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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 17:21

((((Snaily)))) Guilt can be a funny thing. But try and remember, you are not ruining his life, he is not ruining yours, your just have a different view on how life will move forward from now, and its in different directions. If it was the same direction, there would be no problems, would there.

I do not for one minute think you will have any problem looking after a house! he will have to learn the same skill (that he has probably watched you do to perfection a thousand times over the years!) 

As has been said, try REALLY hard to keep it civil, and get the legal agreement signed, sealed and so water tight it will squeak! (from my own experience a couple years back) Do not scrimp on that bit like I did 

Good luck with your future life  Oh, and in case your wondering, the pain subsides as the eventual happiness fill that space.

Hope everyone else is doing well not been around much lately 

First 100 miler

Posted: 25/09/2014 at 13:30

Yep me too initially, even felt a twit buying them at my age , but was pursuaded to try them and actually found I like them ,,,, mind you, some of the flavours ARE awful, no wonder some babies grow up hating certain foods. I still like the fruit ones best 

First 100 miler

Posted: 25/09/2014 at 12:28

Try baby food packs. A friend put me onto them and the way she runs ultras, if it good enough for her etc etc  They are really easy to take too, just squeeze the pack, and almost liquidised food comes out, and they have a cap so you dont have to take it all at once. Mind you, I usually do .... cos I actually like most of the flavours! Personnally I like the chicken one and most of the fruit desert ones.

Being almost liquid, they are easy to swallow too, great if your struggling with food/dodgy tum like I usually do. My long runs I always have some with me now.

Too many gels set off acid reflux with me. I only use them for emergencies now as I can grit my teeth, hold my stomach and hope they stay down..

When your on the W100, hopefully we will have some of our home made goodies left such as polenta cacke and chocolate nut and rice cakes, these may well help you too, as easy to digest. I'll let you know which station we will be manning when I know.

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 09:54

Well done BT  look forward to the report 

Ridgeway Challenge 2014

Posted: 26/08/2014 at 12:35

Excellent report Shawk  and really well done on the 16:47 8th finish!

Interesting you go the gel route and not the food route. My tum is an area I have 'issues' with and havent found a solution yet. I have used GU's and others, but prefer real food, but still suffer.

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 14:43

"If you keep doing the same you will get the same back - to get to different - something needs to change - not always easy."

DL: Love this way of wording it, so true.

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 13:38

Well, it was a DNF for me at the SVP100  mainly caused by a sicky stomach at around 26-7 miles which stopped me from taking on anything and having to walk as even running made it go off at that time! No water or food is draining on energy! So could not do more than walk for 6-8 miles.  It also helps set off cramps in weak legs .... Anyway, I did get that sorted after another runner suggested some really big gulps of water to induce a projectile vomit to clear out my stomach! it worked!  and I settled down to a steady trot again, but was chasing cuttoffs from that point on.

After I cleared 42 miles, I found out what had caused the sicky, it appeared to be my fructose based energy drink, as I had just refilled with it again at Lamarsh and within a few miles It was off again walking, but this time I couldnt manage a clear out  By the time I got to 51 miles, I was totally drained of both energy and the will to continue, knowing that I couldnt make the cuttoffs at the speed I was down to, so took the very hard decision to drop. Still, despite the problems I had beaten my 50 mile time so was a little happy .... and got a beer down eventually too!

The course was excellent but tough, the day great, the organisation superb, and the people, runners and helpers and especially my Crew were brilliant 

Now to decide what to do next .... 

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 13:25

I'll read back further later and catch up, but for now

((((((((Snaily)))))))) I think you need them now.... 

Onesie: keep the plan flexible, as has been said, if one day you dont feel ready, drop that another day, it shouldnt be set in stone, your legs dont read the plan and will be ready when they are ready 

Good luck with the Ballot both

Podds: how is DG?

Laters, its tea time!

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 13:20

Afternoon WAISTers 

First off, now I have finally woken back up again (slept most of Sunday and dozed Monday  ) I would like to say thank you for following and encouragement here and on the FB pages  it really has a good effect knowing there are people shouting and throwing pompoms about! I did get some very strange looks from sheep while mumbling things like 'pom pom pom'

There were a lot of positives to the day, the start went well, and despite my usual morning heavy chest that takes 2-3 hours to clear, I made the first checkpoint bang on time (wanted to start slow) and then onto the second one not very far behind. It only went wrong after that, and almost totally from the sicky non able to eat drink issue. 

