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Posted: Today at 22:47

JAP -- nice 5000m and glad to see you yesterday!

running eye -- great "double"!

Steve6 -- sound tough but still a v. respectable time

Padams -- classy!

SL, Jools -- the best of days, so well done.

AndyD -- great stuff.

ES -- at last, the "what it says on the tin" experience! Well paced, too.

CD -- that's really quite annoying as you're 3 years older than me

Nice one KD, if painful towards the end (as was mine).

Luke -- you 3 were looking very comfortable as you eased away from me, congratulations. The best races always *feel* best too, not the ones where you're dying on your feet. Eh Spirun?

Al_P -- cracking, and well-replanned early on before it was too late.

TR -- that diesel engine just can't be stopped.

OS -- congrats again on the big PB. Likewise DS2. And JoeHawk. And even more so ES!

Banksy -- argghh!

JB -- no way could I do that 6 days later.

Lev -- lovely to hear again, understated class too. Padams -- so good.

DanA -- ha, a formula for even pacing at last

Toro, hugely inside 2:45!

coro -- a pleasure to line up with you, and an enviable and apparently effortless streak you have going there.

TickTock -- very nice.

selbs -- sorry, who are you? (Actually you just need to speak, I'll remember the accent now!) -- huge congrats on that.

MrB -- welcome back, and mightily well done.

CL -- amazing. Though you're getting worryingly ahead of me on points.

And I had resolved to catch up on sleep tonight with an early night. Oh dear...

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Posted: Today at 12:29

A quick glance at the page numbers makes me realise I can't do a read-back in my lunchtime -- will have to save that until this evening at home. So report first, congrats later if that's OK!

Target was to keep my Garmin "average lap time" field showing 6:04 or 6:05 (it rounds down as displayed) for a safe 2:39:30-ish sub-2:40. First two miles were just about right, then mile 3 in 5:38 threw things of course (not that I'm complaining about the downhill) and the next two were a bit quick too (my fault). Despite consciously backing off a bit and letting it drift out to 6:03 average after a good few miles, it all felt beguilingly easy (as ever) and I couldn't help wondering if I was on near-PB form after all. I should have been more disciplined at this point and eased back still further. Miles 15 and 16 were both just sub-6, which was reckless really.

From about 18, it was feeling hard, and got progressively harder. After 3 slow ones in a row I latched onto the 3 women who were holding what I thought was a steady pace, cutting through the field, but actually they were racing and I accidentally dropped a 5:46 mile 20 hanging on to them. I paid for that with 3 more slow ones and saw my average go out to 6:06/M -- right on the cusp. I utterly buried myself for the last 3M but it wasn't quite enough; I made it about 2:40:04 on my watch (allowing for stopping it a few sec later), though annoyingly the gun time shown for our held-back-from-the-elites champs start added more to that, giving me 2:40:13 officially with a 26 sec positive split.

But hey... it is my fastest age-graded marathon to date (83.3%), sad of course to think always in those terms now! I got to the start line happy with my training, unaffected by illness or injury, and with kind weather. So I gave it my best shot.

My next marathon is Snowdonia -- I might revert to my old ways for that and give it a low-key, lower-mileage campaign as an experiment, as Lev and coro did to good effect yesterday (but retaining my extra-long long runs).

Great to see so many of you before, after, or at the pub -- always my favourite day of the year, and now I've gone and earnt myself champs starts for 2016 & 17 if the rules don't change. See you then!

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Posted: 25/04/2015 at 10:51

Ah sorry SD179, I had you mixed up with another SD, but have a good one anyway!

I did 30M from Sat to Fri -- but most of it done by Mon -- and ran my last mile (to Tesco and back, for start-line sports drink/coffee brew) this morning. Off to the station soon and I'll probably be offline until tomorrow eve here.

Have a good one, all! KIH, DBS, etc etc.

And apologies in advance when you greet me warmly and I look back blankly and say "err...?" -- I'm hopeless on names and faces and it's a perfect storm meeting people once a year (or less) with anonymised names here, few recognisable pictures, etc. Humour me.

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Posted: 24/04/2015 at 20:17

Welcome SD179, see you at the start I hope!

Tmoth -- oh no, sorry to hear all that.

Have indeed been stuffing my face today, but I'll eat like a mouse tomorrow. Ish. One last training mile tomorrow morning... after (I worked out this morning) 1171 in this campaign, starting with my first 20M in late December. Not actually that much more than previous years I reckon, despite the longer commute, but I've not done the sums to prove it.

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Posted: 24/04/2015 at 12:06

Well into carb loading now, just tucking into an extremely thick white bread sandwich (I think there's some ham and beetroot in the middle somewhere).

