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How to stop feeling fatigue during a race?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:01
Oops sorry Matthew.
I do apologise.

New bike advice

Posted: Yesterday at 16:41
Not sure about Mallorca - but Wimbleball and IM Wales are jolly hilly - so an out and out tri bike might not be as advantageous as on other courses ?

I'd probably go for a cross bike - they're so versatile you can do anything on them. I've used mine for an IM race anyway.

PX can do you a TT bike for under a grand if you're really serious about it.

Then about ??500 for a powertap and ??50 for a wheel cover for racing on it ?

I've got a powertap but never really used it on the road to its full potential. My best training sessions are on the turbo where I could have used virtual power if my turbo had been up to it.

The powermeter might help you gauge your efforts on the long races though ?

I think training trumps anything else really.

Need Training

Posted: Yesterday at 16:22
When you hurt your knees - do you mean that they ached ? Aches are inevitable.

I dont think a coach is really necessary - but you'd do better if you could join and train with a running club.

What socks do professional marathon runners wear?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:21
I really doubt that they're in cushioned socks - they're all as light as feathers anyway and won't need any.

I just run in any sock - from those ??5 for 5 pairs black socks for work (if its dark) or my merino cycling socks. Doesnt' seem to make any difference.

Just try a few things on your runs - what works for the pros might not work for us mortals.

RW F7 – close to 3.45

Posted: Yesterday at 10:06
Excellent ! Good stuff Dan !

Outlaw Bike Feedstation 26 July 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 10:05
Put me and Mrs C down for this please - we had a great time last year.

RW F7 – close to 3.45

Posted: Yesterday at 08:45
Looks as good as it could do with having the weekend taken away?

Is the recovery run the 60 min run on Wednesday?
I'm not convinced of recovery runs. If you need a rest then rest up. Even running gently takes it out of you.

See how it goes though - I doubt you'll need a recovery run by Wednesday.

How to stop feeling fatigue during a race?

Posted: Yesterday at 08:36

How far do you normally run? Are you well used to running over distance?

Pacing yourself better might help as Millsy says.

And is fatigue the same as wanting to be sick?


Posted: 25/01/2015 at 18:37
Do you warm up before the race ? Really get your heart racing ?

Talkback: First look: adidas ultra boost

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 12:07
I like my boost shoes - mine seemed fast too. If I get ultraboost would I be even more fasterer??
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