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Posted: Today at 12:43

PP -- if it's Wissey you're doing, you should be well on for some V40 bling. I fear I will be a V45 also-ran but see you there if that's the one. I felt pretty sluggish for my somewhat reduced MLR today -- I guess 76 mins would be the best I can hope for, 77 might be more realistic. I'm also struggling to rein in my increasing pre-bed snacking habit (on dried fruit; or nuts for the last few days as I thought I'd try a little low-carb phase, but the fat will be adding up fast).

Overall I don't know how to juggle marathon training for Snowdonia and tapering at least a little for the half marathon this weekend and another next weekend, and a club relay stage of ?19 miles the week after. As a result I'll probably just be mediocre at all 4...

Lev -- looking good there!

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Posted: Yesterday at 21:05

August stats are a bit odd, because of Lake District time. I actually logged some family walks (not as exercise, but so I could tell everyone how far we'd been, and look back for posterity later about what hikes we'd done). Including walks then, and cycling, I covered 372M and had nearly 82 hours of exercise. (I only discovered last week you can add a "Hike" profile to the 920xt.)

But more realistically, running only (some of it on very tough terrain), it was 269M in nearly 41 hours (9:05/mile!). Races: 2 Wins: are you kidding?

Edit: Padams -- ah sorry, you had told us before of course. Good luck!

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:15

TR -- I was wondering whether you'd every come back, hello! (Seeing you and ES post consecutively though, you're obviously the same person though -- going by the avatar pictures.)

I'd better look at my monthly stats at home but they will fall well short of yours PP -- even if you weren't wearing a 2.73321 kg rucksack. Sorry I missed you on the Downs; I was oscillating up and down Pitchfork Lane on the NE fringe of Oxted, so you might easily have crossed past me on the N. Downs Way when I was there. I ran along a bit of it to get there though (from Woldingham where I jumped out of the train early on impulse this time). The escapade overlapped with the school cross-country circuit I ran regularly when I was about 13, which is a bit spooky.

That's a great 5K after an hour's running, Padams. Sorry what is the race you've got coming up?

Sorry about the shin grief, Muss.

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Posted: 31/08/2015 at 15:47

Bejesus Dan, look after yourself -- hypothermic, puking your guts up, unconscious for an hour... that's major league stuff. Amazing that you just perked up and carried on all the better for it though! You always seem to end up chucking in these things -- is there something different you do nutritionally on race day that your guts might be objecting to? Could it be related to getting seriously cold this time, surely need to wear more clothes?! Well done anyway for toughing out what you did, and happy recoveries.

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Posted: 31/08/2015 at 13:03

Sounds promising on the cadence experiment piscator -- you could measure HR next time to get a better idea of whether you're going faster because you're more efficient or just working harder. Hopefully the former! And yes I noticed the rocket story, big relief for Coro I expect to have another one safely in orbit. There's a lurker here who's trying the opposite cadence move, as he currently strides at 205 /min or so like I used to.

Hope the bruise abates TT, I remember reading in the Running with the Kenyans book that everyone insisted on getting up so early it was dark and then running along stony tracks...

Ryan, CC2 -- great training there.

Top haul Jools, well done!

Looks like Mr Nerukar has come out of retirement Wardi... and I have to eat my words, because I only did 16M in my "long" run yesterday, which is particularly poor because it's my last non-race weekend for 4 weeks, so I won't be doing any trademark overdistance stuff for some time. In my defence I did have a ~3kg rucksack and it involved 1000m of climb, training on the North Downs once more in an attempt to keep my hill adaptations from the Lakes ticking over until Snowdonia. Although my main run was curtailed by unexpected engineering works on the train putting me behind schedule, I scraped 23M for the day with all the other little bits and pieces -- including getting a minor bollocking for running up and down Tottenham Hale platform as I had a spare couple of mins before my train (I'd already done 2.5M out and back or something as I had a 30 min wait).

That long and complicated day left me a bit underfed, so I've continued in theme tending towards low-carb food (just finished one of those fabulous 70p tins of teryaki mackerel from Tesco on a pile of leaves). I'll switch to carbing up in time for my first race this weekend, but in the meantime I could do with losing just the odd pound, and with a light training week in prospect that means something needs to give...

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Posted: 28/08/2015 at 12:15

This week (ending Friday as ever) will be about 78M for me -- would have been 84M with the return commute, but need to be back early for an outdoor Shakespeare! And that's about as high as I go in marathon training. As I've said, I've probably stupidly got 3 race weekends in a row starting next weekend, hence no more big weeks for a while, as I want to do reasonably in those races. But I will do one more epic hill training day tomorrow to keep my quads ticking over for Snowdonia later, maybe a couple of days off after that to let my legs freshen up before sharpening/tapering for the first race.

