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Posted: Yesterday at 19:10
Just as well they werent combined into a 105 year old hermaphrodite.

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Posted: Yesterday at 14:40
Dan A wrote (see)

Dachs - did you see the Cardiff half highlights? It was on Eurosport last night.  After wading through the charity/celebrity/fancy dress brigade, they made a pretty decent fist of covering the elite races.  You got almost as much TV time as Marders.

Dan, I saw the C4 coverage, not sure if it was the same as Eurosport.  I had a good couple of minutes in total.  First time I've ever seen myself run, my form is nowhere near as gawky as I had imagined.

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:00
Tmoth wrote (see)

Dachs can i play? 'may you be pillowed in the soft buns of  --------'

nah forget it minds gone blank...!

... "may you be pillowed in the soft buns of a job well done"?

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:28

LS21 – excellent, amusing report, and thanks very much for the Rhythm is a Dancer earworm.  No, really, thanks a bunch.  Great to see such a strong performance and your delight at nailing it.  And congratulations on not crashing your car on the way home.

Stet – well done on coasting to a GFA

ON7 – Still a solid performance at CP10.  A lot of people seemed to struggle, so you’re far from the only one.

Selbs – taper madness, yay!

Thirsk R – hope to see you at Leeds then.  I have just booked accommodation for myself and the Mrs, in the Queens Hotel, thus facilitating a quick getaway from oop north by rail afterwards.

PP – I had been vaguely hoping to run Maidenhead 10 next year, as it’s so close and I’ve never done it.  Easter is always a difficult time with family stuff though.  I’ll see if I can pencil it in.

Is it too early to wish good luck to the Frankfurters this weekend?  May you be smothered by the ketchup of success and accompanied by the grilled onions of new personal bests.  Or something.  TT’s ankle will no doubt hold up and propel him to an obscenely fast time, selbs will get his well deserved reward for having put up with so much shite, and Jools will sail (literally, due to stature) under the radar to another PB.  It must be true, it appeared to me in a vision.

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Posted: Yesterday at 09:08

Oh, I was enjoying that.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 14:57
Simon Coombes 2 wrote (see)

Like the CP10. Like others have said, it's a decent course and good value for money. It always seemed like it was sticking a finger up at the big BUPA races by 'keeping it real'.

The only bit that annoyed me was on the wide road at 5/6 miles (opposite Ham Lands) I stuck to the middle of the road and loads took the right hand pavement, taking a good bit out of the course, as it bends to the right. The blighters

On that bit, we were told to stick to the left hand pavement, and did so.  I shall therefore assume my 55:18 is worth a sub-55 in previous years if you were running down the middle of the road 

Samir will have to up his game to get the sub-2 marathon.  The way the Kenyans are going, they'll have done it before Samir even runs his sub 45 10m.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 12:35

Dean, my local 10K actually works like that - a 30m wide start line turns into a corner after a slight downhill 200m across a park.  Net result - insane sprint for the first corner, followed by a mass slow down.  I have finished 5th, 2nd and 4th in the last 3 years - but I've never got to that first corner in the top 20.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 11:38

But then you have to define where you start ordering by chip, because you certainly can't do it for the open categories.  Is it V40? Probably not, the best V40s will be close to the front of the field.  V50? V60? What's the cut-off?  And wherever you set that cut-off, some anomalies will be thrown up.  So while I have sympathy for the person who was second in your scenario, the only fair, consistent and practical way of doing it is by gun time.  Unless you have separate races or separate pens.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 11:23

You can't have a championship race done on anything other than gun time though.  Otherwise some V50 woman could be coasting along with no-one in her age group for minutes afterwards, then 2 days later she finds she lost the championship race because another V50 was having a big poo when the gun went and started right at the back.  That's not racing.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 11:02

I would guess one of the issues with chip timing is where it starts,  They hold the runners in the pedestrian street until two minutes before the start, stop traffic, walk the runners out and then start the race, and presumably re-open to traffic a few minutes later.  I guess they can't shut off the whole of central Twickenham for longer.

The traffic would mean that they couldn't set up the chip timing mats etc on the start line beforehand I imagine.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the old-school, traditionalist nature of the CP10 is one of the main attractions of it.  Even in the 90s when I started doing road races, there were no chips, and we all somehow lived with it - in big road races, we just started our watches when we crossed the line.

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