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Posted: 18/01/2017 at 12:05

Sounds like you understand these things a lot better RB, I'm just an enthusiastic amateur (as with most things!). I meant LPA attorney, not donor... If this is what you do for work, then good luck for the next fortnight

A day out for work tomorrow led me to squash some miles into yesterday and today, but my legs are still cranky from the HM so they've been very slow plods indeed. Gorgeous both mornings in the rising sun though -- did a certain amount of XC this morning, with the ground frozen enough to not be too muddy, but compliant enough not to be wretchedly lumpy. Magic.

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Posted: 17/01/2017 at 12:27

RB -- good work this morning. And actually I am overqualified, being both my Dad's registered agent and power of attorney donor I do rather gloss over the "has your client approved this" checkbox though, I guess he has via LPA...

ES -- in line with what LMH says, my legs get increasingly ploddish with the big miles and completely unequal to any speed at all. Give them a day or two off though and they're as right as rain. So my current strategy is to do a lot of commuting doubles, but then have Sat (and maybe Fri) off if I want to bag some quality in my Sunday run.

Nice photo, thanks Wardi! I was wondering if there were any. I note you picked flatteringly from the 4 available -- must skim through the collection to spot you and others later.

CD -- Good luck with the leg. Now I _save_ a lot of (favoured) midair photos, and discard the only other sort of running picture (appearing to stand foolishly on one leg while making a lemon-sucking expression). And you're a genius, of course you're right, the data is all there: running at 190 spm, each stride takes 316 ms of which my Garmin reckons I was on the ground for 181 ms. So I was in the air for 43% of the time or 32.5 mins... cor, doesn't it add up? [Edited: my arithmetic]

Legs too creaky to run yesterday, but plodded in to work today. I didn't want to start too soon, but maybe it is notionally marathon training now. OK I did do a couple of 20M plods in the holidays, too.

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Posted: 16/01/2017 at 12:15

Welcome back Gobi! [And x-post edit: farwell again ]

RB -- nice parkrun win

Padams -- well done on the XC and league result, and the parkrun too

CC2 -- great stuff -- I like getting the non-mortality buy-in from your nearest and dearest first!

Wardi -- when I failed to catch you at the finish I should have guessed you were still out there in your smoking jacket chaperoning some female! Great to see you at the start.

So yes, Brass Monkey half for me too. My ambitions were low as I've been ill on and off for 3 weeks, got a bit heavier over Xmas, and had a few late beers with LS21 and Mr&Mrs Njord the night before. But as Wardi said the conditions were actually good, no ice or wind and just a little drizzle to keep us cool, and the course is flat. I found my breathing surprisingly light for pace, and while my HR still seemed a bit high my legs were happy enough. I kept a lid on things for about 5 miles and then thought I was gradually pushing on, and did take quite a few places in the latter stages, but actually that equated to even pace on the clock as everyone else was slowing down. Scores on the doors: 1:15:57, 35th overall, but only 4th V45 -- the 1st V45 this year was 1:10:xx, some 7 mins faster than last year's V45 winner! So I was well out of the prizes.

So while I was expecting 1:18 or something, my actual time (now I'm 47) comes out at a WAVA score I've rarely bettered. A fine weekend overall, my belated birthday celebration, sociable running-wise, caught up with my son at uni, and family stuff too. Even did my old Dad's tax return on the train. All good.

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Posted: 13/01/2017 at 12:21

Thanks guys! Was out all day yesterday (and didn't run), did a little tune-up run round the park this morning but then cycled to work (into the teeth of driven snow). I don't feel ill any more, which is a big plus. But I don't think I'm very fit, either!

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Posted: 11/01/2017 at 12:15

Wardi -- I'm not expecting too much but plan to have a ball this weekend nonetheless, and definitely hope to see you there. I have decided to taper for it just in case though. Impressive on the Xmas weight loss! Mine has definitely trended up a bit. I'm sure you can get that GFA time running backwards. On your hands.

