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Physiotherapy treatment runners - women only

Posted: Today at 17:10

 I know a couple women who would be more than happy with "that" sort of service 

Strictly 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 21:37

You do know Brendan left the show on Tuesday ?

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 07:07

That's the problem with sweeping statements like "the last 30 years" easy to pick holes in...


... lots of athletes have been told take the drugs or you are off the team ( Paul Kimmage and several East German sprinters {see real examples}) 

You want to win the TdF ? You need to take "preparation X" then. Fact or fiction ? 

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 22:45

pinot, Bardot, Quintana... Even Froome  Don't think anyone has accused them, let alone proved they are dopers 

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 22:36

Even this years ? 

( or last for that matter ? ) 

You been at the green inhaler again ? 

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 20:37

Every TdF podium for 30 years has had a doper on it ? 

Knee pain!

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 20:33

What does your doctor think ? 

I think you should man up, but then again I'm a sparks 

Physiotherapy treatment runners - women only

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 07:19

Sexist...... Hang the witch 

Alternative to ice bath

Posted: 16/10/2016 at 14:09

Guinness and crisps 

New London Marathon book...

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 10:01

people who viewed this item also viewed play doh.......

Thank you Amazon 

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Dear Charities, If you are unable to cpmply with the sites T's & C's

please feel free to offer your over priced places here 
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