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RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 19:05

Hopefully will be back on later to update you on my running whilst away.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 19:04

Sean - holiday was great. We have not done this kind of thing for a long time. Mainly we spend all the hols in Ireland with family. So it was nice getting away by ourselves and doing some things we would not normally do. 

Well done for getting that session in even though you were tired. Not easy to push hard when the body is just not with it.

Great weight loss. When you get there that will be an even bigger achievement than it is already. And just imagine how much faster you will be able to run without all that excess baggage !!

Will - great to have you back too. Please do stay. And do not worry if you cannot respond to every post. Congrats on the wedding. You can give Carter some advice even though not sure he needs any as he seems to have it all planned out already. And good to hear that the running is ticking over.

Not much been going on here. Just a few PB's and mad runs and new running gear and people losing weight and people having some life issues getting in the way. Just your normal running summer really !!

PS - my OH is quite understanding about my obsession. I have become better at sensing when I am pushing my luck and adjust what I am doing. However she understands that it is my way of winding down and dealing with life so she lets me get on with it. Must be quite difficult when the OH gets in a mood every time you put on the trainers. And of course with a race coming up getting the long runs in is important. Stick with it. Enjoy the trip to Niagra as it is a spectacular place. Maybe try getting the run in there instead.

Ali  - another 5k PB. You on on fire. Great report and fantastic control during the race. Just shows that with the right race head on before the race, you can really make the result you want happen. All these tough club sessions are having a massive impact on your racing technique. Now you just need to know 6 seconds off to have a 21:XX PB. No pressure !!

Robert - sorry to hear that Mrs R has more bad news to deal with. Stay strong for her.

Sounds you have a busy running week ahead of you too.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 18:48

Ali - more great running from you. You have become a regular running machine and look like your new job is not getting in the way too much so far.

Hotel was great. Nothing special. Chalet style. But a few other families with kids of similar ages to mine so they had a blast. Staff were friendly and food was good for this type of hotel. Always plenty on offer and always very accommodating when we needed to make slight changes to prepared menus to suit the fussy eaters that we are.

Had a small swimming pool which the kids loved even though it was not heated and despite the high temperatures it was still freezing.

We had 2 rooms as with 3 kids we do not fit in standard family rooms. WAs nice though as it meant that we had some sort of break even if the youngest one kept coming in and out.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 18:47

So loads been going on whilst I was away.

Sean - just had a look at the Cortina trails on the web. it is on northern Italy and there is a trail race there every June. Starting elevation 1200m rising to 2400m and over 47km with a time limit of 12 hours !!! Am sure the scenery is amazing but must be a killer. No doubt your club mates were just running for fun and were more sensible.

Running at elevation is hard work !!

Once I am done with Chicago Ia m going to look into running clubs a bit more seriously than I have before. AS you say there are loads in North London so should be able to find one that suits my erratic work schedule.

Ali is testament to the fact that running with others at a club improves your form pretty quickly. 

How are the knees this week and well done for resting. It is not easy not going out running when it becomes part of a routine. I forced myself to stay indoors today and it was hard thinking that I had a day off from work and was wasting it by not running. We are strange creatures indeed.

Robert - sorry to hear of the various woes in Mrs R's life at present. Certainly puts everything in perspective. Fascinated about the 2year old. How can someone not know that a 2 year old is in the house ? Seems like neither Mum nor child was that fussed so all's well that end's well I guess.

Some good running from you at the end of last week and congrats on hitting your biggest mileage ever. Now you just need to sneak over the 40 miles a week barrier ....

PS - I love Grand Central Station. Great run. Never thought of running to a station before and coming home by train. Must have felt good to run the 20 miles and also do it with friends. That pace should give you a confidence boost with 3-4 more weeks of decent training before the taper to come.

Ali - great running from you too. How did it feel taking out a group of XC beginners ? And that club session at Arran sounds tough but once again you made it happen. You are getting in some great variety with your club and seems you are just taking it in your stride. Well done you.

Carter - Garmins are taking a pasting on the threads at the moment. Some people are talking about having to do hard resets, others are losing data, others cannot charge them, others cannot get enough charge into them. I use mine a lot and on the whole it has served me well. Am interested in how you get on with your new toy as at some point in the next year or so I will probably upgrade.As long as it does not fail me on the big day I will stick with it for a while longer.

