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Aberdeen half marathon

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 08:37

Fraserburgh Half is in November  

Aberdeen half marathon

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 20:27

Metro host the Dyce Half Marathon - 10th August this year. Aside from that, you're looking at lots around Aberdeenshire throughout the year. 

Dr's medical certificate for Paris Marathon

Posted: 19/02/2014 at 21:25

My GP signed mine and wrote on it that 'the form has been completed from medical records. There was no physical examination if the patient.' There were no questions asked as it was signed & stamped. 

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 17/02/2014 at 18:06

Notice the website is now back up and running having had a couple of down days. Thanks to Bruce C or whoever got it going.  Miles logged for the weekend.

Paris Marathon Medical Cert...

Posted: 15/02/2014 at 06:28

Hi Tom, 

My GP signed mine last year and wrote on the bottom 'this certificate has been completed from medical records without physical examination of the patient', and was accepted without question.

This saved me the huge amount of money I'd have otherwise have to pay for a full private medical, and I guess then covered him also - no contraindications in my medical records, thus no legal implications if I drop down at the roadside! 

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 24/01/2014 at 16:57

Sorry Team! Having been ticking along fairly nicely I've crashed! Last weekend I ended up logging 18 miles - we actually covered 20 but reckoned I'd walked a mile or two ( or else they were really really slow!) The plan had been 14 miles, but we got lost in the forest and did way more than intended & got soaked to the skin. 

Not sure if it's coincidence or what, but Monday saw me with stomach pain & a bug which has had me off work for 4 days. Back today but still feeling very nauseous (despite not being sick at all) and I'm not sure when I'll have the energy to run. Hopefully soon!

Washing Tech Gear

Posted: 16/01/2014 at 06:34

Halo - sports wash that you can buy in the supermarket. I love it. Prior to using it I'd sometimes find that my kit still felt whiffy, and would notice it if dried indoors. Wash at 30C and it's grand now, even after a couple do days in the wash basket.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 14:31

10k PB for me to start the year  Quite a tough course, first 2k uphill and about a km off road on a muddy farm track so well pleased. 

LSR, too quick?

Posted: 23/12/2013 at 09:26

Maccydee, I've always worried about the pace for long runs and how it translates to marathon pace. Having done my first marathon with a half time of 1:50 I ran 4:03:02 in 2008. My long runs were somewhere between 9:15-9:50 pace.

I set a PB of 3:59:04 in 2010 doing long runs at 9:15-10.15 pace, usually the sharper end of that. Another 4 marathons run with times varying between 4:02 (April 2013) and 4:19 using similar paces. 

Then this year I did a September marathon using Pfitzinger & Douglas 12/55 plan. to support what others have said, the long runs were slower. I think I probably ran somewhere around 9:45 on average (my half time had improved to 1:45) and I did worry that I couldn't sustain race pace - all I wanted was a sub 4!

On race day I set off at roughly 9 min miles, got to 10 miles and was feeling good. Sped up a fraction, and ended up running 3:45:12 with a 9 minute negative split. I have never finished a race feeling so strong!

To me, this speaks volumes about the conservative start and the need to trust in your plan. If the speed work in the week is tough it will pay off longer term. Since then, I've taken my half to 1:39, 10 mile to 73:15 and 5k to 20:54, none of which I'd have done previously, especially the half. 

Listen to these guys! They know what they're talking about!

Edinburgh or Lochaber marathon?

Posted: 01/12/2013 at 07:16

I've done Edinburgh twice (giving it the benefit of the doubt). Found it as badly organised second time around. For me, the course is nothing spectacular and the finish is pretty appalling (or was in 2010/11). Lochaber is scenic, small field, cheap for accommodation & in my opinion the preferable race  

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