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Posted: 29/09/2014 at 12:18

selbs -- I had the near-fainting problem after my BGR, and others have too. Sounds tough, but well bagged, it will be much easier next time!

PP, Lev, Toro, DS2 -- you were all magnificent

Dachs -- it's getting towards head-torch time again.

bainspj -- nice training, sorry about the false alarm!

ON7 -- I will definitely taper for my half in 2 weeks.

I think I did do some mischief to my left calf in my last fast lap yesterday. It felt very stiff walking round town later (failed to give chase to a bike thief as a result!), and felt 'wrong' when compressed by squatting down. In the eventing, I found a specific tight patch and massaged it mercilessly for about 1.5 hours while watching a film and drinking beer as muscle relaxant/anaesthetic. After which it was sore -- probably from massage damage -- but not longer tight/stiff, so _hopefully_ I did the right thing there. Cycled 10.4M this morning but won't try running on it until tomorrow at least, maybe Weds, to let it calm down.

Edit: X-posted you DrD -- so at least I'm not the only one able to inflict DOMS on myself in training! Hope it all comes right for Abingdon.

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Posted: 28/09/2014 at 11:42

DaveSawyer -- I forgot to say (as I usually do when the question crops up) that not only do you get to talk to real humans on the phone at VLM, they play _the_ theme music if you go on hold (Or did some years back, anyway.)

Wow! Must try and review some of Berlin later, and hopefully share joy in thread performances...

Last big tough session today before a 10k next Sunday and my target half the Sunday after: on the grass, with 10x{fast 0.65M lap avg 5:50/M, slow lap}, then 6.3M steady at 7:20/M. Grand total of 21M at 7:05/M avg. My legs were rather reluctant out of the door, but initially OK in the reps; got a couple of quicker ones out before reality intervened (as I did a bit of fastish stuff in the week just gone). Stiff calves now though, so if anything I pushed it more than I perhaps should.

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Posted: 26/09/2014 at 20:32

selbs -- brilliant 5km on your recent training! I thought your legs were barely functional, but no...

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Posted: 26/09/2014 at 12:16

Al_P -- storming stuff! Don't break yourself before the race though. Hope Canada works out well. I approve of the full-distance training run of course!

TT -- great 10M.

Berliners -- nail it

I did a longer run this morning to make up for my early start at work yesterday. The 6x(1M hard, 1M steady) with a 2.5kg rucksack started OK with a 6:02/7:10 but quickly deteriorated as I found my legs perhaps a little tired from the reasonably hard 10M on Weds evening. Still, 14.3M @ 7:02/M avg was a worthy deposit in the bank. I'll probably miss running again tomorrow (early start to see my decrepit old Dad), but then do a big session on Sunday.

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Posted: 24/09/2014 at 20:44

Dave Sawyer -- if you already have a GFA place, you can upgrade it to a champs start if you get the sub-2:45 or sub-1:15. See also (they're not ready for you yet though).

Nice session bains.

With a last-minute invite to a meeting tomorrow morning, I'm missing the longer run I planned, but I left work promptly and surprised myself with a 10M that started quite sprightly and just got better -- ended up in 66 min, with a ~1kg rucksack. (Slight warning from my healed blister afterwards though.) So that's a total of 13.7M @ 6:37/M avg today in commutes. Tomorrow off, then a decent MLR on Fri am I hope with some intervals thrown in...

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Posted: 24/09/2014 at 12:17

ON7 -- ah thanks, I tried the GER 'check you are in' link but didn't see Marigold. Marders has done it before, too -- would be fun if they both did it as prep for the same race...

Padams -- great km reps there.

Lev -- interesting, Kipsang's km reps are better still! The going to church bit in his training schedule is obviously where I have room for improvement...

RS78 -- great stuff in the fell (over) race.

TT -- yes, blister healed. Well there's still a shiny, rather thin bit of skin, but it seems OK now thanks. Hope your fartlek goes well.

selbs -- oh dear, good luck with the achilles.

Not much to report here; an earlyish conference call meant a foreshortened dash to work, 3.7M avg 6:35/M, and a trip now planned tomorrow will play hell with my usual midweek run too. Ah well.

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Posted: 23/09/2014 at 18:58

PP -- nice reps but don't twang anything now! (Likewise you Lev.) Quite fast is good for taper tune-up, but I now consider sharp speed (such as I can manage) too risky.

ON7 -- who's the Sub3 celeb at GER then?

I was desperately overdue for some speed training but my legs were taking an aeon to recover after the Grunty Fen half now 9 days ago. But they were just about up for it this morning -- a modest 6x{0.5M avg 5:48/M, 0.25M off/form drills}, with a 2.2kg ruckack. And a simple plod home for a total of 11M. I've no race planned this weekend, so that will be my last long endurance sesh pre-GER, but then have a 10k the following Sunday one week out (hope that's not too risky, I've twanged myself before a target half before, but then I'd like a decent 10k sometime too).

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Posted: 22/09/2014 at 20:42

marders -- ah sorry, I knew it was ultra (so it's 100 km) and knew it was big (but it's world not Euro!)... best of luck, and make sure you take care of Marigold (read that how you will ).

bainspj -- well done in the relay. (My 20M was limited by my legs -- the party only made my head tired!)

TT -- that's pretty sharp for a 'relaxed' 20 with a gammy leg...

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Posted: 22/09/2014 at 12:49

Al -- that's a tremendous race-as-session sandwich.

Wardi -- nice pacing! (And wow, 20:00 for V70 has to be good.)

TT -- ouch, your legs sounds painful. Well done on getting the best out of it, and for team organisation.

PP -- congratulations -- at some point you'll have to give us a round-up of what has been a golden year for you...

Great performance Dachs.

marders -- I've lost track, was it European ultra champs of some sort you're targeting with those big miles? (And when, given you're not letting yourself eat much right now?!) And from what Jools said, you had a highly satisfactory race result yourself, which you modestly neglected to tell us about...

selbs -- good to hear training is still on, even if you've not done as much as you'd like.

Bikey day for me though I might ride a few extra M on the way home. My strategy now is to get fresh legs back and do some belated speed training, as I haven't done anything resembling fast running since my half 8 days ago.

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Posted: 21/09/2014 at 20:52

ON7 -- great stuff in the Leighton 10, good race battle that. And see you at the GER I hope!

TickTock -- well PBd in the parkrun.

Jools -- yay! A most understated report for such a big PB!

TR -- if you're pleased with the result, so are we, have to reserve judgement until you've decided then! Sounds good though.

JimBob -- glad it went well. I happened to do M23/M25 today and the warning signs were saying something about a sporting event at Reigate...

I was at a family party overnight (hence missed various possible races including Leighton 10 or Round Norfollk Relay), the problem being that the teenage kids are now old enough to act like we did when teenagers -- much rampaging, loud music, spew, and confused youths trying to get into our tent at 3am, so I was a tad low on sleep. Anyway, set out at 07:00 for what was supposed to be a long run with some fast miles and half-miles. Just one 'fast' mile was enough to tell me that my calves *still* hadn't forgiven me for my half last week, so I gave up on speed and just did a good steady 20.3M, quite a bit off road, averaging about 7:15/M. Enough for the party survivors to doubt my sanity when I returned, anyway.

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