Diets are hard to maintain for long periods as taking everything you like out of your diet makes life tedious. We all need to feed our cravings. So think trying to control your calorie intake and every so often using the diet as a means to loose a few pounds is probably a more longer term sustainable way of managing the weight. 

Well done on the wedding invitation. 

Am pleased that you have entered a few more ultras. It is what you have been moving towards for some time and I think you are ready to make the switch. Assume this means that you will put running the short marathon distance on hold for another year as it will be hard to do both justice ?

Washwood - great to have you back. No matter that you lost the mojo for a wee while. You are back and that is all that matters. Good idea entering a few races as this will give you something to focus on and get a rhythm to the training. Don't worry about reading all the posts since you were last on. Just jump back in from now and keep moving forward.

PS - any response from Chicago on the corral thing. Shame they have not moved you but on the other hand this means that you can control your own race.

Ali - more great running from you. You have become a regular runn

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 22:23


Back home now. Looks like there is loads going on and a few familiar faces have reappeared too which is nice.

Will catch up with the weeks events tomorrow and fill you in on my adventures.

33 running miles this week and loads of walking which is good for a week on hols.

Have picked up a non running injury which is making running a tad painful. More on this tomorrow.

6 weeks to Chicago. 

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 22:11
A quick note from the Alps.

Will catch up later in the week.

Meant to run 18 miles last Friday night and 6 Saturday morning.

Friday became all too complicated and 18 was just an impossibility.

But I got 8 in and then forced myself out of bed at 6am Saturday to do 16. Then off to the airport at 10.30. Mad. But 58 miles for last week so a heavy week in anticipation if a cut back week this week.

Same mileage just different combination but quite close together.

Been a busy holiday with loads of walking and activities.

Have managed 2 runs so far. A gentle 5 miler last night with not too much elevation - well not much for being at 1000m elevation.

Then 9 miles before breakfast today from the hotel through the town, another village, some very rough paths alongside the raging mountain river up to Lake Montriand, a circuit of this and back home.

It was very cold as the sun was just coming up even if the daytime was very hot.

Going to try and repeat this run again on Saturday morning. Flying back late Saturday.

Amazing scenery and the activities on offer are incredible.

Can see that everyone is getting on with stuff so that's great.

Back on at the weekend.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 20/08/2015 at 22:06

Not much time to post tonight. Have a big meeting in the morning and I need a very clear head so turning in early. Will catch up properly tomorrow.

Ali - great races. Sounds like a load of 'fun'.

Robert - well done on the weight loss front and good things are steadying down for now. Life is one hell of a complicated thing and it has many twists and turns. Stay strong and you will both be the better for it.

Carter - sounds like you have got a serious gadget there. Will be interested to learn more. My garmin is beginning to annoy me. Little things but then I suppose it is getting heavy use.

Am looking forward to getting some running in in the Alps. The scenery will be amazing and as PS says it is altitude training lol !

PS - good decision to run indoors. This way you get the runs in and whatever happens get that 20 miler in on Sunday. Will give you loads of confidence as we all know you can do it.

8 miles easy for me last night.

Then up early for a road intervals session. 11 miles with 6 x 1mile at 10sec faster than MP with 400m recoveries at its core.

Always knew this was going to be tough considering I ran last night and it was. 

Had to dig really deep and was all a little stiff later in the day and knocked my miles out as follows :

7:23 ; 7:18 ; 7:22 ; 7:18 ; 7:21 ; 7:19

Hopefully I recover enough by tomorrow night to get 18 miles in.


RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 23:06

As we are away on our proper holiday from this Saturday in the French Alps I have no idea what running i will be able to get in. So next week by default is a cut back week.

So this week needs to be a good week and I will be pushing myself a little as I need to get the long run in on Friday evening. We fly Saturday.

Last night I was going out for a 6 miler and decided to push it a little. 7:43 min miling over 6 miles.

Tonight the plan called for 6 x 800m intervals at 5k/10k pace. The legs were a tad heavy after last night so went a bit longer on the warm up. 3.25 miles.

Then hit the track at Regents Park. It was busy tonight with many groups being run by PT's. And some serious runners too.

