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About me:PB's Marathon 3hrs 23m 40s Abingdon 2011 Half 1hr 34m 09s Wokingham 2012 10 Mile 1hr 11m 54s Maidenhead 2010 10K 43m 03s Yateley 2010 5K 21m 04s Dorney Duathlon (first run)
I am a:
regular recreational runner
I have been running for:
3-5 years
I run this many times a week:
4-6 times
My weekly mileage is about:
31 - 50 miles
Running club / race organisation:
I do these types of running:
road / pavement
trail / grass / woodland
My most important reason for running is:
to get/stay in shape
I am a:
I have been participating in triathlons for:
I train this much per week:
Triathlon club / event organisation:
My most important reason for doing triathlons is:
My favourite event is:
10 Mile
My next favourite event is:
My third favourite event is:
I take part in events:
12-24 times a year
I also do these sports:
Adventure racing
Gym (weight training)
Mountain biking
Road cycling