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Posted: Today at 09:00

Jools -- terrific! (I can hardly remember what a PB is...)

If Boosts did it for Wilson Kipsang, and more importantly Marigold, maybe I should have tried them after all. (I considered them, but plumped for the Lunaracers for extra-cushiness in the forefoot department where I have that perennial blister problem). The Boosts are a bit heavier than I'd like, but again that doesn't seem to trouble those at the pointy end so maybe I've been over-obsessed by that distal mass (as Njord called it outside the Red Lion), i.e. weight on the foot here.

I had a kind of duel going with the guy who was Spiderman, Dracula, Cap'n Jack Sparrow etc. Finally shook him off last year when I got quicker and he had a more elaborate costume that probably slowed him down a bit...

My legs I swear are more creaky today after that jog to the station and 11M family walk yesterday, so I've not bothered trying to run. I have a bit of niggling and twitching from my left tibialis anterior, which is where I had loads of grief after VLM last year, so no hurry to resume. Maybe if like Bedders I'm on the verge of a compartment syndrome there -- it's always been a bit tetchy -- a bit of DOMS swelling might make it extra susceptible. Hopefully not a real problem though.

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Posted: Yesterday at 21:08

Fantastic stuff Lev_, though when I saw how young you were I knew you were basically cheating

Bit miffed not to get volunteered for that blood study, sounds interesting.

Family walk of about 12M today and I did half-jog to the station to get into the ticket queue... legs OK so while I'm being super-cautious this year, I might try a little run tomorrow or Sun. I've got no races booked whatsoever; time to trawl through the ones I've noted and pick some target events.

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Posted: 17/04/2014 at 18:58

Tmoth -- I've had some odema (?) like that before. I like to blame the weight gain after the marathon on it, until such time as it is obvious it isn't . How about a bit of gentle cycling to help pump the fluid away a bit?

running eye -- I'd do a proper long run in a gap that big, say mid way between the two. I'm just making it up though.

My legs are OK on the stairs and cycling now, but I have a possible niglette at the back of my L thigh, where it went 'twang' on the day. No running for me for another couple of days then, I learnt that lesson last year.

Miffed that my glorious finishing Mobot has not made it into my Marathonfoto selection -- they offered a picture of the middle finishing gate instead featuring MrB instead of yours truly. But for those who haven't already seen it on Facebook, this is the best running picture of me ever (apart from the elite lineup last year) greeting the family on the upslope of Tower Bridge -- which I then did aeroplanes across to rapturous applause/bafflement/condescension by the thousands. Oh happy day...


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Posted: 16/04/2014 at 12:21

PP -- it makes me wince looking at your 1km times!

Dachs -- ha ha on the showering; I must say I made good use of the thoughtful goody bag antiperspirant this year before I hit the pub/Tube (maybe a bit too much) -- who needs showers?

Good training Padams.

running eye -- so what training did you do for the hilly trail marathon that worked out faster than VLM2014? Maybe there are some clues in that. Or maybe you were a bit ill or something this week by bad luck, if you think the lack of energy was odd.

Spirun -- tremendous, congratulations! (I swerved into the rightmost finishing gate to get a clear photo of my Mobot, but it hasn't appeared on marathonfoto yet. Hope they had cameras running on all of them. Disturbingly, they've suggested a picture of the middle gate that hasn't got me on it but has CD who finished at about the same time.)

selbs -- I missed your original report about the SF in all the weekend excitement. Bad luck -- hope it heals reasonably quickly... (and I agree sub-75 is harder than sub-2:45).

... and getting downstairs without holding the bannister is indeed exactly what I have been boasting of today. I did a few extra miles on the bike though, just to loosen the legs up. I won't try running until the weekend either.

