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Posted: 19/10/2016 at 12:10

LMH -- you could join to regain EA affiliation at minimal cost...

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Posted: 17/10/2016 at 12:30

Wardi -- yes I do intend to enter the Brass Monkey half now. Hopefully actually see you at this one! And I just reactivated my Results Base account, thanks for the tip.

LS21 -- we're not worthy! See you in Jan too then, if we all get in.

Well done all of you on the XC (even if it's low-class compared to LS' parkrun).

Now _that_ is a classy parkrun, Padams.

Sterling effort in the half, Dan. (Manchester is known for rain, isn't it?)

SL -- ah, that's what it is! I kept thinking I should know already. Good luck, you certainly seem to be in great shape (well once you're over the session again).

I'm still feeling viral, but clocked up a few miles on Sat on a regular trip to see my Dad, and did another 6M yesterday morning with a few feeble hills. My calves felt a bit wooden though -- still not over the marathon it seems. Rest today, run tomorrow.

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Posted: 14/10/2016 at 12:15

Thanks Coro! Yes it's a bit funny about that England Athletics thing; if they really wanted the best vets, why not include VLM as a qualifying race, where nearly all of them turn out? Maybe they'll cancel or re-plan the whole thing (e.g. also use VLM results) when they find they have a bunch of second-string guys like me otherwise. And who is this coachful of old duffers supposed to be competing against, anyway? Though obviously I'd be far too vain to pass up the chance for any kind of national vest, even if it's not a "proper" one and I have to pay for it. (CD -- I'd never take it off )

SL -- third time at least you've done that highly impressive session, I note. How do those eye-watering paces compare with your intended MP?

Wardi -- gosh, just stalked your Dewsbury lady -- 93.2% WAVA puts me to shame.

RS -- nice one on the XC so soon after your tough marathon.

AlanB -- nice BAc session there, and I'm sure the taper will work great magic.

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 12:47

Ooh, and for the non-squeamish, there's what I hope will be a brilliant program on the inner workings of the foot tonight -- I watched most of last week's on the dissection of a hand, and it was really good for understanding how it worked. This one is obviously more interesting to runners. Way past my bedtime but iPlayerable of course:

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 12:43

LS21 -- cor, that's quite a thought (Brass Monkey half that is), given we had such a grand time last weekend with the marathon. I'll canvass the family. Just 4 days after my birthday too, so it could be a kind of celebration weekend all round.

TR -- aww, you're lovely. Kudos from you is valued indeed! In a way I was still playing by numbers this time, but heart rate instead of pace. Which I'm not very experienced at, but may well do more of. I was definitely suffering in the last few though, and losing time, so (Padams too) I suspect I'd have saved myself a bit of time later if I'd been a touch slower earlier -- hard to know what's optimal overall though. I won't attempt your into weight training -- my muscles are obstinately weedy...

I've finally caught the lurgy from child#2, but hey, it couldn't be better timed. Nothing serious, just feeling a bit "viral", but it will help ensure I take it easy post-marathon. I've no noticeable DOMS any more (not that I've tried running, well done Wardi!).

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Posted: 12/10/2016 at 12:23

Jools -- a mighty tough trip in so many ways. Let's hope VLM is more lovely in all regards! But as others have said, what you now consider a disappointing time is actually something to behold (as recognised by getting the prize).

Wardi -- on looking back, though I noted not seeing you, I failed to congratulate you on a decent (if niggle-compromised) run! Are you recovering OK?

Dan -- for both VLM and York this year I tried the big mileage block advocated
by some of my clubmates, but whereas I had 4 weeks of ~110M for VLM I think I managed only 3 weeks of 103M for York -- definitely less, anyway. I was also doing overdressed heat acclimatisation training for both (like AlanB now), obviously more effective this time because of the warm weather -- so that may have been significant. My big-miles weeks this time still had a couple of days off so that I could recover for a bit of quality during my long run especially (maybe bit more quality/week than VLM?). I did 5 full-distance training runs (including one off-road race) for York, more like 7 for VLM. Maybe my VLM campaign is just too long. Or maybe training in hot weather helped. Or maybe it's just in the noise, as they only differed by 24 sec!

Wardi -- I promised my legs a week off, as I have had the odd vague niggle. Though actually the DOMS is already much better today, so maybe I'll start again on Saturday. Just bike commutes in the meantime, and probably putting back on a fair bit of weight!

