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RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: Yesterday at 11:20

Hey Rich - good to see you (albeit fleetingly) at the Broch 10k on Sunday.  Looks like you ran quicker than Baker Hughes?  You looked pretty comfortable at the 8k point anyway!

I was itching to join in...!  Looking forward to getting involved in some shorter, faster stuff after the marathon's past with!  Some team mates (who I was beating in races not too long ago) have been recording some great times - one in particular (Steve Nibloe - not sure if you know him?) ran Baker Hughes in 36:48 and I was good minute (maybe 2) ahead of him at Haddo XC...!

Anyway - not long to go for me now.  Everything is feeling good.  Haven't ran this week, though not through choice - it's just been hectic.  I'll get out today for 8 miles including 2 at MP, then another 5 miles tomorrow.  Rest Friday, 3 miles on Saturday with some strides, then it's marathon day.  Can hardly believe it's came round so quick!!

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 16/05/2015 at 06:45

It will be easier than that ridiculous Newburgh 10k you did I'm sure!  Best of luck!

No going 'easy' on the long run today...  Some quality stuff chucked in!

Doing 30k - 10k easy; 10k MP; 5k easy; 5k threshold pace...  Will see if I'm able to crank up to threshold pace - last week was 10k easy; 10k MP+15sec; 10k MP; 2k threshold; 3k easy.  All bang on until I tried to run at threshold pace after 30k...  got down to about 6:20 pace early on but then just slowed and slowed - averaged 6:45 over the 2k (MP section was 6:50!) and then the easy 3k was down about 9:00 pace!  Nailed the big midweek session though so hopefully I'll manage the session today and then it's taper time!  The sun is shining for a change too...

Sub 3

Posted: 15/05/2015 at 14:04
CharlieW wrote (see)


CC82 -- best of luck with Edinburgh! You've been doing a lot of quality but look very light on the long runs, so watch out for going out too fast only to blow up horribly in the last few miles (hitting the wall/cramping up etc). Really try to go no faster than target pace in the first half, though it will (should) feel stupidly easy. 

Cheers CW - forgot to say - interesting thoughts as always in your previous few posts!!  Also - the medical study sounds intriguing.

I'll have done 4 x 20+ milers, 4x 18+ milers, 5x 16+ milers after the long one this weekend.  I did a few 60+ weeks before the calf strain and would have topped out at maybe 65 if I hadn't had that little bump in the road.  Not as many long runs as the folks in this thread, but it's my first marathon campaign and I think I've built up nicely.  Hopefully I'll have done enough and won't blow up in the last 10k...!!  I've been practising at all distances not going out too fast (EVERYONE else seems to!) and consciously slowing myself down in that first mile and always finishing very strongly (yet to be overtaken in a race...) so hopefully the excitement won't get the better of me...

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 15/05/2015 at 12:10

Rich - you running Baker Hughes on Sunday?  I've pulled out due to missing a week or so of training (including 1 long run) a few weeks back - I had a bit of a calf strain.  It's sorted itself out now but I'm doing a long run this weekend instead of Baker Hughes!

Disappointed to be missing it because my road PB is still 40:04 (from last year) and I reckon I could go sub 38 now...!!

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Posted: 15/05/2015 at 12:02

Hello folks - I've rarely had time to look at the forums lately...!

I'm at a very different place to most on here as I'm just about to start a 2 week taper for Edinburgh Marathon.

Far too much to look back on but well done to everyone who ran well at VMLM - some cracking times and some good podiums following on from that.  Good luck at Brooklyn JAP and good luck to Dan on the ultra.

Bainsy – as others have said, I think you just have to take it as it comes.  XT will certainly help with the aerobic stuff in the meantime, but you just have to watch that you don’t do too much too soon and strain something early on.


Steve6 – as others have said – probably a new approach or change in approach required.  You’re way faster than me so not sure how much value my advice will be but perhaps just going back to basics and making sure your easy runs are EASY so you enjoy them and just relax and enjoy running with no pressure.  Ditch the GPS for a while perhaps?  I know when I (probably like many others) realised I was running easy runs way too fast, running overall became instantly more enjoyable when I slowed down.  It’s probably easy to fall into a vicious circle of wanting to run faster to force things and then not managing to and then training sub-optimally.

Matt3 – everything shaping up nicely for Edinburgh?

My training had been going pretty much bang on until 6 weeks before race day.  After my first 20+ mile run, my lower calf totally stiffened up, to the point that running the next couple of days was painful, so I was forced out of running for a few days and then very gradually got back into it combined with elliptical XT over the next week to 10 days.  Thankfully, it didn’t totally derail my training and I only missed 1 long run and was able to run 20 miles the following weekend!  A couple of monster sessions over the past week or so of 35k on Saturday made up of 10k easy; 10k MP+15sec; 10k MP; 2k threshold; 3k easy, then Wednesday of 30 min MP; 4x 5min MP-26sec; 30 MP.  Didn’t quite nail the 35k session – all going well until I tried to crank up to threshold pace and my legs weren’t too keen…!  Did 10k @ 7:41, 10k @ 7:03, 10k @ 6:50, 2k @ 6:45 (aiming for sub 6:20!), 3k @ 9:08 on Saturday for 21.79 miles average 7:21, then Wednesday 30 min @ 6:47, 4x 5 min (6:20-6:21), 30 min @ 6:50 – incl WU and CD came out at 16.24 miles @ 7:30 pace.

Got 30k made up of 10k easy; 10k MP; 5k easy; 5k threshold to do this weekend then it’s taper time!

Still gunning for sub 3 – everything seems to suggest I’ll be capable of that.  HM PB was taken down to 83:49 in March and the training has gone really well aside from that 10 day spell.  Fingers crossed…!  (Marathon “PB” from 2012 is 4:24:xx so I’ll be looking to take a serious chunk out of that)

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 21:06
Good luck Rich! I probably won't be on here again before you race!

Are you on Garmin Connect by the way? Feel free to hook up on there - I'm 'calumcrighton'

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 07/04/2015 at 13:21

Hey Rich - glad things are looking better for you.  Hopefully you can enjoy the marathon with the pressure off.  Training going well for me with under 8 weeks to go.  First ever 60+ week last week and legs still feeling fine!  No 20 milers in the bag yet but that will come!  3x 18 milers done including the first one that had a sub 90 HM thrown in the middle (at Garioch).

Baker Hughes 10k in under 6 weeks too - hoping to smash up the PB (on the road, I haven't ran sub 40 yet!).

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 00:00

Well done Rich - after the last few weeks that's a solid run!  Good to meet you at the start!

I managed 83:49 so very happy! The first 4 were tougher than expected but the rest of it (apart from mile 13!) was easier than expected.  I'm in better shape than I thought!

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 07/03/2015 at 09:28

Rich - just caught up on the thread!  Quite a lot has happened since my last contribution!!

glad to see you're on the mend.

I'm in Inverness for the HM tomorrow.  Target is PB (currently 86:03), but hoping to go at least sub 85.  Training has been going well - up to high 50s mileage wise now the past few weeks.

That XC race last month was good fun.  5th place, couple of mins behind Steve Buchan from Metro who is 35:35 10k runner and finished ahead of the leading lady who is a 37:37 10k runner - well chuffed!  The course was good - 2 laps, 1 absolute beast of a hill per lap and then loads of downhill.  Tough but good!

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 04/02/2015 at 22:47

Out in the dark tonight. 7.7 miles in 60 mins.

Good to scrape under 8mm Rich!

Rich - what's the underfoot conditions in Peterheed?  Thinking about hitting the track tomorrow!

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