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Term time holidays

Posted: Today at 13:59

Well everything our postman pushed thro the door yesterday I stuck back in the post box on my way to work..

A letter to an address I have never heard of (we only live in a small village, and it wasn't here) and 5 bits of advertising

Term time holidays

Posted: Today at 13:46

Why, Does Godalming get more spam bots than average ?

I blame the posties who deliver them

Ironman UK 2014

Posted: Today at 13:37

I heard the roads were terrible at IM UK, It's changed route since I did it as well.


Suppose the 3 times up Sheephouse when I did it were tedious, Whereas IM Nice was only one lap, which made it slightly more interesting, But you didn't know whereto make up time on the second and third lap (if that makes sense ?)

If the weather had been better, IM Nice would have been more fun, but harder IMHO

First Tri Booked - Gear Advice

Posted: Today at 13:11

On the subject of Trisuits.. My club tri suit is a bargain as the local bike shop advertise on it, So we get the at a discount, Might be worth looking at what Derby Tri charge for club kit ?

Is iit being too ambitious to aim for half-ironman in the next 18months?

Posted: Today at 10:52
seren nos wrote (see)

I think me and Dave are agreeing now,


Diary note I agreed with Seren (although I never said it was easy)

Hadn't thought of sex as a limitation to training. is that a Welsh thing ?

Although I suppose spending all Sunday morning playing hunt the bed snake, does rather cut back on time on the bike

Is iit being too ambitious to aim for half-ironman in the next 18months?

Posted: Today at 10:03

I'm way too old, I didn't do my first tri of any sort til I was 50

Is iit being too ambitious to aim for half-ironman in the next 18months?

Posted: Today at 08:05

Morning, Sorry Didn't mean to be rude...

What you have done is great, and you really should be proud of yourself, Been there done that got the medal, But if you are serious about carrying on, then only you can make it happen

No one else can get you out of the door at 6 am on a cold wet Sunday morning and cycle 60 or 70 miles, and then instead of lazing around with the paper and a bacon butty, get straight out and run for a couple of hours, (and then do all the family things and house work) or Tuesday drive a hundred miles, spend 5 hours with a client, drive home and instead of pouring a large G&T, drag on the wetsuit and spend a hour swimming in a murky lake before finally going home to a very large G&T.

Haven't got my training log to hand, But I think since Jan 1st my stats are something like 40 miles swimming  2000 miles on the bike and 300 miles run. That's just this year, Lucky that we have no kids at home, But I do a regular 50 hour week, and a couple of days on the road. Thankfully my OH is a runner so doesn't mind the training (much) (And someone who is serious will have done double that easily)

That really is the life.

You have to get comfortable on the bike, I was marshalling on a tri at the weekend and knew I was about 9 miles in on the bike course, The easiest way to move around is on a bike, So yeah I cycled, But to save hassle I cycled the 13 miles to the venue first, Didn't even think about how far it was.

That's what I mean about being comfortable on the bike


My regular training bike is 9 years old, is aluminium  rather than carbon fibre, has done thousands of miles and was good enough for IM France 3 weeks ago, The second IM I have done on it.


My wife decided to have a bash at this tri lark, bought a bike (Decathlon B'Twin "The red and grey one"), Did one event, didn't like it, Sprog 4 decided to have a go, did 2 went off to Uni

Think the bike has done less than 60 miles and is hung up in the garage gathering dust.  Always open to offers

Brownlee Tri Harewood House Leeds

Posted: Yesterday at 20:40
So no you don't need a tri suit But it will save having to get changed in each transition

Brownlee Tri Harewood House Leeds

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35
Page 1 you need a BTF day licence or full ETF etc licence to compete..

Therefore BTF rules apply Simples

Is iit being too ambitious to aim for half-ironman in the next 18months?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:25
I've spent days trying to be really positive here, my marathon PB still dates to my 40 Marlboro days (comfortably sub 4hrs) but anything needs a bit of work

To say it was 2;44 rather than 2:35, but it was hot is rubbish.... Bet the first o/a didn't have that sort of drop off..

There really is only one way to improve..TRAIN
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