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Posted: 08/11/2013 at 12:21

Old no 7 - have used it in the past.  Ended up training my heart rather than my legs and got a very fit heart that my legs couldn't keep up with, lost that cardio fitness, got it back again, legs couldn't keep up again, rinse + repeat.  In short, IME train your legs and the heart will follow.  Still useful to keep you in check on easy/recovery runs but I wouldn't use it as a guide for anything else.  That said, I'll still wear it in order to analyse my progress.  I just won't let it guide my efforts at harder running.


Al_P - heel strikers more economical? (haven't read the full article yet so I don't know how they define economy)



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Posted: 31/10/2013 at 10:23

Just a drop-in to suggest that Wardi consider following a plan such as P&D or probably better suited to you would be plan A in Daniels book.  It straightforward to follow in that it prescribes 2 sessions per week, one of which is usually your long run and you fit in the rest of the miles however you like.  It also tells you what % of your peak mileage you should be running each week. 

It will challenge you in areas that you probably haven't worked on too hard for a while but that's a good thing!  The plan is nominally for 24 weeks but the first 6 are all easy running with a few strides in the second 3 weeks.  If you haven't got a copy of the book pm me your email address and I'll send you on the plan.

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Posted: 28/10/2013 at 00:45

Delighted for Jools

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Posted: 06/09/2013 at 23:27

Lev - Legs endurance not leg speed. That's my experience, I know of others who have had it and it fits with your recent return to running but it still could be something different for you.  I haven't been keeping that close an eye on what your training is and can't remember how long you were out injured but if your base is lacking you'll probably get a bigger bang for you buck focusing on that than doing the marathon specific sessions.  Lower injury risk too. 

Selbs - Good to hear from you again.  Hope you can make it back again.

Jools - Good news!

Dachs/CW - Tibialis anterior was what kept me out for 20 months.  It in istelf wasn't the problem though.  It was mostly a glutes problem.  Still not fully resolved but enough that I can run.  If I understand it correctly the TA isn't that strong and if you're having problems with it it's likely that something else isn't working and taking it's share of the strain.

Al_P - Good luck on Sunday.  I'll be watching out for your time.

TT - Sounds like good news on the asthma front.  Hope it keeps that way.  I'm interested to see how you get on at Maidenhead too.  I briefly considered joining in as I was thinking of moving my 18 w/10 @m-pace forward a week because I have a 5 mile race I've committed to doing next week but 2 hours driving each way is more than I can justify. 

Padams - Sound a bit dramatic!  Hope the recovery continues.

A small hiccup in training.  I can't quite work out if it's ITB related but there's a trapped nerve somewhere which is causing me to lose power in my left leg.  I was able to 'run it off' on Wednesday's 14 miler but it was pretty bad trying to  walk the day after and I had to concede defeat after about 3 today.  I'll take another day off and see how I go on Sunday. 

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Posted: 02/09/2013 at 11:36

TR - I think it's more impressive that TT resisted any urge he might have felt to hit the arbitrary milestone.  Nice running by the way.  Whether you do Abo or not if you sustain a reasonable level through the autumn I'll be looking for a 2:4x from you next spring.

TT - For a body which can absorb such a huge amount of training it seems in other ways to be quite fragile.  Hope you can get it all sorted out.  The challenge of training is enough with the mental juggling that you're going through at the moment.

LD - Why hills?  Reduction in likelihood of injury? 

CD - Hope everything turns out well in the end.  I imagine that it's initially scary and subsequently frustrating.

Al_P - Some nice mile reps and decent endurance.  Got any target for Frankfurt in mind?

SJ - Although I have my doubts I hope that you're right about the last few weeks before a marathon.

bufo - Very nice racing and pacing.

CW - Probably dreaming here but any chance that you would take a couple of months towards the end of the year to do lots of easy running with a higher volume to set you for the next VLM?

Jools - Fingers crossed for you

Lev - You're flying.  Re: heart rate dropping during a marathon pace segment:  I get that when my heart is fitter than my legs.  Suggests that your endurance is going to be your limiting factor.

Wardi - Look after yourself.  Hope the infection clears away completely soon.

