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First Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 21:59

Thanks anyway Phil, enjoy the Harribo !

Millsy - I think I will be adopting a similar approach to you on race day and the previous 2/3 days. How long have you been low carb ? Do you feel fully fat adapted yet ?

First Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 15:45

Mike - well done on the two half marathons. I'm sure you are learning a lot from Millsy and Phil. Sorry to gatecrash your thread but I've got a question for the other guys. I've been trying to find a thread about the subject of fueling but have been unable to find one.

Millsy/Phil - In the new year I changed to a low carb high fat diet. Early in this process running was hard work but I've dug in over the last few weeks and feel that my fat adapting. My training runs have gone well to the point my long run at the weekend was 20 miles with 10 @ MP (8:00 minutes for me, I'm aiming to beat 3:30 at Manchester). All my long runs are fasted and I don't take on board any food/gels during my runs and more recently have reduced the amount of water I have been drinking. At the moment though, I am unsure about my fueling strategy for race day and wondered what your views were. By April I don't think I will be sufficiently fat adapted to be able to go for a PB at Manchester. As such, I think the best option is going to be take on fuel/food/gels. The question is when do I start 'carb loading' and at what point in the race should I start taking gels ? My thoughts at the moment are that I will carb load for 2/3 days before the race and at about 14/15 miles of the race when I think, but not completely sure yet, I will be getting to the point where I move from the aerobic to anaerobic zone I will take a couple of gels. this is all new to me so I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments you guys have on this. Cheers

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:02

LNandB - are you local to the Peak District ? I think I will be running the shorter 30 miles of the Tour of the Peak District as a training run for Hardmoors 60.

Sheffield social

Posted: Yesterday at 12:22

Runningowl. My first coffee of the day is a latte and this takes up about 30% of my daily carb allowance. I've also been having the occasional BPC (bullet proof coffee) but I find it is an acquired taste. 

I've only been on the low carb high fat plan for 8 weeks so I'm not sure I will be fully adapted in time to give it my all at Manchester without blowing up if I don't have some fuel. My current thoughts are that I will stay low carb until 2 days before Manchester then on the Friday and Saturday do the carb loading bit. I might also take a couple of gels towards the middle of the race as I start moving towards the anaerobic zone. 

manchester marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 12:17

Morning all. I've had a busy few days so not been on here for a while but can see that those long runs are in full swing. 

I had a decent week last week totaling 52 miles, which is more than I've done before. I did a tempo run, a medium run of 12 miles including 8 @ MP and my long run on Sunday was 20 miles including 10 @ MP. This was a tough old run as there was a cold, biting wind to contend with. I managed to battle on though and didn't need to take on any food, gels or water during the run. I'm pretty happy with the way my training is going, the only issue I've got is my race day fuel strategy. I'm adapting to be a fat burner but not sure if I will have fully adapted to run a marathon all out without taking on some carbs. On the plus side I've lost 24lbs this year since changing to a low carb high fat diet.

Have a good week everyone

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: Yesterday at 12:11

Sense - sounds like you had fun on the golf course ! What handicap do you play off ? I got down to 12 until I started running and I haven't hit a ball in anger in the last 3 years. Your schedule for this week looks pretty hectic with your weekend away. Don't try and do too much to cram in the miles, maybe take an extra rest day if you have too.

Carl - another solid week from you including another belting interval session and a good MLR with some MP. Things are progressing nicely. Are you starting to feel stronger on this plan compared to previous attempts ?

Stewart - how is you boy doing, recovering well hopefully ? And how is your achilles doing ?

TR - what about you training, how's it going ?

I had a decent week that ended with 52 miles. It included a tempo run, a MLR including 8 miles @ MP and my long run on Sunday was 20 miles and included 10 @ MP. This was a tough run as there was a biting, cold wind but I managed to complete it without taking on any food, gels or water. I'm still uncertain about my race day fuel strategy but I need to make my mind up quickly. My latest weigh in told me that I have now lost 24lbs this year. I think I'm also starting to feel this benefit as well

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: Yesterday at 09:04

Will – I've managed to get my easy pace to 9:00 min miles which is where I wanted to be at the start of the plan. My long run on Sunday was 20 miles that included 10 @ MP (from 7-16). The first 6 were ok and then I turned it to a strong headwind where the next 2 were doable and the last 2 were hard going. Sounds like your ‘minimal’ plan is working for you and that’s the main thing and a good tempo run too. And a good long run at the weekend, it makes you feel good each time your longer run gets longer.

