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Posted: Yesterday at 22:15

Ah Jools, though it really was a cello, and was in a hard case with a soft case _as well_ in the same plastic-wrapped bundle, it was -- like us -- just a 3/4 size version! (And PP... get yer coat ... and Marrows -- completely lost me, but your pictures look suspicously like something from It's a Knockout.) [The story was, it was making my arm ache carrying the thing, and I was going to jog back anyway so wearing my trainers... and I realised my arms would have to hold the thing for less time if I got a move on!]

Welcome back Marders, didn't know you were also doing (utterly ridiculous) ultra training.

Al_P -- golly, great stuff.

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:28

Padams -- sounds like you've done the right thing with your new bike.

Lev -- yes they really do envelopes of cash as prizes in that one, rare indeed in the South at least (more common up North?). Hey, and take it easy now!

TR -- ahh, I didn't really explain. It was a course of two unequal laps, so the slight uphill/upwind bit I did twice, but the second time I was significantly slower (approaching the finish). My breathing was maxed out at the end of the race too -- why the oxygen desperation at little better than 6m/M? Must be telling me somthing. And hey, nice long run!

The relay performance sounds very encouraging, bainspj.

PP -- Perfect Pacing again. That does sound like a tough session -- maybe MsP should have a lower target time if she can do that OK? Better to have a conservative target than blow up horribly though.

selbs -- more encouraging progress from you, good stuff. No it's not cheating to have company!

ON7 -- congrats on the parkrun victory. I did the Leighton 10 last year -- be ready for the big hill towards the end!

Nothing for me today unless you count jogging to the Parcelforce depot to despatch a cello for eBay purposes. Legs a bit creaky but not too bad. I haven't done full surgery on my foot yet, but it's quite comfortable being drained. Might do it later and then do an easy commuting double tomorrow. After all, I could do with burning off some curry calories now...

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Posted: 14/09/2014 at 18:24

PP -- if you published those paces, a statistician would probably accuse you of inventing the data because they were unreasonably consistent

Lev -- just take it easy, you're quite right that the work is done. Don't break it!

Steve6 -- well won in the parkrun, and nice 'coro 10' too.

Jools -- that's a heavy double session for the weekend. Impressive. The 6x1M at HMP is just what I like to do as HM training.

TickTock -- beer definitely earnt. In fact I'm having one right now too...

... as the Grunty Fen half went well. I predicted 76 or 77 min here, and got 76.5. However, once again (and this is becoming a worrying trend), it involved a significant positive split: 37:25 for the first half, 39:04 for the second. I started not too crazily (despite a downhill/downwind first mile) and let a V40 nemesis and another get significantly away, but then caught them again at 5M and deliberately surged past a bit so they wouldn't be tempted to stay with me; feeling strong there. Then I was on my own for the rest of the race; I was inching towards a guy in front, who was fading, but actually I was fading too. The last 3M with a slight headwind and a bit of a hill were close to 6 min/M, so I was having a little blow-up really. Still, 6th overall, 1st V40 (lucky with who turned up) worth £40, team prize worth £25, 3rd Cambs county champs senior medal, and they threatened to give me the CCC V40 medal as well but then realised they'd run out. (Bad form to get two anyway, it should have gone to the next V40.) (Unusual to have cash prizes here down South.)

And the blister? Well it didn't trouble me in the race, but afterwards I realised another bloody bubble had formed under my repairs, and it was sore. Once drained and dressed though, it was fine to jog another 4M or so while waiting for prizes. Worth the damage today -- off now to spend the £65 on a pre-planned family curry (anniversary meal from Tuesday postponed to post-race -- Mrs most understanding!).

Masters & Maidens Marathon 1980/81

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 06:40

At my (other) end of Surrey in Oxted, the Surrey Mirror was the local paper of the day; I don't know if it covered the whole county, or whether it had results from the race, though.

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Posted: 13/09/2014 at 10:52

I was out on a work "jolly" for a couple of days (which were indeed rest days running-wise) and too knackered yesterday to face the read-back, but here I am now. (The work trip involved miserably late flights and a lengthy meeting, but on the plus side I did get to paddle in the sea at San Sebastian, chinos rolled up and laptop bag still on my back amongst the bikinis and trunks. Out of place, me?)

bainspj -- enviable mile reps

Welcome TickTock -- you'll be immune to abbreviation, as we have a long-standing rival TT here

Speaking of whom, nice session too TT.

TR -- sorry you're still suffering from the ribs. Good to have some races pencilled in though.

Wardi -- ah, I've never tried Midsummer House. I was in polite correspondence with them though, as their delivery vans often block the path on my neat 777m speed loop round the park (they're about 0.5M from my house). Hope she enjoys it! Good training miles BTW.

Lev -- tremendous session, and reassured to hear you know to take it easy now

TheBus -- oh no, hope the injury doesn't last too long.

Glad to hear you're back to it nicely Jools. Likewise selbs, in a longer-term kind of way.

