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Posted: Yesterday at 12:07

Cakesy -- Padams is an example of a low-mileage guy with talent who gets great results (no pressure then, but go well in MK Padams!). Although I've been trying a high-mileage diet this time and it seems to have worked, I once did a 2:43 at Abingdon on an average 40 mpw -- though that did include one or two weeks of more like 60M or something, and one or two full-distance training runs.

Yesterday I was pretty cocky that my legs felt fully recovered; I couldn't have told you I'd run a marathon on them. So this morning I tried jogging 6M to work, and found they were not so recovered after all! Pretty creaky quads and in one calf. Still, cycling home, and I'll have tomorrow off.

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Posted: 28/04/2016 at 21:52

Thanks for the list Dan -- so there are prizes, but only for the first 3 in each AG. No hope for me for sure!

Welcome too louisev -- you've obviously got huge running talent. You mention home life makes it hard to get out to train; we had some friends who found it really useful having a treadmill in their garage so they could train with the baby next to them. And of course other people train a lot with baby-joggers. No idea if you do either of those, or whether they'd be practical.

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Posted: 28/04/2016 at 12:41

I can't see a list there, Dan -- just one page, which mentions "According to the London Marathon’s published prize and time bonus money lists" in passing but no link...

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Posted: 28/04/2016 at 12:14

Ros P -- welcome, and wow! Whatever you're doing in your training, we want to hear about it Also I'd never seen any mention anywhere of individual vet prizes at VLM before (not that I'd be in contention, I was only 14th MV45) -- is there a list somewhere of what they dish out?

CD -- well done to junior -- I know it's tough just getting selected for the race. And water stations can be a real trouble-spot, can't they (even for the elites with plenty of open road).

Congrats too LMH, it sounds like you've made stratospheric strides.

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Posted: 27/04/2016 at 12:44

Muss -- absolutely fantastic, what a massive PB too. I really appreciated running with you when everybody else was going backwards, too. (Maybe we can get a cosmetic surgeon to do us a deal... I want one toe truncated by about 1cm, and you... errr maybe not .)

Dan -- I'm disappointed in you. We always used to be able to depend on some massive blow-up at VLM, probably involving an hour or two in an ambulance (was that you?). Where did it all go wrong this time?

SL -- enviably casual performance there and amazed by the fresh legs yesterday. Nice.

Welcome in No Pain and congrats on the PB!

Nice result JB, glad you had a strong marathon after compromised circumstances in Tokyo and Paris.

Cheers Wardi and a useful insight into the logistics there... I do sometimes feel a bit guilty about the disruption laid on for "me"!

Ha TR, true I knew I was running easily at a good pace -- but I didn't know if my muscles would cry foul at holding that pace for the distance. Obviously pleased with the experiment and will know for next time though.

Dachs -- congrats on the huge PB. You certainly didn't leave anything on the course -- but did leave something in several other places afterwards

Nice to meet you outside the pub TickTock and hiroto-o, and well done on the sub 3s!

A beautiful job PP, you will be remembered forever by your charges I'm sure.

TT -- nice performance, I too bagged my highest WAVA % ever on Sunday, which I didn't expect.

coro -- you make it seem far too easy.

Al_P -- brilliant. But ha, must look out for photos of that finish!

selbs -- excellent, well done on the big PB.

CD -- as I said before, your ability to knock out yearly sub-2:40s at 49 is really rather good. (Similarly CL but no report yet?)

RS -- the plan may have gone awry, but a PB nevertheless. Next time! And I was prone to slightly giggly weeping afterwards, a heady mixture of scrambled neurotransmitters and London Pride I think.

Good to see you CC2, it was fun at the pub. Hope you're back on full form soon.

Jools -- again, you lived out our nightmares. Have a good one in Chicago...

Apologies if I've missed anyone!

Not much to report here -- DOMSd of course, but not badly; worst on Monday. By this morning I could have gone for a jog if I wanted to, but I promised myself a week off, and could still feel it in my quads a bit. I'm just cycling my 6M commutes. But as recovery is looking OK, I'm thinking of running the Wings for Life novelty race (it is starting in Cambridge after all) somewhere in Marigold's wake.

Edit: nearly forgot: passed 87, 0 passed me. But then if I hadn't had a slight quad niggle, I perhaps should have gone a touch faster earlier in the race. But... then my best races are always those that feel comfortable and strong at the finish, not the ones where I've plumbed the depths of profound suffering. My last 2.2K averaged 5:56/M (overall average 6:04) so I did muster some genuine acceleration at the end.

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 12:20

In a reversal of normal protocol, I'll do my reading-back and commenting once the reports are all in -- more efficient that way!

Quick note to selbs though that you totally rumbled me, but the reason I swerved left on the TB approach was to greet my family who always wait there (I should teach them to wait on the racing line side in fact, would have saved a few sec!). And while I'm robotically focused for 99% of the race, doing aeroplanes over Tower Bridge is just an irresistibly wonderful thing to be able to do now, it's my one indulgence and with the family watching too

Also I must quickly point out that my fellow V45 rogues I always see at the end, CL & CD, bang out sub-2:40 performances year in year out with very little fuss, despite being closer to the upper end of our age bracket. Noted with due respect.

