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RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: Today at 14:05

so let me get this straight - at some point you did 6.20, 6.34, 6.35, 6.34 with NO warmup ? Blimey.

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: Today at 13:58

6:48 ... blimey! Good luck

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Today at 13:55

Tee hee, Andy - I have another 2kg to spare. Any takers??

Here's to a speedy recovery for the lurgified. Not long to go till the MRI then, Tim.

Another one annoyed by nu shoo models being shite. Kinvara 2s were awesome. The 3s were only good for the bin. The 4s are slightly better but I wish they'd bring back the 2s

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Today at 13:50

nice almost 20 miler, DD

And fast splits, Barry. I'm just trying to build back into something resembling a decent pace and the only way for me is miles, miles and more miles. So yes, I'm trying to build towards regular 60 mile weeks. See how that goes. If I get any better I may sign up for an autumn marathon. At the moment I seem to be getting slower still

12 miles this morning on tired legs. Did S&C last night and boy do my legs feel it today. This dieting lark is no help either - my energy levels are approaching sub-zero.

Tueasday 27th Jan 2015

Posted: Today at 13:45

Welcome back, Rocky.

Wow, RFJ - great to have Louise Damen on the ladies team!

alex: haha, swimming is pretty evil in my book

what: 12 miles d&d
why: I asked myself precisely that question
last hard: today was sort of - legs felt heavy after S&C last night and it was quite windy
last rest: Saturday
lyrics: no

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: Yesterday at 12:40

Tiny: agree with the others - looks like a pretty tough 3 days. I would perhaps switch the 10 mile GA and the 5 mile recovery around. My body would certainly appreciate a 5 mile recovery run after a hard LT sesh more than yet another MLR. If you stick to a really conservative pace on the MLR you should still be fresh enough for bootcamp the next day.

It's been raining all day today. So far I have yet to muster up some courage and go out there. Will probably wait till after work now so I can have a nice hot bath after having been drenched

RW F7 – sub 3.30

Posted: Yesterday at 10:38

I think your week looks senseible  I usually struggle a bit with anything long/quality after a day or even a few days off so perhaps you could do a gentle 3 mile run today to get you back into things? 4 miles @ HM pace after a few days off could be asking for trouble. Just my 2ps though ...

Ouch, Carl   nasty VLM experience. Well done for finishing. I got tripped up in a half before but ended with a big fat DNF at the 6 mile mark

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: Yesterday at 10:04

Nice mile reps & 20, Freemers

O4S: the things you do for a bottle of vino ...    well done on first W60

AA: Good to see you back. We are going to Budapest in April. Any recommendation for  good restaurants or things to see/avoid are highly appreciated. Never been there before but looking forward to it.

Monday 26th January 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 09:31

Oh, so I was right after all with Kung-fu song  had no idea there was a footie connection

Wow, Joe - what an amazing performance yesterday! To take nearly half an hour off on consecutive days is quite something. Bet you are well pleased.

em: glad the pub quiz went well.

Congrats on yesterday's 10k PB, Ben.

what: if the rain subsides (not likely) 3 mile recovery; otherwise rest or S&C
why: did a longish one yesterday
last hard: staying upright on the slippery bits
last rest: Saturday
lyrics: no


Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 14:57
Another honest write up, superman. I really enjoyed reading it. I would imagine it was quite heartbreaking to step off the track while the others did their sessions but you've come quite far in your training especially with the faster running stuff. If you cross-train for a week or two your fitness levels will stay high. Fingers crossed it's not a stress fracture!! Hope you can get an MRI scan sorted soon.

60 miles Fairyclogs!! That's a looooong way. Wow. You're brave.

15 slippery miles for me (melting snow). Very slow but enjoyable
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