PP -- great stuff in your 5000m. Dachs -- even better stuff!

DrD -- very nice 20, annoying about the shoe size.

So I've got the local Grunty Fen half tomorrow; not an A-race, but actually the legs are feeling quite perky and the weather isn't looking bad, so maybe I'll do OK. Could be on for 76 or 77 min if not 75. I did a rare lunchtime run of 4M @ 6:15/M yesterday which was very comfortable, again doing a brisk steady run rather than any shorter taper reps to try and preserve my blister repairs. And the foot has healed up pretty nicely, though the skin is still perilously thin over the trouble-spot. I've reinforced it for the last time pre-race with two layers of blister gel patches glued down with essence of benzoin, so fingers crossed it will hold together for the half...

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Posted: 09/09/2014 at 19:12

DrD -- similarly hope your shin isn't too bad. (I had a hip problem too, once -- cured by lying on my side, lifting offending leg against resistance applied by arm, with toes pointed down towards bed.)

Wardi -- glad you salvaged a good day out after your lurgy.

My foot feels much better for having redressed it after a very cautious minimal jog home (via Tesco to get more blister dressings). I've just about got away with last-minute repairs to the same patch before, so crossed fingers it will hang together if I can just exert the willpower not to trash it through overexuberance before Sunday.

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Posted: 09/09/2014 at 12:14

Steve6 -- nice one on the parkrun (and training).

PP -- just goes to show forefoot running isn't the answer for everyone (and you're making use of the rear cushioning of the Boosts).

Bah, I've got it wrong again. I didn't run on my blister-damaged forefoot yesterday. With a HM due on Sunday, I'd normally do some short bursts of quick running, but knowing that's what tends to shred my feet, I opted for a longer steady run instead. But it was a bit too long (10.7M), and a bit too steady (6:39/M), and I didn't realise I was damaging it all over again (only felt a slight irritation). So once more I was reduced to open foot surgery at my desk. Two days off after this perhaps (I'm off on an overnight business trip Thurs anyway so I can exert discipline by leaving my kit at home), and nothing but jogging after that. My trouble is that my legs actually feel rather sprightly right now, so it is easy to overdo it...

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Posted: 08/09/2014 at 20:20

LR1976 -- super stuff, congratulations! Have you done your says-on-the-tin sub-3 marathon yet? I ask because 1h22-1h23 is reckoned to be about the equivalent HM mark. Nicely done in the same one, TheBus.

JimBob -- more great news!

selbs -- well bagged on the LSR.

Tmoth -- heroic! By god that last bit sounded tough. Many congrats and have a damned good wallow in recovery, you've earnt it.

PP -- massively impressive for a V40. Well, for anyone really.

bainspb -- well done on yet another PB (same as mine IIRC, not that I'm likely to make that mark again).

KD -- 5 bits of bling in one race? We're not worthy -- well done!

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Posted: 07/09/2014 at 15:27

Good and bad for me this morning. With a 'B' target HM next weekend, I thought I should be trying a bit harder than my alternate 6min/7min miles of last week. My legs felt stodgy out of the door, but after a mile's warm-up they duly came on-stream and I did 3.5 of my planned 6x1M @ 5:45/M with 7 min M steady breaks... before I realised that my blister dressing had come adrift. Had to pull over, sit down, and sort it out with my emergency plaster, then jogged home for a bit less than 10M. The 5:45 miles felt strangely comfortable, so maybe I'm in better shape than I thought -- could be good for ~76 mins if conditions are OK next week, say. But that's if I can get my foot to (literally) stay the course... I've patched it all up again, but it obviously took a step backwards being run on for a little while without protection.

Postie -- going straight into a 21.5M from nothing much is quite some going.

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Posted: 06/09/2014 at 15:23

KD -- so you really rucked up with the double-layer socks eh?

bains -- nice reps! My trouble-spot is about 1 cm behind where the toes branch off, so maybe that'd still be reasonably cushioned in the Adios Boosts...

Al/TR -- it's true I hadn't worn those particular shoes for a long time. Looking back, I did a 10k a few weeks back completely unscathed in the Lunaracers, so I should stick with those -- it's just that they're a bit heavier than I'd like (and weight on the foot is worth a lot more than weight elsewhere).

And wow Al, that was a 26.5M commute? Chapeau!

Tmoth -- pace! Let him blow up.

My legs were a bit trashed by the time I ran home yesterday, so it was just a minimal 3M to make 20M for the day (utterly outclassed by Al). Then I tactically waited until Friday evening booze had kicked in before doing some surgery on the blister (though the essence of benzoin application wasn't as excrutiating as sometimes), getting a gel replacement-skin plaster welded down over the offending area -- it feels fine now. Rest today, run tomorrow. I've got a B-grade half marathon next Sunday, so after some kind of tough session tomorrow I'll take it reasonably easy as the week wears on, but would like a few bursts of speed on that foot.

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