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Posted: Yesterday at 21:11
Fatso? Sweet.

I can start running again tomorrow so let's see what my weight is next Sunday.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:12
I don't think I eat loads. I eat porridge for breakfast, sandwich and fruit for lunch and a normal meal for dinner. I rarely eat chocolate, I don't drink alcohol. Up to recently I was running 20 miles a week. But I've gone from 175lbs to 181 in a couple of weeks.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:14
Just a moan. I've not been able to run that much over the past couple of weeks and I weighed myself this morning I'd put 6lb on. Pain!!

What rucksack

Posted: 16/11/2014 at 17:26
What about the Osprey Daylight anyone got one of those? It's within my price range.


What rucksack

Posted: 16/11/2014 at 16:48
Thanks everyone.

What rucksack

Posted: 12/11/2014 at 13:38
Thanks all, microfibres towels. Not heard of those. What are they and where can you get them?

What rucksack

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 19:17
I've asked my wife to get me a rucksack for when I run to work. I'm currently using a normal rucksack and it gives me sore neck and shoulder muscles as well as my lower back. It's probably also because I put my shower gear and towel in it so it can weigh a bit. So, I'm looking for a good, light rucksack that I can run with. I don't want to pay more than ??35 and it needs to be able to take changing gear, towels etc. Any suggestions folks? Thanks.

Running and weight loss

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 18:29
I think it must because I run 5 miles as part of my commute and I carry a rucksack. The rucksack weighs about five kilos all told and when I have that my pace is about 10 min miles. When I run without it My pace is about 9 minutes 30. So yes, I think it does affect your speed.

After a cold

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 10:25
I would have done but I haven't regained my sight yet so typing is a tad difficult. Fortunately my temperature is down from the spike of 210 degrees so a 5 miler should be ok.

After a cold

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 10:13
Thanks all.

Dave, this was man-flu with a touch of Ebola and monkeybutt disease thrown in for good measure! It was touch and go a couple of times whether Id regain full use of my limbs.
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