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Sheffield social

Posted: 11/08/2014 at 10:45
Well done Carterusm, very impressive.

How did you find the navigation?
I am hoping to up the distance to something like this but have worried about my lack of navigation skills.
I did a navigation training day with Dave Taylor from the fell running guide on Friday. We spent the day on kinder scout- great day would highly recommend.
Just need to get the endurance now for this sort of distance.
What was your longest training run for this?

Sheffield social

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 13:22

Yes ET it was a different but good race, treated it like a long interval run and rather than walk, stop, rest between stages did a recovery speed jog.

The course equated to 20k racing and 5k transition-Managed a total of 1:19 for the racing sections (35 mins for the transition sections) 10th place overall-Shame they didn't do age grading results though - was on a high after 1st Vet 40 at the 12.12 the weekend before.

It was well organized and the timing system seemed to work very well-would recommend for next year.

Looking at entering the trail rush will be interesting to see how my times compare on the same course

Sheffield social

Posted: 23/06/2014 at 13:00
Yes ET I fancy trying trail rush also

Sheffield social

Posted: 22/06/2014 at 22:09

Did the dig deep 12.12 today- what a great race, friendly and on fantastic trails. 

Anyone doing the round sheffield next Sunday?

Sheffield social

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 10:56
Thanks for the link carterusm appreciate it.

Sheffield social

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 14:35
We passed you on the turn around section r/owl thought you was looking comfortable at that point ( around 11+ miles) I felt pretty good there as well still around 7:10m/m pace- it went pear shaped after that.

Yes so so f##%ing hot

Sub 3

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 12:30
Bad luck HR sure you made the right decision - I struggled through the heat knowing a pb and target time was out of the picture after 16 miles. Ended up with a slower time than I had hoped for and legs with 26.2 miles of pretty much all out effort which will take quite a time to recover.

Sub 3

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 09:01

So a big lump of advice needed if you would be so kind.

White Peak marathon yesterday, 3:18:28 and 14th place- pleased with the placing but not the time- was very hot yesterday-more salt dried on me after the race than in our kitchen- and 5 weeks after London so probably had some of that in my legs (although judging by other on here multiple marathoning is no excuse for poor times.

My plan yesterday was even pacing a 3:10 run (common thinking is white peak is 10 mins slower than road marathon),the first 8 miles has 700+ foot of climb so 7:15m/m on that was probably too fast even though didn't feel like it- Kept 7:15m/m pace for 25k then started to slow, so just like London a disappointing last 15k unlike London where I was passed by 700+ in the last 7k yesterday I moved up from 25th to 14th in the last 10k-so better runners than me were struggling, only passed by 1 runner in last 10k-(the female winner).

I seem to have the pace early on then massively fade in the last 2/5th of a marathon-WHY??

I am looking at much more structured training for the next marathon-need to get the endurance a lot better- this is the bit I need advice on;

My long slow runs are usually 7:45 ish pace 20-22 miles and feel comfortable, did 6 of these before London and a 19 miler @ 7:22 pace between London and White Peak- are these too fast?- do I need more of them? will tempo sessions help with endurance or should I stack my training towards long runs (weekly mileage this year av 64 miles)

I have Robin Hood marathon in 20 weeks- hopefully next sub 3 attempt then 4 weeks after that Snowdonia for the fun of it not the time!- Then London 2015 (with my GFA from last year) as another sub 3 attempt.

So another question for the 20 weeks which of these options sounds best;

short 2 week recovery then the 18 week PnD plan.

longer 8 weeks recovery then 12 week PnD plan.

Sorry for the self indulgent post but I know I can improve feel if I get things right Sub 3 is well within me- just need help from people who have been there and done it!-must join a club also!

BTW good luck HR sure you will show multiple marathoning and improving times can be done!!

Sheffield social

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:10

Now need to decide it's either 2 week recovery then start PnD 18 week Plan or 6 weeks recovery and 12 week plan- Robin Hood then Snowdonia next.

Best of the above two option????

Sheffield social

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:08

We'll that was bloody hard work. 6 minutes slower than last year but 1 place better so will take that. So hot today! My wife had a lovely time watching in the sun but a bit too hot for 26 miles running!

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