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Posted: Yesterday at 07:17

Cracking reps PP, especially given that your doubles don't have such a break (running lunchtime rather than morning).

5.2M general bimble round the nearby park this morning but winding it up to 2M @ 5:38/M followed by some form drills. That felt harder than I'd like, though (if the Garmin is honest) it was a touch faster than HMP and did involve dodging some workmen replacing a lamppost... back to Blighty tonight, and another little tune-up tomorrow round my local park is the plan.

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Posted: 03/03/2015 at 18:18

Bains -- oh no, I'm sorry you're in the wars. And yes I tried a chiropractor for a couple of sessions before binning it -- one made me feel better, the other made me feel beaten up for about 2 days. It all felt too risky and I preferred the gentler approach of the physio. And sorry about your niggles Lev.

PP -- another fine performance -- your streak of great racing continues!

Great training SL, I envy those miles feeling so easy. Likewise TT.

Day off today, but I intend to do a chunk of tempo tomorrow (just a few M) as half marathon prep. My left tib. anterior has been a bit tender, as it sometimes is; though my dicky knee now seems cured. Decided to bin the usual rigmarole of eating out (alone) on business in favour of a picnic dinner in my hotel room -- a cold Weizenbier, generous baguette, pack of salami and a large ripe tomato for Euro 4.99. Enjoying it, and should be popular with the bean-counters when I put in my expenses!


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Posted: 02/03/2015 at 07:40

Well done also Luke and DrD -- what's with all the PBs on such a windy day?

Tiny plod round the nearby streets of Stuttgart trying to figure out what route I should have taken late last night walking in -- and how to get to my conference. Legs feel affected by yesterday in fact; maybe it's the first time in a little while they felt fresh enough to make them do some real work!

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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 16:22

I'm off to Germany shortly for my little work jolly, but very well done Jools, Al, and -- most spectacularly of all -- Padams!

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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 10:39

Welcome back OS and Luke! (75-76 min today is quick if you only started training from nothing on 1 Jan.)

I think my legs have forgiven me for the 89M which finished with a 9 min/M trudge home on Fri night. After a day off yesterday, my legs still felt a little jaded, but were actually fine for a HM-oriented run: 1M w/u, then 6x(1M sub-7 m/M, 1M sub-6 m/M). The Garmin gave me 6:54/M for the recoveries and 5:49/M for the efforts (put more welly into the last one especially because the session up to then had felt a bit easy in fact -- trying only to stay inside the round numbers, the efforts had felt steady with no muscle fatigue, and the recoveries felt easy). But this was on my measured park lap so the real paces were only 7:04/M and 5:59/M, albeit in a stiff breeze and with 3 right-angle bends (so maybe the Garmin flattery is allowable). Then I made to run some pointless miles round town and stopped myself -- will this make you faster in the HM next week, CW, I asked myself? -- the answer was no, so I turned round, got home having done just 15M @ 6:34/M avg, did a few form drills and stretches and went in for a shower. Captain Sensible or what?

Feb stats: 316M @ 7:36/M avg. A record mileage month in fact. TT: encouraged by today, I may well do some more big-mileage weeks after all, but not until after the half. The result of which I will find of great interest...

Good luck to all at Bath and elsewhere.

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Posted: 28/02/2015 at 14:36

TR -- you and me both logging the commute miles there -- sorry about the lurgy though (but well done getting the 20 in). And yes I quite intend to do more icing soon, maybe drop to a max of 3 commute doubles a week so I can get some quality done with fresher legs. This past week has been a bit of a one-off, but in general I'm always up for a new experiment, and work moving further away seemed like a good reason to see what some higher mileage does to me.

ES --gosh, that sounds scary. Glad you're OK. Hope your calf heals quickly selbs.

Steve6 -- good going, even if not quite what you were aiming for.

Many happy returns TickTock.

CC2 -- I guess if you have a nerve trapped, it may genuinely be firing less muscle, which will also reduce your power output. (I had some very odd muscle behaviour with bad piriformis sciatica, rubbery legs some of the time). Hope it's all good again soon.

Complete rest for me today (apart from a couple of blasts on the Brompton seeing my old Dad in Surrey on the train -- he did VLM once or twice too, nowhere near as much as my Mum though). If my legs feel fresh tomorrow, some alternate fast/steady miles as HM training would be my choice; if not, I might just treat them to another day off and -- shock horror -- skip the LR this weekend. I need to do some emergency freshening-up for my HM methinks.