HR - That's pug-esque weight loss. 

LS21 - Great to hear that you're running again.  Be patient!

Dan - Congratulations on the ultra.  You almost routinely seem to complete some staggeringly difficult races.  I was following a few UTMB competitors online at the weekend.  It brought it home to me just how gruelling these races must be when I got up in the morning to see them with loads of miles to go having watched them start several hours before I went to bed.

I managed 138 miles for August which was 7 more than July but a bit less than I had planned.  I've had a bit of shoe trouble - courtesy of lack of planning - and ITB pain. Interestingly, as I've been following the recovery path I've been encountering all the niggles that I had in the lead up to my injury except in reverse order.  One of the pairs of shoes I made a mistake with gave me blisters and lead to a minor hamstring strain but massage, ultrasound and a couple of days off seem to have sorted it.  15 yesterday has my ITB grumbling again.  I still haven't entered Dublin and don't think I will unless I manage to stop my ITB from complaining and get at least a couple of 20's in.  8 weeks to go from today.  There's still time yet but not that much.


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Posted: 14/08/2013 at 10:27

CW - Congratulations.  Fantastic achievement

DanA - Oh no, physio? chiro? snake oil merchant?  Anything must be worth a try?

Jools - Good news, don't push too hard for a day or two in case your body is still fighting it.

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Posted: 11/08/2013 at 21:32

LD - I ran that too (currently staying with the in-laws in North Wales).  FWIW I had it down as properly rather that slightly undulating - or maybe that was my stomach .

CW - Good luck with the BGR - l look forward to hearing your report

HR - Nice 20

Lev - Quite a comeback!

CC2 - A PB's a PB - don't knock 'em too hard

Al_P - Nice going at Sturminster Newton - not a fast course.

DanA - Heard Bailey commentating on the radio this morning.  'Rubbish' seriously understates his ineptitude.  I enjoyed Foster's (I think it was him) comment about one of the decathlete's "He's a good all-round athlete.... they all are!".  Sounds like you've put together a very solid block of training.  Was just wondering if the difficulties you've had targeting a 2:45 might have something to do with your preference for mountain races?  In other words - does a road marathon really motivate you?

Jools - Congratulations on the PB!

Been reading but not posting as I try to build up the training and develop some of TR's consistent consistency.   I'm loosely following P&D 55 - 70 which is how I ended up at Great Warford today unknowingly chasing after LD.  15 w 8 @ marathon pace was the plan so I took the first two steadyish and ramped up the effort a little for the last eight.  I got 72:09 on my watch which is a nice improvement on the 8mm I did for a 20k 8 weeks ago.  I'm tentatively planning to either do the Dublin marathon or the Gosport half.  Fitness wise Gosport makes a lot of sense as even on the 10 mile today I was fading from halfway but Dublin is on at half term and I'll have the kids over to visit my parents anyway.  I may even be in PB shape although not sub-3.  I'll see how training goes over the next while.  Probably end up making my decision 5 minutes before entries close on October 1st.

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Posted: 09/07/2013 at 23:22

Been a while since I posted so I'm not going to name everybody but wanted to call out Padams for a fabulous ironman.  Found myself tracking you online and looking at the splits was sure that you were just going to miss out on the sub 9:30.  Funny to find out how it actually finished.

LD - Tried the 7pm one this evening.  It was still about 25C.  Not that I'm complaining.  I love running in the heat although I undoubtedly race better in the cold.  7am (well a bit earlier) isn't much cooler but it feels much fresher.  I would run then but at the moment I wake up as stiff as a board and I'd likely injury myself if I tried to run.  One more trip to one of your favrourite blood suckers and I might be able to do a couple of early morning recovery runs.

TT - A long run on a treadmill, in a conservatory, on the hottest day of the year so far... Brilliant!  Good to see your progress.  Hope you're going somewhere nice on holidays.

LJ - Fingers crossed you get over the injury soon.  Be patient though, better a day or two extra rest than another couple of weeks injured.

AL_P - Some high quality mile reps the other day.  Suggests that your standalone mile time could stand a fair bit of improvement.

