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RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: Yesterday at 23:11

Ali - must work out what Facebook is. Did you give your consent ? Will have a look later. promise.

Will - gremlins at play again.

Nell - know how you feel about those 6 miles and not being the best run. I had originally thought I might do my 6 miles easy before work this morning but was tired after yesterdays session battling the elements so thought I was being clever by leaving them to tonight.

Came home. Still wet and windy.

6 miles done but it was one of those runs I just wanted to finish and mentally it was easier to run 16 miles hard yesterday. Weird or what.

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: 29/03/2015 at 21:30

TR - I am with chicksta. Sub 2:55 and comfy cannot possibly be in the same sentence. I know you are a vastly more experienced runner than some of us mere novices but still sub 3 !! and comfy. Impressive stuff really. Clearly being focussed only on the running means that I would ash no time to even contemplate swimming and cycling. I guess we all find our balance somehow.

I suppose the marathon does not respect what you have done in the past only the amount of effort you put in before you run it. If you have not done the right training, no matter how much you want a particular time, you will not get it.

chicksta and Stewart - It was brutal out there today. Have never run in such miserable conditions before. It was not so much the rain but the gale force wind. Running uphill into a headwind is no fun. And being blown sideways across the path is no joke.

My youngest asked me if it was raining when I came back in as a puddle built up around me from all the dripping water. Sweet !!

So having checked my plan before going out, I realised that it called for 10 miles at MP and not 8 miles as I had thought. So I decided that I would give it a go.

My long run route incorporates Hampstead Heath (hills) and Regents Park (flatter). Beforehand I was thinking of trying and extra loop on the Heath but the conditions quickly changed my mind for me as it was a real energy sapping run.

16 miles in driving rain is just miserable. It would have been so easy to call it a day after about 9 miles as I pass near my house when transitioning from the Heath to Regents Park but I forced myself to keep going.

Other than runners and dog walkers there was nobody else out. And not surprising really. Being buffeted by the howling wind and driving rain is unpleasant at the best of times.

So this has to go down as one of my toughest training runs ever.

I completed the 16 miles in 2:06:22 which is equivalent to 7:54m/m overall.

The 10 miles at MP took me 1:16:06 which is about 7:37m/m pace. 

I knew I was running hard but mainly attributed it to the conditions. Clearly the pace had something to do with it too. This was not a consistent pace for the 10 miles as I suffered on the hills but everything was mainly in the 7:30 to 7:50 zone with one or two either side of that.

Could I sustain that kind of pace for 26 miles even in normal conditions. I doubt it.

This week I have managed 49 miles dropping one 6 mile easy run from my plan. Not a bad week after the HM.

Next 4 weeks are heavy weeks with 60+ miles in the plan each week. It is always hard when in the thick of things to be sure whether the training is having an impact. I think it is as I would never have run the type of run I did today before. The last mile or so of the MP section was hard and the quads were hurting but that is to be expected so soon after the HM. But it was never in doubt that I would do the 10 miles. 

Overall quite pleased with where I am.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 29/03/2015 at 14:34

Anyone who ventures out today deserves a medal. 

It was brutal. Running uphill at MP with the wind howling into your face and driving you backwards is no fun. And of course then there is the rain. I do not mind running when it is raining but constantly for 16 miles is no fun at all. 

The only people out were runners and dog walkers. 

So I thought it was 16 miles with 8 miles at MP.

Checked the plan before I set off and discovered it was 10 miles at MP. 

The wind over the hills on Hampstead Heath made this the hardest run I have ever done.

Completed it in 2:06:22 which is equivalent to 7:54m/m overall.

The 10 miles at MP took me 1:16:06 which is about 7:37m/m pace. 

I knew I was running hard but mainly attributed it to the conditions. At times I was nearly doubled over trying to keep going forward.

Could I sustain that kind of pace for 16 miles even in normal conditions. I doubt it.

This week I have managed 49 miles dropping one 6 mile easy run. Not a bad week after the HM.

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: 28/03/2015 at 21:34

Stewart - well done on your last 20 miler. Must be great having it behind you. After tomorrow I have 4 more weeks of long runs before my taper. Going to be tough banging out the high miles whilst everyone else is winding down.

8 easy miles for me first thing today.

The weather looks shocking for tomorrow morning so looks like I will be getting quite wet.

sense - how has the move gone. Did you do as you said you would and supervise ?

TR - how is your prep for London going ?

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 28/03/2015 at 21:27

So an easy 8 miles for me this morning.

The weather tomorrow is meant to be shocking so ideal conditions for a long run with MP.

PS - 7 weeks to Richmond. 4 weeks of running 60+ miles in a row then 3 weeks of a taper. I think I might be dead by the time I get to the taper. Have never ever run 60 miles in a week before. 

Oops on the furniture .... At least you are about to move into a house ....

