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Posted: 08/02/2016 at 12:30

Ryan -- take it easy -- it's better to be 98% fit than 102% fit, you've plenty of hay in the barn, etc etc. I've had some problems with my tibialias anterior (front of shin), which might have been helped a bit by furious massaging and a bit of stretching -- also seemed to be associated with a tight spot high on my outer calf, oddly. Inside-shin tenderness was a problem for a while, which seemed to go away when I started taking a magnesium citrate supplement (possible bone stress thing), though it might have been a coincidence.

After my 77M week finishing on Friday, I had Saturday off, so was a bit disappointed to find my legs still rather sluggish on Sunday when I intended some speed work in my long run. Anyway, I did 8x0.9M on grass in XTalons, with a stiff wind, averaging about 6:30/M for the efforts, then did 20 hill reps (not quickly) and a bit extra to make it a full marathon in 3:20 or so. A bit of slog this time TBH. Don't worry, I'm not doing that every week: in fact I wanted to do the distance yesterday as I know it will be 4 weeks until I do it again, as I want to be sharp for the Cambridge half in 3 weeks, but the week after it is the low key, partly off-road, approx marathon that is the Cambridge Boundary Run, which I'm treating as VLM training.

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Posted: 05/02/2016 at 12:16

TT -- interesting on the 12 hour race ambitions. Their website 'info' page currently says the solo record is only 65M not 75M -- maybe out of date, maybe the record is softer than you thought! And really glad to hear you're on good form after having your back sorted.

Interesting long run there Wardi -- what kind of pace is he doing his marathons at? I'd guess you'd want to be pretty slow, but maybe not so slow that you just spend too much time each day on your feet.

Like selbs I'll have a pretty big mileage week by my standards, but not too much quality. I did do a reps/tempo combo MLR yesterday, but my 6x0.5M off 0.25M efforts only averaged 6 m/M pace, and the 6.6M tempo only 6:47/M (with a light pack on my back). Better than the plods of last week though. This past week is a kind of record perhaps in that I've totalled 20M on 3 different days: on Sat with the Southerns and additional running to get there and back; on Tues with a 8+12M commute double; and then yesterday with a 12.3M MLR am and 7.7M return trip. By the time I've run home today, it will be 77M for the week at least. Then a day off tomorrow (including some beers with old school friends down in Surrey), ready for some kind of useful TBD long run on Sunday (but it will be windy).

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Posted: 03/02/2016 at 12:28

I saw at least two shoes with no runner in them on the course, too... some of my clubmates had duc tape wrapped round their shoes to try and keep them securely affixed.

So after resting on Sun and Mon, my legs were pretty much fine yesterday, and I ended up clocking a rare 20M weekday with an 8+12M double (generally just steady but pushed a bit for the last 2M). Today my head said don't run, do extra bike miles, and then be ready for a quality MLR tomorrow morning; but my heart fancied a jog round town instead, so I actually did that (just 5M), and then the normal cycle commute to work. So that may blunt my quality tomorrow, but then I've already had a bit of intense stuff this week with the XC race, and a quiet work week is good for clocking a bigger mileage. Cambridge HM in 25 days, says my watch...

In other news, I've got a thing like a dog collar round my wrist now with emergency contact info and explaining I'm an organ donor. I always write that stuff religiously on the back of race numbers as a nervous tic, but felt guilty that if I was scraped off the road after a training mishap my organs might well go to waste, and it might take someone a while to figure out who I was. Now I'll be saved trying to write on the back of race numbers with insufficient table space and pens that don't work, too. Very nice job they made of it actually:

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Posted: 02/02/2016 at 22:12

I'm thinking spiked snowshoes... plenty of grip, no sink. Might get too much suction though...

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Posted: 02/02/2016 at 12:29

Cripes, that's quite a list of marathons to be getting on with JB. Good luck with Tokyo (hell of a way to go for a marathon -- doing anything else out there?).

Just been thinking... I was complaining that I'm not good in boggy XC, but maybe it would be a good environment to perform some more whacky style experiments in. Maybe taking unnaturally long strides would be good (fewer mud insertions/extractions -- but also heavier landings and so would go deeper?)... or the opposite. Worthy of a study, I'm sure. Wonder if anyone has done it already?

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Posted: 02/02/2016 at 12:16

Lev -- oh no! If it's any consolation, when I suffered it a touch, the extensor tendonitis thing (from squashing the top of your foot with top laces) didn't seem to be reckoned as serious. Don't know about the other aches and pains though.

CD -- I couldn't resist stalking you on Po10. The "head to head against me" feature says you're beating me 5-1 at VLMs, despite being 3 years older, and the only time I beat you (2014) was by a massive 2 sec. Also your record WAVA there is 87.3% compared to my 84.6%. It's me who needs to get the sandbags out

Dachs -- ah yes, now the results out I have my far more woeful tale. I was no less than 423rd this year, or 42% of the way back through the field (was 36% last year). Still, I knew my ploddish legs wouldn't be up to much, which is why I turned it into a long run day with 6M before and 5M afterwards. I don't think boggy XC suits me well at all -- it exposes my complete lack of raw power.

