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Over 60s training.

Posted: Yesterday at 21:37

Not really thinking too hard about the half yet... I shan't attempt to beat the Lake Vyrnwy pb. Several other family members are doing it (not sure yet how many of them) and I'm thinking of it more as a family gathering than a race. It's a lovely race, though, really well supported, well marshalled etc.

4 miles done today at "easy pace". Weather conditions vastly improved, - no rain, no wind; sunshine; a bit cold.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

Good news on the haircut refund TE, and how nice that the hairdresser hadn't realised you were a pensioner! Very impressed by your mile times. So much faster than mine, and what's more you did three of them and I did only two. Went fo a 4-miler today, much pleasanter conditions, sunshine, no rain, not windy. Cold though, but not unbearably.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 23:00

Alsoran - I sort-of lived in Scotland during part of the 60s, as I was at Edinburgh Uni then.

Bit mystified by your reference to Nicola...

Over 60s training.

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 22:58

Ceal - thank you for the news of JJ, - send him a hug from me, and suggest he might post some photos of his garden on the thread (he has done that before). I'm glad he and Mrs. JJ are well. And the Doodle.

Long day today. Work in Aber, then ran for nearly an hour on the Uni's running track (it was very windy, but the rain held off for most of the time I was running) and a rather horrendous drive home through sleet and snow over the high ground, turned back to rain as I came down to lower levels.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 22:47

Red, very good news on your friend Denny. Keep us posted.
So you've got another TWO marathons coming up this weekend?

Good news on continuing recovery, Doubly Bionic.

WtnMel - glad you're joining Almost Athletes; it sounds like a good club. My subs have never included a club t-shirt, but I have bought one.

Was in Aber today, and had planned to run on the Uni's running track. However, by the time I was ready to go down there it was about 4.30, the wind was howling, the rain pouring, - and it had been such a nice start to the day! I nearly just went straight home instead; then thought well I might as well go and look at it, it's lower ground, perhaps the wind won't be quite so bad. The wind was just as bad, but it more-or-less stopped raining, so I ran for just short of an hour, including two fastish (for me) miles - not a 2-mile stretch, but a mile, then about 6 mins jog recovery, then another mile. A very fast young man kept zooming past me.

Drive home was not much fun, - rain came on again, turned to sleet, then to snow as I went up into the hills, but the snow fortunately wasn't "sticking" on the road (though there was a lot on the adjoining countryside), then back to sleet and rain as I came down the other side of the hills. Glad to get home.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 21:13

Alsoran, that is such a sad story, I hardly know what to say. Such harsh feelings within families are really distressing. As you say, not only do you feel very sorry about it but you always will. I can pray for you, and I will (undoubtedly so will Aws, if he happens to look in on this thread) but it doesn't sound as though that rift is likely to be healed this side of eternity. I'm so glad you have your 27-year-old daughter whom you have a good relationship with. 

Canute also contributes to the Over-50s thread on the Fetcheveryone website, and is full of interesting and well-thought-out information. Always worth reading. 

Welshpoppy - yes, thank you, I did Liswerry (even blogged about it on Fetch, - much more about me than about the race, though). 8 miles, all flat, all on road, 1 hour 34 mins. It was wet and windy (so what else is new?). It was chip-timed, so I started off right at the back, having nothing to lose thereby, and succeeded in overtaking a few, - there were 8 behind me at the end. I met LazyDaisy from Fetch there; we have met before, and were glad to see each other as otherwise we'd both have been there on our own. Had a cup of tea together before we went on our way. Well done for 5 miles on a treadmill; that is truly heroic.

WD60 - sorry to hear about the diagnosis and the need for steroids, - but I note you're determined to make a come-back! And although TS thinks it "unlikely I will ever run again" I also note you haven't actually given up but are still run-walking!  

Went swimming today. The weather was absolutely awful, - so glad I hadn't planned a run!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 18:11

Brilliant, TE! - and glad the crossing was ok.

Which one is Alice?

Been swimming; very glad I hadn't been planning a run for today, as the weather's been appalling; though probably not quite as bad as Red's having it.

Really good news on your friend, Red; hope the improvement continues and she makes a full recovery.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 07/02/2016 at 18:17

Mick - introduce them to the WAVA concept. - I have a higher WAVA than any of my "children", except for PT son whose WAVA is very similar to mine. But of course they all beat me hollow in a race.

Ceal, do say hello to Impey for me via Facebook (I don't "do" Facebook myself). Funnily enough, I can't even imagine you in a coat and hat, having only seen you in running gear!

9 mile run done. Yes, it rained. Yes, it was windy, indeed very windy. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 07/02/2016 at 18:01

Red - as Exhausted said, hopes and prayers for your friend. It's a terrible shock when something like this happens to someone younger than yourself. As you said, you tend to think they're invincible.

9 mile run done. Yes, it rained. Yes, it was windy.

Waiting with interest to hear from TE.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 19:00

We don't know for certain that Aws has dropped out, do we? Sometimes he doesn't post for a long time, or just posts his paintings, usually as a TOTP (in which case one may be coming along very soon indeed). I've been wondering about JJ for a long time, though. Don't know if anyone knows him outside these RW threads.

Running seemed to be getting slower and slower this week, so I've decided to take two days off completely and hope my legs recover from last Sunday's race.

NZC - great to have a one-on-one swimming teacher!

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