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Posted: 28/05/2015 at 12:09

cybi -- this forum is a special place where most people have done really serious marathon prep and do get much the same WAVA (age graded) % scores they get in shorter races. I think it's fair to say though that more generally, people are underprepared for the marathon compared to shorter races, and so are slower in the marathon than performance predictors suggest. TT is a special case because he basically has one (fast) pace for all distances

bains -- glad you'll be getting back to it, shame about Berlin though.

I had an odd day off yesterday so I did a session without a rucksack for a change. Also I want to try and get some speed back, so for the first time in (literally) years I did 10x400m, plus some plyometric hops and jumps in the recoveries, and a few short max sprints. The 400s averaged 78.5 sec so not setting the world alight, but it's a start.

Then 10M steady (7:22/M) en route to work today, with a 6M return trip to come. Given the long run I did on Sunday it feels like a marathon training week really. But next week ends with a HM race, so I'll do less then.


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Posted: 26/05/2015 at 20:49

Congrats on the PB Jimbob! Sorry you found it tough Jools, though as I said, it makes me feel better if I'm not the only one suffering a bit of post-marathon plods...

And TT, enviable to make such an easy job of that time despite the airways.

selbs too! A very round number to crack, well done. One that I've probably seen the last of .

CC2 -- ah, I felt similar in my county champs. A young clubmate decided not to run the 1500m on principle when he found out he would be the only competitor (can that really be right?). But as others have said... you've got to be in it to win it! (I wonder if these things were ever more hotly contested?)

Dan -- very tidy 5k there, nice one.

PP -- once again blowing away my V40 excuses. Well, let's see what you can do when you're 45

After a big weekend (5M to/from + 5k Sat, 24M Sun, 5M recovery plod Mon) I just did a big extra on the bike commute today. I've got a HM, 5k and 10k lined up over the next few weeks, so I'll try and get a bit of speed in. But also I need to ding that endurance bell now and then and do some hill work as I approach August and Borrowdale... so a bit of everything really.

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Posted: 24/05/2015 at 15:04

Well parkrun Wardi. My 5000m champs effort was pretty lame TBH, but at least I didn't blow up as I have on previous occasions: I treated it like a road race and did manual splits every lap to keep myself honest. I was looking for 82sec laps to be close to 17 min, but they went out as far as 86s for a 17:32 finish -- no quicker than the pace I managed in a road 10K in the autumn (5:38/M). But worth a vet gold medal, as the vet turnout was pretty poor!

And then 24M including some hill reps this morning, as I want to keep a thread of endurance adaptations leading through to the Borrowdale race on 1st Aug, and haven't done a proper LSR since London until today. Felt fine actually, could happily have done more -- maybe that's why my 5K speed is so pants...

And good luck tomorrow guys!

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Posted: 22/05/2015 at 12:12

Like Wardi I should be taking advantage of the windless conditions -- and track -- to check where I'm at, leaving me no excuses. It's the county champs 5000m race tomorrow. On a previous occasion I had the indignity of coming last. I figured out today that even 17:00 is 84.something% WAVA as an MV45, which is about the best I do, so even sub-17 would be a very happy outcome given my recent lack of speed. After that... well I could do a proper long run on Sun or Mon to keep the endurance machine ticking over, maybe take in some hills too (though the Lakes are still some way off).

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

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Posted: 19/05/2015 at 12:14

OS -- you have to fill in a very detailed list of everything you ate and drank for 24 hours, and a big questionnaire about your normal eating habits. I felt like a bit of a goody-two-shoes when I completed those I should say! And exercise, though that was a bit tricky as 'travel to work' was explicitly separated, and of course my training is mainly commuting. But anyway, they have enough info there to at least understand why I'm an outlier... and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Though the treadmill guy did say that 41 bpm when standing and 122 bpm at the end of the jogging bit were the lowest numbers he'd seen in a good long while... I only reached 60 bpm when walking at 4 kph or something, lower than an average resting rate. (He's just entered the VLM ballot, is a run-commuter too, and has done a near-80 min half, so was sympathetic to my desire to get all available info and be signed up to a proper VO2max test if poss.)

Legs still distinctly stiff from my 10K on Sunday, but did a super-slow 6M jog to work anyway as a) I want to front-load this week, having entered the county 5000m race on Sat, and b) I wanted some more typical training volume while my activity is being monitored, as that should help tell me typical energy use etc when I get the report.

