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Best song intros

Posted: 17/12/2014 at 16:57

+1 Layla 

+1 Smoke on the water

raise you:

Paint it Black

Silver Machine

Hotel California

Sweet home Alabama

Tears in Heaven


Thames Path 100

Posted: 17/12/2014 at 14:00

Yeah I think the link was just an example of existing crew only places. The correct new list is yet to be announced.

I also hope that its a lot more than every 25 miles or so, as I an going to need all the support I can get I thinks 

working at it slowly

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 13:12

NewRunner: Please listen to Meldy and Podds, between them they have a huge amount of experience. I can only echo what they have said.

I do admire your keenness to improve and run well, but just from your description of your muscle issue, can see that they are starting to shout a warning to you, which if you dont listen, will result in them getting damaged, forcing you to stop for possibly a few months! I dont know if you know or not, but muscles and ligaments break down when you run, and repair when you rest. To start with, you need a lot more rest than you probably think. They can take many months of careful work with good rest before they develope enough resilience to not injure on a regular basis. The net result is gradually worsening pain or tightness which if left un attended will eventuallt strain or more likely just tear. That will stop you in your tracks.

If you havent got one, get a good foam roller to massage your main muscle sets, factor in 3 days rest at least to your week, and slow right down. If you feel that your running silly slow, then its probably about the right speed. if 12-14 minute miles seems slow, wait till you try it with a torn hamstring or quad! For now, I would suggest stop all together for a week, let the muscles settle, and start rolling them. Then start back slowly and build up slowly. We want to see you do well, not see you get injured!

We have all done the same, started too enthusiastically and paid for it. I reckon it took me a good year to build up to half the distances I do now. And yes, I tried to do it too fast, got injured, sulked, listened and improved to a point far greater than I ever imagined I would at 56

working at it slowly

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 10:04

Morning WAISTers Its Cooolllddddd out there! 

Nice to see you doing stuff and sounding relaxed Snaily 

NR: What actually is your Quad/other injury and where? Sounds like you need to rest it and let it repair a bit more maybe?

Got packed over the weekend, Roni and I are off to Madeira for 5 days for her %0th birthday on Wednesday  Funny thing is, probably half our luggage is running gear  and funnily enough it was her suggestion to run some trails in the mountains after seeing some of them on tripadvisor! looks awesome Please note that when she suggested it, I did nothing to disagree... It also turns out that they have an amaizing looking Ultra there in April, although that will have to be 2016 as its too near Thames Path for me to do a very hilly one then

We will also do shopping and stuff and look around too I expect!

The cats are already getting stroppy as we have bags in the front room, and they hate us going away.

Did nothing to the house this weekend, wasnt too happy, but my excuse was that we were busy anyway. I would have preffered to pay someone else to do most of the work, but british builders it seems are pretty useless when it comes to listening to what is wanted and following instructions. The last one talked a lot but never gave us what we asked for, like a proper quote, details on the work and a sensible plan. Once he had been dispatched, It was a case of if we still go ahead with the rebuild, Im doing it myself!

Coco: if ours are anything to go by, this current flu bug is one that keeps coming back every few weeks in a slightly different form, Seems really hard to shake off properly. Cat cuddles seem to work best at the moment.

Larry: What are they looking for in your hip?

Tea is ready now, Laters all  ((())) if needed

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/12/2014 at 15:36

Podds: yeah I have already dropped the builder a few months ago and am project managing it myself .... I have spoken to planning officer and building regs bloke and told them both that I want to work closely with them at every stage of the way and that I only want to do each job once! Well see if that works...

So far I have been lucky and skipped the full blown ManFlu just got the coldything and coughmonster.. Everyone likes it as I cant talk for long 

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/12/2014 at 12:14

WTG Snaily  Dont let the crap get you down! You have nothing to feel guilty about, its only life taking a different turn to the original plan 

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/12/2014 at 10:44

RW seems to be playing games with a few posts! I have got a few that were not there yesterday morning ... I hope. One long post from Chuggs, between Meldy's post and the one that I did after with the 'Agree ^^^^^^' bit on, and JFF's to name but two! 

