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Over 60s training.

Posted: Yesterday at 12:07

Chouette I remember, but Spud I don't know.

Really impressed by Poppy's 77 miles. I went for a brisk 20-minute walk yesterday to test out the knee. Seemed ok at the time, but was sore again this morning when I woke. I may see the physio again.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 12:00

Surely they go by chip time rather than gun time when giving prizes?

I didn't try a run yesterday but a fastish walk of about 20 minutes. Seemed fine at the time, but knee was sore when I woke up this morning. But it does generally seem at its worst first thing when I wake. I may see the physio again.

There is a garden open nearby this afternoon; 6 acres, with walled garden and greenhouse. I shall go and wander round it. I have been before. This one is only open two days in the year. Or maybe 3.  

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 28/05/2016 at 19:56

TE - well done to your protege Alice! She muyst be ovder the moon, and so must you.

Knee continuing to improve, but still twinging a bit from time to time so I'll leave it at least one more day before trying a cautious little run.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 22:08

Oh dear, I have. 

Over 60s training.

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 22:07

Hello Pammie, - yes, do pop back! 

Hello and welcome Mokshaeight. It may take me a while to learn how to spell your name without checking. 

TS - your comment about there being only so many 6 course meals... Someone said there is no pleasure to beat eating, because what other pleasure can you engage in three times a day every day of your life and not get bored. 

I have cherry, lilac and apple blossom in my garden at present. And there was plum blossom, but that's over now. 

Ceal, that does sound really interesting, about tailoring our food intake to our DNA. They'll take a long time to work out the details, though. 

(I hope I haven't hijacked Aws's TOTP)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 21:48

Hello Matsmum, good to see you again! Best of luck with that October marathon. We haven't heard from JJ for a long time, though I think Redhead may be in touch with him. It's also quite a while since Exhausted posted anything. 

It's quite cheering to find I'm not the only one that can't swim front crawl!

I am Welsh Athletics rather than English Athletics, so hopefully mine will be ok. I get emails from English Athletics as well as Welsh, though; I don't know why.

TE, maybe you should have followed the "Plankathon" challenge on the Fetch website, - 14 days of a variety of planks, only 5 minutes a day but most people improve their time considerably between Day 1 and Day 14. It's finished now but they may run it again; this was the second time they've done it.

Still nursing my knee. It's improving, but I don't want to risk it by making demands on it too soon.  

Over 60s training.

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 22:33

Hello Aws, good to see you (if "see" is the right word). Best of luck with the unpacking.

Mick, I don't suppose the Canadian red squirrel is the same kind as the now rather rare UK red squirrel?

Some bits of nature are benevolent. The relationship between flowering plants and pollinators, for example; benefits both. I don't have any problem with evolution and survival of the fittest (especially the latter; how could it not be the case that the more fit would be the onesmore likely to survive?); but as Graham said, it's not the whole story. 

I always vote, because of the suffragettes. I have applied for a postal vote for the referendum, as I shall be in Norway. Ceal, if your course does provide you with anything you can recognise as real facts, please let us know what they are! I am more inclined to "stay" than "leave", but could be persuaded otherwise if there seemed to be any way of predicting what "leave" would entail in the long term. 

Although I shall definitely be in Norway, whether I shall be running or not is very uncertain. The day after my 3-mile run I woke with my knee very painful and puffy. So I am resigned to resting it for as long as it takes. Other members of the family are running the half mara, so I shall at least have the fun of cheering them on.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 22:10

DBI, when you say that Charlie has to lie down "behind" the object he's found, I suppose you mean, on the far side of it from where you are? - I like the bits of chicken to train him to keep his nose to the ground!

I think 1 and a half hours is about right for a yoga class; when I was "doing yoga" there was always a lot of limbering before we started on the more formal poses, and a relaxation session at the end of at least 20 minutes (during which most of us fell asleep).

Alas, the day after that 3 mile run I woke with my knee very painful and puffy. So I am resigned to not running at all until I am sure it's completely recovered. However, I did go swimming, and as there were only 3 of us in the pool I was able to swim back crawl for the whole session (the side kick of breast stroke was catching my knee; and I have never mastered front crawl). I shall downgrade from the half mara to the 10k, and if I can't even do that, never mind; several other family members are running and I shall be there to cheer them on, and contemplate the midnight sun (provided it isn't cloudy).

Over 60s training.

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 18:58

Mick - I'm not sure if I've actually read The Selfish Gene, or just read a lot about it and quotes from it. It struck me as being an interesting and fertile idea, though there seem to be some flaws in it involving circular arguments. I haven't read The God Delusion.

I have run 3 miles (considerably slower than Ceal's!) and so far my knee does not seem to be complaining. I really want to do the Midnight Sun half mara that I'm signed up for in mid-June, even if I have to walk bits of it and resign myself to a Very Slow Time. So I shall build up to slightly longer runs over the next week, no speedwork, and hope for the best. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 18:46

Hats off to that M70! - apart from anything else, reaction times slow down as people get older, so negotiating a hairpin bend while going fast downhill could become really tricky.

TE and DBI - it must be quite saddening, looking back on the fast times you once did and which you know are now beyond you. As I didn't start running until my late 50s, I  don't have those fast times to look back to, so have nothing to regret!

I have done 3 miles at a very moderate pace, and so far my knee does not seem to be reproaching me. I really want to be able to do the Midnight Sun half-mara in the middle of June, even if I have to do it slowly, even if I have to take walk breaks. So in the interim I won't do any speedwork, just build up towards slightly longer runs.

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