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Posted: Today at 18:22

That's how it went

Nicely flat, perfect weather, bought a new bum bag thing on the way with 2 little bottle things, so had water in one and isotonic drink in the other (not used it before but always like to experiment...)

First 8 miles felt great! Decided to turn round at 9 rather than 8.5 - first half splits were

12.27, 13.25, 13.17, 13.11, 14.18, 13.47, 12.19, 13.09, 13.24

Pretty damn good for me on a long run!

Turned around and realised I'd had the wind behind me and been going ever so slightly downhill, but got back into my stride a bit and promised myself I'd stop to get a treat from the cafe at mile 16

Second half splits:

14.57, 13.51, 14.13, 13.49, 13.16, 12.24, 12.53, 12.37, 12.00

Rather pleased with those, especially as I speeded up nicely towards the end and felt like I was sprinting the last mile to get back to the car in under 4 hours ('sprint' being relative, like you said.. )

Got to practice my sprint finish - sister has a nasty habit of playing all slow and pathetic all the way through a race then sprinting off right at the last minute and I can never catch her! Not this year though

Wore trail shoes in the end - I didn't want to do myself a mischief or risk cocking up my long run in brand new shoes. I'll take them on holiday though and wear them in a bit. New bag thing was fab, went for this in the end


First time I tried isotonic drink too (that in one bottle, water in the other). No idea if it helped bit it was nice to have something other than water to drink and I certainly still felt pretty strong at the end

Next week on hols and lots of cycling planned so just a couple of short runs I think. Then (for long runs) I'll do 13, 20, 13, 8, and then it's the race

That sound like a plan??

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 18:10

Oh, and driving for an hour to get to a flat bit was a bloody stupid idea - had to drive an hour home again (obviously!) and almost fell out of the car

And just nearly poured a kettle full of water into the entire tin of tea bags rather than just my cup... Think I need a lie down...

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 18:08

No need for a search party Spence, although if you're doing a tour of the tea shops then I'm more than willing to accompany you

Planned 17 miles, got to 8 and decided turning round at 8.5 was a bit pathetic so waited til 9, so altogether 18 miles done in 3.59.22 (and yes I did sprint the last bit back to the car )

Feckin long way, and no idea how I'm going to fit the other 8 miles of the marathon into an hour!

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 09:43

What are they going to do with the poor girl DL, drove her round in circles til the find somewhere else?? Glad she won the trophy!


Morning all


Finding another waister at a race is easy - they're the ones in the toilet queue looking round vaguely I don't think you'd recognise one without already knowing they were going to be there though! Just post your races when you're going and someone will shout


17 miles for me today and i'm showing a strange reluctance to get out of bed and get on with it...





working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 18:53

and i was thinking of a bed with a pair of trainers sticking out of the end

well done mini yums! a grand achievement yums and no small thanks to your efforts!


working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 16:43

Nope onsie, sadly not! In the past eithet a couple of people have known in advance they'd be in the same place and arranged to meet, or last year lots of us all went to the same race and stayed in the same hotel

I did make a jumper with WAISTER sewn across the front in luminous pink felt but it didn't catch on with everyone else for some reason


working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 11:15

good luck podds!My sister just got an A and a B (not impressed with the B but at least it's better than the E she got first time round 14 years ago! )

onsie, AlAnon isn't quite AA - we're there because of someone else's drinking, not our own. So the boozy cake was a mildly amusing accident rather thn the problem it would have been at an actual AA meeting fortunately.

Poor FC2 DL. I reckon you'd better let the lass win! Tis no wonder people end up in a right old mess sometimes with such uncertainty. Sadly adult social care isn't really any better on the whole I don't think although there are good people doing good things in places, as i'm sure there are in children's.

Just travelled 3 hours to get about 50 miles away. Had enough sense to get tea at the station but thinking of makig a sign saying 'PLEASE offer me a cup of tea!!' for when I get to places 




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Posted: Yesterday at 01:38

Thanks kaz, that's what I was thinking. Legs felt very worn after road in old shoes last week and i'd be worried about doing a longer distance in them again.


Trail is pretty, yes In fact there's a choice of trails I thought what I might do is take my trail shoes in the car but wear new road shoes. Cos it's an out and back route i could do a couple of miles in new shoes then potentially turn round and swap for trail shoes if i felt like i couldn't do 17 in them (not ideal but I did my 13 miles in them the other week and they were fine).


As long as I didn't wimp out as soon as I got back to the car I suppose!!


Watched the athletics last night and got all inspired, got up this morning feeling like all my runs are the same pace (they're not but i haven't done much faster stuff lately). Went out and just ran a mile as fast as I could - 8.53, which isn't actually that fast... but is pretty damn speedy for me, possibly faster than I've ever run for more than a few seconds


Had to walk home after that... Don't think I'll ever make a sprinter!!






working at it slowly

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 21:28

I know I could very easily get used to not working Coco, as much as I love my job!

81 miles indeed Pippi! Been a long time since I've even cycled that far!!

Cake was very tasty - apparently it had some kind of booze in it...

Came home to find 3 blokes in the kitchen and evidence of a photoshoot (complete with red lamps and priests' robes) in the bedroom. Should I be worried??

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 18:38

Oops, meant to say I've got a pal who's got really into taking photos of the Red Arrows, she follows them all round the country and has some fab shots. I have no interest in them whatsoever but her pictures are really good!


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