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Strange Swim Question

Posted: 11/06/2015 at 18:07

I am so fed up with exactly this - been sneezing all day - good old google and nasal spray hiding at back of cupboard have helped...

read that it's the Chloramines that are a byproduct of the cleaning chemicals...and...humans

Asics 3030 - discontinued and in limbo

Posted: 04/09/2014 at 21:41

just took delivery of some gt3000s and they are a very different shape ...height of the toebox is lower or at least my left toe catches on it in the same size as my 3030s and 3020s although the length of the shoe is exactly the same - just wondering if this would be sorted by going up a size as I'm suspecting this will lead to lost toe nails! ...even though shoe length will be longer ...back to the drawing board!!!


Asics 3030 - discontinued and in limbo

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 23:54

I am a neutral runner with high arch (and narrow feet) but a physio put me in 3020/30s because of my gait. I have run marathons for 4 years in these shoes and had no problem...but now they are discontinued with no obvious replacement and every shop has tried to put me into Asics gel cumulus or nimbus. 
I bought a pair of cumulus - had to go up a  whole size to 41.5 and within 5k I got numbness in my 2 middle toes on right foot which becomes quite unbearable ... have done 12k 2 runs in them with numbness and a half marathon  inbetween in old 3030s  (with no problem) - so it is the shoes!!!!

I read a post about a gel pad in forefoot pressing on a nerve in the cumulus - I don't want to have to fork out for another mistake - any ideas - should I try the gel nimbus or go to the GT3000?? They came up huge and not very comfortable in the store ???

would really appreciate thoughts and experiences... Many thanks

Dirt Half leighton Buzzard 16/11/13

Posted: 15/11/2013 at 21:10

Have read a few threads but not sure what footwear to use, sounds like it's quite muddy at the moment, but is there a lot of road/tarmac/gravel...speedcrosses are more designed for off road...any advice and thoughts what I should take?

Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 29/08/2013 at 20:48

Cheers Cougie...

just bought a new bike waterproof jacket was when did coast to coast bike pushing thru snowdrifts in April in Yorkshire...brilliant piece of kit!!!...might just leave it this time...mars bar/snickers bar sound most excellent idea...confess had to google bento box! 

Going for a waist pack, have bought a trekking pole to attach to bike crossbar with cable ties!! Just got to dig out trail shoes and work out what to do with those now!

Great advice - thanks

Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 21:24

Thanks for advice - in training I tend to take nothing for up to an hour half run...marathons, I use a variety of waist packs and a Nathan horizontal bottle carrier, have a small front bike bag when cycling and 2 bottles - foodwise I just get sick of sweet stuff and a day of gels and energy bars makes my stomach turn! I need real food! I tend to use them last 10k of a marathon and carry bananas and stuff...but not very practical here Was wondering if anyone had any other alternatives or inspiration?

running and cycling in cold, I tend to use a high viz cycle jacket and layers and longs or have been known to run/cycle in HH ski jacket and gloves...but not sure that's necessary here!

Have run several marathons in unbroken brand new shoes and never had a problem, but I always use the same model which fits well. I find that if I have to run any road sections in Kanadias my knees hurt - they are quite old...I have a trail half next weekend at Dunstable to break some new shoes in tho...

am seriously thinking about the trekking pole...wondering if I can get away with a 7l waist pack if am doing the 2day event?

Trouble with using what have used in training is that it was 34 degrees in mountains in Switzerland this summer and mid to late 20s here ! Think Scotland might be slightly cooler!

thanks for your comments - still feeling bit uncertain will have a look at omm range...Ambleside is just down road at mo, so lots of kit shops around...Any one tried out the asics gel Trabuco range of trail shoes??  Thanks again


Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 27/08/2013 at 23:38


am getting nervous now - signed up for 2 day event - just been browsing through some of the threads and have a couple of questions for ex c2c

what food did people take? have read flapjack, gels and custard Chelsea buns! any other tips??...was thinking about taking mini stove and easy heat sachets for sat night at campsite, read that some people didn't manage to eat on Sat night......

Hadn't even thought about trekking poles for day 2...are they useful?

rethinking my trail shoes...have adidas kanadias, but seem wholly inadequate for the day 2 yomp and are not good for any distance on road...and recommendations for good shoes for day 2...I run marathons in my Asics 3030s...

and finally...

get the impression that people were much colder and wetter than expected - tips/ recommendations for best kit to keep warm and dry? Was going to run with lowe alpine 7l waistpack as hate having shoulders constrained...any thoughts- it's good for biking...still testing running...ultra runners/fell runners must have some thoughts on these waist packs???

Really appreciate any thoughts - thankyou

Kimbolton castle half marathon

Posted: 18/08/2013 at 20:10

Hi also ran this today - had seen profile on map before race ...down at bottom of map page. Was a10k gradual up, 7k gradual down, short uphill at 17k then downhill into Kimbolton, the wind might have made hills feel worse than they were? ... Really impressed - well organised, lovely route, bit windy, undulating rather than hilly imho. Needed 3 water bottle stops rather than cups with a poss 4th near the end as it was very warm. More toilets at start too

Would really recommend this one - so much better than running in towns...loved it!..and finally.. the best sports massage ever at the end for a fiver...Well done nice tri.Bbig thumbs up!

Bupa London 10,000 - Monday 27 May 2013

Posted: 28/05/2013 at 10:08

can repeat all same as above...Blue official time was 40 secs too long (from garmin) as was friend's who ran same race but tracked it on endomondo ...distance was 10.25...most of the "extra" was in first 2km... mid way mats  to finish and garmin results tied up pretty well. There must have been a problem with the start mats and gun/chip times...gutted as I wanted my PB by 3 secs and my new WAVA! Think we all ended up running negative splits because of this!

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 31/10/2012 at 22:58


did Edinburgh as my first marathon this year and absolutely loved it - could have run another 10k was so high at end! Ran Chester 3 weeks ago and whilst did a better faster run, missed the atmosphere, support and scenery of Edinburgh! YOu will love it!

we stayed in Brewsters Hostel directly on the Royal Mile for £20 a night in a shared hostel room. 5 mins from station and start of race and even better had a kitchen to make up porridge, eat bananas and drink tea with fellow marathon/ half marathon runners. The night was a little bit disturbed, but you're running on adrenaline so not sure I would have slept well anywhere! It was all part of the adventure!

You will have a great time...wonder what the medals will look like this year?

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