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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 21:49
Yep, I live right by the start, so I essentially consider it as a parkrun in my front garden.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 21:15
Well, you were fit enough to turn up to my local parkrun and put the course record that I had my eye on out of my reach forever, so not too bad. I bet you were only bloody tempoing it as well...

Sub 20 should be a piece of piss on paper, as its a fraction slower than my 10k pace, but that course seems to catch me out.

Will certainly be interesting to see what Samir comes up with.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 17:59
20:28 last year, which was shite, but to be fair I did have the graveyard leg 6 shift when RRR were already in about 75th out of 85. I should be aiming for a bit under 20 this time.

Fastest leg of the day for you then Jonny? Mid 17s?

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 16:40

I'm on leg 1 Jonny.  I don't know who's on Leg 1 for Reading AC, but whoever it is I'm assuming they'll be ahead of me so you'll already be off and running by the time I come in.

Sub 3

Posted: Today at 15:32

TT - ha, I wasn't referring to your time!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 14:14

Scott - yep, the Cardiff Half.  If I don't PB I'll be mystified and frustrated.

I seem to be cursed with half marathons though.  Since I set my PB at Wokingham, I have entered 5 halfs and ended up with 1 DNS (injury), 1 cancellation, 2 I ran very poorly having been ill, and one I ran deliberately below 100% as I was targeting another race the following week.

So that PB ought to be very soft, but I've said that before.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 11:15

Scott - don't think I'd have wanted to do 4 of them at a much faster pace.  The 10K training I'm doing will work towards a session of 3 x 2 miles at target pace as the last big session, which will of course be intended to be considerably faster, but 10ks weren't what I had in mind last night.

Not sure I could do 5 x 1m at 5K pace to be honest, and certainly not off 90 seconds.

Sub 3

Posted: Today at 10:48

TT - we'll do our best!  I'm doing Cardiff Half on 5th October.  Target time?  Who knows!  I'd certainly like to put my half PB (1:14:46) to bed, and I note that a couple of people from the club have overtaken my time this year, which will not do at all.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 10:29

SG - it's my own session and I did it alone.  it's not that mad - the reps are longer and total 12K but they're run at threshold pace, so not the all-out burn-up of V02 max training, and feeling pretty comfortable to begin with. I could have raised the pace at any point if necessary, which I think is how it's supposed to feel. 

Whilst I will admit to having squeezed the pace in the last 600m of the last rep, everything else was definitely threshold pace. Jack Daniels has the Lactate Threshold Zone for me off a 15:42 5K as being between 5:12 and 5:31 (yes, the 5:12 looks a little strong, but I was well shy of that last night), whilst the McMillan 'tempo intervals' zone is 5:16-5:24.

Doesn't mean I'm going to run a 10 mile race at that pace though.

Sub 3

Posted: Today at 10:05

PP- No, he's not running for us.  His new club - Ealing and Whatever AC.  Selbs - no, he has cropped up on another Training thread, much more measured and, dare I say it, mature, than before.

Nice hard run selbs by the way, good to see you pushing the pace again, and sensible to ease off for the last bit.

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