Sunday despite sleeping, when I did get up, yes, I was a bit sore and ached a bit, but we were all amaized that I could walk about quite easily, same on Monday! After my first 50 (SDW) I was in pain, stiff as a board and unable to walk properly, let alone go up or come down steps! This was really different, which I hope is showing that I have really come a long way in fitness/endurance and am able to entertain these daft distances better now.

I even went out for a short run with Roni last night, to loosen up and get some blood flowing, and felt really great afterwards! I probably could have done the same Monday, but wanted to sleep again instead... These post long run recovery runs really do work well 

It seems that the tracker worked ok most of the time (perhaps you can tell me your views?) but out mobile updates didnt do too well, and I know that I had trouble using whatsapp to talk to my crew, and they had trouble updating pages in several places. Oh well, it'll work next time... really ...

I wanted to see how well I did on SVP before deciding how to approach more Ultras next year, and have decided that despite a DNF, it WASNT a total disaster, and I was fit enough to do these longer distances, so will be entering a few good ones next year, and hopefully a couple between now and Xmas. I'll add details in later, but I'm quite excited at those plans to say the least now ...  (everyone else thinks i'm mad) 

Watch this space 

working at it slowly

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 14:29

Afternoon WAISTers

Thanks for the vibes yesterday, Knowing they were there really helped!

Unfortunately I dropped at 51 miles so was a DNF for me this time.

The main reason was I got a sicky gut at 25 ish miles and was unable eat or drink anything, even water made me feel crap! And guess what happens when you dont eat or drink doing these things? Energy levels drop to nill pretty quickly rendering me unable to do much but walk as fast as I could manage, but also, running made it worse so I was forced to walk the next 6-8 miles or so, but finally started throwing up (hard with nothing in stomach) and cleared the problem, (another runner suggested take a huge swig of water and trigger a projectile vomit) As soon as I started getting food and energy drink in me I was off again, at 11-12mm which I was happy with, but I also knew time was not on my side. With a tough course like this, that much lost time had put me back to the point that I was down to chasing cuttoffs, which Is the one thing I didnt want to be doing. I should have been 1-2 hours ahead at 40 miles. It was more like 10 minutes.

Still, I was keeping ahead of them, just, and kept going. Right up until I repeated the sicky, and found out the cause...  despite testing it thouroughly, my Fructose based energy drink screws up my stomach when thats the only thing going in in quantity! Guess what I had refilled with at the CP I was back to walking while trying to throw up again, but this time was unable to By the time I got to 51 mile CP, I was feeling so weak it was getting a struggle to even walk, and apparently was looking pretty pale. I had thought over my options during the last miles, and had worked out that It would have been possible to make the end cutoff, but only by 50/50 walk/run@ 10mm and there was no way that was going to happen. I also felt that I didnt want to spend another 3 hours in the state I was in, so made the hard decision to drop. At that point every pented up emotion seem to poor our, almost causing a tidal wave down the Stour

This was the right decision to make in the circumstances, and everyone present agreed, including the two sweepers, who had been with me for the last few miles.

One thing I was happy with, was that I had beaten my previous 50 mile record and kept my promise that there would be beer at the end, and as this was the end, just over the river bridge was a nice pub, so off we went! I did pre warn Roni Geoff and Anne (my crew) that it probably wouldnt be wise to sit in front of me just in case! It dook me an hour to finish a pint but it was well worth it!

During the run, in the dark times, I questioned pretty much everything, food/drink/electrolytes sorted properly? Yes, when I did eat my portables, they were great! low fibre high calory/carbs with high water content, Hydration was great (only 2lb down from the day) apart from the fructose. Was my training good enough? The answer to that is yes, formed around 10 mile 750ft climb hill sessions, 6 or 8 * 1 mile intervals, long and very runs with back to backs, plus easy days. Proof for me is that even today, I am a bit stiff in places, but am walking about with some ease, and could get in the car last night for a 110 mile drive (passenger, Roni drove), unlike the SDW50 earlier where I couldnt move for 2-3 days and was in pain a fair bit. I have no doubt whatsoever that without the sicky, I would have finished.

In closing, I got to spend a great day out in the amaizing Stour Valley, with many like minded people, made some new friends, and got to run a brilliant but tough course! Will I do it again next year? Hell yeah (just without the fructose)

Thanks for following

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