Cheers SL, yes V47 today. New York was _very_ popular with the family in our rare long-haul holiday this year... last time I went, ignoring work flight transfers, was for the NY marathon my Mum did when I was 11


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Posted: 10/01/2017 at 12:07

Well done in the XC, Padams!

LMH -- I guess you're right, though I was a minute quicker in 2013, and the conditions were nicer this time. No results yet, I'll get a better idea once I know my relative position.

Feeling bleurghh with lurgy in the latter part of yesterday -- maybe the XC was a mistake, putting my lungs and heart under stress before I was quite recovered. I made it to an evening talk by Paul Evans though, one-time Chicago marathon winner and 10000m Olympian. Very down-to-earth chap, it was fun to hear his stories.

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Posted: 09/01/2017 at 12:17

Great weekend there DrD, enviable fitness already. Impressive form in your long runs too, ES & LMH.

Fine XC performance there PP! Well done in the fell race too, Jooligan.

Jools -- great haul there in what must be a serious competition with all those counties.

Best of luck with the shin (was it?) CD.

Cambs county champs XC for me too yesterday -- I wasn't expecting too much having been lurgied for a good two weeks now (just about over it but still coughing). It turned out OK though, about the same time as 2014, just one medal for being 3rd scorer in the winning vets' team. Only 6:08/M for me over 6.5M, and the course was quite fair (just one somewhat boggy upward stretch through some woods we did a couple of times). My HR was higher than in my 34:31 10K in Bedford back in the summer, so the engine was revving even if the tyres were a bit flat. Plodded round a few extra miles but not that many -- I'm trying to avoid getting into the full marathon training mindset quite yet.

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Posted: 06/01/2017 at 12:10

PP -- my old 310XT systematically overestimated my park loop (with 3 sharp corners), whereas my 920XT underestimates it a touch. If I really want to know paces, I resign myself to clocking the laps manually and using a spreadsheet afterwards. I ought to go round it with a surveyor's wheel one day... for now I've made do with careful plotting on Google Maps, very zoomed-in. It's amazing what GPS watches do really, but when you start worrying about the last 1 or 2% they do have their limits.

DrDave -- welcome back. Amazing performance at Abo with such a short block of training. (Well amazing with any length of training by my standards.) Makes me wonder if we often train for too long for marathons.

SL -- you'll surely smash it!

Wardi -- hope you stay clear of it! I'm still having the odd coughing fit, but don't really feel ill any more. Day off today to get fresh legs back, minimal bits of running tomorrow on my regular train trip to see my old Dad, then county XC champs on Sunday -- but I'm not expecting much there given my poor training over the last couple of weeks.

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Posted: 04/01/2017 at 12:17

CD -- healing vibes for the shin.

Padams -- very sharp casual parkrun wins there, well done!

PP -- amazing training as ever. Your MP tempo would be my VO2max probably.

SL -- I only really cut mileage for a couple of weeks, but my training has been a bit rubbish because of a lurgy I've now had for 2 weeks (chesty cough/cold). I thought it had gone, but despite a return-to-work alcohol free night and 8 hrs sleep last night, I was still feeling "reassuringly" rough this morning for a feeble plod to work. So I've been trudging a reasonable number of miles (maybe 60-70M/week) but not very well. Glad you've found your new year mojo strategy!

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Posted: 01/01/2017 at 15:48

3333 miles running for me in 2016. I did do the parkrun here in Margate (first one for a year and a half) -- it's nearly always won by the same guy in about 18:30 but with me on his tail he won using the devastating tactic of going a bit quicker than normal... pretty quick course, but windy and a tad long from my pre-plot online.

That was my first quick running for 10 days, as I've had this pesky lurgy with chest congestion. I'm just about getting over it now -- did a 20M LSR along the Kent coast today to kick off the new year. Cambs XC champs next weekend and Brass Monkey HM the weekend after, so I won't be doing another proper long run for a bit, and that burst of speed yesterday was sorely overdue. In fact my calves felt a bit creaky from it today, so while I was telling myself I was limited by reduced lung capacity yesterday, actually my legs must be a bit untrained (or overworked by attempting to propel my higher post-Xmas mass).

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