby has realised this clashes with the double devil sportif which is on our doorstep...... Looking very likely we will have to bail.... 

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