Ricky – what’s the weather like over the border at the moment ? Have you got any races lined up yet ?

Ali – nice progress from you with your easy pace getting quicker, that’s always a confidence boost. And a great long run in what sound terrible conditions, all this will make you stronger come race day. Nothing wrong with feeling exhausted and achy, you just now need to rest well and not overdo things. Look after those shins as well.

Washwood – re fueling. Obviously it’s personal to each individual but I wouldn't have thought you would need to take your fist gel at 7.5 miles into a long run. Have you tried to go longer, say 13/14 miles, before you  take one ? Great progressive 20 from you and very speedy too, all positive signs for London. I agree with the others as well when they say that you should try for a PB at your half. You should recover reasonably quickly so it shouldn't interfere to much with your marathon training.

Carl – hills/undulations/climbs will all benefit you regardless of their incline and length. Good on you for including some climbs at MP pace, I find that pace really tough to maintain on climbs. I know you won’t have settled on your pace for Chicago yet but do you have any thoughts about if you will really be going for 3:30 and risk blowing up or if you want to ‘just’ get round in a new PB ? My plans for the next few weeks are below.

PS – glad to see you have sorted out your ‘easy’ pace now you are across the pond !!! Glad to see one of the youth of today dealing with a bit of pain without whinging too much. When he does mention it, though, I hope you are totally understanding to him and give him lots of sympathy !

I've just noticed that I have 4 weeks of training before I start to taper ! That seems to have come round rather quick. This week is another big week for me and I’m looking at 52/53 miles again hopefully. My long run on Saturday, which will be my 4th of the plan, is going to be an off road, ‘easy’ run of about 22 miles with a couple of thousand feet of elevation. Next week is a cut back week followed by 2 more big weeks where I will be looking to hit the 55 miles mark each week. I will also be trying to get in more MP miles in my medium and long runs. Then it’s time to take it easy. The only issue I have, that is still hanging about, is my fuelling strategy for race day. I took out some gels with me on Sunday’s long run with the intention of taking them when I was about 6/7 miles into my MP session. That didn’t happen and I pushed on without taking them. I need to make up my mind sooner rather than later as, if I decide I’m going to take gels, then I need to take some on my training runs. There are so many schools of thought about this that I’m not sure which option is best for me.

Sheffield social

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 22:32

Runningowl. I'm struggling to give up my latte in the morning, everything else is fine, even alcohol. I too can manage a long run fasted and without taking on any fuel. Short, faster runs are now ok too and I don't need to fuel for them. It's when I start adding MP miles into my long runs that's tough. I believe it's when you move from aerobic to anaerobic zone that your body needs carbs until you are fully fat adapted. It's getting better for me, for example, my long 20 mile run tonight included 10 at MP,  which is the most I've managed. Being lighter is also making a differenc. The only concern I've got is fueling for race day. Will I be fully fat adapted by then or will I need to take in fuel. 

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 22:18

Evening all. A quick check in as it's been a really busy weekend and Mrs C's birthday. I've just done my long run to make a weekly total of 52 miles. I did a tempo run, a medium run with some MP miles and a long run with some MP miles so it's been a tough week and I'm shattered now. I did 6 miles at easy pace of 8:45, then 10 miles at MP pace which averaged 7:55. The last 4 of these miles were into a biting wind so really hard going. The last 4 miles were really slow at 9:50 as my legs had had it by then. I had some lunch a few hours earlier so it wasn't a fasted run. I didn't take any fuel during the run and only had a couple of sips of drink. More good progress and I feel like i am finally getting to where I want to be

Sheffield social

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 14:19

Ah, right.

Training. At the beginning of the year I changed to a low carb high fat diet to a) lose some weight and b) to help my fueling over the ultras I've got planned later in the year. To start with, running was really hard work. My pace slowed by 2:00 mins per mile and I kept bonking as I had little fuel in me. The adaptations are slowly working and I now do most of my runs fasted. I did a 20 mile run a couple of weeks ago that included 5 @ MP and this was fasted and I didn't take on any food/fuel during the run. The problem I'm having is that I'm trying to change to become a fat burner while training for a PB in Manchester in April. The process can take quite a bit of time to become fully adapted. So, my runs are hard, particularly the speed sessions where I go into my anaerobic zone that requires carbs to fuel me. At the moment I'm a bit uncertain as to what might happen on race day, I think I could either knock out a great time (looking for sub 3:30) or completely blow up. Decisions decisions !

How's it going for you ?

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