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Boston 2017

Posted: Today at 16:26

Sounds OK if that's where the subway stops are SS.

Bag drop used to be at the start, but last time I did it was 9 years ago and security will have changed for obvious reasons.  Just don't plan on taking anything with you on race day that you can't either run with or discard.

Boston at the weekend?  Apart from the expo, there'll be a baseball game on the Saturday, city walk & general sightseeing, the 5K (not cheap, but lots do it), shopping, lunch in Faneuil Hall, another trip to the expo, pre-race dinner.... 

Boston 2017

Posted: Today at 14:35

SS - it isn't as bad for spectators as it first looks, although it's never going to be as easy to see your runner multiple times as it is in London or Berlin, for example.  Assuming you're staying somewhere in Boston itself then watching there is fine, and spectators can get out to some of the earlier parts of the course on the subway.  But she's not going to be able to see you near the start and the finish as well without her own transport.

They do bus you out to the start early and the wait is probably longer than it used to be.  Most of the waiting will be in a holding area rather than in the start pen itself though.  If it's cold I'm planning on wearing old throwaway kit to the start, so I don't have to worry about fitting it into a kit bag, which I believe are smaller these days as well.

Equality In Sport

Posted: Yesterday at 13:31
Booo wrote (see)

Also, if memory serves, wasn't there talk in the last year or so of a lady taking one of the drives in F1 (obviously without the having to park it in the garage bit   ) 

There was, but they stopped the idea when they realised that she'd have an unfair advantage over the male drivers by not requiring a sat nav to find her way round the circuit.

Race Fees

Posted: Yesterday at 11:38
Murdoch wrote (see)

247 events are organising a 10m run in Richmond Park (you know, a park, its free to run in).

You can run there for free but there are fees to pay if you want to use the park for a running event.  For a commercial company there's a fee of £2.75 per head, plus a 'Disruption Charge' of up to £20k.  Granted that on its own isn't much out of the potential revenues from entry fees, but the park isn't free for commercial use.

Good For Age Applications

Posted: 18/01/2017 at 13:20

No, the GFA application is separate and closes later, in July I think.  Details will be on the VLM website.  All you need to do when the general application opens is check that the GFA times are unchanged - they do get adjusted every so often and they'll be up on the website before the ballot opens.

Sub 3

Posted: 17/01/2017 at 12:12

CW gets a lot of midair photos.  His garmin will tell him cadence and ground contact time so he could work out how many of those 76 minutes he was actually airborne.

Nice haul there CC2.

Still no running for me, it's improving but I don't want to rush.  I tried swimming at the weekend which was fine, except pushing off the end was painful so I just used the one leg for that.  Not an option for running, I've found.

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 12/01/2017 at 13:35

I've obviously missed all the evidence against Froome, other than circumstantially being on the same team as Wiggins.

Sky/British Cycling's paranoia over the years about secrecy has hit them here - when they were developing track bikes everything was kept closely guarded so that other teams couldn't copy them.  Quite possibly that same paranoia led them to use a courier rather than have a team medic being spotted popping into the local pharmacy.  Problem is, that same secrecy just makes them look guilty now, whether they are or not.  If they'd come clean in the first place they might have stood a chance of being believed, whatever they say now just looks like a cover-up.

HM Training plan including parkruns

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 11:15

Either just do the parkrun on Saturday and your LSR on Sunday regardless of what the plan says, or incorporate the parkrun into a long run on Saturday.  5k at a quicker pace in the middle of a long run isn't going to wreck your training, it might even improve it. 

PSOF Championships 2018

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 08:48

MC - that's fine, I was in two minds on whether to vote because I'm not in a position to commit to Wales and in the past there have been issues with lots of people voting on a venue then nobody turning up.  But Tenby will always get a good pirate turnout, champs or not so not really an issue.

I do fancy trying a Canadian/US race at some point, I imagine the vibe is a bit different to the European ones. 

Oh no five-oh! Happy Birthday Meldy!

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 08:41

It'll be fields again soon mouse. 

Happy birthday melds, have a good one.

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