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RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 06:57

Back to health and hoping to log some miles this month. Hope everyone else is fit and well.

I've decided to take on a 5k plan as I'm trying to get back to fitness and now have some base mileage in my legs (& will have orthotics as of next week which once broken in should hopefully knock my foot pain on the head).

Question is, over 12 weeks what is realistic? My best parkrun this year is 24:30, last year it was 21 something at the start of the year. I intend to follow Pfitzinger and Latter's up to 40 miles plan as I've used P & D for marath training before and think that's what got me down in times across all distances post plan.

There are two 5k tune up races that I'll do at parkrun, but just wonder where to start with pacing. It seems that 10k pace plus 20% is very slowly (based on McMillan training projections as I've not done a 10k since the peak of my fitness), but I guess that's where I am now so I should stick to it. Slow & sensible?  Thoughts appreciated.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 14/01/2016 at 07:05

Sorry folks, I'm out until next week! Been feeling tired since before Christmas but was told my my colleagues to get checked out by the doc as my chest was feeling tight and throat felt weird (although not exactly sore). Turns out I've got an infection in my throat which has travelled downwards. So antibiotics and no running for a week.

Kind of pleasing in a perverse way as I was thinking I was just crap at running up the hills on my trail route and not getting any fitter!

Hope everyone else is fighting fit and running well.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 06/01/2016 at 21:18
Not training for anything. I maybe should! Last year I'd hoped to break the elusive 20 min 5k; this year I've run 23:27 at best, so thinking maybe targeting 5k to begin. Not sure that I'm too enthused about the level of speed work though, or if I should just do club sessions of reps each week (one set of long reps alternating with short the next week).

I've got Pfitzinger & Latter's 'Faster Road Racing' book and might give the 5k 30-40 miles per week plan a go, but think I need a couple more weeks at 25-30 miles before starting it.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 06/01/2016 at 20:42
That's a good effort Just Run! I'm hoping I'll be able to see out the year this time. Kept me going & got me out today as tomorrow's forecast is yet more pouring rain. Managed to get a dry 7 miles in after work.

Jason - hats off to you! That's some distance!!

Any tips on regaining fitness/speed? After 5 months out I've been running 15-25 miles per week for a couple of months but all speed is gone. Slow and steady the way to go? At what point do I introduce speed work again? I'm clueless!

European event with friends

Posted: 05/01/2016 at 11:53
Amsterdam - used to be 7.5k, half and full marathon. Easy to get to and cheap enough when there.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 05/01/2016 at 11:51
???? Great comment Stephen! Jason, are you training for something in particular or just got plenty of time on your hands?

A rather blustery and very wet five miles for me this morning. Initial plan had been to meet my friend and then continue after we'd run; despite my good intentions was it not for the chat is not have continued at all, so bailed in favour of warmth.


Posted: 04/01/2016 at 18:39
Yes, he said I land on my toes. Suggested trying for a more mid foot strike & when I asked how to do this he suggested just making a more conscious effort not to land on my toes. I think the pad he's given us maybe helping with this as it's lifting my toe. Will try it for a few weeks and may see someone else that's been recommended if need be.

On the upside, it does seem to be having a positive effect on the other niggles I've been having.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 01/01/2016 at 18:43
Happy New Year to you all.

Thanks Bruce! ????


Posted: 30/12/2015 at 15:27

Back to the drawing board ... Ended up getting a cortisone injection that worked wonders for the bursitis, but since restarting running in October I've developed Sesamoiditis again. Seems to have been triggered/flared up more by wearing heels for a night out!

Saw the podiatrist yesterday and he's made me a pad for my trainers. Said to try it for three weeks and hopefully it'll ease the pressure/redistribute the weight. Ultimately though the issue is with having a strong forefoot strike and he's said unless I change this the problem will continue. Not sure where to go next, so many conflicting opinions out there and so many different specialists. 

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 21/12/2015 at 13:08
Sorry to hear that Jason. Regardless of circumstances it's never easy.

Merry Christmas to everyone x
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