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RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 26/07/2014 at 20:05

Evening all. 

What a scorcher today. I made an early start to avoid the heat but by 9:00 I was really hot. Within 200 yards of the start of my run I was faced with a herd of cows on the trail who were indulging in breakfast. I made my way towards them but they were giving me funny looks and started to walk towards me. That was my que to take an early detour into the woods and eventually came back on the trail behind them. 

Then came the first climb of the day up to Win Hill. Most trails in this part of town are technical/rocky so I started the climb and as soon as you start walking you basically have to walk to the top they are that steep. Eventually getting to the top rewarded me with a stunning view of the area. A steady decent, across a few fields then on to the next climb up Lose Hill. More cows ! This time I had nowhere to go so had to turn around and take the other path. Another steep climb and by this time it's really hot. Another technical decent is then followed by the climb I dread up Ringing Roger. This is a real tough one but I get up it and, as usual, I get lost up there. So I had to change my route and ended up back towards Win Hill. Normally, by the 12 mile point, my feet are hurting, but today I had taped my feet in the hope that would help and it did. A stop at the shop for a bottle of coke, water to top up the bladder and I was off again. I made it half way up the next climb and by this point I was spent so headed for the car. A couple of miles later I was done and boy was I ready for a sit down in the shade. 23.6 miles in 6 hours with 4,600ft of climbing. That was the toughest run I've ever done. 

Im still not sure I can complete the race but I'm going for it and let's see what happens

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 08:03

PS - I live in Sheffield  (Nottingham boy but moved up there 5 years ago to be with the missus) so am about a 10 minute drive to the Peak District.  So that's a fair distance from Crow Edge although I have been running up near Dunsford Bridge which isn't too far away. Enjoy your time in France, are you taking your trotters ?

Sean - fnar fnar about Ladyblower ! One of the running podcasts I listen to advocates speedwork before you start your marathon training. Then, when you start doing your longer runs, your easy pace should be quicker due to your speedwork. Makes sense I guess so hopefully that will be the same for you when you start your training for your spring marathon.

Carl - I definitely prefer the longer stuff although training for this first race is tougher than I expected due to the amount of hills. In hindsight, I would have started off with something a bit easier and worked my way up to this one. But hey ho, I'm in it now so will give it my best shot. I like the look of your training plan, it's covering everything you need for a successful training plan. And good to see you aren't trying to cram in that 5th run every week, it will take the pressure off you a bit which can only help. Re your MP, as I'm sure you're well aware, 8:00 min miles will get you under 3:30, which is well within your grasp I reckon. Longer runs at 9:00 min miles and get some MP miles, or a tad faster, in them if you can. You're currently running some hard tempo/hill interval runs at a cracking pace on tired legs so you must be feeling very strong. All the signs are very positive for you nailing it in Chicago.

Nell - welcome back. Are you sure it was a holiday you've been on with all that running ?? Well done on getting the GFA for London as well. Do you always go with a 12 week marathon training plan rather than a longer one ?

This week, I have managed a lunchtime tempo run on Monday and a MLR on the hilly roads on Tuesday night. Whilst my legs are tired due to all these long, hilly, off road runs, I am definitely feeling stronger and I reckon I will start to feel the benefit come marathon training over the winter. An easy run this lunchtime down by the river followed by my last long training run on Saturday.

There seems to be a lot of people on other threads moaning about running in the heat; I suspect they probably moaned about it being too cold during the winter too !! I am finding it OK to be honest, providing I keep the water intake up. How is everyone else finding it ?

manchester marathon 2015

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 14:25

AM - I sort of cobbled my own together for Manchester but didn't really follow it in the end. If you recall, I previously had ITB issues, so was careful when I started my plan. Any time I felt the knee coming back I backed off, gave it 2/3 days rest and then started up again. Basically I ended up doing 1 good, solid week and then an easy week and this really seemed to work for me. I also felt it was really good to get my first 20 miler in as soon as I could, which I managed to do on week 3 (I had been building up to it before then so it wasn't as though I went straight into it). I also did very little speed work, no intervals and maybe a 4/5 mile tempo run every 2/3 weeks. My plan was also 20 weeks as I knew I would need flexibility due to Christmas, niggles, family life etc. I didn't do any warm up races either as at that stage I felt I was breaking when I pushed things too hard. During the 3 week taper I reduced the mileage and stepped up the speedwork focusing on 2/3 tempo runs per week. Only as I was tapering did I feel tired and it wasn't excessively. As a result, I went to Manchester feeling great and smashed my 4:00 hour target by 24 minutes and that had a 5 minute negative split as well. Looking back I think I could have pushed it even more I felt that good.

