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Posted: Yesterday at 12:10

ES -- good form in the 5M race.

Big training there LMH. And yes -- you get your (mitochondria only from your mother!

Still no race reports from the Alps?

I've been doing some longer overdressed but steady commutes yesterday and today; rest tomorrow, partly due to a work meeting, then some tune-ups for a local half on Sunday.

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Posted: 27/06/2016 at 12:13

RB -- nice result

DanA -- I'm feeling left out. Both you and Marigold have ended up in ambulances lately... will await full story, hope you're OK!

AlanB -- nice reps progression. It takes me days to recover from anything like that too.

PP -- nice one! I was running up and down hills in Surrey, a bit further along, on Sat; had I known it was some kind of masters' champs, I might have made the effort.

Pi Man -- of your list so far I've done Peterborough a couple of times, my PB course, so I would have suggested that had you not already had it.

Not much from me -- as I said above, I took the opportunity of being in Surrey seeing my old Dad on the train to run up and down a road hill half a dozen times (total 300 metres vertical) as a nod to a hilly HM I'll be doing in about 6 weeks. I was loaded with a rucksack containing my laptop. My Mum used to run up and down the same hill in a weighted jacket 30 years ago, and at the time I thought she was wildly eccentric...

So 14 miles or so total on Sat doing as much as possible between railway stations etc. Then I found my legs DOMSd by the hills, so I just did an agonisingly slow 3M yesterday. Back to it today with an overdressed commute.

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Posted: 23/06/2016 at 12:14

TmR -- ooh, that's interesting -- as I'm doing the Yorkshire marathon, one of their qualifiers. However, I'm only ranked #16 for MV45 marathon this year, so there's no hope of me making the top 5 really. Interesting/odd that they have *not* included London in their qualifying races, which such a large proportion of serious marathoners in the UK do, but have included Manchester and Brighton. Might improve my meagre chances though!

LS21 -- love the zebras. Once a year we stay with friends in north London and I end up running round Regents Park by London Zoo -- I think I've done giraffes and camels...

Jools -- sounds tough, take it easy.

PP -- congrats to MsP, tell her she's amazing! If the jumper magic actually works, you could have PBs lined up yourself...

Speaking of which, got ridiculously hot last night. Maybe doing all those layers when the weather is warm and humid, in a 90 min run with some hills, wasn't too clever. Still alive though.


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Posted: 21/06/2016 at 12:28

AlanB -- nice one on the 10K. Layers-wise, this morning I wore a long-sleeved top, a cycling jersey, a sweatshirt, and an old cycling windshell on top, a woolly hat, thin gloves, shorts and tracky bottoms. So 4 layers on top -- got pretty warm!

PP -- as usual, that's a very tasty 5000m for the more mature man. Grand effort on the big bike escapade, too, same goes for you CD.

Pug -- good grief!

bains -- impressive 5Ks, well done on the series podium.

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Posted: 20/06/2016 at 12:18

A very tidy 5K on that course, bains.

RS78 -- gosh that sounds tough, hope the gradual progress continues. I'm afraid I'll be missing Borrowdale this year though! (And just when the Lakes could do with plenty of tourist money after the floods.)

LS21 -- oh no, didn't know what a struggle you were having either. I was thinking maybe try a break before I got to that bit, sounds worth a punt. I was wondering (LMH) whether my recent renaissance was anything to do with having a lot of iron supplements since finding I was rather low a few months back.

ES -- glad you no longer reckon it's a stress fracture. If it's extensor tendonitis, just leaving your laces really loose (or going for a special pattern like 'ladder lacing') could be the answer.

For the first time in about 4 weeks I didn't have a race this weekend, but I did a big session instead (10x0.5M hard/0.5M easy, then steady/progressive) -- total 22M @ 6:55/M and the reps were at 5:30/M which was pleasing. And I was keen to keep my endurance adaptations ticking over until my next marathon campaign. Rest today though.

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Posted: 14/06/2016 at 12:13

Wow, a lot's happened since yesterday lunchtime...

