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Posted: 02/08/2015 at 21:19

Wardi -- great news!

CC2 -- wow, 27 miles of this stuff would be something else. Many congrats on the win!

Lev -- hope you're out of the woods. Don't rush it!

Matt3 -- I missed the end result there, but sounds like you've been running full on lately so I wouldn't worry if it was disappointing. Takes me weeks to get over big races now it seems...

Muss -- great MP session, that's an excellent test of whether MP is OK. And well done on the PB too.

(I'm sitting outside to get a sniff of BT wifi again... time to go back to the flat...)


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Posted: 02/08/2015 at 12:10

Very brief as I'm loitering in a doorway to get some wifi in Keswick but should be joining the family in Booths for shopping in 2 mins!

Congratulations Muss, yet another good race PP and best of luck in Kenya TT.

The Borrowdale Fell Race went way better than last year -- I paced it more conservatively, messed around taking video clips (as I knew I wouldn't be competitive), the weather was nice and so the rocks less slippery, and finished 20 mins quicker and felt a lot stronger. Obviously my quads are still wrecked today though. I've done another video like my BGR one for posterity, and for anyone wanting to know what it's like. Enjoy (if you like that kind of thing):

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Posted: 30/07/2015 at 21:56

piscator -- I wasn't on holiday last weekend, but was visiting my Dad down in Surrey near the North Downs -- a handy training opportunity indeed. This time tomorrow though, I'll be in Penrith Good training miles there BTW.

PP -- phenomenal training as always.

TT -- I guess that's a cutback week then...

CJ2 -- I'd give it a decent go if you think your cadence is wrong. Mine was too *fast*, and forcing myself to stride longer and slower gave me a free performance boost once I'd adapted.

Padams -- nice 3000m.

Wardi -- fingers crossed that your PITA will be solved, and thanks for the luck! I've been doing my last few dashes up and down those hallowed stairs as I taper towards the race on Saturday. Travelling tomorrow, so I may not check in here until after the race sometime... good luck anyone else racing this weekend.

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Posted: 27/07/2015 at 12:17

Dan -- wow, impressive terrain (and running).

Matt3 -- congrats on the fell race win, I can sympathise with the trashed quads. 33 mins for a hilly 10K is very classy. Will Dublin be your first marathon?

TT -- nice one on the HM 2nd place after all thosem miles! (And on the move.)

Ryan -- I've got Snowdonia in October marathon-wise, with a fell race next week and a half or two later.

Well parkwon Muss, and a tidy long run too.

CC2, PP -- congrats on those mighty medals! Enjoyed the race report, PP.

Jools -- wow that's a big 3 days training-wise.

I did a total of 20M on Saturday including 3300 feet of climb/descent on the North Downs. New XTalons were fine -- but realised I'd ordered the wrong size of debris gaiters, so rather than shell out for express delivery and get some smaller ones (I've already discarded the packaging of the ones I have, stupidly) I'm going to try and modify the ones I've got. Rest yesterday, 6M in to work today with 10 sets of plyometric hops and jumps etc. Overall I'll be tapering this week though, for my fell race on Sat.

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Posted: 24/07/2015 at 12:31

Catching up after a work trip yesterday -- which I thought was going to be an unwelcome break from training, but actually my legs were surprisingly DOMSd from Tuesday's staircase antics so I was only just OK to return to steady running anyhow (7M @ 8m/M en route to work today).

Splendid long run Ryan, that's just the kind of thing I like to do now and then in marathon training. And it no longer seems quite so eccentric -- I think more people are doing it (at least in our little world).

TT -- hope the house sale went through OK, splendid training too.

DanA -- wow, your quads must be in good shape to do two big consecutive days in the mountains like that (without getting DOMSd to hell after the first day that is).

PP -- tidy reps indeed.

Jools -- gah! Great run to be comfortably within 1 sec of PB though. In general you seem in fine form right now, and that's near the start of your campaign...