Edit: TickTock -- always save to the clipboard before you click Submit! And good luck with the ultra training

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Posted: 18/05/2015 at 12:16

Cor JAP, well done on the AG prize and position. Hope you get something tangible for that! (I always wonder if VLM has AG prizes, but if they did I'm sure we'd have heard about them here...)

bains -- sorry about the protracted recovery. I've not checked my report from 5 years ago, but my weight as changed only slightly so it seems I really do have another 500g of fat somewhere! (Don't know what the error bars are on those measurements.) I vaguely thought that 5% fat was about right for an elite runner, but when I came to Google it I found studies with DEXA-obtained values closer to 10% on average, so maybe I'm doing OK after all.

DOMSd calves today, so it's the bike for me too. (Which doesn't show up so well in the activity monitor derived energy stats I recall -- HR goes up but almost no movement.) And sunburn! Like an idiot I didn't bother with sun cream yesterday, but ended up trotting around in full sun waiting for prizes in my club vest, exposing my rarely-revealed shoulders... can't remember the last time I let that happen.

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Posted: 17/05/2015 at 21:20

JoeH -- wow, amazing to be within 30 sec of PB one day and do another the next!

OS -- the Fenland Study is open to anyone -- you get invited via your GP, and my non-running Mrs did it too -- but I can't help thinking that fitness geeks are considerably more likely to sign up, so there must be some selection bias! I begged the more detailed report the X-ray machine had this time (not sure if they were supposed to let me have it), so lots of interesting numbers. Sadly not Bone Mineral Density (i.e. per unit area), only BM Content (total mass) -- the former is what some papers I've read talk about.

 (You can get a DEXA scan like that privately.)

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Posted: 17/05/2015 at 18:16

RS -- glad the training is going well. Borrowdale is the one for me because it'll be the first day of our holiday up there again -- after last year's slow performance, I'll definitely not take it too seriously, but give it a lot more respect endurance-wise.

JAP -- nicely done! Beers well earnt.

JoeH -- congrats on the prize vouchers and another tidy sub-3.

RE -- and a tidy sub-3 from you too!

DanA -- must have been the North Downs ultra? Great stuff. (I'll be training that way for Borrowdale and Snowdonia... it's close to my original home town where I now visit my Dad fortnightly, so I'll combine seeing him with some hill-laden long runs.)

I wanted to do a local HM today with a view to pot-hunting (2nd today was 1:19:xx, don't know about the winner). But yesterday morning was taken up by the medical study I'd again volunteered for, so today I decided to take in a distant race en route to seeing my Dad to tick off everything in one weekend. So I ran the Stockley Park 10K -- a few hills, a bit of gravelly stuff, but still 36:27 was pretty tardy I fear. Got me 1st V40 prize in 4th place -- though 1, 2 and 3 were vets too! And a few extra miles while waiting for prizes.

I won't get most of the results (bloods, vaguely estimated VO2max, glucose tolerance) for a while from yesterday's study, but I'm now instrumented with a couple of activity monitors for the next week, and I do have the detailed report from the X-ray fat-measuring machine. And woe is me -- up from 7.8% to 9.2% total fat mass since 5 years ago -- I was convinced I'd got skinnier! Clearly just lost muscle. Of my 5kg of fat, 2kg is on my legs -- is that some kind of marathon adaptation I wonder?

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Posted: 15/05/2015 at 20:58

CC82 -- ah you've done a few more long runs than I read into your first post. Sounds like you're savvy about pacing, too -- good luck!

And the very best of luck to you Joe!

The medical study is a very long-running, large scale epidimiological thing analysing how lifestyles affect diabetes risk. Obviously a chance for fitness geeks like me to get a free assessment of otherwise-unobtainable data, so there must be some selection bias amongst the volunteers...

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Posted: 15/05/2015 at 12:21

TR -- I'd not realised Swashbuckler had already come and gone without you, really sorry about that. Maybe you're a victim of the known drop in immune function after a marathon race.

Steve6 -- what OS says. Google "overtraining" and see if it's talking about you. If so, running through it is the last thing to do -- give it a good rest and ease back in gently. I got into a hideous overtraining spiral as a youth, and just got slower of pace and crankier of leg the more I did.

CC82 -- best of luck with Edinburgh! You've been doing a lot of quality but look very light on the long runs, so watch out for going out too fast only to blow up horribly in the last few miles (hitting the wall/cramping up etc). Really try to go no faster than target pace in the first half, though it will (should) feel stupidly easy.

Tomorrow I've got a 5-year follow-up medical study including a proper body fat measurement (using a dual X-ray technique), glucose tolerance, blood fats, VO2max vague estimate from light jogging, and a week of wearing an activity monitor. Which I'll christen with a low-key 10k on Sunday . (Not expecting much there but it's convenient to race again this weekend.)


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