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Posted: Today at 12:16

padams -- hope it clears up quietly.

TickTock -- yes I like XTalon212s a lot. (I also have the lighter 190s for racing; the 212s are a bit more padded for going over rocks.)

Dan -- I was running down the pavement yesterday morning and a woman cycling past said "megalomaniac". I remain mystified as to how she read my character so well... And a few years back, I ran under a road bridge with a bus on. Two lads saw my approach and yelled "118", which I could handle... but when I emerged from the other side, the bus was still there, and the whole bus seemed to be chanting "118" in chorus. Scary.

9M of hill training yesterday before heading off for a half term jolly to London. After overindulging in a full rack of ribs at the Leicester Square Wetherspoons, who should be interviewed just outside on his way to a premiere but Michael caine. Just held the urge to shout out anything about spears or blowing doors off. Day off running today (but back to work), then a little tune-up before a low-key half on Sunday, to be followed by an enormous pie I intend to cook like after the GER. Sorted.

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Posted: 28/10/2014 at 20:38

Selbs -- epic comeback and on such a light build-up. You had that one, err, completely sewn up. Just like a proper man.

bains -- congrats!

Lev -- good luck with the foot.

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Posted: 28/10/2014 at 12:09

ThirskR -- there are only one or two gel hand-outs, and similar with Lucozade sport, in VLM. It all gets explained in the magazine though (so it's not entirely content-free).

Is this the 1970s or something -- am I the only man who does his own sewing, or am I less of a man (or more)?

DrD -- that'll be the elite P&D confectionery plan.

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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 18:53

Banksy - how do ppl normally carry their gels
-- I've customised my race shorts with loops of elastic sewn onto the wasteband, and little pockets of netting stuff underneath so they can't drop out. Looks a bit dorky but they work nicely.

Jools -- trememdous, though I concur the effortless feelings in the last 12 km do not compute! Next time you can afford to take more risk of course

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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 12:14

Padams -- I X-posted you last night. Nice one!

An easy 4M plod to work today on slightly stiff legs (I did a few miles cool-down after my 10M race, too). I would have rested today, but with a low-key half next weekend, I'd rather (again) front-load the week and have it easy approaching the next race.

Shoe-wise, a guy yesterday was extolling the virtues of Adios Boost; I had a look at his, and definitely think the forefoot padding is too thin for my apparently awkward landing style. His friend's thicker ones (Energy Boost?) were bettter in that department but I'd have to cut the heels down to reduce weight

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Posted: 26/10/2014 at 20:27

TT -- oh no, good luck with whatever the situation is.

PP -- German verb of the year -- love it!

And well double-raced Wardi, sounds like the XC went rather well...

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Posted: 26/10/2014 at 14:34

Three wondrous performances: TT for absolute speed, obviously little troubled by recent woe; selbs for the movie-worthy comeback from a deep dark place; and Jools for a huge PB and (I hope) having the most watchable finish video again! Well done all of you.

I'm just back from the Fenland 10, a somewhat lower-profile event... it was always going to be about the strong headwind between 5 and 9 miles, and unfortunately I found myself on my own (though to be fair, so did everyone near me). So 58:08 wasn't bad really, 2 min down on a PB set when I was a few years younger. There was a V40 ahead of me but he got a podium prize, so I got £15 for first vet and a 3rd senior county medal for my trouble (for 5th place overall). Reasonably happy with that. Now I'm going to cook an epic curry...

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Posted: 25/10/2014 at 17:17

I've gone for forefoot comfort with another pair of Nike Lunaracer+ 3, as I've been prone to a hideous deep blister in just about anything else, but I resent the weight (hence I cut some material out of the sole of the last pair). I would like to sample the world record delights of the Adios Boosts but it looks like nearly all of the magic material is on the heel with not that much on the forefoot where I want it. Does any of the Boost lineup put more under the forefoot? (Edit: I remember asking about forefoot padding on the Adios before, and someone saying it isn't bad but thins out rather where your toes begin?)

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Posted: 25/10/2014 at 15:51

Lev -- I failed to commiserate on your stress fracture. Maybe do your remaining pre-marathon training (good idea to cut it down) on grass? I'm blessed with a large smooth expanse in the form of Parkers Piece here in Cambridge when I want to be a bit gentle on my feet.

Banksy -- it wasn't me, but I did chat to him just before the off! (2013 I think.) Considering he must have been planning it for weeks or months, he had a very wobbly/precarious-looking mount for his GoPro on the visor of his cap.

selbs -- nooooo! (And good grief, what stuff were you carrying?) I've done the same thing of having a muscle knot, massaging it into oblivion, and ending up with a loose but sore/bruised calf. But that's OK, much better than having the knot in the first place. Good luck!

DrD -- cor, impressive parkrun. 6 days after a marathon I'd be jogging pathethically round the park with wooden legs (the only time I _thought_ I felt pretty good and ran to work at 7m/M on the Weds or Thurs, I picked up a shin problem which was with me for weeks). Well done.

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Posted: 24/10/2014 at 20:44

KD -- not only will the wrinkles help with heat loss, like a dimpled golf ball they will no doubt be better aerodynamically too!

Jools -- one word: Kebede. 5'2" I think (and 45 kg??). Ever grateful for being over his shoulder in that VLM start picture, as any of the other elites would have mainly blocked me out...

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