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Posted: Yesterday at 12:36

SL -- huge congratulations! You're unbelievable. And in fact the best in the world

RB -- wow, that looks totally epic. You could knock off a BGR as a training run.

Happy birthday CD! And good grief, you'll be way up the UK marathon rankings as a V50. You will be that nemesis at Bedford another time...

PP (&RB!) -- my breathing certainly scales with effort, but its coupling to pace is mysteriously loose. How can I need to breathe harder at 9 m/M on ploddish legs than at 6 m/M off the VLM start? Doesn't make sense in terms of oxygen consumption, but my breathing can be surprisingly fast on battered legs, yet fresh and tapered I can be breathing gently through my nose at the start of a race. Can't explain it. The "Running on Air" book made a lot of it.

Wardi -- congrats to the Mrs! Sounds like an excellent race. And for me, sub-75 may be forever out of reach now; I only did it twice, and my HM performances have not tracked my marathon plateau. I did 75:51 this summer but a minute off that would feel like a lot.

Nothing much from me -- I'm deliberately having a couple of light weeks (about 40M this one). I did a couple of overdressed runs to take advantage of the mild conditions though, and to counteract the works Xmas lunch yesterday.

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Posted: 06/12/2016 at 12:42

TT -- sounds tough with the asthma medication, take it easy.

RB -- good story there. I've never done any fell-running in winter conditions (well OK, the Borrowdale race in August once was in hail, but at not icy underfoot) -- it must add another huge dollop of difficulty.

Well parkrun, Dan.

TR -- I do wonder about motivation for doing endless marathon training sometimes... but then it all seems worth it when I occasionally find myself going a bit giggly and weepy after one that goes well. And odd trade-off for months of graft, I'll grant you.

Padams -- what I should have appreciated is that this was going through villages near Bedford, not in it. There is also going to be an actual Bedford city HM next year, which should be pretty flat -- I did the 10K there in the summer and wrongly extrapolated its excellent flatness onto this HM!

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Posted: 05/12/2016 at 12:25

Sounds promising, TR, good stuff.

Still sounds like a decent race ES, good luck with the wider campaign.

Great performance as ever PP, well earnt medals there.

Very well done too Padams -- that hill sounds more like fell race stuff! Trust you didn't wear your Santa outfit for the XC...

Bedford HM for me yesterday. Here's a blatant copy & paste:
I was entertaining thoughts of 1:15:xx for this one, with excellent conditions forecast, so I tapered and even carbo-loaded a bit hoping it would be a pleasing last hurrah for 2016, before a few weeks' downtime before the spring campaign starts. I think I paced it OK (going for ~150 bpm this time, then upped the welly in the last mile or two), but it wasn't flat as I wrongly guessed (550' climb/descent, almost double St Neots). No official results yet but I got about 1:17:18, 7th place (I think) and first vet prize. I battled to pull ahead of what I took to be a veteran threat in the last half mile, only to discover that at 54 he was 7.5 years older than me, beat me by SIX MINUTES in London in 2:32:xx (1st MV50 there), and was having a slow one today with a nasty cold. Humbling.

Edit: forgot about monthly stats again. Year-wise, I know I've been through 3000 already, will probably finish the year on 3300 or 3400 or something -- easily my highest yet, but not quite 10M/day average...

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Posted: 01/12/2016 at 12:11

SL -- I can't tell if the overheated sessions have helped me. Race Jase is continuing to do them (on the treadmill which makes them possible in winter!), let's see if it works wonders for him. I had a couple of surprisingly good 10Ks this summer after VLM training which had both some big miles weeks and heat acclimatisation, but I can't disentangle what effects different training components had.

On PP's cadence vs pace, I've noticed my Garmin does a surprisingly good job of estimating distance in "indoor" mode, when it must just be counting strides (but taking account of cadence too I guess), so maybe it learns that relationship for an individual when the GPS is in use.

RB -- maybe my Gamma head torch is brighter than it's supposed to be because I'm using guarantee-voiding NiMH batteries in it, which have lower internal resistance, so more current can go through the LED if it's not properly regulated... they do seem to vary a bit though, in beam pattern too.

