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Posted: Yesterday at 17:17

I've gone for forefoot comfort with another pair of Nike Lunaracer+ 3, as I've been prone to a hideous deep blister in just about anything else, but I resent the weight (hence I cut some material out of the sole of the last pair). I would like to sample the world record delights of the Adios Boosts but it looks like nearly all of the magic material is on the heel with not that much on the forefoot where I want it. Does any of the Boost lineup put more under the forefoot? (Edit: I remember asking about forefoot padding on the Adios before, and someone saying it isn't bad but thins out rather where your toes begin?)

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Posted: Yesterday at 15:51

Lev -- I failed to commiserate on your stress fracture. Maybe do your remaining pre-marathon training (good idea to cut it down) on grass? I'm blessed with a large smooth expanse in the form of Parkers Piece here in Cambridge when I want to be a bit gentle on my feet.

Banksy -- it wasn't me, but I did chat to him just before the off! (2013 I think.) Considering he must have been planning it for weeks or months, he had a very wobbly/precarious-looking mount for his GoPro on the visor of his cap.

selbs -- nooooo! (And good grief, what stuff were you carrying?) I've done the same thing of having a muscle knot, massaging it into oblivion, and ending up with a loose but sore/bruised calf. But that's OK, much better than having the knot in the first place. Good luck!

DrD -- cor, impressive parkrun. 6 days after a marathon I'd be jogging pathethically round the park with wooden legs (the only time I _thought_ I felt pretty good and ran to work at 7m/M on the Weds or Thurs, I picked up a shin problem which was with me for weeks). Well done.

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Posted: 24/10/2014 at 20:44

KD -- not only will the wrinkles help with heat loss, like a dimpled golf ball they will no doubt be better aerodynamically too!

Jools -- one word: Kebede. 5'2" I think (and 45 kg??). Ever grateful for being over his shoulder in that VLM start picture, as any of the other elites would have mainly blocked me out...

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Posted: 24/10/2014 at 12:30

Wow, nice to hear from all the old lags. Congrats on your overdistance training win, marders!

Jools -- at least you're too light to have to agonise about whether giving blood would diminish your performance -- they'd turn you away anyway.

Lev_ -- hope the foot holds together for NY.

Banksy -- a long run 3 weeks out is absolutely fine. I did a 21M run with a lot of assorted reps two weeks out from VLM this year and last, so yes I'd go for it. The trouble is that 16M may indeed feel easy, but a few more and you can hit the wall pretty abruptly. If you've not done that in training, you may do it for the first time in the race... Matt3's experience is spot on.

DrD -- short is good for heat dissipation. According to this rather good piece about the feasibility of a sub-2hr marathon, the average height of a top marathon runner is now 5'7". My height exactly . I usually weigh about 56 kg but managed to bump that up this morning by the sheer weight of prunes and figs I ate last night... last fruit binge before my weekend race.

Nice reps Toro.

My legs were very ploddish at the start of the week after my 20M fartlek on Sunday, so I had two full days off to get that Shake n' Vac freshness back, and did a spool round the park (including 1M in ~5:20) this morning as a tune-up for the weekend. I'm only doing a 10M race, but with no big races in prospect, I might as well be tuned up for it.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK you Frankfurters!

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 12:25

Toro -- sure, I've got a big BGR page here: Last time I checked, I was top of the pops on YouTube if you search for "bob graham round" (barring adverts that is).

TR -- for sure I'll be doing the 27 milers in my next VLM campaign. I was collared on the train on Sunday by a one-time 2:43 runner (as I was wearing a VLM T-shirt) who told me I should go up to 30M in training. Little did he expect that he was preaching to the converted.

LS21 -- tremendous! Well done on the perfectly-executed performance. The run wasn't bad, either...

No running today, but I did send off my second old-school postal entry in the last week, this time for a very low-key local half.

