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Posted: 20/11/2015 at 19:48

The Cambridge HM is mass participation, and lacks generous prizes, yet it's easy to start at the front. So there is a big field, but not many quick ones at all. And lo!, a runner in his declining years like me can be flattered this year with a 10th place out of 3600 as a result...

Came home on 'emergency' bike I leave stashed at work, to give the poor cranky legs a rest. Nice tailwind.

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Posted: 20/11/2015 at 12:18

Well done Jools! I don't think I've ever done an official 8K...

PP Good point on the hills -- I've not done any since Snowdonia.

Padams -- nice "accelerator" formula there.

I did 5.5M with a heavy rucksack to work yesterday (laptop transport), then 8M steady on the way home. Nothing excessive, but my legs felt incredibly cranky and ploddish this morning (5.5M at nearly 9m/M) -- not sure what I've done to myself but I'll take a day or two off now. Maybe there was some fallout from my half on Sunday and plyometrics on Tues, maybe I should have followed TR's advice and had more downtime after Snowdonia, or maybe I'm just getting old. Seems a bit odd though. I hardly feel I've done enough to be overtrained.

But those who can't perform... concentrate on toys instead. I've got a new running phone to replace the minuscule but unreliable "ar$ephone", in the form of a credit-card sized, 4.5mm thick, 28g AIEK Mini M5 "CardPhone". This was a huge investment at £13 inc P&P on eBay. It is much more usable as a phone (or was once I figured out how to get it in English instead of Arabic) -- a loud ring (and vibrate) so I might actually hear the Mrs call me, the battery is going strong overnight, and it can even work with a taxi driver style Bluetooth headset (which I use sometimes when commuting) for hands-free when-I'll-be-home negotiations on the hoof.

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Posted: 18/11/2015 at 12:31

I really didn't have any DOMS from my half, so yesterday morning I did 10 sets of plyometric hops, bounds, jumps and sprints en route to work, which I'd neglected for weeks. And a run home via the pub (unusually for a school night) to catch up with some old muckers. Now today... I *am* a bit DOMSd, from the "hopscotch" yesterday morning. 19M done on the Brompton though -- took car in for service, cycled to work, power out due to the wind, rode around a bit in case it came back, it hadn't, rode home to work instead.

Quality mile reps in the wind PP, especially so soon after your race.

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Posted: 16/11/2015 at 20:18

PP -- I can't believe you sullied a brand new England vest with all that nasty mud.

Many happy returns Padams! (And yes, definitely an MV35 category in some masters events, but those half-decade ones aren't so great -- I've not capitalised on being a young V45 too well myself, and that's relatively mainstream as a category...)

Solid stuff bains & Jools.

My legs aren't really DOMSd at all today, which is heartening -- either it's just saving itself for tomorrow, or I really wasn't taking it too seriously. The legs did feel a bit done in at the end though; I passed up the offer of a cool-down with marathon-training teammates, reckoning that as I'm not in marathon training myself, it would do more harm than good to add some junk miles on fried calves.

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Posted: 15/11/2015 at 21:17

CD -- this wasn't a day to be alone in the wind! Well done on vet honours.

Dan -- nice one, not many do a marathon off the cuff, and that's a fine performance with the wind and hills.

St Neots half for me today. I promised myself I'd not put myself in the hurt box, as I could do with a little break between Snowdonia (legs still a bit tardy from that) and the start of my VLM campaign around Xmas. But I did ramp up the effort between mile 2 & 3, to ensure I'd not be alone for the massive (gusting 40 mph) headwind for a mile after that. And then from 11M I ran hard too, scooping a few places but then being splendidly humiliated by a chap I know who not only out-sprinted me with ease, but then ran backwards over the line, whooping up the crowd while beckoning me on. He's a showboating specialist A rather uninspiring 1:21 for me today. 5 mins slower than last year in fact (no autumn marathon then though), but a team prize at least.

SC2 -- I identified the massage corner in the very noisy sports hall, but wasn't brave enough to shout your name, and didn't spot a likely suspect in charge of a blonde child!

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Posted: 13/11/2015 at 12:25

Some great reps there PP, Padams, bains.

ES -- I'm not planning to do it this time but have done the Buntinford 10. It starts as a rather tortuous exploration of housing estates, which would have been OK except it was icy my year, and so all the bends were terrifying. After a bit it opens out into country lanes which are much better. Of course they might have changed the course by now. Have a good one, anyway!

