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Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: Today at 18:17

Went for a 4 mile run  came home and entered 2 more races 

Jeff Galloway approach to R/W/R London Marathon 2014 -Help!

Posted: Yesterday at 15:05

Chris - thanks for advice am definitely going to use walk run for a couple of weeks till I'm sure knee is definitely ok (no pain since last weekend so think it was just a bit of overuse from trying to do Insanity at full pelt and ignoring the protests from my legs to slow down a bit)

Was planning on getting out this last week but floored by the worst cold I've had for years Monday on another sign id pushed myself a bit too much I guess.

Mthschick - I'm in awe of anyone who can do a tri let alone a half ironman.  Completely agree about marshalls makng or breaking a race especially at the back end of the field.


Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 14:55

TRex - yeah finally going to get to meet you - briefly at the start before you run off into the distance  

Did have a brief wibble about the cost of entering even my few events but think it's probably as having mild panic because of not running much because of  knee issues before WTW then waking up Monday morning with the worst cold i've had for years it completely knocked me for six for a couple of days and it's still hangng on.  Guess the extra enforced rest will of been good for my knee though, hoping to try a short run tomorrow. 

Brer - I'm sure you've had much more fun than you would on a cruise

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 26/01/2015 at 14:02

Hi All been lurking around for a while now but have finally bitten the bullet and entered my first Ultra yikes.

It's the Run to the Castle by How Hard Can It Be events in August 42 miles on coastal path from Aberdovey to Harlech my welcome e-mail say's it's ideal for a first ultra. 

I'm doing Trail Marathon Wales at the end of June (and will hopefully get up to a 24 mile training run before this) so that's 2 months before then thinking of another marathon length run and one of 28-30 and probably 1 or 2 x 20ish runs does this sound like enough ?

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 26/01/2015 at 13:51

Panad - I keep thinking about running every day for a month then I think of reasons I won't be able to go this day or that day.  Maybe i'll have a go in the summer when it's light at night.

Brer - Hope Mr B ok

InsideForward - have to question your definition of not doing much  ???!!!

SD - 23/1 next year entries in October.  Just like June only a bit more mud and not a midgy in sight

LG - I'm doing the full in June

Looked at the Snowdon Trail last night then read the bit about going up the mountain at the end and as I'd just told Mr C I'd never really fancied the Snowdon Race I shut that website down pretty quickly. He quite fancies doing the up and down one but does anyone know how strict they are on the entry rules he's done 3 Caders but because of a mess up on results his name doesn't appear on the 2nd one he did so quite a big gap and half marathons don't seem to count.

Jeff Galloway approach to R/W/R London Marathon 2014 -Help!

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 12:59

Lovely to see this thread back. Run walk saved me at my trail half yesterday. Had my knee all strapped up after overdoing it 2 weeks ago and had already decided to walk the really steep muddy bits and walk bits of the other climbs were needed but had a major slump after the steepest downhill bit about 8 miles so I started running 20 - 40 steps then walking the same (depending on sleepiness) it got me going again. Finished only 4 mins slower than when I did the race last in June fully fit and no pain after.

Am definitely going to be doing a lot more walk run this year as I'm doing the marathon distance of this race in June, my first ultra in August then Snowdonia marathon in October.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 17:26

I did it slowly 3.08 knee ok though I think the strapping was cutting off my circulation. Struggled in places did a lot of walking but only 4 minutes slower than summer so not bad considering. Most of the trails good despite torrential rain yesterday, the muddy bits were very muddy and the last descent was so slippery I don't know how I stayed upright. Fantastic organization as usual and a buff and insulated mug full of soup as the main gifts  


Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 16:16

Brer - i'll stick to the summer castle for now

LG - Hope I can get by on following the coast path signs and you get pretty detailed written instructions as well to use I may be in trouble otherwise . Me and that hill are best friends honest

I'm armed with a large tube of ibulieve and a scary looking knee support even though no pain at all today I'd rather be prepared than end up hurting half way around

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 22/01/2015 at 09:37

Been sulking - fine after Sundays jaunt then 3 miles on Tuesday night left me ouchy again.  But not as bad and I discovered a tube of ibuleve gel in the cupboard last night and this morning hardly any ache at all.  Will be purchasing another tube asap and also going to try to get a light support from Boots tomorrow.  But at the moment I will definitely be starting on Saturday and it may be the slowest half in history but so long as nothing really pulls me up in pain I will finish.

Brer - Are the Telford ones Denzil's? quite fancy the railway Ultra one as well. Manchester would be a good 100 nice (but flat) course, loads of support but maybe a bit big you'd get more party out of a smaller one probably.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 18/01/2015 at 15:07

Brer hope your ok, when are the final 5 

Went for a run to see how my knee/calf was and did 6.5 miles of next Saturday's route. A few twinge s but walked and stretched and got round ok. More the tightness I get after not running for a week normally than anything else so not too worried. Nice easy week planned this week anyway so should be all ok again by race day.

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