Chuggs: still plodding away, although have had a chest cold since a week before Beachy, its never really gone away, so have been taking it easy. Looking forward to getting back up on the downs (!) in the new year when training starts in earnest again for next years series which i'm looking forward to  My friend still wants to drag me all over Box Hill, it will either be kill or cure! As long as she arranges beer at the end, I dont mind 

House rebuild is a bit slow, it turns out we are in an area of outstanding natural beauty and as a result, one small part of our rebuild requires planning permission, so that had to be applied for, as until then it all fell under the permitted lawful developement certificate. ....  I did say to them 'you dont know this area much, do you' but it fell on deaf ears  Still, only another 6 week delay. 

Which ligament is it? they can take quite a long time

Welcome Stephen, take a nice easy slow approach to start with and as Meldy says, plenty of rest days, it will be a lot more rewarding and less painful! You dont need to be a zippy runner, as long as you enjoy it and get out of it what you want

NewRunner: pretty much all HR monitor straps dont work properly to start with, especially when cold. Mine wont kick in properly until I have warmed up, and that could be a couple of miles this time of year! Once its going, it should give you an indication of your HR, and its this indication that allows you to guage how you are doing. I probably wouldnt take it as 100% accurate as they are not ECG  quiality, but assuming its working, it should be at least consistent for you (when settled)

I also would not even think about a max HR test until you are fit enough to manage one, they are very stressful, and can do more harm than good if your not careful. What do you want to get out of your HR monitor on the garmin?

Do you have a foam roller for those tight leg muscles? If there all tightening, they could be trying to tell you to take it easier, before they stop you completely!

Podds: INtrigued, a sheep surfing? flashing? 

Meldy: how was the 303? when ever Ive used that one, its either full or empty, very little in between.

Ok, tea on the go, laters!

working at it slowly

Posted: 02/12/2014 at 09:58

Morning All 

I'll keep my coldyfied spluttering to a minimum, (helps stop me waffling i've been told ) and just put the kettle on!

Pippi, thats exactly the right way to do it. Use the monitor as a guide, dont be a slave to it. I found it takes too much practice to run by feel alone, especially over long distances, things change too much off road. A bit of tech to give guidance works really well for me. It doesnt appeal to everyone, and its too easy to get too wrapped up in it and think you have to take it 100% all the time. As for them not working all the time, in cold weather, like now, it takes a good 2 miles just to settle down, as it relies on body heat/sweat at the surface. This makes it pretty useless when its cold unless your planning to be out for a long time...

Tubs: glad hes found someone that nice after the split, makes the world feel so much better! Roni had that effect after such a painful time.

Our smoke detectors seem to have turned into buzzers now, and usually warn us that the toast is burning! I have told Roni we are going to get the mains powered ones when the house project is finished. Saves all that battery hassle and they all go off at once if one starts.

Slugs: That sounds an awkward situation, I couldnt do it, well, not again.

OK Tea is ready so is my Beechams  laters all

working at it slowly

Posted: 01/12/2014 at 19:35

Just to add for those interested, if you already have a HR monitor, Maffetone doesnt use the HR Max principle for low heart rate base training. Instead, he worked out from all the people he had trained, most of them fell in or around a HR figure that was near to 180 - age, (with 5 added or subtracted depending on fitness and something else) so he said for base training, work out what 180 - age is and keep as near to that as you can constantly. No using HR zones, no HR Max test (yuk) and no garbage max HR formula (220 - age, about as acurate as using your post code to work out your hair colour)

For me, its 186 -56 - 5 = 125.

For simplicity, forget the + - 5 , if your 37, it would be 180 - 37 = 143. Try and stay around that as near as possible. Keep training like that and after a few months you will find you are faster for the same HR.

Oh, this way also directly equates to PE (Percieved Effort)

If I keep to this rate its always at easy effort, no matter if its hilly, hot uphil downhill raining or going to the pub. It works. Simple.  Perfect for the WAISTer style!

When I first started it, I couldnt get that low unless I walked, especially if a hill appeared.

For light reading see

Sorry to bore those not interested, just wanted to share and show that you dont have to use HR zones and Max rate to use a HR monitor effectively

working at it slowly

Posted: 01/12/2014 at 16:32

Agree ^^^ talk pace is easier to work with and you dont have to slog through a Max test. I know my Max HR (186) but still only use it as a guide now.

Just remember, a talk pace run really is at a pace that you can easily talk at, for the whole run if needed, with no struggling for breath between words. Most people still do this far too fast.

As much as I hate any formulae connected with HR training, Maffs does come fairly close, but only after you have already done several months of slow base fitness building. I can now run at 130 bpm with no hills around but originally could hardly walk at that low a rate!

Devon miles? pretty hilly I assume from my time in Devon! nice 

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