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Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 10/07/2013 at 20:24

Not been on in ages...not really felt like posting as I've been in serious sloth mode  Need to get my butt in gear as Nessie is calling and the training plan is already on it's 3rd incarnation.  Yesterday was a 3mile easy and I can't remember the last time I've clock watched on a 3mile my defence it was REALLY hot...ok not quite WR hot but still hot...the sweat was pouring off me.

Mr CS is currently out with injury...he was complaining of a pain in his achilles/calf before the Humber HM and after I'd had to wait for him at the top of the 1st serious climb (that NEVER happens) I told him that was it I was ringing the physio.  She has diagnosed a haematoma...apparently at some point he has had a minor tear at the bottom of his calf and with all the running we were doing he hadn't noticed...then we took a week running at all...which gave his leg time to try and heal over the repeated minor tears. 

Good luck with the new job Dave...

Hope the achilles sorts itself out pretty darn quick GE.

Have fun with the streaking Phil, although be kind to that don't want to end up on the injury bench as well. 

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 24/05/2013 at 10:51

GE keep your eyes open for Darren & Laura on Monday, they're both doing the Bupa 10k.

Looks like the weather is going to be kind to us this weekend...if only things had gone to plan...

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 22/05/2013 at 16:04

Because there's 2 starts Darren...I'm guessing you're in the last pen on the faster start so don't worry you're actually probably right where you  need to be.  Have fun this weekend.

37 press ups AND 37 sit ups in a minute or 2 separate minutes Phil??

Talking of pen colours, I didn't get to move forward this year  2010...purple,,, again...I must need to be sub-2 to move forward again.   Mr CS is in the pink which is right near the front somewhere  I have given him permission this time to start in his allocated spot rather than with me as I think this will be our last time of doing this race...unless of course there's a reunion in 2020 or something

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 19/05/2013 at 13:53

I have had a moment of clarity...hopefully I can hang on to the start of the year I set my sights on a sub-2 at hasn't gone as well as I was hoping, in fact I'd say I've had more urgh than woohoo runs...I got made redundant and the pollen has been knocking me for I'm now just going to run my own run and see what happens.

Oh and a bit of additional news....I'VE GOT A NEW JOB!!!  I had 5 interviews all really close together and there was one in particular that I wanted...and that was the one I got...actually I may get offered some of the others as they're due to make the final decisions next week, but it doesn't matter as I've accepted the one I've been offered.

Andy, it sounds to me like you've tried to cram too much in having been out with injury for a little while...take it easy until race day, just keep the legs ticking over and have fun on the day...who knows you may still get that sub-3.

Good news that your job is safe for another 2 years Philby, that must be a relief.

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 08:39

I do I do I do Philby   Sorry for the late update, for some reason RW did not want to let me tell you guys on here about Manchester, I tried a couple of times and each time I didn't get a blinky line for the typey thing.  Edinburgh 2010 5:27....Disney 2012 5:32... Las Vegas 2012 5:01...Manchester 2013...drum roll please....4:40  Was easily averaging 10min miles up to somewhere between 19 & 20miles and then I couldn't ignore the sicky feeling any longer and had to take a walk break...unfortunately once you start with the walk breaks they come on thick & fast from then on in.  Really need to get a grip on the fueling on race day...I think where I went wrong was I grabbed the water pouches had a couple of big glugs and then training I take regular little sips...will maybe carry the water with me a bit longer at Nessie.  The support at Manchester is amazing though, there was one know on the Tour deFrance you see the crowd practically on top of the cyclists...well, it was like that...absolutely amazing.  Think we'll be putting our names down for it again.

Job news....I've been for quite a few interviews, I even got offered one much as I would've loved to have done was at a school and I could've used their running track & fitness £7.40 an hour (35hours a week) I couldn't afford to take that big a hit.  Went for 2 interviews yesterday...1 was all that 'what would you say has been your greatest achievement' b*llocks and the other was telling me about the job & company and comparing my CV to the know... 'we need someone to take charge of the accounts, I see you've done Sales, Purchase, bank reconciliation etc'... Came away from the 2nd interview feeling really positive and the job would suit me down to the ground...negotiated hours & pay...and the bloke didn't baulk at all so fingers crossed.