AlanB -- not in the old-fashioned 'hard' carb deplete way before loading, but yes I carb deplete a little bit for about 1.5 weeks once the taper sets in -- not seriously, just half portions of pasta, nuts & yoghurt instead of figs & prunes after supper, tinned fish or cottage cheese for breakfast instead of malt loaf. That's just an attempt to stay light as the training miles drop off in the taper really. I eat more carbs the day before my T-1 week MP trial to make it a fair (and confidence-massaging) test though. Then I carb load like crazy on the Friday before the race, also somewhat on Thurs and Sat (though eating only light stuff on Sat).

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Posted: 11/10/2016 at 12:33

Thanks chaps! In fact I was in a huddle of 3 until about half way, which helped wth the slight headwind breeze CD (you are of course the quiet master of veteran sub-2:40s!).

Nice report ES, ace pacing, shame about that bit of cramping at the end but that probably showed you'd gone right to the limit overall. Well done!

AlanB -- maybe the heat training working better in hot weather helped me this time, I don't know... I was only doing it 2 days/week tops but it was affecting my sweating response, I'm sure.

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Posted: 10/10/2016 at 12:39

ES -- that's a massive PB, well done!

Jools -- sorry it wasn't a great day, but hopefully a decent one. Funnily enough I was just reaching the opposite conclusion, i.e. my 4-month VLM build-up is maybe too long, compared with more like 2? months this time... but then it followed VLM and will have built upon it to some extent.

So yes, York for me. And at the grand old age of 46.5... a PB! By 16 sec rather than ES' 4 mins, but hey, I'd lost hope of getting any PBs so this was highly satisfactory to say the least. 2:38:30 for me. I was cackling manically as I ran the last 50m knowing I was going to do it. Sorry to have missed Wardi but did see Marders both on the start line and afterwards. He did claim to have had to work pretty hard for his sub-2:20 at least!

A shameless copy & paste of my report on FB last night:

For the runners, a brief report (and GPS links below): a few modest hills, slight headwind on the way out, tailwind on the way back, so a -ve split should have been in order. But I was torn because my heart rate kept falling below the 145 bpm I'd decided was right even at 6:00 m/M pace into the breeze; my legs were less sure, with a pang in my right quad (like VLM) and my calves feeling the effort a little. Remembering that I thought I'd maybe held back a little too much in VLM in similar circumstances, I took a punt this time... and I ended up sailing close to the wind to be sure, suffering a bit in the latter stages with a schoolboy +ve split [44 sec I think], it wasn't too bad. (Official "halfway" mat seemed to be at 13.0 not 13.11M BTW so don't trust that.) So I may not have managed the golden 6:00/M average that seemed possible until about 18M (the point when we turned uphill and into the wind for 2M, and I was losing it a bit anyway), but what the hell, I was grinning like a loon once in sight of the finishing clocks, knowing that I was going to PB. Embarrassingly my somewhat trashed quads were then not able to slow me down on the downhill finishing slope, so I had a near miss with various officials and radio journos... (BBC York then interviewed me by mistake, as 2nd place had a surname of 'Charles' which was written on my bib ).

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Posted: 07/10/2016 at 12:27

Wardi -- I brought in all manner of stuff to work today, Soreen included for sure; I used to feel a bit conspicuous stuffing my face alone here, so once or twice a year my colleagues get to 'help' me carb load...

TR -- the gadget's greatest power is providing me with discipline in the first half, as it's soooo easy to go too fast. A few minor hills this time though so pacing will be uneven anyway. Having barely used it until this year, I am a bit of a convert to using HR to judge if my effort is sustainable in the earlier stages now too.

AlanB -- glad to hear things are good on the lung front.

As I said elsewhere re LS21's beer -- Brew Dog Nanny State is really rather good as a hoppy alcohol-free ale. There is a limit to how much Coke (or tea) one can drink... sometimes I alternate between this and the real stuff of a weekend (or even mix them!).

Taper tune-ups continue for me; just 1M at HMP-MP today, just a mile's run in total tomorrow by tradition. All looking OK right now.

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Posted: 06/10/2016 at 12:24

Amazing sessions SL. Impressive biking, too, Padams!

Thanks for the wishes all -- calf is still OK, ran another 1.5M at 5:50/M on it this morning (part of my standard taper glideslope) and didn't feel anything. I note from Jools that the weather is looking kind in Chicago ES, while for me and Wardi in York it also looks pretty good -- bit of a headwind breeze in the first half, maybe strengthening as it turns into a tailwind later, so can't complain too much. And not too warm. Just starting to carbo load a bit today (will do so more earnestly tomorrow, then eat lightly but "carbily" on Sat). All standard stuff now!

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