SC2 -- will try and say hi indeed!

Not much from me -- I did some longer (km - mile) efforts on Weds am but they were pretty slow really, then a steady run home. Yesterday I rode back in on my 'emergency' bike and ran home, just steady. So I've not attempted any of my usual taper stuff for this weekend, when I never expected to be quick, and now there's a hilariously strong wind forecast to boot. I've got a 10M race two weeks later so hopefully I'll be better tuned up for that instead.

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Posted: 10/11/2015 at 12:16

Good work in the XC, bains!

Like Dan, I was mistaken for a competitor in an event once: the Turing relays (Cambridge to Ely and back, the course of which I've done a couple of times solo as an ultra training adventure). In my case though, some of the runners started following me and I had to shoo them off when I turned off-course...

Took my "emergency" bike home last night as my calves had become quite stiff, and I had to remind myself I'm not currently training for a marathon where another 6M painful trudge would have any possible value. Bike day today because a) had my last (I hope) nurse appointment to change my post-Snowdonia wound dressings and b) I'm presenting at a club night tonight about BGR adventures and need some time to prep. Back to it tomorrow though. The St Neots race Dan mentioned is my one for this Sunday, but I'm not doing a full taper for it as I'm not ready to race it hard.

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Posted: 09/11/2015 at 12:42

Great stuff CD, and I too did a double-take at your throwaway 53 min 10M Lev!

Well done in the XC PP & TT. (And the amazing MsPP too -- I will be curious to see how I do compared to her in VLM, if she's doing that, as I failed to match her over HM at Wissey.) Sorry yours was more of a mudslide Padams.

I've done a fair bit of training now: on Saturday I ran the bits and pieces between stations when visiting my Dad, clocking up 6M with quite a rucksack payload; yesterday I did 15M with 10x ~1km loops on grass, not very quick but a good tough session; and perhaps overzealously I decided to do a minimal 5.5M recovery run to work this morning when my legs felt OK, but now they've stiffened up so I'm not sure what I'll do on the way home.

I've got a local half this Sunday but didn't want to treat it seriously, so close to Snowdonia, so I'm not going to taper too hard for it; I have a low-key 10M race two weeks later which I should be in better shape for, so I'll aim for that instead.

About 10 mins ago I picked up an email saying my VLM application was now accepted, so I filled in the form and coughed up my 35 quid: I have race number 762. Exciting!

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Posted: 06/11/2015 at 12:24

ES -- you've really conveyed the impact of the hills there! And I had the same hamstring cramping thing in VLM2014 (kind of ran through it but injured myself in the process, was lucky not to DNF). Anyway -- great stuff.

bains -- wow, lightning reps. Likewise PP.

Dan/RyanS -- VLM's computers were down yesterday (I had an email because I'd initially had my application rejected, as I didn't understand what "proof of membership" they were after and so hadn't given them a picture of my EA card). As they pointed out, there's no hurry -- we have until Jan to sort it out. It'll be the first time I've not had a 6xx number though, might even get one of those low-brow 4-digit ones at this rate
(Edit: Dan: I'm guessing they do first come first served on the numbers; I saw LS21 has 7xx. Women get lower numbers starting from maybe 200, men I guess from 600.)

desk jockey -- it's definitely worth experimenting with cadence; I got a big improvement by slowing down my over-rapid turnover a few years ago. It will naturally get quicker at race pace though.

Welcome back coro! Maybe see you at the start again next April then.

CJeff -- thanks! Chip results were a bit iffy so I was probably only 12th in Snowdonia, but hey. Maybe nobody on this thread has played the trumpet, but they've certainly been metaphorically blowing out of their ar$es...

Did an 8M brisk steady (well 7:15/M felt brisk) to work yesterday, 6M easy home, which wasn't too bad; cycled today. So that's a 30M week with nothing too hard. Probably won't run again until Sunday now, with some kind of prep for a low-key HM the week after.

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Posted: 04/11/2015 at 12:28

Ah thanks for the tip Ryan, mine's been rejected too. I'll give them a ring but I guess it was for the same reason (I didn't send a picture of my EA card, but rather a link to a club page showing I belonged to the club). The form was not very clear on what they were after!

A rather ploddy 5.5M + 6M double yesterday, telling me (as TR would anticipate) my legs are not yet over Snowdonia, but a rest (bike) day today as I was at the GPs once more to have my stitches out.

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