On the training side of things...I have turned into a sloth   I blame the lack of routine...Mr CS comes home from work and I'm all...can't be bothered going for a run, let's stay in and slob on the couch.  Must get my act together...please feel free to don your biggest boots and give me a much needed kick up the backside.

Manchester Marathon 2013

Posted: 01/04/2013 at 09:50

Hello, sorry to be one of those pain in the backside people who stroll onto a thread in the last few weeks.  I'm doing this race with hubby, it'll be my 4th and hubby's 3rd...should be a walk in the park as the last two we've was the Goofy challenge (HM & Marathon in a weekend) and the other was seriously hilly and a tad warm 

*waves to Redpanda* Hope this one isn't as warm as Edinburgh was.

Sallymax sorry to hear you stuggled with yesterday's 12miler...some days are like that...but still 12 miles is 12miles

16miles for us today, damn snow snarled everything up last week but we can finally see the pavements again so wish us luck...

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 22:27

Can't believe I'm looking for a job AGAIN...oh well I guess I can always become an elite athlete or a Jeremy Kyle watching pyjama wearing slob

We've been down to Londonium for the weekend to see the parentals and collect some chocolate...the scales beckon tomorrow and I don't think it's going to pretty...actually I KNOW it's not going to be pretty I have seriously stuffed my face this week.

Sorry to hear DT2 is having a tough time of it just lately, hopefully he can pull it all back together in time for Edinburgh.  Well done on the "just 22miles" Dave...we've got 16 scheduled for tomorrow but there is danger of a sugar crash so we'll see.  There's always Saturday's 20 miler to redeem myself if I do blow up tomorrow.

Phil there are some stretches you can do for sciatica, might be worth a google and if you find some that help keep up with them to keep it at bay.

Oooh I'll keep my fingers crossed for the 3:45 GE

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 19/03/2013 at 20:37

 Edinburgh half Philby???

Hahahahahahaha it.

Well done on the Ashby you two, excellent results there

Dave whatever you do in London you can bet your bum we'll all be suitably impressed...oh and glued to the red button trying to spot you and the elusive Mr Tanner as you come through the finish line.

I've come to the conclusion I prefer farting...sorry I mean fartlek to proper intervals...especially in the evening.  Intervals are too much like hard work after work, I find them more tolerable at the weekend so I think I'm going to stick with that plan...farting mid-week and tempo at the weekend.

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 17/03/2013 at 18:35

 10k???? Pfft are you a man or a mouse??  Get signed up for the know you wanna...teehee.

Gaaaah...that's not fair telling us Fi's birthday is the same day as Cardiff HM Phil...we could do it but the travelling would be a bloody nightmare...Inverness to Cardiff  I'll have a quiet word with Mr CS and see what he thinks.

Ooooh a free race GE...get in!!!   Do you think I could pass myself off as 150??? Probably still couldn't get GFA...

2nd attempt at 18miles yesterday...last weeks attempt was erm pitiful to say the I was feeling so rough we decided to give 8miles a try, admitted defeat at just over 5 to save me from being sick at the side of the towpath.  Yesterday's attempt...much much better...managed 17.7miles, route had to be adjusted adhoc due to cows on the towpath....I don't like cows...killer cows....Mr CS was looking at the pace analysis on the Nike site afterwards and at just over 5miles it suddenly peaks...that'll be when he looked behind us and realised the noise he'd heard wasn't another runner but the posse of cows following us...I whimpered and sped up considerably lol.

Edinburgh Marathon

Posted: 08/03/2013 at 13:30

Ooooh oooh oooh *bounce bounce bounce* We're doing Loch Ness too...We did look at the Royal Parks Ultra (50k) the week after it but the non-fundraising places have sold out and we don't want to have to commit to raising £1000 between now we're looking at the Round Ripon Ultra...probably won't happen but no harm in looking is there.

Dave glad to see you didn't do any lasting damage to hammy.

We're meant to be doing 18 tomorrow too, but my office is a breeding ground for germs and I feel poop again...I've not been poorly poorly in I can't remember how long...and so far I've felt poop twice this year  bored of it now.

If they let the lions & tigers out Phil I bet you manage to get sub-2 lol...have fun

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