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Posted: 21/10/2014 at 12:15

Stet -- well paced, probably hard to hit the target accurately given the mixed terrain and wind. Good luck with the spring campaign!

Ryan -- I remember reading that some of the Kenyans have a month off each year. (Whenever I do something like that, it's down to injury rather than planning...)

Nice to hear from you bufo. You might bump into Mo himself in Bushy Park, I understand. Surely Berlin has to be the one for ultimate speed -- though Frankfurt's cheer-leading indoor razamatazz finish is rather cool.

Jools -- hang in there! Carbo loading to look forward to, if you're doing it?

DrD -- that was 18 mins when you only had a 10 min pass, I hope your wife was rightly cross

Just a 5M plod with some bridge reps this morning, but in a new pair of Lunaracer+ 3s as my previous ones are wearing out. I've not yet cut them down to reduce weight, but that will come...

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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 12:28

selbs -- I didn't make it to Regents Park until about 08:20. Early by the standards of the rest of the post-part household though!

Lev -- next for me is a 10M race on Sun, which is the Cambs county champs. Nothing booked after that until a New Year 10k -- really must get some more races booked in before they all fill up. Anyway, great race/training from you, I envy the breezy sub-55 after a week with that big session.

Nice training as ever, Padams. TT -- sounds like you're in good shape despite the injury hiccup (hiccough?).

Great run Dachs, that's still a fine time. Well raced too KD.

LS21 -- a triumph!!! Oh, and I promise to pop into your shop if we do another family holiday in Keswick...

TickTock -- sorry about the lurgy but sounds like you had a very satisfactory race despite it.

Dan -- I think I missed your result but obviously close to TickT somewhere.

ON7 -- ha, you conjured up a whole minute for free!

Just a short recovery plod to work for me, with extra rucksack load. Plan is to have a light/sharp latter part of the week in preparation for my 10M race.

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Posted: 19/10/2014 at 19:17

selbs -- sounds like you're really on track now. Take it easy!

AlP -- wow! Awesome time (must be no more than a Rizzla between you and PP recently).

Ryan -- great run. I loved the track finish there.

TickTock -- sorry about the lurgy intervening, but sounds very pleasing nonetheless.

DrD -- oh no, the marshalling problem is agonising to read. But... congrats, that's an enormous PB despite the various tribulations! See you at the champs start.

JB -- another PB despite the windy conditions, nice one!

We were at a big bash with friends in London so I went to bed far too late and far too well oiled. Woke up with a headache and a dry mouth but, as usual, earlier than everyone else, so I ran 4M to Regents Park, did some fartlek for 12M, and ran back. Overall 7 min/M for 20M. But really I intended to do less distance and faster quality -- but my top speed just wasn't there, so my fartlek was rather feeble stuff and I thought I might as well top up on distance, as I want an easy end to the week with another race next weekend. Amazingly though, it did clear the hangover nicely.

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Posted: 18/10/2014 at 13:11

I'm going to be offline for a bit so just popping in to wish well to all at Abo (or elsewhere) tomorrow. I'd say it... but you already know it

Bad luck on the cold though DrD. Don't do yourself a mischief.

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Posted: 17/10/2014 at 12:10

TT -- wow, ankle sounds dramatic. You've given me a flashback to my eccentric marathon-mad mother leaving a saucer of fluid she'd drained from her knee with a hypodermic lying around once...

Unlike KD I run fine without breakfast, but do have a couple of slices of white toast and marmalade about 3-4 hours before races just in case it helps. I've suffered horrible stomach cramps afterwards, but only after races, not during (ischaemia from what I've read). But I certainly don't like running with anything solid in my stomach, more like TT.

TT -- the MLR pace wasn't exceptional, but I was pleased my legs were up for it quite soon after a full-on half. Whereas today I had a dose of the plods, and barely bettered 8 m/M for my 6.3M to work (heavier rucksack too, but it wasn't that). I still don't really understand the plods in physiological terms, but wish I did...

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