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 20:13

bufo -- annoying about the clock isn't it, but maybe they don't want to be hassled by several thousand people complaining that it doesn't match their chip time. I'm still waiting for my finish line one to appear to prove to the betting colleague that I did a Mobot as I crossed (and remembered to look up to camera). If you're patient, they'll do an endless series of special offers to wear you down. I've cracked a couple of times about 3 months out when they offer 3 digital images at £20 or all at £60 or something. I can't help feeling they'd make more money aiming a bit lower down the price/demand curve though.

TR -- hadn't thought about the crampiness being shoe-related, but it started to feel on the verge in upper leg places too. (Started L hamstring in fact.)

LD -- I was so obsessed with getting a Travelodge early last time, I ended up booking Bethnal Green when they said they had no availability elsewhere, but I suspect that was because they'd not released rooms elsewhere. My £88 family room was better than the £250 double I overhead a couple on the train say they got landed with at the last minute though, but I perhaps should have waited a bit.

Just enjoyed digging in some spuds -- kind of thing I didn't dare do in the last fortnight in case I put my rather fragile lower back out. Oh yes, I'm a thrill-seeking, risk-taking kind of a guy now... even had 3 whole pints of Old Speckled Hen and a steak last night too (family outing).

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 12:51

...I fancy experimenting with a weekly regime of super-LSR (with MP some weeks), a couple of days off to get the freshness back, and then a higher-quality MLR, skipping the odd day or two of low-key commuting doubles I would have done this time around.

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 12:45

So I had said I'd hold off commenting on everyone else until all the reports were in. But now I've missed the window -- Dachs' brilliant summary shows I've got no hope of going over them all, so I'll just add a sprinkling of comments about a few, and rest assured I've been suitably impressed/sympathetic about everyone else

Also Dachs and others, forgive me -- I think I've got borderline face blindness or maybe just plain senility. Seeing people after a whole year for another 5 mins is a worst case scenario for me in terms of recognising people, though to be fair not many of you have recognisable avatar pics like my ugly mug!

I have used the gentle net headwind as a small excuse -- it wasn't bad by any means, but I was conscious of it (in fact realising it had gone after Tower Bridge helped with a bit of a surge), and it's bound to have a small effect, even if it's a fraction of a percent. I wouldn't stretch that to specific muscle groups getting fatigued though!

For me "You passed 45 runners... And 2 passed you". I knew one of them; by that stage I'd throttled back a bit to avoid threatening cramp. More on that below. But first, a few random comments as promised:

Marigold -- as I've said elsewhere, I was borderline weepy on hearing your result. Can't wait to see how you do in the new realms that have just opened up to you. Totally cool pictures and TV too; I think you managed to get your arms at just the right angle to match your blog header picture again too

bufo -- take a screenshot of your powerof10 page while you're UK #1 for U23 marathon! That was a jaw-dropping debut. As I said, I've always been impressed by your mature pacing. You're definitely "one to watch".

CC2 -- more borderline weepiness

CD -- ha yes, I've got a video clip from a friend featuring both of us at 600m too. You've got to have one of the highest age gradings round here.

CL -- you were deadly this year. I was within 5 metres of you at 15M when I had a bit of a surge, and assumed I would be going past. But you were so strong, just gradually and unstoppably putting distance between us until the end. A fine run by you and again that must be a dead impressive WAGA %.

Yasanuga -- they have flexible squashable polythene water pouches in the Cambridge HM which should be less hazardous (and less wasteful) than hard bottles. Bad luck.

Wardi -- _very_ bad luck, that's just awful. As we saw with Mo in NY and the elite woman last year, being tripped can happy right at the pointy end, though I guess congestion makes it more likely in the thicker parts of the field.

TR -- really pleased you still bagged a trademark 2:5x after your ruined campaign.

ON7 -- incredible progression for you.

How's the DOMS? My quads are worse than last year I'm sure, one stair at a time first thing though they got better after cycling to work.