2.5M this morning including 1M @ HMP-MP. Just 1M tomorrow.

Whisper it quietly but... the weather's looking better. The band of rain is now forecast to hit during Saturday night, petering out at about the time the race starts...

Edit: glad to hear things are working normally TT!

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Posted: 23/04/2015 at 13:20

I just can't deal with Wardi's puns any more.

Glad you got some satisfaction out of the physio TT, so-as to speak.

I know I'm owed a rainy one because I've had 5 fair-weather VLMs on the trot, but on no account look at the current Met Office forecast. (OK I'm glad the wind has moderated, even though I'm only half of Padam's height.)

3M inc 1.5M @ HMP-MP this morning, feeling very relaxed. And yes I was back to a normal carby diet yesterday, and am loading a bit extra today -- much more so tomorrow. The 10 days or so of modestly reduced carbs has left me quite light though, which is good (not sure how much of that is just because I'm low on  heavy wet glycogen, about to be repleted).

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Posted: 22/04/2015 at 12:39

Well done JoeH!

Another taper-tastic 2M @ HMP-MP this morning, 3.5M total. I don't know why but I always have today as just normal diet, starting to carb up on the Thursday with lots on Friday. Back to malt loaf instead of tinned mackerel for my work breakfast, anyway.

Edit: I also need to do speed-drinking/story swapping at the Red Lion; every year my wife's London buddies organise a restaurant lunch, which is lovely, but limits my time to catch up with you guys! Weather looking a bit showery and cool for loitering on the pavement anyway (but then we shouldn't overheat running).

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Posted: 21/04/2015 at 21:32

Massively well done TJB! (I've signed up for the Snowdonia Marathon in Oct, so I'll compare trashed quad notes after that.)

Lev #722 Champs - (A) 02:27:xx (B) 02:29:xx (C) 02:31:36
Al_P #756 Champs - (A) 02:29:xx (B) 02:31:00 (C) 02:32:4x (D) beat Paula
DrDave #will look on the fridge Champs- (A) 02.32:xx (in my dreams depends on day/conditions) (B) 2.35:xx (C) sub 2:40 (D) hello Mum with Paula
CW #691 Champs (A) 2:39:30 (B) 2:39:59 (C) 2:44:59
CD #809 Champs - (A, B & C) 2:39:59
Electric Sheep #29564 Red (FGFA) - (A) 2:54:xx (B) 2:59:xx (C) 3:14:xx
PhilPub #25,xxx Green - (A) 2:59:00 (B) 2:58:5x (C) 2:59.0x

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Posted: 21/04/2015 at 12:13

Rae -- so close! But you played a wise game hanging back from the pacer. Fantastic run anyway on 50km/week. Clearly a bit of toilet training will help too  -- I avoid fruit, veg and fibre for a couple of days beforehand, eat only lightly the day before, and have a small white bread sandwich early on the day. Also I don't drink much beforehand (for a race like London, you can drink as much as you want while running anyway), no point in starting with a full bladder. Also have a couple of Imodium an hour or two before the start as an insurance policy.

TR -- are you SURE you're not on sub-2:50 form?

I'm with KD, I think P&D has too many miles in taper week. Today is my last rest day, tomorrow will be 3.5M (with 2M at speed), decreasing by 0.5M/day thereafter more or less.

The BBC is currently showing the wind at 11 mph from the WNW -- i.e. exactly opposite the net direction the race takes! Not ideal but I concur that there's a lot of shelter (including from other runners for the first 16M or so, before they all start going backwards). Still plenty of time for the forecast to crystallise anyway.

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Posted: 20/04/2015 at 12:13

runningeye -- well done! Awesome negative split there, you must have really enjoyed the latter part of the race. Good to make us of the fair weather at Manchester too.

JB -- good luck!

Great report SJ and congratulations again on a great race. Your story of cramping hamstrings brought back memories of VLM for me last year when I ran through them tightening up, then had a nasty 'twang', was able to keep running but was left injured for weeks.

Happy healing Muss.

I've altered my taper a bit this year, partly by accident: I had a rest day on Sunday when in previous years, looking back, I hadn't. But also I normally ramp down in a series of short tempos from Tues to Sat, and have sometimes feared I've overdone it. So I did my first taper tempo today but will rest tomorrow and resume on Weds.

Anyway, today was 8M with 2.5M @ 5:55/M accurate (5:44/M Garmin) so between HMP and MP, on my park loop with some right-angles. I made it 8M total because I'd done a run of that length on the Sunday previously, and P&D have 8M (on Weds!), but even that felt a bit long now I've got my taper hat on. I still have 6+6M cycle commutes, but I'll really take those easy, maybe drive to work on Friday (first time since moving office at Christmas).

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