And yes I had great day. I knew from training runs that my HR was low at a 2:40 MP, implying that I was good for a bit quicker, yet I was also worried my muscles might not be up to sustained speed on my low-quality training diet. Felt effortless from the start as ever, and this time I deliberately made the most of mile 3 by using my Snowdonia-practised 'loping' mode to gain about 30 sec for free with a 5:36 split. Perhaps because I'd done that though, I started to notice a niggle mid R quad which wasn't there before Sunday -- gah! So that left me terrified for the rest of the race that it might gradually cramp up and wreck my race. So while the running felt effortless for ages, I didn't dare push on too much (and knowing in general that's a bad idea early on anyway of course). Kept things reasonably steady, trading places repeatedly with Muss (great to have someone else still to work with when most of the field were going backwards after 16M). Not until about 24 miles did I really risk pushing on, and had what felt like a quick finish.

Scores on the doors: 2:38:56, just 10 sec outside my PB from 2013 which I never thought I'd get close to again. My (joint) highest WAVA for any distance ever. So very happy with that -- but tinged of course with a 'what if' I'd just managed to do 0.5 sec/mile quicker!

Lovely to see people at the pub, too. What a fab day. As ever.

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Posted: 23/04/2016 at 07:23

Leaving my PC at home (obviously) and my phone is a bit pants, so... until tomorrow. I don't have to say it, you know what to do. See you at the finish or in the Red Lion, where I can go through the normal hilarity of failing to recognise most of you yet again. Until then!

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Posted: 22/04/2016 at 12:41

CC2 -- tought times, I'm sorry -- take it easy.

CD, jools -- ooh, top intel on the kit bags. My usual rucksack is a fairly snug fit to the 'old' ones, so that could be a worry... should have said yesterday BTW CD, your past-VLM stats are highly impressive for your age (as if they weren't overall!).

coro -- yes, the 10 metres back thing started last year (boo!), apparently because we were too rowdy previously -- so glad I took some pictures when I could back in 2013 when we were still right with the elites. And (annoyingly) they only showed gun times for a while last year, which persist on po10, though eventually they gave in and gave us chip times in VLM's own results.

RS -- yes, numbers front and back, and a chip on each foot (or at least there was last year), presumably as redundancy in case one doesn't register.

JH1 -- welcome back, but really bad luck on the lurgy.

I've managed to avoid illness at work (put myself in quarantine in a distant room); began carb loading last night, and felt like I was dancing on air this morning. Magic. But wanting to save my legs from the bike commute this last working day, I decided to get the bus for a novelty -- only thought about the disease risk once I was already on board! Should have driven...

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Posted: 21/04/2016 at 12:36

selbs -- I do have a protruding toe I'd love to get truncated as a 'cosmetic' procedure...

I'm such a new boy. First VLM in 2010, 2:41:26 with a stdev of 2:17. I did get the same time exactly two years in a row mind.

PP -- ooh, I like malt loaf. And marmalade. Never tried them together. Tomorrow perhaps -- that'll be my big carb load day, though I started this morning with some leftover rice and soy sauce.

ES -- good luck with the recovery. (And actually the hopping and skipping I have now dropped!)

Like coro I did 2M@MP-10sec yesterday (with just 1M w/u and 0.5M to get home) and the same the day before; today it was 1.5M at the same pace, tomorrow 1M at pace. Hopefully just taper madness but I thought I detected the left quad weakness which did for me in the Cambridge half -- belatedly started doing some quad lifts yesterday for that. _Please_ don't let it be a problem...

Finally -- is there a free deodorant sample in the goody bag? Don't want to overpack my rucksack, I'll be on foot all weekend

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Posted: 19/04/2016 at 12:42

RS -- I'm going to run to pace not HR, because I've never run a marathon with a HRM before so I don't have a 'normal'. I'm going to keep an eye on it and learn, though.

selbs -- maybe we're _both_ being ambitious! You're testing yourself at faster than MP though, so it's likely to be tough. (See below, was for me today.)

PP -- nice one in the relays, and like your evocative mention of the road closure signs going up. And hmmm... carbo load starts on Thurs for me. I'm being a bit Atkins right now, just to stay skinny on my seriously-reduced taper mileage.

Padams -- excellent 5000m there.

Lev_ -- I failed to take in your story previously. Nooo!

Muss -- incredible training block. Taper well.

SL -- congratulations! See you for head-wetting detail at the pub.

Al_P -- hope you're in full form for the race. I'm in self-imposed quarantine in a distance room at work, avoiding a guy with a lurgy who sits behind my usual desk.

Welcome back OS, CRAB, Blisters &  CL (probably finish near you again).

I had a minor panic on Sunday when I found a tight spot in my calf, which I massaged deeply and painfully after a couple of wines in the evening; all yesterday it was feeling a bit tender from that, but today when I ran on it it was fine. Into my usual routine of little faster-than-MP tempos round the park now. Today's was 2M@5:56/M, which was very comfortable breathing & HR-wise, but didn't feel sustainable in my quads. Whereas 6:05/M for 6M was fine on Sat, so it must be the right ballpark.

Inevitably I've started watching the weather forecast: cool but a bit of a NW wind, which can't help, even if we do have the shelter of the city and each other.

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