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Comrades 2017

Posted: 15/01/2017 at 11:46

I'm doing the tour too, and I've done it three times .   But I am thinking got doing the Fordyce one this year.

Comrades 2017

Posted: 21/12/2016 at 21:52

ChicknNuggets - I didn't.  After many, many hours of creeping towards Pietermaritzburg, they turned around and went back to Durban.  Of course I did not know this, and wandered around the International tent looking for them without success.  I had no phone, but I found Slow Duck who kindly allowed me to use his phone.   I think they can make it if they go directly there around 10 am - i.e. after the buses have dropped all the runners off.   

Paris Marathon 2017

Posted: 21/12/2016 at 16:31

Portsmouth was indeed amazing.

Comrades 2017

Posted: 20/12/2016 at 14:56
Mr Zuvai - would have liked to have met you! Terrific running you have in Portsmouth and a very pretty town. My first time there (came from the US for the weekend).

Comrades 2017

Posted: 20/12/2016 at 08:06

ChicknNuggets - it is a nightmare getting to the finish on the Up run.  The traffic is so intense that unless they go straight there first thing in the morning, they will not make it.  Any stops to see you en route will derail the plan.  My family - who are local and know the roads well - could not get to the finish.

Comrades 2017

Posted: 19/12/2016 at 22:31

Ditto to what RR above says about a special weekend in Portsmouth.  Great time running the race, great time with friends.

Comrades 2017

Posted: 08/12/2016 at 22:27

Great news Debra - seems like you've found the right person.

In reference to core and balance:  I decided to take on a strength coach to help me for MdS, and in prepping her for what MdS is, I sent her a video link.  When she arrived at my house, she said to me:  we'll do some weight training, but what you need is core and balance work.  So, like you, I'm now working on my core and balance.  

Comrades 2017

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 22:48

Lowrez - many thanks for the patches that arrived today.  They look terrific.  

My total focus has been on MdS, so I needed a qualifier for Comrades, but I did not want to risk injury or to miss too much training post marathon, so I went out for 4:30 and got 4:28.   Happy with that and will boost myself into the CC group.

Becca - the profile is a bit misleading.  It is net downhill, but it's much more rolling hills than the profile suggests.

Comrades 2017

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 05:59

Well, I did get my qualifier today in California, so all good.

Comrades 2017

Posted: 26/11/2016 at 17:38

Comrades caters well to low/no carb.  It's the home of Tim Noakes Banting fad.

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