Hopefully I've got it right this week and given myself enough post-race recovery. I thought I might still have a twinge of DOMS here and there, but having had 2 full days off post-XC the legs felt fine this morning so I extended the planned 6M light commute to 8M, at 8 m/M. Should have time for a reasonably long run on the way home too, so it will be quite a big weekday, at least in miles.

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Posted: 01/02/2016 at 12:12

Well done on your own jigsaw there, Wardi. And you're definitely right that my recovery has slowed with age, but don't worry, I'm hanging in there OK! I actually found I had some DOMS today (didn't so much yesterday) so I just did a couple of extra miles on the bike in the way in, and won't run until at least tomorrow. Unlike last week I'll aim to resume training only when my legs are ready for it.

Goot work in your XC bains, sorry about the weather (we had rain overnight to make it boggy, but the sun shone for the race, ideal really).

Nice long run CC2.

Good thought on the scones Ryan, I think they're not too high in fat (well compared to other cakey things, anyway). Enjoy the taper for Seville!

That's a sharp long run selbs, good stuff.

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Posted: 31/01/2016 at 18:07

selbs -- funnily enough, there is a catch to re-weighing yourself with a payload. Some bathroom scales (including mine), in an effort to show themselves superbly consistent, remember the last measurement and just show it again if the next weight is "near enough". Sneaky eh? And speaking of payload, I'd be well chuffed with your 5K if I was 5kg over normal weight! (Or even as I am...)

CD -- nice long run I saw, I wouldn't put any money on beating you at VLM!

Jools -- 21st and team silver are both impressive. Well done.

Ryan -- jeepers, that's a lot of (actually quite quick) miles. You'll be a whole new outlier for Tanda. I'm sure I've asked before, but what's your target race?

And me? Well I was hoping with chip timing we'd have some swift results, but in the absence of any I'm guessing my performance was "solid" but unspectacular on Saturday. It was a bit short of 15K (8.7M by my watch); I did another 11 or so in bits and pieces (home to station, up and down platform, next station to venue and around a bit, similar on the way home) to total 20M for the day. And I've rested today, probably tomorrow too, to avoid repeating last week's mistake of training too much before my aged legs had made their slow race recovery.

But it was, as ever, epic. I made the schoolboy error of starting near the back of the pens and was boxed in for ages, but couldn't resist looking left and right as we charged up the hill to drink in that special _Braveheart_ moment, when a ridiculous number of men plough wildly across the blasted heath in dangerous proximity. Had a good giggle and savoured the situation for future recall before turning my attention to the job at hand; some significant stretches were churned to serious mud, maybe a foot deep in places, with an endless series of short climbs, descents and turns. Starting too far back, I at least had the pleasure of mainly passing others, especially on the downhills as usual, while I struggled on the uphill bogs through lack of raw power. At least my 9 m/M plods had indeed gone. It took me 65 mins (7:30/M), whatever that means given the terrain. No idea what my position was, though I fear I just missed even scoring for my club. But it was fun, I've got through it unscathed, just a few aches of mud-extracting muscles I don't normally use, and now I can train sensibly for 4 weeks until the Cambridge half.

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Posted: 29/01/2016 at 12:27

Jools/Padams/CD -- I don't really understand what it happening physiologically when I get plods like I've had this week, but I think it must be something interesting and fundamental. I really ought to analyse my training log to identify the patterns that lead to it. I'm encouraged that from past experience, it can just disappear again after a day or two off running (which I'm giving them now) -- we'll see when I run those dreaded 15K myself on Parliament Hill tomorrow. Actually rather than doing a separate long run on Sunday, given how badly I coped with post-race running last time, I'll probably run from home to station to venue, round round in circles a bit after the race, run the non-train bits home again, and so make it up to a decent total mileage tomorrow and then just skip Sunday.

Dan -- nice one on the half marathon. We're doing a big holiday to see friends in Oregon this year and they both run (not fast), so I'll try my own bit of pot-hunting in a half there. Mind you, it'll cost me $75 to enter!

Sounds like things are shaping up nicely selbs. Hey, I completely forgot that I "bought" a rucksack-weighing device two weeks back when I bought a new laptop bag (buy one, get one free offer, so I had to take *something*). Must dig it out...

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Posted: 28/01/2016 at 12:12

TT -- hope you get over the migraine patch soon. I take magnesium supplements -- originally I think I got some in the hope that it might help back pain (from muscle spasms), then I continued in the hope that it would help bone growth to ward off shin splints. Which have been fine for ages, so maybe it has, who knows.

My "plods" got worse on the way home yesterday -- nearly 10 min/M! And this morning I did one last trudge back to work at over 9 min/M. I think it's really interesting (if inconvenient) -- somehow the muscles get into a "totally don't want to know" state which I guess I've perpetuated by repeatedly running on them when they started a bit race-battered, maybe a kind of DOMS but not the acute sort that hurts walking downstairs after a marathon. I'm gambling that if I ride home on the bike I left here at work on Tues, and just cycle tomorrow, my legs will be magically back in form for Sat pm and the XC champs. Let's see...

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