And what can I learn from next time? As I was saying at the pub, TR is quite right -- all my overdistance runs did not, this time, save me from what could have become disastrous cramp. I wasn't hitting the wall fuelling-wise; I was clear headed and running strongly (5:59 mile 24) when it hit. So I like the end-of-race confidence and strength the long runs give me. But looking back on this campaign, I was very low on quality; I only did one long run with a block of MP, and my MLRs were often compromised by weary legs. So my lesson for next time I think is to apply a little more icing on my cake, so that my muscles are better acclimatised to operating at race speed for more extended periods. I fancy experimenting with a w

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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 21:41

2:39:43 for me, 57 sec slower than last year but still very satisfactory. My pacing was more wobbly then the official splits show; I knew I'd likely be a bit slower than last year, but then felt pretty good and tried to stick to PB 6:03/M pace initially. Whenever I had a poor split I followed it with a panic fast one, hence the oscillations. I got a real lift from seeing the family on Tower Bridge and put in a distinct surge from 13M for a few, then had a bit of a wobble, then another surge when I saw them again at 23M. My Garmin has my 25th mile split (not sure which mile as I cocked that up a bit) as 5:59, and I was feeling invincible...

... until feeling a sharp twang in the back of my left leg which made me cry out and fear that I was going to be hobbling the last 1.5M as one of the walking wounded. I slowed a bit, shifted my style a bit, and thankfully it faded, though my calves too threatened to cramp a bit -- all my "do not fear the distance after all those overdistance runs" was a bit deflated. Not too bad though, and there seems to be no lasting damage. And it was only a 30 sec positive split overall.

The Mobot on the finish line was a kind of bet to earn £10 in sponsorship from one colleague to anther running a half in Dublin next Friday, honest guv! At least I have a reliable witness, CD...

I won't try and comment on all the other miraculous triumphs and agonising disasters until more have come in (and I need to go to bed), but obviously I would like to claim all credit for Marigold finally subscribing to my overdistance methods to get his long-deserved result

Also Marigold, HR and any others -- my flakey TV does seem to have recorded the footage OK, so I have some large MPEG files of the whole lot. I've not watched it myself yet (may need some help finding your interview HR).

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Posted: 12/04/2014 at 15:40

Installed in Bethnal Green Travelodge with some extra thick white bread butties for my remaining meals. I seemed to be in more of a hurry to escape the Expo than my family -- not the same without your stand Dan!

TR -- you won't have heard of them, but

bufo -- I managed to sneak in via one of the "policed" roads once by flashing my 3-digit number, but got turned around when I tried that last year. So yes, diagonally opposite the main Blue Start entrance arch. Hope you've got your club vest!

Looks like I've got 4 twisty ties in my envelope, but also a couple of spares from home should anyone need them tomorrow.

The Met Office forecast for the Mall seems to be settling into a slightly easier headwind again (it is pretty much from the worst possible direction, though it's not strong at all), but full sunshine. I won't be overheating but it's not going to feel cool. Delightful for drinking beer outside the pub though, and the sun makes those photos look better

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Posted: 12/04/2014 at 08:48

Ah nice thought HR, but I know diddly about putting shoes together really -- only dismantling them... liked the Jonathan Edwards clip too. Certainly showed the first jump wasn't a fluke!

I've put on about 2.5lb after 2 days of carbo loading. Looking at last year I didn't show any real weight gain, so maybe I've done it better this year (or too well -- actually pretty much impossible to lay down that kind of mass in fat that fast, so not really). Or maybe I was just more pre-depleted after my 10-day ish carb deplete.

Just done my last 1M run with 0.25M at 5:35/M according to the Garmin. Then ANT Agent suffered a software error so I'm having a right pain uploading to SportsTracks and Training Center even after a couple of reinstalls -- I got into a similar mess before. Do the rival GPS watches have buggy software too? I found another one in the 310XT: entering important waypoints (i.e. pubs) for the weekend, I realised you can't edit the letters part of coordinates in OS GB format on the watch. Also it cancels your tortuous waypoint edit if it loses satellite lock, which it shouldn't need anyway when I'm defining somewhere I want to go to later. The 305 didn't do that.

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