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Posted: Yesterday at 12:19

Congrats on the win, Jools!

GBRM -- and congrats on your PB. And as everyone else says, you don't need to have clocked a sub-3 to be here, just an aspirant!

Ryan -- ah, sounds like you did a decent experiment on your cadence. Nice to know you're already close to optimum (though maybe it's nicer to find there is scope for easy improvement...).

Well done on the podium, ES.

Thanks for the eatery tip, Wardi! Might be good for the rest of my family, but I'll be on the usual jam sandwiches the night before. Sorry to have sneaked unannounced onto your manor on Sat by the way -- wasn't really planned! -- but see you at the marathon I hope.

So we were in York overnight to drop our eldest at university for the first time, cauing me to bring forward my long run from Sun to Sat. I tried an MP trial but my legs weren't totally over my speed session on Weds to be honest, and it was rather windy. I only managed 6:13/M (2hr43 pace) over an 8M stretch in the middle of my 20M run, which felt unsustainable -- what I was after was something closer to 6:06/M (2hr40 pace) and it feeling totally comfortable of course. Still, I'll have a similar but shorter session next weekend, so I have one more chance to assess my sensible race pace. This time I'll do it on fresh legs.

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Posted: 23/09/2016 at 12:14

AlanB: Google "heat lorenzo performance" (without the quotes) and you'll find some papers on heat acclimatisation boosting performance, also this one Race Jase pointed me at once he'd climbed on the bandwagon:
Personally I can't stand doing more than a couple of days a week overdressed -- I just wear a lot of layers (including hat, glove, tracky bottoms or two) depending on the weather, enough that I get horribly sweaty but not so much I end up in casualty. I do this in 'junk' commutes that won't be very sporty anyway. (Or sometimes bike commutes.) I'm not following any kind of recommended regime though.

And hey, nice session! 8m/M to work is nothing -- I managed to break the 10m/M barrier on my way home last night... trying to be ultra-gentle, and a day off today, so I can maybe try an MP trial tomorrow. But actually my calves feel a bit DOMSd from Thursday's session still, so that might not work out anyway.

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Posted: 22/09/2016 at 12:18

Wardi -- yes! My York number arrived yesterday. I'm in "ZONE 1", which hopefully means near the front (behind invited elites perhaps). Cotton wool is on the edge of the shelf, ready to fall into my hand...

Ryan -- I don't have HR data from yesterday (same kind of perceived effort, that's all), but back in ?2010 got a significant performance improvement by moving my style to a lower cadence, longer stride. But you're right that meant heavier landings, and it took a while for my calves to adjust. If yours is 200 when racing, you might also benefit from slowing it down, and flying further between footfalls -- but not just before your race I guess! In fact I had a scare in Abingdon 2010 when my calf threatened to cramp early on, and I cured it by reverting to my fast-cadence style for a mile or two. Good luck with the niggles, 3000m and taper.

SL -- congrats on the win! Your legs must be on excellent form.

My legs were pretty feeble this morning after the 14M session and 8M return plod yesterday, but I plodded to work. University drop-off weekend and 2 weeks out from my marathon, so I now can't decide whether to spare my legs until Sat so I can do a nice realistic MP chunk, or just plod further miles in the hope that will ultimately make me faster (sharpening/tapering to start in earnest next week anyway). Will have to decide at the end of the day when I either run or ride home...

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Posted: 21/09/2016 at 12:27

Kudos for the 20M commute RB!

My cranky legs felt better even by yesterday morning, but I gave them a rest anyway (well, 11-12M commute each way overdressed as continued heat training). So today they were up for some speed, with my trad 6x0.5M, 8M tempo type thing. Now I wondered if my cadence was starting to creep up a bit, having recently timed Mo on the telly only doing 180/min during a 5000m or something... so I ran alternate reps at purposefully lower cadence. And indeed they were a little faster. Not statistically significant, but maybe tells me I should take care not to revert to my RoadRunner days of 200/min. Overall 14M@6:33/M.

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Posted: 19/09/2016 at 21:19

Oh no TR, sorry to hear things have been so unsatisfactory. Hope the other training works out better for a bit.

Padams: I did have half an eye on your club 12hr race, and so read the report -- all about you, obviously!

CD -- I vaguely recall Richard Whitehead is more of an endurance guy (hence VLM -- I happened to pass him on the Mall when he was coming in, giving me a few sec of TV time), but the paralympics was really lacking events so he had to settle for sprinting there. Or was it the other way round...

RB -- scorching.

RS -- congrats on the 5K PB, nice!

