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Anyone else Hate running

Posted: Yesterday at 19:20

Sorry, I love running. There's the odd run that seems like an exercise in endurance and I'm glad to get it over with, but I would never hate it!

Why do something you hate for fun? Find a sport you do like!

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 19:12

Nicely done on the run to work Dr Dan. I got to work, had done a mile warm up and a half hour core session and was showered before the snow really hit. The kids started to get sent home about 12, just as the snow had stopped and the thaw had started!

Well done on the club run Andrew, and on the mileage. Good to see it all coming together.

Thursday 29th January 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 13:49

Sorry to hear about things, Alehouse. I hope things go as well as they can.

Delurked to say that to Alehouse, but then read Stickless' news. Sorry to hear it. I hope things can resolve themselves positively.

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 08:44

Well done on the consistency DT. Sounds like a tough hill session.

It was the toughest session I've done so far on this program (I think!) I'm on around 40 miles a week (this week should come in at 39, the last couple have been 43 and 44).

No snow day, but it's snowing hard now

The Middle Ground

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 19:34

Very quiet atm.

Battled the sleet, horizontal hail and winds today for 12 miles with 2 miles at LT effort (5 mins recovery) then 4 x 1 mile at LT effort (4 mins recovery). Paces a bit off - wind and Wednesday running!

FIngers crossed for a snow day tomorrow.

Peaking too early with training??

Posted: 26/01/2015 at 08:57

If you're writing your own plans you could do a lot worse than reading everything on the McMillan site, or buying his book.

I agree with the above, slow down your long runs. I'm aiming for a sub 43 10k (6:55 miling) and my slow runs are between 9 and 10 min miling.

Peaking too early with training??

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 19:47

There are plans for people already doing the distance, or thereabouts, but you won't find them under beginner plans. They're generally aimed at more experienced runners. For instance, I'm following Greg McMillan's 10k plan for 4-5 runs per week and my longest run in the first week was just over 9 miles.

Are you following a plan at the moment? You could, for example, do the last 6 weeks of the program twice. This would include taper weeks to avoid burnout and you would start building again after 6 weeks. Though if you can knock out 13 miles in 2 hours as a long slow run, you should be able to nail 1:50 in a race.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 18:56

Sorry, meant Cheadle Hulme. Brain a bit fuzzled after an early start. Little Miss CB had a skiing lesson starting at 7:30!

The Middle Ground

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 13:32

8 miles yeasterday with Delamere parkrun at 10k effort. Came in at 21:34. Would have been close to a course pb if it weren't for a shoelace tie with 500m to go! Had a great realxed sprint finish so reasonably happy that it was 10k effort and not all out.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 13:30

Well toughed out in the mud DT and Darola!

More miles in the bag Alehouse. One day I'll make it across to Marple!

DT - two reasons. One is for the running club at school, 20 mins per week trying to keep some brilliant runners happy and cater for a few who just want a bit of fitness. Also our club has no coaches and we're finally sorting ourselves out, elections, AGM etc and realising that we may want some coaches, if only to cover one session a week on a rota basis.

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