Postie -  I had that problem with an old polar but rarely with my garmin.  As others have said make sure you wet the strap first.  There is a gel available which claims to help make the connection but I've heard mixed reviews of it.

I'm slowly and steadily building my training up.  118 miles in June was my biggest month since the injury and I should go higher again in July before I do a short block of speed in August. 

Another milestone was reached tonight as I completed my first club session since I got injured.  7*4 mins was the plan and I got as far as the 6th one before I got a little greedy and lost form pushing a little.  They all came out at between 6:30 and 6:40 pace which gave me exactly what I wanted from the session.

Advice on breaking the mother of all plateaus?

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 23:07


You need to go to the doctor to rule out lots of things - none of which are very likely but all of which should be checked for.  Iron is just one example. It's not a waste of the doctors time, if the doctor were to suggest that you were go see a different doctor.

When it comes to diet I guess that you're probably living at home and more or less subject to what the family eats but do your best to avoid anything processed and if most of what you eat is plants or animals you'll be doing well.

If it is over training but you're already over the 'loss of motivation' stage then you're probably beginning to come out the other side.  You need to do easy running only for a few months slowly building up the volume.  You should be feeling good after runs.  No pain, no gain is totally inappropriate here.  After a few months do a parkrun and see how you get on.  If you break your PB then you're probably ready to add a little intensity to your training, if you don't just keep going at the easy running. 

Thinking of your training as a pyramid where the slowest running you do is at the bottom but is the biggest block and the fastest running you do is at the top and is the smallest block.  If you don't do enough of the easy running then your pyramid gets top heavy and collapses otherwise known as injury or over training.

BTW, I'll bet you anything that you could get a huge PB just by doing easy running.


P.S. In case I wasn't clear - Run slowly!  Only run slowly!

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Posted: 16/06/2013 at 22:08

Al_P - Orthotics got me running when I couldn't run for more than a few miles without terrible shin splints.  In the end they caused a lot of trouble and probably played a part in the injury I'm coming back from at the moment.  I've ditched them and so far so good.  It does appear to have changed my gait in a positive way in some respects although competent physio could possible have done the same thing.  If you do go for it, please, please, please get them cast by a podiatrist/orthotist.  In my experience physios tend to think that they have expertise in this area which they simply haven't got.

ST - Sounds like you properly hurt yourself.  Go see a professional.

CW - Hope you get over the niggles soon.

Pi Man - Nice improvements - well done

OT - I'm with TT - I think of easy running as around about 70%, if you do it at that level you should be able to do a bit more - slowly you'll become a better runner.  That said, if you're following a plan, it's always good to see a plan through rather than chopping and changing too much as you go along.  As an aside I would expect ironman training to have a bang for your buck approach to running training especially as you'll get a lot of work in on the bike at the lower heart rates.  If you're doing ironman great, if you're just running maybe follow a running specific plan?

TT - Very nice!

Wardi - Nice (but expensive) 5k.  Tempo and 10k pace work are what come to mind on how to improve 10k relative to 5k when endurance isn't an issue.

TR - A fast 10k and an 18 mile run.  Sounds like there's a sub 2:50 genie in the back of your mind.  I have huge respect for the time that you allow for your kids.

Lev - Hope you're off the bench soon.  If you think about it, it makes sense that you get injured when in your best shape - a lot of injuries occur because we push the boat out too far.

DS2 - You really want to see a bit of progression in your training over the 16 weeks.  If you keep running the same distance runs at the same pace you'll not get much fitter.  Also I don't see the purpose behind any of the runs?  You should be thinking of lactate threshold runs, marathon pace runs, medium long runs, easy runs, VO2 max runs etc.

Jonny - Congrats. That's a huge improvement.

Puddletown plod 20k for me today.  It was actually a training run in a race but I wasn't sure how it would go as I did 68 mins yesterday and these are the only 2 days in my 14 day cycle that call for running on consecutive days.  Ran it by HR which helpfully reined me in especially on the hills.  Managed to dip in under 1:40 which is 11 minutes slower than 2 years ago but I enjoyed this race a lot more.

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