Brilliantly well done LMH, that's an amazing result.

Great track exploits Padams & JB -- be careful with that hamstring though, really hope it's not serious as they can take a while to heal in my limited experience.

And well done on the 10K Alan.

My legs were pretty stiff yesterday so I just biked my commutes; bit better today, so I did a longer (23M) overdressed ride to get to work, and might run home.

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Posted: 13/06/2016 at 12:33

25 miles on the coast path must have been tough Dan, you did well to be able to race in any shape or form after that.

Likewise well hill-trained too SL, must indeed be taper time soon?

Well done Padams! Very classy time for a hilly course, too. Obviously not wanting to be outdone, I also won my very low-key half marathon (you got me Wardi), and took bains' advice a bit too far by not stopping my watch for some minutes afterwards in the excitement -- turned out to be 1:17:48 which I was very happy with for the course (flat, but lots of lumpy grass/dried mud paths and twists and turns). Just a trophy for me prize-wise, and the guy dishing them out, the main sponsor, was also running -- not very quickly. Hence I ran for another hour, clocking up 8 miles, waiting for the presentations (not including pauses to chat to clubmates). I didn't mind though because it was only a 20 min bike ride from home and I was really overdue for a long run day anyway. Rest today though, my legs are pretty creaky.

Hope it went well for LMH!

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Posted: 10/06/2016 at 12:18

Thanks LMH, yes the Ely Monster events are on my spreadsheet too! Must make some plans. Good luck with your training.

ES -- hope the top-of-foot-pain isn't anything (tried Googling "extensor tendonitis"?). And no prize money for me at Bedford I fear -- the generous cash prizes are clearly to attract fast young runners, not old gits like me...

bains -- nice 5K! (And I was mystified by my DOMS this week. Plods I expect training after a race, but this was much more specific.)

PP -- happy birthday and well done! But oh no, you remind me of those agonising YouTube videos of top afleets being pipped at the line when they start celebrating a few metres early...

Padams -- proper race there, nice one!

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Posted: 09/06/2016 at 12:36

CD -- good luck with your Tour

LMH -- thanks for the Boston tip. Not much evidence of it happening this year as yet, though they have results from last year.

Padams -- thanks for the tips

DanA -- most recent information is the pleasing 20 miles, I'd go with that!

I hassled VLM about the champs/GFA entry anomaly, and lo! By yesterday evening the same familiar champs entry standards had been posted. Crisis over.

Glad the ankle is better bains. As for my legs -- they're rubbish, I've got quad DOMS. From what? Well I did 12 reps of a small hill on Tues night when my legs were still very ploddish after my 10k on Sunday, maybe it's that... very peculiar. Whatever, I did 19M on the bike today rather than run on them.

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Posted: 08/06/2016 at 12:16

JB -- for a while my company was partnered with one based in Pietermaritzburg, but I never did wangle a business excuse for a Comrades trip. It was notable that the guys over there, when discussing my marathons, would ask "so when will you do a _real_ race"?

Padams -- ah thanks, I like the look of that kind of race. Unlike the odd 12 hr event I've seen I think, it doesn't seem to feel the need to add to the novelty by unnecessarily running it overnight, which doesn't appeal to me. You were too modest to say you would be defending your crown!

PP -- amazing reps. But no way would I want to have done that 2d out from a race... I recover way too slowly.

So here's a thing. VLM GFA entries are now open, closing 20th June, but champs qualifying times are not yet posted. Someone in my club rang them, not wanting to skip a GFA entry if there was a chance that champs times would be made harsher this year. They were advised to do a GFA entry to be on the safe side. But that's crazy! Surely VLM don't want 500 odd would-be champs entrants doing a GFA entry as an insurance policy when probably the qualifying times will be unchanged anyway? I'm going to see if I can wheedle some sense out of them.

Rest day for me, just ordinary bike commutes. My legs are a bit jiggered after 2 days of 15-16M overdressed commute plods on race-battered legs (and race day totalled 15M or so).

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