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Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 10:28

All that would be great MC, but all that would be expensive, and end up going on to race entry fees.  It would make triathlon the first sport to have such extensive testing of amateurs, and unfortunately it probably needs some high profile cases to emerge before that's going to happen.  Even pro triathlon probably isn't high profile enough unless the Brownlees failed a test or they had another Kona winner DQ'd for doping.

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 17/10/2016 at 08:48
cougie wrote (see)
Friend of mine is a pharmacist. She says lots of people are on that drug for asthma and she can't see a problem with it. 

True, but it's also known to be a PED, which is why he needed a TUE.  It's also quite a strong drug to take for asthma - the issue seems to be that Wiggins needed very strong asthma medication immediately before 3 of his biggest target races, but at no other time.  All approved and above board, granted, but it's pushing the boundary of legality - if you can get a doctor to sign it off then it's OK, regardless of whether it was actually needed to treat the condition or not.

cougie wrote (see)

Wiggins has said he's had injections. I don't think I know of anyone who's never had an injection.
Medical treatment is fine in my book - but not vitamin supplement injections that used to be common in cycling. No need for that.

If sky were dirty then there would be a lot more stuff coming out than one tue that was approved by their own governing body.

Wiggins also said previously that he'd never had injections while at Sky.  Presumably he either forgot about the ones right before his biggest races to treat a condition that would have threatened his participation in the race, or maybe he didn't want to bring it up because he knew there would be awkward questions to answer.

Yes, medical treatment is fine, but only if there's a condition that needs treating and only if there are no non-PED medications available, in my view.

And yes, if sky were doing illegal stuff across the board then there'd be a lot more coming out.  With Armstrong there was a steady stream of claims of cheating which were all ignored at the time because, as he so frequently said himself, he wasn't failing any tests.  I don't think anyone would fall for that again - if similar claims were being made about Sky we'd have written them off long ago.

Sub 3

Posted: 16/10/2016 at 20:45

That's pretty solid Dan, nice one.  78 without really thinking about it is good going. 

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 14:10
senidM wrote (see)
All very blurred, when does a medical condition cease to become a disability to an athlete and turn into an asset? Ask Maria Sharapova? or Sir Brad?

Somehow doubt if you'll ever get a straight answer.

In Sharapova's case she was taking something for a long time that wasn't banned, that apparently a lot of athletes were taking.  She didn't see the warning that it was about to be banned and took it after the deadline.  There was a half-hearted attempt to claim that she'd originally taken it for medical reasons, but she was really playing by the 'if it's not on the banned list it's fair game' rule the whole time. Then the rule changed, she got caught and was herself banned.

Brad's case is a bit greyer in that he took something on the banned list, but did so after a doctor said that he needed it for medical reasons (i.e. he got a TUE).  If those medical reasons weren't true (or exaggerated) then that's the ethical line being crossed for me, but whether we like it or not, if he's got a note from the doctor he's within the rules.  Maybe the rules need tightening, but it's hard to see how you'd write them to prevent athletes taking performance-enhancing substances while still allowing them to take things for genuine medical reasons.

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 13:58

Crazy thing is MC, these guys (and gals) presumably doped to get a qualifying spot, then continued right up to the Kona race.  Now, amongst all the qualifiers only a very few are ever likely to be in with a shout of a podium place, so why keep doping after you've qualified?  A place in the top 10 in age group, or a PB?  Really? 

I guess once you start it quickly becomes a habit with some people.

It devalues it for the majority (hopefully) who got there under their own steam. Although judging from the drafting packs at the sharp end of some races a few used someone else's steam along the way!

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 13:17

Ethical boundaries are wherever an individual decides they are, and they're very blurred.  I can see why a professional athlete might decide that anything within the actual rules is fair game, however distasteful it may appear to the rest of us.  Sky/British Cycling have demonstrated through many of their kit modifications that they're prepared to push rules to the limit, I'm not surprised if they're doing the same with the medical rules.

I'm actually more surprised (pleasantly) that Chris Froome appears to have gone against that, refusing a TUE on at least one occasion when he'd have had a valid reason for one.

On a related note but back in triathlon, anyone else spot that a number of age group athletes at Kona were prevented from starting the race for refusing a dope test?  Not the first time that doping amongst age groupers has been shown to perhaps be more widespread than we'd like.  A bit sad, really.

Sub 3

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 09:17

TT/RS - I noticed that the Nurgalieva twins couldn't run Comrades this year for the same reason.  It does make you wonder how far down the ban goes - does VLM have to weed out any entry of Russian nationality, or is it just elite athletes?  What if this guy turned up to parkrun?

I'd forgotten about those England vests.  Have they decided who England will be competing against yet?  Either way, you have to go for it CW.  Just don't do what one guy down here does who obviously went to the world masters at some point in the past and now habitually turns up to parkrun in his GB vest.  In winter it's the full tracksuit option.

If Coro is getting into the V45s it must be time for me to leave...

Travelling to the London Marathon. Is this mad?

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 08:41

The marathon itself would be OK as long as you start with the intention of just enjoying it.  You'll be fit enough to get round, just a bit jet lagged.

But to throw something else into the mix, you'll need to go to the expo to collect your number.  To do that you'll need the form that comes with the magazine which will land on your doormat at home while you're in Canada.  So you'll have some logistics to work out to get your number.  Someone can pick it up for you but only if you've signed the form.  Otherwise you'll be trekking around on the Saturday rather than going straight home and putting your feet up.

TBH, unless you can get back a few days earlier, you'd be better off deferring. 

Another London Marathon ballot rejection

Posted: 12/10/2016 at 17:12
FAT AL wrote (see)

So Vlog aside what do you think about my proposal for a new approach to the ballot?

Seems complicated to me - like the old '5 rejections and you're in' system it would add hugely to administration, because they'd have to keep track of each entry by an individual across the years.  What if you move house/change your name etc?  And then when they did the ballot they'd have to go through and weed out those who'd been successful twice or more because they had multiple entries.

I can't see VLM being interested in anything like that.  I'm sure they'd like it to be as fair as possible, but not if it increases their admin overhead.

First half iron man and now London marathon

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 13:59

Best bet would be to work some cycling and swimming into a marathon training plan, rather than the other way round.  Add a morning or lunchtime swim, swap some run sessions for bike, that sort of thing.  And as dave says, get some long rides in at weekends.  Recovery is key, especially early on when you're getting used to the increasing mileage.

When I'm marathon training I don't like to do long (20+ mile) runs on consecutive weekends, so I alternate with a long (3+ hour) ride.  It means starting the marathon build-up a bit earlier and the 'standard' training plans go out the window, but a longer build-up suits me and it means spring duathlons or a May HIM aren't a problem.  Lower weekly running mileage is made up by the other two in terms of building up aerobic endurance.

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