Great run from you and if you can translate this pace into your marathon you will do well.

Loving that you have already slipped fully into the local culture .....

Ali - I thought 16 was the longest run too. But I do 18 for each of the next 4 weeks as part of the 60 mile crusade. Looks like I am going to have that miserable weather tomorrow for my run.

washwood - that was certainly a fast 4 miles the day ahead of a 20 mile race. Assume you are taking the race at a steady pace. Best of luck with it.

How is everyone else getting on this weekend. 

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 22:12

Carter - you do not have to pay the blindest bit of attention to my advice. After all you know yourself the best. You have done some amazing training an have the potential to go sub 3:30 by a good bit if it all comes together on the day. Your run tomorrow will help you work out how much faster you can go. And as you say once you have that sorted in your head you will lock onto it an execute it. AS you think this might be your last marathon I can see that it would be nice to go out on a massive high. But please make sure you nail the sub 3:30.

Will - good run considering you probably still had last weekend in the legs. Enjoy the stag.

Ali - great to hear that this week has gone well and that you are finishing feeling a lot more positive about things. 

PS - I feel in great form and my 11 mile MLR this week was tough but again gives credence to what you say re possible time. But as you say Richmond will be an energy sapping race. It is hilly and mid May could mean a hot day which would make it even worse. But I will be giving it a go regardless and anything sub 3:40 and close to 3:30 will be a result.

Must be tough juggling everything about. How are you settling in and when do you move to a bigger place ?

Ricky - seems like the running form is coming back well. Would not worry about it feeling hard at Nell's MP. It should do. Not many of us can run at his pace for long.

Nell - another good solid run from you. The one thing I can say about the Hansons plan is that I do look forward to those rest days. As the plan does not really do cut back weeks it is relentless week after week. For the next few month I will be doing 60 miles per week and that will be interesting.

Completed my 11 mile MLR which had 6 x 1mile at faster than MP with 400m recoveries at its core.

The splits for the 6 miles were :

7:34 ; 7:40 ; 7:40 ; 7:39 ; 7:37 ; 7:36

This was a tough run coming so close to the HM and the last interval was hard. Had to dig deep to keep at it and on it. 

But really pleased that I could manage this and nail it. It is always tough the week after a hard race to pick oneself up and get back on the training so it is great to be back into it. 

Big 16 miler with 8 miles at MP on Sunday.

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 21:55

stewart - best of luck wit your long run this weekend.

I completed an 11 miler MLR yesterday which had 6 x 1mile reps at its core at faster than MP with 400m recoveries.

This was an interesting jaunt in the spring weather but I pulled it off.

The splits for the 1 mile intervals were :

7:34 ; 7:40 ; 7:40 ; 7:39 ; 7:37 ; 7:36

Pretty consistent although the last one was tough. Expected this close to my HM.

Have a 16 miler at the weekend with 8 miles at MP. If I can pull that off I will be really pleased with this week.

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 21:50

sense - great to hear that the foot is behaving. I am impressed with you moving house in the middle of your run into paris. Listen to TR now. So close you do not want a non running injury to interfere with your plans. 

Carter - Your LR this weekend will give you a good idea of where you are with pacing. Considering you were concerned when you started the no carb all fat diet thingy that you might not be able to last for 26 miles it is incredible that hear you are a few weeks out considering having a right old go at a massive PB. Considering that it is only your second marathon too. At the end of the day if you want to rip up the roads of Manchester there is nobody on here who can stop you. But maybe it would be sensible to wind in the pace a little as holding 7:30 consistently for 26 miles might be tough and blowing up after 22 miles and missing 3:30 would be such a shame. But what do I know. If you feel very strong maybe you have it in you to do this. And if your plan is to focus on ultras and this is your last marathon then going for it might be the thing to do. 

Will be interesting to see how you feel after this weekend. What I do know is that once you settle on a plan for the race that that is what you will try and execute so will watch this with interest ....

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 21:43
The Jimbob wrote (see)
Carl D. Just dropping in to say hello. I see you rode the PB train at Reading on Sunday as did I and everyone I know who took part. It was perfect conditions. Congratulations that's decent blasting and a really good confidence booster. Keep in touch.

Jimbob - great to hear you got a PB in Reading too. Great course and well marshalled. Will do it again sometime. Best of luck with Boston in a few weeks.

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 00:19

Stewart - great running from you again.

Chicksta - that test sounds horrible. REally impressed that you ahve done it more tan once

Today was a rest day. My plannnedsession yesterday was an interval session with 6 x 800m at faster than MP with 400m recoveries in between.

On Monday I thought I might run the 8 miles in total at an easy pace but felt strong so ran the session as planned. All at circa 3:15 mins so that is good so close to Sunday.

Back on plan from tomorrow.

sense - how is the foot holding up ?

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