I wasn't planning to race this weekend, so after heavy days on Thurs and Fri (25+16M) I also opted to plod the bits between railway stations as I went to see my Dad in Surrey on Sat, but there I got a message: could I come in for the crack veteran Chariots of Fire relay team on Sunday morning? Trouble was I was committed to being home earlyish for family stuff on Sunday, already had trashed legs, and couldn't miss my long run with York in 3 weeks. So I said yes but I'd be slow. And so come Sunday I ran 14.2M before the race as a wee warm-up. Fortunately my legs weren't as awful as I feared, and I clocked a respectable if not scorching 5:45/M for the wiggly 1.7M first leg, before promptly disappearing to do another 9M so I still totalled 25M for the day. As a team we won 3rd overall and first vet, so my honour was intact.

But right now I have a new niggle in my calf, having already had twinges in one knee and one achilles; time to back off and taper for me too I think. I've just done a couple of 103 mile weeks, which should suffice (I did 4 weeks averaging 110M before VLM). Bike tomorrow.

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Posted: 15/09/2016 at 12:12

Wardi -- those puns were rotten.

CD -- hope Boston is Brilliant, though we'll miss your quietly understated yearly quality performance in VLM.

13.3M for me so far today in two runs made perkier by the day off yesterday. Might manage another 10M on the way home. This is the last week I'll aim for 100 miles though...

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Posted: 13/09/2016 at 12:10

Hi SL, I'm only doing a couple of weeks of 100mpw+. My big weekday miles are only got by 2 commutes and a pre-commute tootle, all slow.

RB -- 21M en route to work is rather special. Nicely parkran, too.

LMH -- ah, fair enough. I'm lucky that I tend to wake up much earlier than the rest of my family. (The 'silent' vibration alarm on my Garmin is useful sometimes in this kind of situation, too.)

More plodding this week, and overdressed heat acclimatisation again yesterday and today (may have to reduce layers this afternoon to avoid killing myself). For the first time in a long time though, a niggle threatens: a sharp twinge in one knee when crouching down (but not running). Might have a day off tomorrow, when a dentist's appointment will muck up my commuting anyway.

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Posted: 12/09/2016 at 12:19

Congrats on your London wins Jools & ES! Dachs -- your time would obviously win many 10ks.

Nice performance LMH! (Can you not do a long run on holiday anyway?)

Hope it was useful training at least for you, Wardi.

No race for me this weekend, but I did another training marathon (quite likely my last before York). This time I put in a 10M tempo block, which came out as 6:14/M (at 142 bpm avg). That should give me a ballpark MP. My legs were still jaded from three consecutive 20+M days at the end of last week, despite having Saturday off, which might make that pessimistic; on the other hand, I did the tempo block quite early in the run (6-16M), leaning the other way. So I guess I'm in low-2:4x shape at least. Would be nice to be closer to 2:40 than 2:45. Still managed to stagger 6M to work this morning, too.

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Posted: 09/09/2016 at 12:23

Thanks again for the bus info Wardi -- I got as far as looking at the link they sent about booking buses, but they were longer-range things to service distant car parks and mid-race spectator spots. I had yet to ask them how the station shuttle worked (presumably just turn up?).

Good luck on Sunday both of you (and others no doubt).

I may have found a cure for the plods... I've noticed before that hill reps sometimes banished them, in that I might trudge to my hill at 9 m/M, then speed up to 8m/M for the hills and onward journey to home. So maybe the gravitationally-induced faster running kind of 'broke through' them. So I tried running lots of little micro-surges (just 10 or 20 metres at a time) when suffering the plods, and they did eventually go pretty much; so instead of trudging a 9 or 10m/M run, I ended up averaging 8 m/M or better by the time I'd finished. So not electric, but more like running than shuffling. Could be a useful improvement to both quality and quantity of my training, as the distance I do is often limited by time, too.

I'll finish my week (to Friday as usual) on about 103M, my first 100+ week. That included two non-running days, so averaging 20M/day on the days I have run. Small beer compared to some of the big-mileage people, of course, but something I've only done before in VLM prep this year (which went very well).

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Posted: 08/09/2016 at 12:27

Thanks for the logistics tip Wardi. I ought to look into those buses (or take my Brompton with me). Impressive bike commuting BTW.

Ryan -- hope Jersey is just what you need.

Alan -- take it easy!

LMH -- sounds like you're in enviable form for your race, excellent.

Doing a lot of maximal plod commutes to try and bag my first 100M week since VLM prep (despite having had 2 days off running, so I need to average 20M/day for the running days). 10+10M double yesterday, 12M so far today... I need to do about 9M on average for my 3 remaining commutes to reach the 100M mark (my accounting week ends on a Friday).

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