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Posted: 20/07/2016 at 12:20

SC2 -- yes, I'm with C&C. I hadn't heard of Ian Kimpton before, obviously darned quick.

On Monday I did some extra on the bike because of my race-weary legs and found it extra easy in the heat -- which makes sense, the air should be ~5% less dense at 30 degC compared with 15 degC (say). Back to running last night though, and this morning I did my first stair training for about a year -- just to innoculate my quads against damage from a planned family mountain walk a few days before the half I'll race on holiday, really.

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Posted: 19/07/2016 at 12:30

LMH -- crikey, that was quite some training.

SC2 -- someone pointed out that my 10K got a big 'SSS' score on runbritain, implying it was harder than normal, and no doubt yours did too. I did consider the Luton 10K because of being an Eastern Vets thing, but didn't think it worth the extra travel. At least you got a cash prize though! (Nice engraved glass things for us to be fair.)

CD -- will be really interesting to see how the run/walk thing turns out. Now you mention it, I remember I tried it on a training ultra once; not sure if it helped or not though.

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Posted: 18/07/2016 at 12:34

LS21 -- that's a very decent session even for someone with a functioning liver. Just stay off the Sunny D...

CD -- congrats on the bouncy bling. I'm not following the run/walk thing though -- do you reckon that might be quicker in the (fatigued) marathon at the end of the IM then?

Nice running Wardi & TT.

I had yet another race yesterday, the St Ives 10K. My time was a disappointing 36:09, though everyone complained of being slow in the heat and because of a stiff headwind for a mile or two at one point (though I managed to shelter for that). I suspect that thoroughly trashing my quads on the hills last Sunday didn't help. Picked up an almost embarrassing haul of team and MV45 prizes, then 2nd and V40 county champs medals (for what they're worth!) though, and did another 8M waiting for prizes so it was still a reasonable day's running.

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Posted: 15/07/2016 at 13:16

TT -- looks like good stuff training-wise.

SL -- I'm wracked with guilt now -- it's my shocking failure to _commit_! But if you're doing the tourist sites, might well also bump into you not in running kit, which would be lovely -- Empire State Building, Liberty Island boat trip, Intrepid museum, modern art, etc etc, all good stuff. Last time I went to NY (except for changing planes for work) was in 1981 when my Mum went over to run NYM and we stayed a week, so it's been a while. The HM in Portland sounds quite low key, but our friends hosting us there have been bullying me for years to come over and race there, so it's bluff-calling time, and I want to put on a decent show... if that's possible after a week and a half of indulging in US portions. Both mini-CWs have finished big exams, hence the rare bigger holiday.

And I've never trained "properly" for an ultra, but from first principles you want to develop your fat-burning and so be running glyco-depleted. So back to back 20s is Ok so long as you don't refuel too much in betweeen -- but arguably doing 30 on one day and skipping the other would be as good or better. That would be my preference anyway, but partly to fit in better with family (only bunking off for one long run not two).

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Posted: 14/07/2016 at 13:18

SL -- ah, Gatwick for me. I'll be tapering for a half on Sat 7th in Portland (Oregon) so while I might do a longish run one week out, in general I'll not do too much out there, and in any case find it easier to plan training 'dynamically' around family things (and get lag this time). So maybe I should wish you well and hope to bump into you in Central Park but not try and plan anything (or keep up with you), cheers! PS glad you've got your legs back, if not you chest.

Back to it nicely there bains.

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Posted: 13/07/2016 at 12:48

Been out of the office a bit, so catching up...

SL -- if you're flying BA, I might see you on the plane

PP -- jolly quick 5K-ish there, and then the 3000m too! LR also noted.

TT -- glad to hear you're improving.

Nice training Wardi. I was wearing extra layers again this morning, but only on the bike...

LS21 -- great that you have a diagnosis to work with, hope you manage to overcome it as a result. I must scuttle back to some blood results I had done as part of a medical study to see if my bilirubin levels are interesting. Top long run given that and the hills!

Padams -- well done in the inter-counties, very swift given the wind. Nice one on your multi-event athletics too.

AlabB -- big training (likewise LMH), here I was thinking "how nice, autumn marathons being prepared for", then remembered I have one myself -- I'd better start soon! Hope Abo goes well for you TR.

In the meantime, I'm a wreck. I was really looking forward to the local 10K this Sunday, thinking I should put in a good one. But on Sunday, I thought I'd grab the chance to do more hill training as we were camping in Shropshire -- and unwittingly overdid it, big time. Too many hill reps in a wheat field, then some other hills; should have realised something was up when I struggled to complete 20M when I had time to do much more. My quad DOMS has been worse than after VLM, descending stairs one at a time etc, and I don't know if I'll be able to run even tomorrow. The 10K is likely to be poor!

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Posted: 06/07/2016 at 12:26

RB -- huge congratulations! I'll be in NY myself in a few weeks, and daughter#2 (not a habitual runner) has running round Central Park as a bucket list item.

PP -- crikey, smoking 800s there. Your VO2max can't be that bad!

LS21 -- brilliant

My legs were surprisingly DOMSd by Sunday's half, so I've not run since. Planning to do a few on the way home tonight though...

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Posted: 04/07/2016 at 12:38

PP -- can't believe you beat the test! And top biking by you and CD.

TT -- good luck with the ribs

Jools -- well done in the 3000m

Padams -- amazing to do a solo parkrun that quick without trying too hard

LMH -- it was the Bassingbourn half, just a village thing. Only 307 finishers. But hey -- I won -- so I've got to be happy with that (and I was). There was a mile of mud/grass track (but dry), the rest was road, a little breeze but not too much, some mild hills ditto, so overall it wasn't a bad course. 75:51 was my time, and I don't think I'd have improved on that very much on a 'perfect' course, certainly not sub-75. More impressive though was my FV35 clubmate who came in 22 sec behind me, about 2 mins ahead of 2nd man.

Legs were pretty stiff this morning so just an easy ride to work, though they're feeling better now so maybe I should have brought running kit to allow a run home...

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Posted: 01/07/2016 at 12:29

Bum. I crafted a post yesterday covering all your wonderful exploits but obviously failed to press 'Submit'. It was still there in Notepad this morning and I deleted it...

So very briefly this time as I am missing the moment, huge kudos to SL & Dan on their Alpine exploits. I think you need a CamelDrip(TM) so you can stay topped up with lovely isotonic saline as you run Dan. Not sure if you were falling over because of your shoes, legs, or brain SL, but overall that was a terrific result.

And congrats to Padams on the county call-up.

LS21 -- love your visits here!

I've got a local half on Sunday, so I'm just tuning up for that. Not much to report. I am still doing overdressed heat acclimatisation training, but only on Mon & Tues when my legs tend to be knackered from weekend racing or big training anyway, so it's less demoralising being slowed still more from cooking myself...

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Posted: 28/06/2016 at 12:10

ES -- good form in the 5M race.

Big training there LMH. And yes -- you get your (mitochondria only from your mother!

Still no race reports from the Alps?

I've been doing some longer overdressed but steady commutes yesterday and today; rest tomorrow, partly due to a work meeting, then some tune-ups for a local half on Sunday.

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