A little taper tune-up this morning, disappointingly slow but there were a couple of icy corners to teeter round, and a dead 180 turn. Couldn't use my usual park lap because they're upgrading some of the rought bits of it -- can't complain about that! Two pairs of gloves for my bike to work today, which worked well -- my hands hurt like hell yesterday after riding in.

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Posted: 30/11/2016 at 12:16

SL -- good luck! Do you need an official calibration certificate for your treadmill to qualify for the record?

RB -- I just bought yet another Alpkit Gamma headtorch for £17 or something. It has a minor design problem with the battery compartment lid but I know to avoid that. The thing that sets it apart for me is having a rear red light (which I have flashing) so I don't get mown down from behind by cyclists in the dark on the busway path I commute along -- same applies to cars on lanes of course. And I use rechargeables in it (though a slip of paper included says that invalidates the warranty, don't see why).

Lev -- your new cadence does sound closer to what I've seen elites do on the telly (180ish), so it might well be a good thing. Mine still gets a bit high sometimes, but not over 200 like it used to be.

PP -- stats impressive. My hands got so cold cycling to work this morning that I felt a bit peculiar and had to sit down for a bit when chatting to people, maybe just from pain as they warmed up.

Did a tempo tune-up yesterday (but so bundled up it came out very slow for HR) and an easy run home, rest today, smaller tune-ups due for the rest of the week, then the Bedford half on Sunday. After that I might have a bit of a running chill-out for a week or two before the Brass Monkey/Cambridge Half/VLM training begins.

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Posted: 28/11/2016 at 12:14

Nice racing ES, PP & Padams!

DanA -- you're a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Random theory #37: you're one of those people who goes hypo from insulin overshoot, and you had some unaccustomed food/sports drink just before your marathon...

LMH -- good grief, that's a long wait.

Welcome back Lev -- when I do 100 mile weeks, I get into a hugely ploddy state when 9:30/M can be a struggle, so 7:30/M is positively scorching. (I should say stop making such a drama of it -- good luck with the theatre.)

Did a pretty good session yesterday with 8M tempo (6:10/M), 15M overall, but in general I'll have a light week now as the weather is looking reasonable so far for the Bedford half next Sunday, so I ought to give it a good go.

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Posted: 25/11/2016 at 12:08

Hot, LMH? Hope it's "just" inflamed and not infected... sounds nasty.

Wardi -- pull the udder one! You must have milked those cheesy puns for all they were worth. Was the weather Friesian?

Bit of farlek in my 6M commute this morning but nothing special. Lots of little bits of running tomorrow in my regular trip to see my old Dad by train, running between stations etc, then some kind of decent run on Sunday. No race this weekend, but I've another half next Sunday, so I should tune up a bit for that.

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Posted: 24/11/2016 at 12:22

Eye-watering training, PP & SL. Nice session for you too TT.

RB -- my commute is 6M each way, which has worked out pretty well. Quite often I extend the commute, but have a cycling day or two in there as a rest too (like today, after a slow 9M + 10M double yesterday). We may be relocating closer to home in the new year, which would be welcome overall but could result in fewer training miles unless I'm super-disciplined.

Good to hear things are going well TR!

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Posted: 22/11/2016 at 12:22

Welcome back TJK!

Dan -- oh no, sorry. What did your taper look like -- could you have been doing too much in the week or two before the race or something? And gosh yes Marders was looking remarkably fresh after his 2:19 in York when I last saw him, though he did claim to have had to work quite hard for it...

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Posted: 21/11/2016 at 12:34

LS21 -- my miniscule phone sadly lacks a camera, but maybe I could text a tweet to let the world know I'd shared the London glory with you. Brass Monkey glory to be shared before that!

Jooligan -- congrats on the PB.

Unlike Wardi I didn't race an XC, but merely marshalled one on Sat. All very pleasant except some low-life made off with my nice hi-viz cycling gloves, which I was using as improvised waymarkers. Then yesterday it was the St Neots half, very windy (as it was last year). I didn't really push myself hard enough in the first half, but ramped up the suffering a bit later on and took some places, finishing 7th and getting the V40 prize (as the better V40 got 2nd overall). Bit over 20M with warm-up and cool-down. 1:17:50 was OK given the wind (and minor hills) I guess. I'm doing the Bedford HM in a fortnight, and hoping that will be quicker.

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