Craig Jeffrey 2 -- nice training. Maybe your MP is pessimistic if you're getting close to it easily? (I have chosen a staircase without CCTV coverage or security presence by the way, though a cleaner pops in and looks confused now and then!)

Muss -- good luck with the new arrival when it comes.

Well trained TickTock & ES too.

Last North Downs session for me tomorrow, and I'll wear my new 212s and debris gaiters as a dress rehearsal to make sure they're both fine.

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 12:41

Multi-storey stairs done this morning: 2 hours, 100 (or 101?) reps of 73 stairs, about 1400m (4500') vertical. Proper jelly legs after that.

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Posted: 20/07/2015 at 12:12

Jools -- I hadn't yet congratulated you on the win on this forum. Likewise I can't remember if I said anything about yours CC2. Chapeau, both!

PP -- brilliant marathon training run.

TickTock -- splendid stuff and well done on 2nd. I've never tried anything like that, but fancy giving it a go one day.

ES -- congrats on the series trophy!

Wardi -- sounds like you're winning. Phew.

Padams -- very nice 10K. And in the FV 50K -- that has the distinction of being the only race I have DNFd (calf problem a couple of years ago, though by the time I gave in I was so far from the HQ I still had a 23M run or something, despite getting rescued by some marshalls driving back).

St Ives 10K for me yesterday. I tapered for it, wanting to measure my current state, but actually there was a strong headwind for the last 3K so it wasn't a great test. And I just didn't have the strength to catch up the guy a little ahead of me to take shelter (which in retrospect I surely should have done), so that wind did nobble me. Anyway, 6th overall and first vet, but the time was disappointment: 36:07. Even with no wind I think I'd have done low-35s at best though.

That gone, the decks are cleared to concentrate on training for the Borrowdale Fell Race in 2 weeks, with a distant eye on the Snowdonia Marathon in 3 months, both needing my best hill quads. Multi-storey stairs for me then.

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Posted: 17/07/2015 at 12:24

PP -- quite right, the new 212s are blue & orange (family _really_ like that, not!), and my size 10 weighed in at 278g. OK I know that size is bigger than the one they quote (size 8?) for 212g, but Inov8s always seem to weigh suspiciously more than the quoted mass.

I now have 3 pairs of 212s: a completely stud-free pair I wear just out and about (have lost track of all social norms now), a fairly worn pair which I will now archive for Snowdonia (mainly road but a few places where a little grip will be useful), and this spanking max-traction new pair for the Lake District fells. And I still have a pair of 190s which I keep in good nick for MT/XC races. Could use the 190s for my big fell race, but they can be a bit thin on sharp rocks...

Short taper tune-up before my 10K race again this morning: 1M @ 5:32/M, quite hard but not flat out. Had to dodge some unexpected muddy pools after last night's tempest here in Cambridge. (But not in the fast mile.)

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Posted: 16/07/2015 at 12:23

Brilliant PP!

ES -- nice training

pisc -- welcome back. I can tell you about a few 920xt foibles if that's what you've ordered (I have now figured out how to get waypoints into it that I haven't already personally visited...).

I'm tuning up for my own 10K on Sunday, but I'd be glad to be within a minute of MsPP.

Literally as I was on this page, 2 packages turned up for me -- new XTalon212s, and debris gaiters, getting all set up for the Borrowdale race in 2 weeks. Trying on time now!

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Posted: 15/07/2015 at 12:11

Broke my 'fast' with 8M on the way home last night including 2M tempo at 5:48/M (including a pesky U-turn waiting for traffic) and some more plyometric antics. (With a 1.5kg pack.) Resting today with a simple 6+6M bike commute -- I'm trying to force myself to be 100% fresh and tapered for my 10K on Sunday so I can learn the gory truth about just how slow I've got...

... unlike you Jools, sub-18 for 5K as part of an interval session there is rather impressive!

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