Simon C -- rather you than me! 17M doesn't even count as the weekly long run (if marathon training) for me. But the other 4 must average 22M, which is better... racing soon and tapering down then?

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Posted: 27/08/2015 at 12:32

Lev, PP, Padams, Wardi -- great training all round.

Cadence-wise, I can assure you Lev that you wouldn't want a 200+ cadence -- that's too much! Piscator -- it did take me a month or more to adjust to a slower cadence, particularly my calves which had to cope with heavier landings.

Muss -- so sorry about the injury, good luck with it.

TT -- hope the bug is short-lived; not a pleasant way to get back to racing weight... (and a shame to squander some of your training time over there).

I had an encouraging MLR this morning. My legs felt a bit jaded to start so I feared I'd got it wrong attempting a decent one today (after a full marathon on Sun, 8+6M double Tues inc 10xplyo/sprint sets, 5.5M each way double recovery yesterday -- attempting to 'cram' a big marathon training week, as I have 3 consecutive race weekends necessitating lighter training weeks). Anyway, I cranked out 6x0.5M (avg 5:42/M) and 7.4M of tempo (avg 6:37/M) with my 1.5kg pack, for a total of 13.1M in 1hr28 (6:45/M). So OK my half miles were only the HMP of a couple of years ago and the 'tempo' was not even close to MP, but overall that's a much better session of that sort than I've done in a while. And just when some holiday excesses seem to have caught up with me too, at maybe 1 or 2 kg above nominal. Will just be a very easy 6M home, maybe same again tomorrow morning.

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Posted: 24/08/2015 at 20:52

pisc -- 160 /min does sound suspiciously slow. Maybe you could be in line for a "free upgrade" as I got a few years ago coming down from 200+ /min! Your rates are much more similar to mine now PP.

Can't wait to see how you do in the 12 hour race Padams. Annoyingly well I'll wager

Muss -- yes you need Mg as well as Ca for bones, and you're probably getting enough of the latter anyhow. As I recall. Areas of bone swich between "building" and "dissolving" mode, so that they can remodel themselves to beef up areas under stress or slim down areas not being used. I mucked about with a 2 days on, 3-4 days off regime at one point so they'd have plenty of consecutive days for rebuilding. No idea if it helped.

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Posted: 23/08/2015 at 20:46

Muss -- I've no idea whether it really helped, but I started taking magnesium citrate powder (easier to absorb than oxide pills) to encourage bone formation when I had shin niggles, and they've been fine for ages now. Might be a coincidence.

Tremendous long run PP.

I did my first training marathon for Snowdonia today -- not very fast, 3hr12, but it included 25xCastle Hill in Cambridge, and 22 0.5M laps of the park in which I attempted to perform more cadence experiments. So I did normal, slow and fast cadence laps repeatedly, aiming to keep my HR steady, and not letting myself seed paces or times. In the end I didn't go to extreme enough styles to plot a very nice curve, but did enough to reassure myself that I'm running at a good cadence and wouldn't currently improve by making it a little quicker or slower, probably. I'll do more experiments like that with other style tweaks in due course -- anything to get a 'free' improvement at my age...

And it was a relief to do the full distance without too much of a struggle, so I've not lost my endurance adaptations.

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Posted: 21/08/2015 at 12:33

PP -- most impressive, as always.

Ryan -- sounds like a fair rehearsal of the race experience! The question is, were you in any state to keep running (albeit at modest pace) after that? 20M is only the proverbial first half of the race... In training my bias is to train for the full distance, but do lesser chunks at target pace. Like PP's plan for tomorrow in fact.

Dachs -- wow, that's a great time in my book.

TT -- nice insight into the diet. No shortage of carbs then!

Muss -- that's a big double. I'm sure I would have been slower in the second one.

I had a time-constrained session yesterday morning (forgot I had the dentist so had to bike from there to work instead of doing a double run commute). Anyway, I did a 6x (set of plyo hops & jumps & sprint, then brief easy run, then 0.5M hard). But for the efforts I alternated what is now normal cadence with even slower cadence, to see what would happen to my performance. It clearly deteriorated: normal cadence was about 189/min, yielding 5:45/M average or something; what felt like dramatically slower cadence was about 183/min, and only 6:00/M average. Stride length actually shorter due to slower pace! (Paces all v slow in absolute terms, I am way behind with any speed work at all and had two days of doubles before this so legs were already jaded.)

Anyway, I plan to do more experiments like that, just to see if I can find any style-related performance gains.

Easy 10M this morning (legs feeling very ploddish to start with, but improved) and 6M to get home again.

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