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montane 50 '' race report'' part 1 ( my computer hates me )

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 10:39

spoke to several hundred people who ALL carried puritabs and just kept topping up the second bottlle.

montane 50 report part 2

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 10:36

not for me DK , but you have fun!  I am on a taper for the Cotswold 226 in 12days time. At least the fueling is provided at hourly intervals and the navigation is zero.

montane 50 report part 2

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 18:10

cheers, am sure I am destined to go back next year and push it a bit...

Private feed station - what would you have?

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 16:14


montane 50 '' race report'' part 1 ( my computer hates me )

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 15:48

you should do it .

my fellow competitor overheard a conversation outside the briefing between two hundred competitors both calling eachother mad,  one had entered the marathon de sables and the other something even stupider apparently!   Gear doth not maketh the man or woman.

How was the Outlaw , glad I was forced to choose this year and enter the 50 but hope to be back at Nottingham at some point,



montane 50 report part 2

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 15:41

walking in the dark change the whole feel of the event , in many ways making it easier. I know this is a running race and know how they do it , one step at a time with only the ground you are on and the next 10 feet suggested.

Kentmere to Ambleside was tough , but the weather was remakably forgiving as the rain stopped and it cooled down to a beautiful evening. As we rolled into Ambleside the late night drinkers cheered us on from way back inside the bars and random people sat around seemingly waiting for us to walk by so they could clap loudly.  This event has 1000 competitors with 700 in the 50 mile version and 300 in the 100 mile version. The middle to back end of the latter field appeared on the road as we started the race ,as our start was their 50 mile point having been on their feet since 6pm the previous evening . They could be identified by their yellow numbers but not much else, those that hadn't collapsed or withdrawn appear to be bomb proof. They had 40 hours to do 100, we had 24 to do 50, that explains why a walking triathlete such as myself could even be in the same event as the mountain men and women.

Anyway at Ambleside we lost 2 of our group who I had mistakenly persuaded to enter telling them correctly that we wouldn't run a yard and would walk with them. I appear to have blanked out how tough it was in the previous year and rememberd only the good times .

After that we shot around to the highlight of the race from the year before , the surreal marquee in the middle of a field at Chapel Stile. With a campfire, couches and table service we had stew and coffee , watched the medic working on a few people and warmed our hands on the fire as the sun threatend to come up within the hour. Can't say enough about the excellent staff on this event.

As the sun came up thing just got better and better and despite drinking to excess with the associated problems we made it to the final check point at Tilberthwaite quarry in reasonable shape. I had started to feel light headed even walking on the flat and may have concentrated slighlty to hard on drinking to the exclusion of eating. Sat down a competior next to me broke down in tears looking at the steep climb visible from where they had placed the chairs and nearly set us all off!  The last leg is a miserly 3.5 miles but steep up and very steep down. At the end were friends and family and an end to the pain, the whole tent was an emotional  pool of petrol just waiting for a spark .  A woman asked an incomming 100 mile god if he had seen her husband, he said that he was still standing up about a mile back , and that was all it took. I left to keep the fluid on the inside where it belongs.

The race end was as emotionally tough as last year getting clapped into a hall of people many of whom were asleep waking just long enough to clap in a stranger then reverting to uncnsciousness.

Completely forgotten one of the best bits, a crystal clear sky and the milkway stretching out across it in a way that it doesnt do in most places of the country. A day and a half after finishing am very stiff and still limping from the suite of blisters but more than sure I will be back next year.  On the very first leg a hundred guy strode past and noticed my pirate bottle swinging empty from a sweaty hand, we said hello then continued on our own personal  challenges,  a shout out to half harry or harry half or similar sounding name,   a fellow pirate was a great sight and the way I was feeling I may have been hallucinating



montane 50 '' race report'' part 1 ( my computer hates me )

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 15:02

You either love it or hate it , and I loved it.  The race briefing by the organiser contained a wish that we all find ourselves on our knees for the last few legs because only then does this event become a challenge instead of a well planned training exercise.

My kit was the source of some amusement at the kit check with temps predicted to be high I had a wooly hat and a buff as well as winter cycling gloves and lots of extra clothes. I pointed out that the year before in very similar ''oppening weather'' many people retired with mild hypothermia totally miserable shaking and soake to the skin- I remember a helicopter !

This excellent if heavy planning collapsed on the first leg when it became apparent that some moron had packed my bag for me and loaded a single 750ml bottle , all be it a pirate one. Despite looking cool I was desperate for water after an hour of the first leg-it took me over 3 hours. Arriving at the first checkpoint , and being mindful of the no outside assistance rule , I managed to drag a 500ml coke bottle out of the bin and now was up 1250ml! This prove woefully inadequate for the beast of a second leg from howtown to Mardale head, 9.4 miles and 765m or ascent in temps that reached 28 degrees in the mile long drag up fusedale beck.

The long and very pretty yomp down the side of Haweswater became torture, dropped off the back of my group ,then several others, and having the pain of them waiting increasing often for me to catch up , 2 gels burst in my bag and I licked the packaging like my life depended on it . The coke bottle water tasted funny then ran out, I tramped on.

We had been told that most people drop out at Mardale Head and also that competitors choose to drop out , with only a very few getting medically withdrawn. It may sound silly but I was firmly of the mind that choosing to drop out was not an option. I sat down , well slumped really and took stock, I knew it was water and sugar that were required but holding a sandwhich and a cup couldn't be bothered to drink them . Went to the toilet feeling sick , didn't vomit or pee, forced myself to drink and bit by bit, then very quickly got dramatically better.  Five cheese and pickle sandwhiches , a coke , some juice , a coffee , 2 bits of cake some nuts and and several biscuits and I couldn't believe there had ever been a problem.

I shot out of the aid station like Mrs Doyle had given my a cake with cocaine in it, and flew up the steep and neverending switch backs of Gatescarth pass, with the rest of the leg passing in a sugary blur.

The next check point had smoothies just like the year before , plus pasta and jelly babies plus all the other essentials of life Like the previous year it had gone dark when we exited and started to rain ,  a vote was held on waterproof trousers and was unanimously in favour of staying in shorts, and so we set off blinding eachother and all the wildlife with thousand of candles of petzl brightness...part 2 to follow....

montane 50 this weekend !

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 14:13

survived!. race report to follow shortly

Helwith Bridge Duathlon

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 09:21

have  a great weekend , will put up a ''race '' report

montane 50 this weekend !

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 09:19

good luck with the cunning plan and with the outlaw

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