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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 12:07

SL -- a 12M warm-up before a race victory has to be some kind of record, nice one.

7M plod at 8:30s this morning taking the opportunity to slither through some wooded footpaths near work I've had my eye on for ages. My return commute will take me to 89M for the week, but I might OCD that to 90 or even 91 (=7x13). But have to carry the laptop on the way home .

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 19:22

Cripes, it's going crazy on here. Is it spring?

TT -- ahh, I should have put Kenya and hills together. All makes sense now!

Tmap -- I could go on. "Next stroke... light pressure... easy there... EASY.... hold it up... HOLD IT HARD!". Ahem, sorry. [Edit: only college coxing for me too, in a ladies' boat... and rowed in the novice *eigth* boat. Cripes the coxing could be hypothermic. Watch out with the karate, I worked with a woman who was always coming to the lab with accidentally-inflicted black eyes and the like... you'd better behave!]

Dan -- you could well be right. The theory as I understand it is that mid-race fuelling has little benefit for your legs but protects against going hypo bloodstream-wise. I do it just in case, as I have before, and daren't try without. I did feel remarkably perky when I did a 10M light hills + 10M MPish + 6 a while back, where I had an old caffeinated gel at 9M. Usually it's just a pre-run coffee for me too in training.

[Another edit: pegged it to M&S after work to collect some desperately overdue presentable trousers & shirts required for conference next week, only to find it was 1.5M closer than I thought and my legs were good for near 7m/M instead of the 8:30s I feared. Very slow plod back from the shop though. Total 21M for the day, 76M for the week with one day to go... then it really is down to tiny mileage.]

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 12:46

Nice to hear things looking up bains. We have some friends who bought a treadmill so they could "go for a run" whilst on childcare duty.

Congratulations Tmap! You didn't marry Jools did you (am I misremembering about her coxing)? I'll avoid the obvious innuendos of wedding-night cox-speak we can only imagine ("Next stroke... firm pressure... let's hold that for 10, keeping it smooth... let me feel you lifting the bow") Oops sorry couldn't resist.

TT -- why the 7 weeks of hills in particular? That sounds new.

So the big-mileage week experiment continues. Yesterday was a rest though with merely 15M of cycling, but I was aware my legs were still tired on the evening trip home. My "performance combo" this morning was similar to last week -- a worthy session, but the tempo bit worryingly slow this time (but quite long):
  1M w/u
  6x(0.5M hard, 0.25M light), 5:47/M avg in the efforts
  8.1M @ 6:55/M [That felt like hard tempo effort though! Worrying.]
Total 14M @ 6:53/M avg, all with a 2.5 kg rucksack.

With some clothes to pick up in town this evening my return trip will probably be about 8M, so 22M for the day, and after one last plod double tomorrow -- taking my week's miles to about 90, easily a record -- I will reboot totally into an aggressive taper next week, starting with a rest on Sat and a pretty short long run on Sun. Very curious to see how I do in the half next weekend after all this plodding.

(This week I've done exactly what you caution against Muss, i.e. very long run but no quality, and actually I used to be a low mileage guy; just experimenting though. The thing missing without really long long runs is adaptation to greater glycogen-sparing fat burning, but I concede that if your other training leaves you glyco-depleted for more modest long runs that should tick the same box. Actually Al reminds me having just the long run and MLR as key sessions is a proven Marigold approach so maybe I'm in good company.)

marrows -- I've definitely found that topping up miles after a race to make for a long run I can feel very glyco-depleted at quite modest distance, so yes I think that works.

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Posted: 24/02/2015 at 21:58

TMuss -- I totally agree on the one long run, one tempo, one intervals bit. But I think you were right to make the long runs longer, yet they still weren't long enough I guess -- we've all done marathons where we've blown up in the low-20s miles and suffered horribly for the last few, and the Hanson plan seems to be to do that by design!

Bad luck on the lurgy Tmoth.

Nice reps in the new shoes PP, you _never_ seem to get the plods.

Padams -- sounds sensible. I try to avoid doing anything too taxing at all after Weds for a Sun race, on the assumption that it takes me about 3 days to recover. I'll be tapering drastically next week.

My legs had forgiven me somewhat by the time I came home this evening, and I took advantage of the kids' music lesson to get 10M in at 8 m/M, so 16M for the day, knowing I'll have tomorrow as a simple bike commute before (hopefully) coming back with a vengeance on Thurs with a bit of speed. We'll see...

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