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RW Forum 6 - sub 4.10

Posted: 29/04/2012 at 16:47
Thats BRILLIANT!!!!    Well done you!!!

RW Forum 6 - sub 4.10

Posted: 29/04/2012 at 09:05

Good Luck!!!

Milton Keynes Marathon

Posted: 15/04/2012 at 14:27

Thanks everyone.

I'm OK about pulling out...but with only about 45 miles clocked in March (against the 140 odd last March), i think my training diary was trying to tell me something!!

At least now i'm healthy, still fairly fit, and still enjoying my running.....which i might not be if i attempted MK as underprepared as this.   So the St John's crews can rest easy that i won't be troubling them!!

Milton Keynes Marathon

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 11:15

I've decided against the race, mostly in part of life getting in the way of training, and i haven't been able to do anywhere near the mileage needed for a good run - and the calender eventually closed in on me.

I didn't want to just 'get round', or end up in a world of pain, as the plan was to try and get a PB (beat last years VLM time) - I'm not sponsored or anything this year, so not really letting anyone down.   They'll be another one another time!

I'm just running for fun now that i'm not training, and it's quite a nice feeling....although have to curb the cakes a bit now!!

Good luck to you all.

Milton Keynes Marathon

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 13:53
Liam......they are at the pace i run at!!!!!    

Milton Keynes Marathon

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 13:28

What do people think about the organisers putting first names on the front of the numbers????

I'm a bit 50/50 about this.....on the one hand, its sometimes nice to have your name shouted out....but other times you want to just be 'anonymous' and get on with it (especially if you are having a bad time of it) - then it can just seem like heckling!!

I'm not now running MK, so this is a bit academic....but i'd be interested in what you all think???   I wonder whether it'll catch on in other races?   Do any other do this already??

also, without your name on your vest/ least when you hear your name shouted out, you know it's someone who knows you!!!!

Milton Keynes Marathon

Posted: 25/03/2012 at 08:55
Nikki - don't worry, the 'incline' at MK is nothing like the hills at Oakley!!!!

RW Forum 6 - sub 4.10

Posted: 23/03/2012 at 14:14

Back from a lovely relaxing week in Lanzarote....but still coughing!!!!

Only managed one 6 mile run whilst there, and have officially announced my retirement from MK Marathon!!!  (well on my FB page anyway!!)

I think Oakley is out of the question too, as my longest run of 15 miles was now 6 weeks ago....oh well never mind.  I'll still go to Oakley, and might just do the first 12 mile loop, get my hoodie and then cheer from the sidelines.

Luckily, i wasn't doing this year for i'm not letting anyone down.

So now i'm just 'running for fun' as and when i fancy it....quite a weight off my shoulders in a way!! - but need to jog off those holiday beers!!!!

Hope everyone elses training is going to plan.....and good luck to you all. 


RW Forum 6 - sub 4.10

Posted: 14/03/2012 at 13:48

thanks guys...still got this blasted cold and cough, but at least the ear infection has cleared up.

Here's hoping a week in the sunshine will have me feeling much better (i am taking my kit!! - so no excuses)

Happy training everyone!!


RW Forum 6 - sub 4.10

Posted: 12/03/2012 at 13:41

Wheels fell off at to hubby supporting at 10 miles (near the car!) and decided enough was enough.  I was too hot and felt terrible.  So i did choose descretion!!!  Managed to do 9 m/m for the 10 miles i did do, so not all bad.

People were dropping like flies left right and centre, with cramps and stuff, and a couple of ambulances were needed....i didn't want to end up in one of them!!!

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