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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 23:03
Just back from Watford open 3000. I aimed for 9:15. I ran 9:15.39.

However, I actually feel a bit frustrated, because I think I completely misjudged it. My last 3000 I started with a psychotic 68 second opening lap. This time I was too slow, 77 instead of the 74s I needed. This put me in the pack when I should have been near the front of my heat. Ran the first 4 laps in lane 2, verging on lane 3. Then, in the final 3 laps, when it had settled into a leading group of 4, including the great GB prospect Bobby Clay, I left it too late to push hard and finished 3rd (behind Clay and another quality young woman, Amy griffiths), feeling far, far too fresh. At no point did I enter the pain box. I should have tried to smash the last 3 laps, not leave it to 600m to go, because I don't have the pace to make a fast last 600 really painful.

Oh well, almost a 10 second PB, I just wish I hadn't run like a numpty.

Sub 3

Posted: 26/08/2014 at 21:39
PP - what an awesome 10,000 that is. Smashed sub 33, even if they revised your result the wrong way. Well jealous! Everything seems to be coming together for you at just the right time, really excited to see what you can produce in the marathon.

Dr D - excellent half, good to see things coming back for you.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/08/2014 at 21:35
Nope, doesn't embarrass me anymore Matt. A month or so ago though some kids of about 11 or 12 were watching my warm up and shouted "oi mate, I'm backing you for the win". I didn't win.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 25/08/2014 at 20:51
Yes, maybe the fast last few miles of Matt's race were due to him racing in a tin bath on wheels, Last of the Summer Wine style.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 25/08/2014 at 16:44
Rubbish. You all live on one big bleak hilly Council estate, play in the local brass band and think about ways to make a living since they closed t'mill. All the races are in the local park, which is also where you fly your pet kestrels.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 25/08/2014 at 10:56
Decent 10 for me this morning before breakfast. Set off easy, but felt good so just kept going faster and faster. 7:35 / 7:02 / 6:41 / 6:19 / 6:14 / 6:13 / 6:07 / 5:50 / 5:57 / 5:41. Still difficult to comprehend Matt's pace!

Anyone else doing Watford 3000 on Wednesday?

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 21:46
Woah, Matt! Bloody awesome! What a performance that is! And the quick miles at the end too! Fantastic run!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 21:44
Re my parkrun, I think its just too early in the morning to be running quick times for me.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Ever since I restarted running, being one year older now has a silver lining - the thought of an extra 1 or so % on the age grading score.

Spent day at Birmingham Grand Prix with my dad and eldest son. Excellent stuff, lots of big names. My dad is a track official, so seemed to spend half the time watching the timekeepers and judges rather than the athletes. He even spotted one he knew from his county association.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 23/08/2014 at 15:22
Well played SG! That has to be a confidence booster. Line some proper races up now!

I did say a couple of pages back that I was up for Wycombe if SG was going, but as he was doing it ninja-style, I went to Newbury instead. People have run fast times here, but I wasn't one of them today. Managed 16:20, which is pretty much par for the course lately. Don't seem to be able to nail 5ks that early. Anyway, I had the lead 200m out and made the winner sprint for it, which since he's a sub 32 10k and sub 70 half man recently isn't too bad.

What is your parkrun strategy?

Posted: 22/08/2014 at 16:10

Also, while everyone is listening to the briefing, go round and tie together the shoelaces of anyone who looks like they might otherwise shoot off far too fast and get in the way.  This includes:

  • Anyone under 20
  • Anyone with an excitable looking dog
  • Blokes who are a bit fat but not really fat.

Not that all the above will necessarily go off too fast, but better safe than sorry.  Also do it to anyone wearing compression socks, not because of fast starting, but just for fun.


Another good tactic is to unleash an unholy banshee-like war cry seconds before the run starts.  This strategy is particularly unsettling if you then set off at 30-minute pace.

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