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Comrades 2015

Posted: 05/04/2015 at 14:41
I really should log on to this more and not rely on the Facebook group!
Was also at Compton yesterday - shame to have missed you all! Plan was for 40, but in road shoes in that mud, I just couldnt do it, had nothing left in my legs to stopped at 20 (that had taken me four hours anyway) and enjoyed the warm quiche and chips - YUM!
Now having a minor psychological meltdown about lack of miles....

Comrades 2015

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 23:49
I think zulu, if you are registered with an SA run club you can enter as SA, otherwise, it's the big money!
The man who knows is Speedy ( falsely known as Slow Duck), he'll clear it up..

Comrades 2014

Posted: 15/06/2014 at 20:08
Stephen that's terrible, so sorry to hear that. I stayed at Belaire too, really shocking.

Thanks for all the injury advice folk! Have emailed a physio recommended by Jacquie so hopefully he'll reply. No idea who my GP is but imagine all a doc would say is 'rest'!

Comrades 2014

Posted: 13/06/2014 at 11:39
I STILL can't run! Really stressing me out!

Whatever happened to my calf on the motorway into Durban (which didnt remain painful after the run) came back to hit me on my first run on Monday and now I'm limping even to walk (going down stairs in the tube is fun!)

This is the first time I have EVER been injured - I don't know what to do!!

Comrades 2015

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 12:54
When does TO open? Can't seem to see it on its website

So sad to see a man died a few days after Comrades this year. Collapsed at finish line, there are pix of him being stretchered over the line. 39 years old.

Comrades 2015

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 09:46


Comrades 2015

Posted: 08/06/2014 at 21:06
Is this happening already?
After 60 km i vowed no...but you are all such a nice bunch of people.. hmmm.
Two Oceans def for me in 2015, not sure I can do that pain again. We'll see...

Comrades 2014

Posted: 26/05/2014 at 22:13
For the start I have: 2 t shirts, thermal fleece, space blanket, plastic wrap from end of another run, jog bottoms and sock gloves!

Says tonight low in PMB is 15 so fingers crossed! Bit I am scarred from 2012!

Got confirmation email.

Also realised my driving licence photo ID is out of date. Ummm if i cant hire a car, what will I do for the rest of my time there???

Comrades 2014

Posted: 26/05/2014 at 16:48
Slot - PMB was FREEZING! I cannot emphasise just how cold it was! I had people coming up to me jealous of my two space blankets (used around legs). I also had on about 4 or more layers on top. I kept 3 on until halfway, it was that cold. I'm terrified about it all this year. I don't do cold!

My cardboard for sitting on was a good idea too! That was a Speedy suggestion.

Off to Primark tonight to get lots of layers as I dont appear to have any spare space blankets. Foil anyone???

Comrades 2014

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 19:18
Running - they take $$$$ (and they want a lot of them) in Dubai!

Emily - I'm lone female too - but come Comrades morning the city is littered with people in plastic!!

Saturday 0900 Peter R

Tues 1720 Douglas

Wed 1000 Muzza

Thurs 1005 Slotwin
Thurs 1225 dep OR Carmen
Thurs 1240 AONEH
Thurs 1320 SD, Dannirr, Emily
Thurs 1330 Peter Bowles, Viggy, PiersW
Thurs 1645 RR, Becca7, Jacquie, Cam, Poacher

Friday 1005 Possum
Friday 1125 justanothrrnr
Friday 1330 Gary Dixon
Friday 2110 Matthew Hearne



2:30pm Ambassador's run -

5:30pm Ambassador's drinks - SD, Dannir, PiersW, Emily, RR, AONEH, Peter B, Becca7 (hopefully), Viggy, Slotwin, Jacquie , Camilla, Carmen


Comrades bus tour - SD (bus 4), Muzza(5), RR, Dannirr (bus 3), AONEH (4?), Becca7, Slotwin & Carmen (bus 6), PiersW (4 or 6) Poacher (bus 5), Jacquie and Camilla (3) (think you are 3 too AONEH)

Expo 2pm gathering - Douglas, Possom (hopefully), SD, AONEH, Jacquie and Camilla

Bruce Fordyce bus tour (PM) - Emily

Runner's World pasta party - Muzza, Stephen Weston, PiersW, AlanP

Modern Athlete pasta party ??? jar (doh!)


8am North Beach parkrun - SD, Becca7, Muzza, Dannirr, Emily, Possom, Peter B, PiersW, jar Gary Dixon, AONEH, Jacquie , Camilla

Post-parkrun breakfast at Mugg & Bean - SD, Possom,Peter B, Becca, Emily, AONEH, Jacquie , Camilla, Muzza

Sharks v Stomers - AONEH, Peter B, jar (must not drink beer); Gary Dixon ?Jacquie, Camilla


Evening drinks at the Hilton ??? SD (if capable...), Emily (ditto), Viggy, RunningRodent, PiersW, Gary Dixon, AONEH. Slotwin, Matthew Hearne, Jacquie , Camilla, Carmen (based on last down..unlikely..)


Breakfast at Mugg & Bean at the Suncoast Casino - Peter B, Douglas, Possom, SD, Emily (maybe as my hotel does include breakfast), RunningRodent, jar, AONEH, Matthew Hearne, Jacquie, Camilla, Muzza (if I can walk)

Joe Kool's - Possom, Peter R, SD, Emily, PiersW, AONEH, Slotwin, Jacquie, Camilla, Carmen

Bruce's party ??? Muzza (still if I can walk)

Dave Ross??? party - Douglas, AONEH, SD, Jacquie, Camilla, Muzza


Hilton - Dannirr, Jacquie, CamillaScarlett, Matthew Hearne, jwheezy (James), PiersW; Gary Dixon, Slotwin

Belaire Suites - Stephen Weston 3, Emily, Muzza, AONEH, Carmen

City Lodge - becca7, Running Rodent, Possom

BlueWaters - SD, Peter B, Poacher

Hillcrest - Douglas

Umhlanga - Peter R, Viggy

Morningside - jar
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