Knocked out the 6 800m as follows :

3:15 ; 3:09 ; 3:08 ; 3:09 ; 3:07 and 3:00

2.25 miles could down back home.

No idea where I pulled that last 800m from. I think I told myself that as it was the last one I should put it all out there.

Tough session but it does make you feel good about yourself.

8 mile easy run planned for tomorrow and going to head out first thing Thursday for a tempo type run. This will give me the best part of 2 days to recover before my long run on Friday evening. 

If I pull this off this week I will be well pleased with my training. 

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 22:59

Carter - yes I did enjoy my mad session on the zip wire and most likely my dogged determination might have had something to do with it as you say. I am trying to be diligent about my training and by not having to strictly adhere to a plan and being flexible about which days I run, I am finding ways to fit it all in round everything else. And I have a very understanding OH this time for some reason. Maybe as it is summer and the kids are occupied it does not leave her doing everything with the kids like running during winter with the kids at home after school and all that. 

Great that your long run of 12 miles at the weekend was good and great to hear that you have entered another race. 

Sorry to hear about your garmin. I have my own issues where every so often it discharges its charge when it is sitting on the cradle. Really annoying. Also the watch no longer holds the up to date training data. It seems to have stopped recording / storing this on Feb 24th. It has it as it uploads it when linked to my computer. 

Interested to hear how you get on with your new watch. I use a fitbit to record my steps during the day and am thinking about upgrading that to the fitbit running watch when the time is right and I can afford it.

Has your watch arrived yet ?

Robert - they are all saying it so I will not add my twopenny's worth. 4 lbs weight loss in one week is great on one front but concerning on another. While training for a marathon it is so important not to underfuel as it is likely to do more damage than good. You need to take on more particularly on days where you are doing long or hard runs.

Cutting out rubbish when training is a good idea but be sensible.

And listen to Carter re overtraining. We have all made silly mistakes along the way. And sometimes you have to make the mistake yourself to really understand it. But it is good advice ....

Sean - like you I have just been careful with what I eat to maintain the weight I want to be at. Every so often I have a great few days eating and need to be extra good to make up for it. Some people are lucky and they can eat and eat and their metabolism means that they do not put on weight. Others of us look at food and the weight goes up steadily. But no point carrying excessive around 26 miles so easier to control it than have to work harder when running.

Some good fast runs from you last week but as Carter says maybe stick to some slower runs for a while to gibe the knee time to mend. If it persists then maybe you will need to consider resting it for a few weeks. Tough call.

Ali - sounds like everything is full on for you at the moment. Glad the new job is going well even if it is different. Getting used to new surroundings / new teacher colleagues/ new pupils will be both exciting and daunting. 

And amongst that you are still getting loads of good running. A great park run after a tough XC night. And the races tomorrow night sound great fun. You thrive with the club stuff you are doing and it has helped your form enormously. 

I would love to join a club and there are some close by. All look a bit too serious to me and proper runners. I am not sure that I could commit to the time every week. I can usually get out the same night that they run but a little later.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 22:15

Well so much going on since I last posted.

PS - zip wiring would not be everyone's cup of tea for sure. Not sure that it was mine either but the thrill when flying through the air at speed was great. It was hairy at times and there were one or two moments when I thought to myself that I was mad and could not go on. But then I looked at my kids along way down and told myself that I could not let them down. 

The journey back was long. Stopped off at my brothers in Stockport (slight detour) for Sunday dinner. It was very nice and certainly beat a motorway fast food place. But got caught in traffic and roadworks and suffered two detours off the M^. So it was quite late when I got home and then had to unpack the car as living in London, leaving the car loaded overnight is not really an option.

It made for a challenging day at work on Monday !!

Shame about the 13m run. It must be hard not having the flexibility to run when you want.

It takes a few days to hear back about moving pens.

Sounds like you need a warm up race if only to give you confidence that you can still do this. Chicago is flat marathon. You know you can run 26 miles. You just need to find a way of getting the training in. If it is so hot during the day, is running on a trade at a gym an option ? I know it is not the same but would help you get some miles in. Mix this up with some road running and you will get there. 

There is plenty of time left so stop worrying. At least you got 8 miles in today and most of them were ok pace for an easy run. You are probably overthinking this now and just need to get out when you can, get some miles in and stop stressing about everything you are stressing about. 

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