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Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Yesterday at 20:58

how was the ride RP? 

Cotswold 226 - 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 20:56

Good ride Bally, you must feel confident at getting up to the distance? 

Cotswold 226 - 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 20:52

Reminds me of the day i accidentally put my husbands cycling shorts on.... not very comfy from the start and chafftastic by the time i got home! 

Kick started my training off with a cross country today, only 6 miles but gave it some welly so that counts in my book.....

Mums Running Club

Posted: Yesterday at 20:40

No running away RF, how are you getting on with training and niggles now? Hopefully black clouds are just due to impending darker nights and will bugger off soon. 

My XC was tough and i went sprawling too but feel better for it! Was less than 6 miles but at least it was chance to push myself. 

Archie plagued by verruca again, have dabbed them with cider vinegar and covered them with duct tape tonight! 


Mums Running Club

Posted: Yesterday at 08:24

Haha to awful cake, hopefully her daughter wont think it is bad JG. 

Ttid - black clouds are like the weather in real life..... They dont care what or who they hover over. Look at all the celebs who suffer despite really having all they could wish for. Hope they lift soon for you, plenty of rest and hopefully it wont be long until you can flex your trainers again which always helps 

Hope the girls get good weather for the 9am start, dont think either will be worried about the strict 5 hour cut off (seems quite tight for me...). 

Cotswold 226 - 2015

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 22:31

Hahaha didnt think to look for them separately..... Guess i was thinking a matching set! 

Is a tri top just the same as a cycling top then? hmmm skin tight i guess to go under wettie. May yank on proper cycling shorts as better to be comfy for 6-8 hours! 

Mums Running Club

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 20:55

Oh no i killed the fred........ 

Fab day at Worcester country park - highly recommended for a meet up as no entry fee or parking charge. Lots of space and excellent food in the cafe.

Boys in bed and i am just having a cup of tea before bed as want to drag my sorry butt to cross country in the morning. 

Cotswold 226 - 2015

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 22:08

I might do the 113 - silly question but did they put them 'ideal' dates apart for this reason? Dont want to mess the half and not have time to sort problems or have time to recover enough? 

next silly question - i am an ebay queen and after reading somewhere (tri mag) that for an IM you need a 2 piece suit to allow loo breaks off i went to search for one. Well plenty of all in one suits but no top/ bottom sets? Am i missing something? 

Mums Running Club

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 22:00

Yay a weekend of mara stories to read.... Just glad i am not running it! 

bought a pair of cycling trousers in aldi today and looking at tri suits on ebay but not actually doing any training, haha! 

Eldests girlfriend has got a job so they are house hunting an hour or so away..... Of course eldest has no job up there so will need to sort that out pretty darn quick too. 

Sponsoring athletes

Posted: 16/10/2014 at 22:21

i never look a gift horse in the mouth. If i could have a crateful each week to feed my family I will happily keep track of my performance! youngest son lives on pasta, cheese and pesto......

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