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Posted: Yesterday at 12:23

Wow SL, that was epic.Top respect for digging so very deep and holding it together when it was all so horribly tough. And hey, while you'd no doubt do much better if trained for it, it was still a fantastic result too. Chapeau.

And you've reminded me of my Borrowdale Fell Race last year, which I totally underestimated as an endurance event -- took me nearly 4.5 hours for the 17M, and so underfuelled that everyone was just walking past me on the last easy, grassy climb. I'll know better what to do this year... but for now I've definitely got it a bit wrong, as my quads are considerably worse today after my hill training on Sun. It's not that I want to be competitive, but nor do I want to disgrace myself, and I have a duty not to be so wrecked DOMS-wise after the race that I can't do mountain walks with the family in the days straight afterwards (they effectively sacrificied enough holiday days when I did the BGR!). So your write-up reminds me all the more that I do need to train for the specific demands of the event. (Shame I've also got a 10K and 5K booked in, which promise to be rubbish given my lack of fast running of late!).

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Posted: 29/06/2015 at 21:39

Well done PP, I have tender post-N Downs quads too -- I was down that way to visit my Dad again and wanted to grab the chance of more hill exposure before the Lakes in 5 weeks. Too late to enter your race, so I just iterated some suitably brutal climbs (with a good 2kg rucksack (like padams) inc laptop for work on the train), clocking about 3000' and 19M for the day. I hardly dare mention my DOMS when folk will be reporting back from the Alps though...

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Posted: 26/06/2015 at 12:37

Muss -- I've not been measuring my jumps, and probably should... my hopping has definitely got better though (at least in terms of control) . Hey, have a good one tomorrow.

PP -- very nice! That must be quite a big WAVA% (what I cling to now) too.

bains -- enjoy Keswick, we're heading back there for family hols before long. We love it.

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Posted: 25/06/2015 at 12:28

Congrats in advance on the first RS! And maybe see you in Borrowdale. Enjoy the Lakes this weekend.

ES -- unlucky, hope it clears up quickly.

bains -- I start bonking on the bike much earlier than while running (no idea why).

Encouraging TT, TT!

PP -- wow, MsP is a bit good, isn't she?

My legs seem to be on the sluggish side still -- next 2 days off I think. But I did some more plyometric hops, jumps, bounds and sprints as part of my commute in this morning regardless. (What the other busway path commuters made of it all I couldn't say...) I'm still waiting for the magic running economy boost from stronger, bouncier legs...

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Posted: 24/06/2015 at 12:33

bains -- more nice training there! And yes, Colworth HM was part of the 3-day 'marathon challenge'. So while I haven't checked, some of my rivals were no doubt worn down a bit by the 5 and 8.1 mile races already. And my 235m was 17 iterations of 73 steps of about 19cm each -- arranged in short flights of 10 or so... I stopped at 17, a thoroughly non-OCD number, when I started to feel it in my legs, and didn't want to DOMS myself (and I haven't).

Muss -- good lunchtime session after the morning 10, that.

dct -- welcome and congratulations! You're already doing well to have done a sub-3 marathon from a 1:26 half, indicating that you're attuned to the marathon distance. Opinions vary on mileage for its own sake -- I started as a low-mileage guy but it's crept up with time -- but pretty much everyone agrees on 3 ingredients:

1. A 'medium long' run (MLR) mid-week, of say 11-14 miles.
2. Some speed work but with a focus on longer intervals and tempo, not 400s
3. A weekly long run -- here I prefer to go to town and often do the whole 26M or more in training, but that's considered eccentric by most. And sometimes those long runs should include blocks of marathon pace (MP) or similar, but not every week.

Actually my recovery takes so long I tend to sneak speed work into the MLR or long run.

Just a steady 6M commute to work for me today, similar return journey planned. I've picked up a slight strain I think on the outside of my left ankle which I remember landing awkardly on in my off-road race on Sunday, but it doesn't seem to matter much when running.

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Posted: 23/06/2015 at 12:18

bains -- great to hear!