So, that approach has worked for me and my next plan for Manchester will look something very similar. My thoughts are that training plans are great as a guide but you will need to modify them to suit you. I certainly agree with you when you say you are going to take an extra rest day if needed, especially with you being on P&D. As has been said before, missing one or two recovery/easy runs wont affect your training. 

Are you really a runner...

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 12:23

Wrestling for me too. Fancy a fight Pudge ??

manchester marathon 2015

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 12:20

Here is the link to the latest P&D training thread -

manchester marathon 2015

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 12:19

Pete/Magic - I followed the P&D 18/55 plan in my attempt to run my first marathon 2 years ago. I say attempt as I failed due to injury and I think that following the P&D plan partly contributed to this. I found it tough going when entering the 2nd mesocycle and I seemed to keep breaking when doing 2 speed sessions a week until finally I could run no more. I was on a P&D thread on here as well and a high number of people got injured all around the same time. I'm not saying it doesn't work as I'm sure it does work for some people but just not for me. Good luck if you decide to follow that plan as I believe people who complete it do get some great results.

I'm finding the heat fairly bearable providing I can get enough liquids on my long runs. I'm currently training for a couple of ultras so my long runs are around the 25 mile mark and lasting well over 5 hours. I use a bladder but find after about 3 hours the same drink does get rather boring so I have been planning my routes to pass by shops so I cab get something different, which can be difficult when in the middle of nowhere ! I've waited a few months for this nice weather so I'm going to make the most of it while it lasts !


RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 19:24

Canter - good to hear from you again. Sounds like it good benefit you from joining the running club, keep us up to date with how it's going.

PS - I've spotted some good runs from you on Strava so training is obviously going well at the moment. I can't remember what your PB is and what you're aiming for at Chester ?

Sean - some cracking races from you on Strava as well, very speedy indeed. How come you aren't doing an Autumn marathon ?

Carl - that was some speedy 10k from you as well, especially considering it was a hilly route. Will you get much chance to go running while you're over there ?

A quiet week for me last week with just 2 runs and 17 miles. It was a deliberately low mileage week as it followed that tough session the week before. I also wanted to go out on a long (for me) bike ride on Saturday. I did 35 miles up in the peaks that took in one of the climbs they did on the tour. My God, I have no idea how I managed to get up the Col de Midhosptones, it seemed so steep and yet it isn't even a mile long ! When I got to the top I had to have a 'moment' to gather myself. For the next 5 miles or so I could hardly pedal, even on the flat sections, even in the lowest gear my bike has got ! After that the legs started working again and I carried on. It was absolutely lashing it down too and all the roads have been resurfaced for the tour so the 5 mile decent I did at about 35 miles an hour certainly had me twitching ! Anyway, it was a really tough ride for me but I seem to be enjoying tough stuff at the moment. It gave me a better appreciation of the boys on the tour and how they manage to go so fast for so long for 3 weeks. Respect to them I say.

In other news, my Autumn plans are now sorted. I'm giving Chester a miss and have entered the Ladybower 50. Should be a piece of cake after the Long Tour of Bradwell in a couple of weeks. My last long training run is planned for this Saturday and I'm hoping to get about 25 miles in with 5000ft of elevation . Should be tough but I'm now focused on completing it in however long it takes, current training pace would estimate about 7.5 hours.

Ladybower 50 Ultra series

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 15:37

Hellen - there should be no mud as it's mainly closed road or hard, compacted trail. There is a bit of grass but not too much and on the mainly flat part of the course so provided there isn't any torrential downpours I can't see it being an issue. You will pass the car parks (there is the main Fairhomes car park and a few others on the roadside) on every loop so you can keep your supplies in there. Or there is a baggage area which I believe is at Fairholmes as well (which is the start point of the race). The checkpoint is at the far end of the reservoir but I don't think there is any facility to store supplies there.

Cheesy - are running at Ladybower ?

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 14:06

Well done FC and Richyla on the Chiltern 50.

I have my first ultra coming up in a couple of weeks time, the Long Tour of Bradwell 50k. The compulsory kit list states I must carry a hat and gloves. Obviously, the weather at the moment is rather hot so is there any chance the organizers might say it's OK not to carry certain items if the weather is good or is it always going to be a case that if it the rules says compulsory then it's compulsory ? 

The race is in the Peak District and a lot of the course is on technical, rocky trails. I have been doing my training runs in some Inov-8 Roclites but my feet are really sore towards the end of the runs (due to the rocky surface). I am planning on doing my final long run on Saturday in some Adidas Kanadias and I'm hoping they won't be as bad on my feet. However, I'm not sure if these will be classed as suitable for such terrain by the organizers. Is there a list of shoes that are acceptable when running in a races on certain terrain ? 

What should or shouldn't be on the NHS?

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 13:44

Go on Embarrassing Bodies Dave ?

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