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Posted: 26/08/2016 at 12:45

So after a 47 hour break, I put in a nice reps + tempo run this morning -- I could still feel my legs were ploddish yesterday (but didn't run). 6x0.5M (@5:43/M), 7.7M@6:33/M, and total 13.4M@6:33/M avg. Yet on Weds am I couldn't quite hold 9m/M -- so it does affect me hugely. Having a break followed by a fast run at least renews my confidence that the plods will lift to leave something better behind when required... I'd still love to understand it though.

The commute home should make it 20M for the day, then I feel a wild boar burger coming on tonight as we go out for the latest round of celebrations (GCSEs this time). With all the exam results now in, things should calm down a bit in the CW household...

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Posted: 25/08/2016 at 12:16

LMH -- I've oft wondered what on earth is happening physiologically when I get the plods -- especially as they can sometimes 'lift' after a few miles (or just get worse), or be better one morning despite having had no training respite. Unpredictable. I suspect they're related to DOMS but without the same acute stiffness/tenderness, and probably brought on by not resting the day or two after long hard runs. Part psychological I'm sure -- I challenged myself to put in the odd faster burst yesterday, but was soon back at 9 m/M. There's a PhD in there somewhere!

But anyway, with my legs still feeling cranky at the end of the day, I rode home on my "emergency" bike and changed plan to a run-rest until tomorrow morning at least, which will hopefully bring that Shake n' Vac freshness back. So my 100+M week is out of the window, but my legs will hopefully thank me. I'd had a 9-day streak, which is long for me.

LS21 -- always a joy to hear your updates, good luck!

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Posted: 24/08/2016 at 12:05

Alan -- wow (great reps), the difference is that you seem to be able to clock the big miles AND do fast stuff. When I clock up big miles with no rest days (as I am this week), I get terrible plods (e.g. at 9 m/M on my way to work this morning), with very jaded legs. I'm only doing it because it seemed to work for VLM last time, but I might do a quality week next week for variety.

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Posted: 23/08/2016 at 12:10

AlanB -- wow, heroic and wonderful training. I'm just going for a big mileage block myself. I swear by training marathons, which I don't find damaging so long as they're not too close to race pace or course.

LMH -- coo, thanks for the tip. I'd never even heard of DSA (but have now Googled it).

Another 8M commute this morning, feeling much better than yesterday when my legs were pretty kaput; I said back then I wouldn't do it again, but I'm veering towards doing another 4-week block of 100+ mile trudging as I did before VLM, as it seemed to work wonders then. With heat acclimatisation runs too (won't be hard today!).

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Posted: 22/08/2016 at 12:17

LS21 -- hope you've seen the back of your woes (sorry!).

Wardi -- sad about the cat, even if it had done well.

Before I get my pronouns in a muddle I should explain that my eldest recently identified as male, so from now on I'll use "he". (Always was a tomboy, should have guessed!) We're all chilled out about it, so long as he's happy (is happier now, with a nice girlfriend), though I'm sure it won't be the easiest life sometimes, and he did well to get decent A-levels when there were bigger things on his mind. And we're definitely going for our usual luxury hotel option Wardi -- yes, Travelodge again...

(Speaking of which, I booked a great-sounding bargain flat near Tower Bridge for next VLM months ago, only to have my booking cancelled by the owner; but have booked a Travelodge for that too now.)

In a massive 7-day streak I creaked to work this morning having done another rather underfuelled training marathon yesterday (including 10M @ marathon effort, but that came out worryingly slow!). The last bit of that was pretty pathetic, running on vapours, but hopefully it was useful "metabolic" training at least.

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Posted: 19/08/2016 at 12:29

Great results there Dachs, and glad to hear you're getting back to it TT.

I've been in a pickle this week with jet lag, a cold I picked up (to be fair I can't remember which year I last got ill) and lack of sleep, but have been doing a lot of slow trudging and will clock up maybe 95M for the week. My eldest is now confirmed as starting at York in the autumn, so the marathon will be a family outing... otherwise I'd have been alone in the Travelodge family room I reckon.

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Posted: 15/08/2016 at 12:33

I too was away for a while, 2.5 weeks in the US on holiday, and as my habit is to come here on weekday lunchtimes I have lapsed horribly (and not attempted to read back!).

I did a fair bit of running while away, including 20M round Central Park and 10M barefoot on sand (got some odd blisters on the front of my toes from that). Not huge mileage though as I firstly tapered for and then recovered from a half out in Oregon (2nd place, 78:38 -- which was OK given 1000' vertical, a flight of steps, and a minor marshalling cock-up).

I'm now officially training for the Yorkshire marathon on 9 Oct, so I put in a training marathon yesterday morning (first full-distance run since before I went away), though my legs were rather wooden even before that. I haven't really decided how much to make of this campaign -- I want to make a reasonable effort, but don't expect to hit the same high-mileage weeks as pre-VLM.

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Posted: 26/07/2016 at 12:16

6+10M double yesterday, about 400 metres vertical on car park stairs this morning in one run, followed by a sluggish 5.5M in to work. I'm cramming as I won't be able to train tomorrow (also heading over to the US -- but in-laws in residence at home). The stair training is intended to protect my legs from quad DOMS after a planned family mountain walk, after which I am to race a hilly half.

I've also been doing some heat acclimatisation training recently -- partly to run well in the US if it's hot, and partly because it's supposed to be a Good Thing in general performance-wise. But I totally agree, I overdid it on Sunday, and could have done myself a mischief!

I'm hoping my autumn marathon won't be bittersweet like Jools' -- I'm doing York in the hope that child#1 will have just started studying there, so it will be a bit odd if the required grades don't show up and I'm there without the rest of the family in my big Travelodge room... (more of a concern in general about the uni course of course!)

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Posted: 25/07/2016 at 12:18

Padams -- impressive speed in your 3.5M race, good luck for Watford.

ES -- well done on your time too.

Hello Sue C, glad to hear you're (hopefully) over your back woes!

DanA -- much kudos, I saw a video of a clubmate doing that race last year (in horrible weather) and it certainly looked incredibly tough, far more technical than I'd be comfortable with. Recover well. I note you suggest both putting a club runner amongst Olympians and vice versa (getting Mo in the fell race that is)...

After some stair training and hill descents last Weds I found I'd unexpectedly trashed my calves, so I couldn't run properly until yesterday, and even then they were too grumbly for anything fast. I opted for an LSR training marathon fuelled and watered by my customary mug of black coffee beforehand. But I set out rather late, so it got darned warm by the time I finished (took 3h21, not quick) -- I ended up 8lb or 6.3% lighter than I started, and did wonder if I was overdoing it by not drinking (or being able to wet my hair/shirt) in the conditions. Felt a bit peculiar for a while afterwards. But survived, anyway, and did a slow 6M plod to work this morning.

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Posted: 20/07/2016 at 12:20

SC2 -- yes, I'm with C&C. I hadn't heard of Ian Kimpton before, obviously darned quick.

On Monday I did some extra on the bike because of my race-weary legs and found it extra easy in the heat -- which makes sense, the air should be ~5% less dense at 30 degC compared with 15 degC (say). Back to running last night though, and this morning I did my first stair training for about a year -- just to innoculate my quads against damage from a planned family mountain walk a few days before the half I'll race on holiday, really.

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