PP -- the metronome never fails, great reps there. And you're able to hunt better pots when you want to, but probably enter classier races

Good luck in Chamonix Dan & SL!

My first session on the car park stairs this morning, only about 235m vertical -- trying to avoid my usual mistake of DOMSing myself to hell by doing too much the first time.

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Posted: 22/06/2015 at 12:58

CC2 -- double win congrats!

Padams -- splendid 5000m PB there. Nicely done by you too PP, and that's a massive ride (good one too CD).

Three races in one weekend JAP? Coo, I wish I could handle that!

Spotting that last year's results were soft I went over for the Colworth half marathon yesterday, a low-key multiterrain thing. There were stronger runners this time though, 4 pulling away from me quite quickly (though one subsequently DNFd), leaving we in a wilderness in 5th (then 4th) with no danger of gaining or losing any places. For the first time in a race though I had quite severe toilet urges -- in retrospect I think I know why -- so the second lap was entirel focused on that. Just about managed to avoid a pit-stop, though as I could have done so without losing a place maybe I should have given in. My time (unofficially 1:22:48) was poor even given the knobbly terrain, though it would have made me 2nd last year. Got a golden shoe trohpy for first vet, anyway, and did just over 10M extra while waiting for prizes (and then gave up waiting), for a total of 25M for the day.

Edit: after a tumbleweed patch... I detect marathon campaigns kicking off!

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Posted: 19/06/2015 at 11:45

Nice one Padams! (I usually gain on downhills, but more that make up for it by being overtaken again uphill...)

Nice training PP, hope the 5000m is a cracking one.

But sorry to hear of your new woes Bains. Slow jogging normally helps my back, but that's just tight lower back muscles for me.

I did another 5M near the airport in Stuttgart yesterday morning including 1.5M tempo as a tune-up for a low-key HM I'm doing on Sunday, but actually my legs were too jaded to go fast after the previous day's forest hills and plyo stuff. Also my shiny new Garmin 920xt, which has shown excellent GPS tracks (I have GLONASS enabled too), threw an utter wobbly yesterday by starting my run about half a mile from reality, only to realise later. Hmm. Bike in this morning (to get my bits and pieces back to work) but I'll probably just do a steady run home.

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Posted: 17/06/2015 at 18:51

Sounds like your Dad passed on some great genes for adventure and endurance Selbs, I'm sure he'd have been tickled to hear about your "nice tri". Sorry about the tough and sad times for you and yours though.

I did indeed do 8.2M round a forest loop this morning -- some of it proved to be rather rough and boggy footpaths, but some swift tracks inhabited mainly by middle-aged women with alpine poles power-walking along, so there were many "guten Morgens" to be said. Did a few plyometric hops, jumps and short sprints before getting back to the hotel for a rather splendid breakfast of yogurt, fruits and mueslis... and then smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a bit of blue cheese. I've let myself go though by giving in to weekday beers as I'm travelling with a couple of colleagues. Slapped wrist.

Dan -- there has to be a gap in the market for a downhill step machine for mountain training. I did try jogging down an up escalator for a few seconds, but it wasn't really moving fast enough... at least there was a bit of altitude in the forest today.

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Posted: 15/06/2015 at 12:10

JimBob -- I suffered shin splints for a bit (or "medial tibial stress syndrome"), I reckon. Being a bit scared that it might progress to a stress fracture, I started taking a magnesium citrate supplement to aid bone growth. I don't know if it helped, though those particular niggles went away. Nice one on the 5000m by the way!

Jools -- hey, a win is a win...

Well done on the medals CC2! (Did you get both? It's been a bit hit and miss for me whether I've got e.g. 3rd senior, or 1st V40, or both...)

My training was a bit shizophrenic yesterday: some reps (2x0.5M, 2x1M, 2x2M) as I have another half marathon next weekend, but then some "hills" including steps (like SL) to make a 21M endurance run with an eye to Borrowdale in 7 weeks. I'm on a work trip to Germany for a few days from this afternoon, but obviously have my running shoes, and have plotted a route out into the forest from near the airport as I once did before.

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