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Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

Marigold -- magnificent. Priceless to see you leading the field with a cheeky smile at times early on, though a bit disappointed the Beeb missed your finish while doing a slo-mo rerun of the winner (sterling though his finish was). Must scour my recording for the interview afterwards, I missed that... [Edit: now watched it and felt slightly weepy ]

RS78 -- ha, I said I might take somewhere between 3 and 4 hours, so your 3hr30-ish prediction sounds right on the money! Hope I see you there amongst the crowd. Sounds like you're on good form too actually, that 2hr45 over 4 peaks sounds like a pretty decent dress rehearsal. I'm definitely expecting it to be more of a life experience than a (personally) successful competition, but wanted to give it my best shot anyway, hence the special training. (Also that should help avoid cripping myself on the first day of my holidays, which might otherwise cause problems in family walks...)

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Posted: Yesterday at 09:57

Looking after my elderly Dad this w/e so missed some bits, but a joy to see Marigold out front early and again after 20 mins or so (hope they show him again now they've thinned out).

Great stuff there PP.

Knowing I'd miss training today, I got in 10M including 20xCastle Hill including the steps yesterday, sharpening and tapering for Borrowdale next Sat. With a rest today. The climbing and descending are definitely getting faster, and I'm light and thin right now (got to be good for ascent). One of the rellies here said she might be incubating 'flu though -- terrifying

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Posted: 25/07/2014 at 21:31

I know you're officially offline now Marigold, and I hopefully already wished you all the best, but... well, we'll all be with you, you know? (Jools being our ambassador on-scene )

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Posted: 25/07/2014 at 12:28

PP -- I love a good slipstream, but you've reminded me of a (probably apocryphal) story of a cyclist who was slipstreaming a little city bus in Cambridge a bit too closely, and said bus stopped rather fast, lurching forward on its suspension as it did so. Cyclist ended up touching the back of it with their wheel under the bus... which then relaxed on its springs, crushing the bike's front wheel nicely!

Lev_ -- "do be shirt" -- ho ho! Great training, have said before but I'll be really interested to see how it pans out. Getting your legs into the "don't want to know" zone seems to be something I achieve all to easily these days...

Welcome back Stet & HR.

SL -- amazing pace as ever.

So after my massive stair session on Weds, my quads were amazingly OK. However, my calves were trashed yesterday, definitely not up to running. Yet today, they were OK for a gentle run already; they clearly recover much faster than trashed quads (which take days). I'm trying to pile in some miles before a proper taper next week; also I'm looking after my old Dad over the weekend, so training will be missed there. Left tibialis anterior giving me a bit of jip today -- it's a perennial niggle, maybe a touch of compartment syndrome? -- so I hope that disappears during next week too.

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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 21:06

Al_P -- best of luck with that race then, sounds like you've got a good chance of a win (but don't get lost -- I'd follow a trace on the Garmin). And yes, I was playing mental games to survive the 125 repeats on my own in the dingy, unventilated stairwell; thinking about each year of my life only got to 44, then flicking the odd sweet wrapper bit by bit towards the edge and over... oddly got better near the end. I've built up my tolerance from only 10 reps initially, but I think that'll do now...

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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 12:13

Tmoth -- that's not such a lot of food for 24 hours and ?130M (noting the sandwiches measured in quarters). If your sis is analysing anyway, it would be interesting to see it as calories...

PP -- great MP + reps.

Al -- splendid long run. Do you have a 50k coming? (I topped out at 30M in marathon training in fact.)

Big morning for me with 2hr25 on the stairs (about 1750m vertical), then a 3M plod on somewhat rubbery legs to get to work for a total of nearly 3 hrs, and I still have to get home again... the quads feel fine though. They're really getting used to this stuff. And that's my last big stair session before my fell race in 10 days.

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Posted: 22/07/2014 at 12:28

bufo -- nice one on the hill race (makes me wonder why I'm bothering to train so much for mine!), and amazing speed. Glad to hear finals went well, too -- good luck in the new job.

Lev_ -- I would be floored speed-wise doing that distance too. Will be very interesting to hear how your body adapts and how it all works out.

TR -- you know what they say: pride comes before a fall. So much for my pride in reducing the weight of my trainers!

selbs -- bad luck on the knee, but hope NZ goes well.

DrD -- I hate pointless present-buying so much that we ceased hostilities on that front years ago with my sister, Dad and Mrs (well she gets herself some modest Xmas items from Amazon). But if the Scrooge approach doesn't appeal, there's nothing like some new running socks to make you realise how clapped out the old ones are...

TT -- impressive stuff. Very sensible to "stick" rather than "twist" now you're ahead.

Dachs -- wow, excellent time, and you've beaten PP to sub-16 by a convincing margin!

Day off for me today; some bike errands to do anyway, and my legs are still a bit creaky from the weekend.

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Posted: 21/07/2014 at 12:31

Dan -- nice one on the trail race and booty. I also like your plan for Marigold!

Good long one postie. Got a marathon soon?

Your postie^2 notation betrays your geekdom, Padams. Hope you get back to it soon.

bainspj -- looks like a different sort of blister, but for deep ones on the soles of my foot I remove all the loose skin and replace it with an artificial equivalent. Try at your peril! :

Tmoth -- wow, congratulations. And happy recovery!

My legs are a bit creaky after the 10k yesterday, but fortunately all the damage from falling over was skin deep. Did 7M this morning including many times over a bridge for 'hills', but all at a lowly pace. Might have a bikey day tomorrow and then a massive stair session on Weds...

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Posted: 20/07/2014 at 15:01

Congrats on the PB Jools, and well LSRd too.

TR -- impressive training. You too Al and DrD (nice parkrun speed and hangover tolerance also).

I've joined Padams with some road rash from my St Ives 10k race today -- like a complete muppet, I sprawled onto the ground in the last mile coming off a kerb. What hope is there for me in a fell race? I'm wondering if the heel material I cut away from my Lunaracers, while fine on the flat, caused me a problem here (and the similar time I fell in training). Bah, that leaves me with no completely satisfactory road shoes despite having about 8 pairs under the sofa. Anyway, the damage was only superficial so I got up again and finished the last mile a bit cautiously in case I'd done anything worse (didn't want to jeopardise Borrowdale). Finished in 35:50 which was rather disappointing, even allowing for the fall -- I hoped for sub-35 at least despite the paucity of my speed training of late. Consoled myself with another 5M waiting for prizes, and took a team trophy home. At least the decks are now completely clear for my fell race -- bring it on.

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Posted: 18/07/2014 at 12:51

Padams -- that driver *was* $hit, really bad luck. No idea if it helps, but I leave the hub dynamo powered German-engineered LED light going permanently on my commuting/training bike, though that's mainly for the local hazard here of having a dozy rowing coach wander into my path by the river...

selbs -- bad luck on the knee. I've a colleague here who is perpetually getting injured playing footie.

CRAB -- ah, I missed TR's link to start with. Epic stuff, congratulations. Love the understated suffering.

I've carried on in my usual schizophrenic manner. For the 10k on Sun, I want to be tapered and fresh, even if it's not my A-priority; for Borrowdale in 2 weeks, this should be a hard week with a lot of climb/descent. So this morning I did a quick half mile lap (5:09/M) for the 10k, then a reduced stint on the stairs (only about 300m, but faster than previously). A taper of sorts then, but with a bit of hill in it. Once the 10k is over, at least I'll only have one thing to focus on.

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