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Posted: 28/08/2014 at 12:28

Lev_ -- great stuff, you're clearly over the overtraining. I would have done the extra 2M though, it's worth it for that "I do not fear the distance" confidence! In my taper week I do increasingly short intervals (2M, 1.5M, 1M, 0.5M) all at about HMP so that MP feels slow on the day. Apart from that, I quite often do sessions with a series of 0.5M or so 'fast' with longish gaps (so that the total run is quite long).

Al_P -- you hit the nail on the head. Last night I explored further up my leg and found a tight/sore patch some distance from the niggle, which I gave a good "seeing to", and had a great session today with little trouble. I was fearing (TT) that my Lunaracers might be problematic, as they're just a bit snug on my awkwardly large toe on that side... And never mind that, a terrific session from you too!

TT -- verys sensible to back off a bit, still sounds good though.

A dentist appointment today precluded a commuting double, but I got an early 10.4M in with 10x{0.5M @ 5:39/M, 0.25M form drills/easy}. Pace may not be electric in historical terms, but I was pleased to have bagged a speed session without apparent problems. (That pace was accurate though, Garmin had me a good 10s/M quicker, as usual for my park loops.)

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Posted: 27/08/2014 at 18:53

Tmoth +1 vote for stick. It's too late to gain much fitness, but you've got plenty of time to throw it all away. If you can still keep going a bit during the taper, you should be in great shape, and hopefully the knee will gratefully heal...

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Posted: 27/08/2014 at 12:15

TT -- X-posted you yesterday. That's a big double as a mere test before a "real" session...

PP -- nice session. Likewise your long ones Al_P.

ON7 -- I decided on the GER before I realised that the T&G is going to be a much bigger thing this year (at least I guess so from the 'closed city centre roads' element of the course and newspaper advertising in London), more like the Oxford one. Last year it was quite low key (otherwise I wouldn't have won it, despite twanging my calf en route!). Now I'm not so sure I've done the right thing, though at least this way I can rest on my laurels before it attracts hordes of high-calibre athletes . Nice training BTW.

I think there is/was something wrong with Michael Phelps' digestion or metabolism. His diet just sounded far too extreme for any amount of training.

Whatever I've done to my ankle/foot, it deserved a rest today -- I was limping. The frustrating thing is that my running muscles are all fine, it's just some bit of "suspension" that seems to be dicky, sometimes making me yelp when I balance on one foot for example. Hopefully nothing serious -- maybe I trod awkwardly on my run home last ?Thurs or something and insulted a small muscle, but I don't remember doing so.

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Posted: 26/08/2014 at 20:58

ON7 -- see you at the GER!

bainspj -- great training, I know what you mean about additional commitments right now...

LR1976 -- I race and train in flats but I'm small and light. Mind you, my cranky ankle of last week has come back -- fine when running, but occasionally makes me wince or even limp getting out of my chair. Most odd. Also, my latest racers are actually pretty cushioned (Nike Lunaracers, as bains noted), aiming to avoid a recurring blister problem I've had.

Lev -- glad to hear you're getting over the overtraining, but don't have a relapse by overdoing it. I've gone weak and wobbly the odd time in a long run when I maybe also did some reasonable miles the day before and hadn't eaten a lot of carbs in general, so I concur on fuelling up a bit if you're doing hard and long training.

TR -- nice to hear things coming back.

Just a 4M + 4.5M double today, but at a reasonable lick considering the rucksack payload and headwind this morning. As I said though, my ankle is playing up. Must try and locate exactly which bit of it is protesting.

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Posted: 24/08/2014 at 21:32

DrD & PP -- both absolutely splendid, congratulations (again in your case PP, what kind of V40 am I??).

Dan -- nice one on the parkrun.

SL -- eye-watering training pace. Intense stuff from you too Jools.

My niggle has receded, and the family crisis is stabilised (dear old Dad now in a very cushy nursing home after a bit of a panic). So after the 11 + 3 double on Friday (very tired at the end of that -- just sleepy-tired) and 7.3M quite brisk yesterday including some hill reps, my legs felt pretty sluggish this morning so I did an old-school 20M LSR @ 8m/M including some cross-country. Then walked around London a lot today. A rest tomorrow I think, and then more speed work with fresh legs (hopefully) with an eye to autumn races. Feels like autumn now, anyway...

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Posted: 22/08/2014 at 19:09

Thanks Stet & PP, no I didn't know they had an updated version. And yes, good luck PP, continue the streak!

Padams -- actually I had the niggle on Tues evening, so the 2-day break was no bad thing. Must be some tiny unimportant muscle that only gets me at certain angles when moving about on one foot, just an annoyance (hopefully).

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Posted: 22/08/2014 at 12:18

Nice to hear you getting over it, Padams.

Below par for you perhaps but that looks quick for a parkrun, Dachs.

PP -- I was worried the Adios Boost didn't have enough of that lovely squishy stuff under the forefoot (where I get problems), reserving it mainly for the heel (which I don't use much). Any thoughts?

DrD -- great stuff.

PP (again... was working through posts in order) -- yet again, you are absolutely on fire!

TT -- no doubt you'll be enjoying the unseasonably fresh August conditions now you're back...

Tmoth -- you're making me want to go back on holiday.

So 2 days of no running and radio silence here due to a minor family crisis. Back to it this morning with 11M @ 7:20/M with a 4kg rucksack (had to bring the work laptop back in), but I have a new niggle -- something cranky about my right foot/ankle when I lift it at certain angles. I was aware of it when driving, too. Hopefully just a minor annoyance though.

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Posted: 19/08/2014 at 20:57

bainspj -- I have a now rather old Inov8 Race Pro 22?, which (other than today) I use for every weekday commute run. (It has a water pouch which I never use.) I keep the straps reasonably short and use the waist and chest straps too, and it suits me well. 2kg is fine; 3kg starts to feel heavy, and 4kg or more starts to feel silly. (It maybe started at 5kg for my Bob Graham last year but that wasn't proper running in general.) The bumbag is OK up to 1kg, I've now decided, but no more. Oh, and great km reps -- excellent monotonic progression of pace!

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Posted: 19/08/2014 at 12:24

ON7 -- ah, I didn't even have a date for the Leighton 10 noted (do now thanks!) -- I haven't figured out my race plans for the autumn other than the GER. And even that I'm wondering about now as the Town & Gown 10k on the same day now sounds like a much more interesting event.

Inspired by recent fell-running, I tried using a bumbag instead of rucksack for my commute this morning; but with 1.45 kg payload, it bounced around too much really, though was less bad when I ran faster (did about 8x0.5M in a very low-key way, about MP so not proper speed training). Will be lighter with no packed lunch on the way back...

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Posted: 18/08/2014 at 12:13

TR -- ouch!

Good training Jools, DrD, bainspj, Stet & PP.

Padams -- corr, I wish I could do a 5k that quick on so little training. Amazing to have 2 women so close behind, too -- obviously a quality field there.

Dan -- good luck! And at least you get to pig out on junk for one or two days (well I would, anyway).

When I were a lad, a 5k would have no effect on my legs the next day; but yesterday they were decidedly creaky after my parkrun (and a walk up Skiddaw on Fri perhaps). 15M done but it started horribly slow; and just a few extra bike miles on the way into work today. In general, I'm now focused on HM-type training, as I've entered the GER in Peterborough on 12th Oct. (Maybe a mistake though -- the Town & Gown 10k on the same day is going to be a closed-roads city-centre epic this year, so maybe I should be doing that instead.)

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