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Nike Statement T-shirt

Posted: 17 June 2007
Overall: I'm a nike girl in a nike world-but hunt around for a better price!

Polar F11

Posted: 14 May 2007
Overall: I LOVE my watch,it feels like a little training partner,i have recomended it to so many people,my friends laughed when i got it at xmas,now im completing 10k and they are struggling trying to do 5k

Panache Hi Impact Bra

Posted: 25 April 2007
Overall: its ok

Saucony Grid Stabil MC

Posted: 23 April 2007
Overall: i would recommend these over other brands ive tried,their competitors feel so floppy and flimsy in comparison-you get used to the heavier feeling as you know it is suporting you

Enell Sports Bra

Posted: 23 April 2007
Overall: best bra i have ever found for running