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working at it slowly

Posted: 29/03/2015 at 09:14

Gosh yum, both of your bikes have been swiped?! how rotten Hope you managed to summon a policeman eventually.

(are you sure.it wasn't Podds who nicked them? She's doing a suspicious (and in any rational person's view - unnecessary) amount of cycling today...

Meant to be going for a walk today but might wimp out. Although that makes me sound like a right wuss goven the racing and cycling going on in here - we were just going to amble round a reservoir then go to a tea shop!



working at it slowly

Posted: 28/03/2015 at 19:43

Oh dear DL! Impressed you were beaten by a cake, especially on a day like that one sounds! 

working at it slowly

Posted: 28/03/2015 at 18:20

Well I've spent half the day at the tip, the other half in B&Q and am now trying valiantly to remove 20-year-old green metal paint off me shower tiles with a heat gun 

Everyone else is probably in the pub  

Good luck racers for tomorrow! 

working at it slowly

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 20:38


((((podds' family))))) I'd be watching my back in your house right now!

I might have been out for tapas in what turned out to be a speciality sherry bar Might have had a sherry or so Might be trying to sober up on the train so mr daffs doesn't laugh too much



working at it slowly

Posted: 22/03/2015 at 20:32

I have fond memories of ice cream at Parkgate as a kid Pippi, think I've only ever seen high tide once though!

All behaving well here Meldy, promise; nothing to report


working at it slowly

Posted: 22/03/2015 at 08:34

Oh dear at the sock of shame Podds!!


And spence is right - I know you don't like Fakebook but over there only people I choose can see a pic, over here anyone can. Also practically, I've not yet figured out how to put an actual photo in here without uploading it to flikr or something first which is a pest!


Quite happy to put the pic I put on facebook on here if I can figure out how to do that quickly and easily (and from my phone) as it's not identifiable, it's just a pic of a house which you can't see from the road. As it stands, to put it on here I'd have to link to the estate agents photo which obviously gives the address - which I didn't (and won't) do on facebook.


Hope that makes sense!


Mother Daffs has descended, SO much cake in the house! I've given her a list of jobs Got a sore throat this morning though so I might throw her out fairly soon so I can feel sorry for myself all afternoon...

Good luck to the racers today!






working at it slowly

Posted: 21/03/2015 at 11:39

Flippin heck Spence, that's a blinder! Well done you!  

working at it slowly

Posted: 21/03/2015 at 09:03

Fingers crossed for you sluggy!


Mansion is £240k.... Tad more than I'd like but certainly doable right now and I'll suffer a fair bit of inconvenience to live somewhere like that Remember Mr Daffs is older than me so paid his mortgage off last year after 25 years of paying it, so while our current house is definitely NOT a mansion, we do own all of it, and it's in a much nicer place than the mansion so we'd be downgrading area considerably...

Don't get too excited, not even sure we can bear living over there, even for that - and think of the heating bills!!  We'd habe to dress like they did in Wolf Hall with layers of cloaks

Not linking on here in case we do actually end up living in it If we don:t I'll stick a link




working at it slowly

Posted: 20/03/2015 at 20:36

Definitely big enough for a waister commune - and it appears to have at least five bathrooms (I lost count after a while) so all needs could be accommodated (I think someone was trying, and failing, to turn it into a B&B...) And there was even a separate staircase for the servants You could even have a separate real live Waister Lounge! And it was so big we probably wouldn't even notice you were all there...  

Anybody want to buy my house?!

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/03/2015 at 17:44

Thanks all. Fine now, just a bit sore...

Been to see THE most utterly PERFECT house EVER this afternoon. I could SO much imagine us living there. Ludicrous black and white grand old thing, not actually falling down but plenty of bits falling off... and plants actually growing *inside* the living room. Utterly GLORIOUS. And actually a feasible option in terms of price too... Only problem is where it is... really not sure we want to live there, but then starting to think there's an awful lot I'd compromise on to live in a house like that...


Can't imagine we'd get it mind you. Ours isn't even ready to go on the market, and that one's been reposessed so i reckon the bank will take whatever they can get so it'll be snapped up pretty quick, but even so...



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