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Post-10k advice?

Posted: 05/08/2013 at 22:26

Well that's the thing, I don't really know. "Fitness", I suppose. I think that's what stopped me before - being able to run 10k seemed to me to be a fairly good point at which I could say I was reasonably fit (but then, obv, undid it all by stopping!). I have no particular desire to run marathons, though one day I might like to do a half just to prove I can - but I'm not running to get particularly fast or to lose weight. I was just worried that I was pretty sedentary, and would probably be healthier if I did a bit more exercise. It just seems better to go running than not!

That's pretty unhelpful isn't it....but this is what makes me a total newbie! I don't have my eyes on a prize....

Post-10k advice?

Posted: 05/08/2013 at 21:14

I am, shall we say, a lackadaisical runner. The first and last time I ran seriously was 3 years ago, and gradually worked my way up to 10k. Then the clocks changed, and I didn't want to run in the dark, and I stopped. I've started and stopped a couple of times since then, usually picking up at some point in the C25k programme, but never stuck it out all the way.

However, I'm about to get a new housemate and she's promising to make me run, so I thought I'd better sort myself out and put some practice in before she moves in. So imagine my surprise, when I put on my trainers, headed on out, and made it round 10k. It was hard, and slow (7min/km...) but I wasn't totally dying by the end. A week later, I've run a couple of 5ks and tried another 10k (to prove it wasn't a fluke) and it was ok!

So, my question is: where from here?

I was all set to have to start couch to 5k again, and obviously that's not necessary. However, I really don't want to injure myself by going to far, too fast. All the post-10k training plans I've seen seem to assume you've been running for months, or that you're heading towards a half marathon, or planning to improve your 10k time to something around 40 minutes (NEVER going to happen!) So any advice for a sensible, healthy way to proceed from here?

Thanks for your help!


Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 14/12/2012 at 22:50

Garrrrr I just can't seem to finish week 4!! it's been so icy, wet and windy that i either give up due to slipperyness or I find that the wind tires me out too much... any advice for coping when you really feel you're going backwards?!

My other question is how much does nutrition matter at this early early stage? I'm assuming not very much. I find I'm not eating anywhere near as much as I used to, mostly due to celebrating the fact that I'm no longer eating like a hungry boy, but is that likely to be affecting my ability to jog these small distances? (Well, relatively small - to me they feel like marathons!!)

Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 10/12/2012 at 22:58

Gosh this motivation business is tiring! I spent a good half hour in bed this morning trying to bully myself into going for my run, and ended up being late for work! On the plus side, it's amazing how things change in a few weeks - when I started I never thought I'd be able to run for 5 minutes, and now I can do it - twice - in one workout! Well done Celeste! Can't quite believe that in just over a week I'm expected to half-arsed shuffle for 20 minutes though, that's going to be the real killer... Hope you have a great holiday Jambellz!

Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 05/12/2012 at 19:25

I think "running" is overrated - my friend and I are currently at the "half-arsed shuffle" stage, but I have high hopes that I'll be jogging/running fairly soon! Good call on hiring a treadmill though, that's commitment. Hope your run on Sunday goes well! I very nearly fell off the wagon this week but have just about pulled it back - still got to do week 3 day 3, but feeling good

Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 28/11/2012 at 08:55

Fortunately it was neither raining nor -2 this morning so I finished week 2! Success. RoadRunner, when did you do C25K? How much do you run now?

Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 27/11/2012 at 20:33

Hi Elizabeth and lardarse (I feel bad calling you that!)

Thanks for your suggestions! Maybe I'll look into a running club - it never even occurred to me to look as I've always assumed they're for hardcore runners. Or coercing my friends - someone has just suggested starting a lunchtime running group at work, which would probably be quite fun though I'm not sure how I feel about facing the afternoon all sweaty....

Very naughty and missed my run today because it was raining fingers crossed it will brighten up tomorrow (or I toughen up, I'm not sure I can use the "it was raining" excuse ALL winter!)

Loving how nice everyone is in these forums! Thanks for all your advice

Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 26/11/2012 at 00:46

Hi Auranya! So impressed that you're thinking of a half marathon - I'd love to get there eventually, but probably not until 2014....... Fortunately (though it's still early days) I haven't had any pain though I get out of breath even in the 90 second runs I'm doing at the moment...the only way is up though, I hope!

Good luck with your efforts!

Couch to 5K support thread

Posted: 25/11/2012 at 14:10


I'm brand new to this forum (and running in general!) so I hope this is the right place to post!

I've just started the couch to 5k programme, just done week 2 day 2. I'm feeling good about it so far, but I'm really struggling with motivation - most of my friends are either really really keen runners or don't run at all so I don't have anyone I can train with at my level. I'm hoping there might be a few others lurking on the forums and we can share how things are going as we make our first slow steps to becoming real runners.....

My backstory: I've never been fit at all - hated sport at school, never been very active. I'm not overweight (I'm 5'7 and about 147lbs) but it frustrates me that I can barely even run for a bus at the moment. There was one summer two years ago when I started running and made it to about 5k, but once it got cold I stopped running and never started again. The one thing I do remember about that summer is how good running was for relieving stress, and as I've just been through a nasty breakup I felt now was the time to start getting out of the house, doing some exercise and pulling myself together.

My aim is to finish C25K in early January and then to be able to run a 10k (slowly!!) in March 2013.....think I can make it??

I'd love to hear your stories and how you're getting on with being a beginner, and maybe we can help motivate each other a bit as we go....

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