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Posted: Yesterday at 21:12

Bloody hope it isnt bed bugs! Our friends were itching their 'spots' in the car home so we both showered as soon as we got in In case it was something in the air or on us. 

Kinsey - i agree with you, we give the boys juice or j20 as a treat. The arguements were so funny - started saying they only give sugar free squash then as aspartime was mentioned all saying noooooo they wouldnt give that rubbish only proper squash... Oh and teachers are there just to teach not to dictate! Last i looked they were wondering if frozen squash would smell the same and whether they could sneak it through...... Hahaha 

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: Yesterday at 19:19

Ok so not run this week as legs still tired from the mara but thought the bike would be fine. Did 30 miles but it took 2 hours of serious effort. Is it possible to build from this base up to an IM next year? 

Glad your strap appears to help BS, would you need to wear it every time or would you be able to wean yourself back off? 

Hope you are enjoying the jolly Cake, you will need to do some serious reparation without any hint of moaning now! 

Buttercup - at least you did something, it will settle though?

Mums Running Club

Posted: Yesterday at 18:55

Quiet today, hope you are feeling a bit better Caro, must be bloody awful every time but it will be over soon xxxx 

Pip no idea on hillyness of bournemouth but the benefit of doing the last one will still be in your legs now so should be able to scrape a minute off. 

heated debate on our local facebook about the school being told not to offer anything but milk or water to pupils. Personally i am thrilled as hated my boys being the only ones not drinking milkshake at breakfast club but other parents are FURIOUS! 

30 mile bike in 2 hours this morning, legs still  felt tired from the mara last weekend but want to start building up if i am going to attempt the ironman next summer. 

ADVICE WANTED - since coming back from Ypres me and hubby have red spots (like bites) which are really itchy but mine didnt come up until after we got home so could they be mozzy bites or not? (And CM dont go suggesting they are UK Mozzys as we all know they dont exist.. )

Lastly - took boys to see Echo to Earth at the cinema - we fab so thought I'd recommend as i hadnt even heard of it. Not suitable for tiny weenies but Archie at 5yrs loved it! 

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 20:58

yay got 2 swims in today! A 2000m in 57mins early doors then a massive 4 lengths with my 5 yr old who was more interested in trying to dive bomb me..... 

Crash - good to see you!! 

off to google enigma...... 

Mums Running Club

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 20:49

Boo to house chain, candidate dilemma, craving sugar and being held to ransom by threats of grievance 

YIPPEE to 50k bike ride PG,  knowing work is forthcoming JG and Ttid seeing some weird animal thingies by her house... 

Hugs for you Caro xxxx

Swam early doors and did 100 lengths (2000m) in 57 mins and then tonight the kids really wanted to go so..... Back in and hopped about with Archie. Tom tried to keep up with hubby who did his 100 lengths in 43 mins and Tom did 31 lengths. They obviously have better talent than me! 

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 23:12

Fab report DB, logistics put me off GNR too. 

Rpitchfo - you have ramped up your training so fatigue is inevitable. No idea on bikes but i would say sit on loads before you decide. 

Good luck Peteinthehills- grit and swearing are compulsory i think...... Certainly featured highly on Sunday when i did the flanders field marathon. Managed a weak yarrrr when i spotted a flash of yellow and black and wondered how the hell anyone could do a whole bloody marathon after a mammoth swim and bike. 


Mums Running Club

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 22:50

Yippee to good house news PG3 (sorry i 'read' that as pig each time), to fab pic CM, carpet and pool Ttid, and 5m run Kinsey (defo the longer recording device is correct).

Boo to no work JG (i would be politely harrassing them too), hope your mum gets good news.

minks - eek to niggles and possible conference clash with the ultra. 


Mums Running Club

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:03

Right normal post

Boo to more chemo Caro but yay to your sis being here and your continued running. 

Boo to pain CM, childcare bills (everyone!) lack of phones EF and lack of sleep (Kinsey and others)

Not sure if getting rats is a boo or a yippee.... Pet yes, rat errrrr..... 

kids in bed so I am off to find mine too. feet are quite puffy? 

Mums Running Club

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 20:55

i had the name of a soldier on my number and it was very emotional as we passed a cemetery and endless fields which would have made up the front line. I could feel my hands tingling and the sun was very hot but there was a headwind and some sponge stations which were very welcome. 

Dad met me again at 20 miles and i was almost crying with worry, i had twitchy cramps in my calf and legs were very stiff. He had made a bottle of diluted orange pop and i stuffed some ready salted crisps too. I didnt want to walk at all but when i caught a pirate up around 22 miles i did walk with him a bit to chat about ironman..... Company on the route was wierd- it was very quiet and support was generally only around the bridges over the canal. Decided to just get on with it and plodded the miles out, silently cursing my lack of preparation. The markers seemed so far apart and my moral was low. 

Saw my Dad again as I turned to run under the menin gate into the town centre and almost choked with tears - first time he has come to support me in a mara and was thinking about my Nan too.

Over the cobbles and into the finishing chute for 4:16. The organiser met me with a hug and i blubbed onto his shoulder. My feet were killing and my legs were trashed. They had rows of chairs with massage available so i fell into one and begged a bread thing off someone. Felt very wobbly and nauseous for a while but came good after a few hours...

plenty of cheering later as other club members did their races (7k, 14k) and hubby gallantly ran with an injured mate after downing 6 pints.

Definitely one to go on your bucket lists ladies!!    

Mums Running Club

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 20:35

Right Race report 

Friday morning set off and managed a beer at 11am before our slot on the tunnel. Arrived safely in Ypres and after going to the menin gate for the daily ceremony of remembrance we hit the bar where my husband decided cocktails were a good idea..... Bleugh. 

saturday had to register in Nieupoort and struggled to find the fishminje (ever after called fish minge much to my dads amusement). picked up 9 marathon packs and vests and then visited the tine cot cemetary, the Welsh memorial and the german cemetary - very moving. 

Up at 6am for breakfast and caught the bus to the start... 

10am we were off - it was chipped but no mat at the start so guess it was just gun to chip finish. The weather was ok at this point and i felt good so stuck with a few club mates and got to half way in 1:55...... Knew i was pushing it and very quickly the sun got very warm and i started flagging, splits dropped to 9mm then 9.5mm and by 16 miles i was having worries about sunstroke..... My lovely hubby greeted me about here with a gang from the club but they were all on the beer and i snapped at him for not even having a drink for me. thankfully my Dad was only 50 yds on and had salted peanuts and water. I chugged it all down and set off trying to calculate what mile splits i needed to hit 4hrs, or 4.05 or even 4.10.... Getting slower...... 

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