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Fantasy Vuelta a Espana 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 20:24
I was gobsmacked when I checked the league...
just packed my drawing pins ready for next weeks trip !

Swimming breast stroke in a tri

Posted: Yesterday at 19:08

When the going gets tough.......... Have a curry

Pirate Records, Rankings and Shieldholders

Posted: Yesterday at 15:44
Think I'll take the 5th on that, but the verbals generally started as the sun slipped below the yard arm

what to do next year tri-wise?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:36

My very very last comment....

TriN is going to a TRI CLUB SWIMMING COACH...  There is a half decent chance he may understand what you are going on about, and therefore teach appropriately.

Don't think I have every advocated teaching someone how to ride a bike on a turbo, Set of rollers maybe.

Anyway, I will leave triN in your more than capable hands 

what to do next year tri-wise?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:26

In my very humble opinion, She would be better served with just learning to swim in a pool with a coach !

Rather than all sorts of rubbish like swingers and smoothies..

But as I said it is my own personal opinion, which in future I will keep to my self

what to do next year tri-wise?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:08

I will bow to your superior knowledge

what to do next year tri-wise?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:50

How can you practise sighting for OW in a pool ????

and TriN doesn't need to bother with tactics... She hasn't cracked just swimming yet !

and in OW you seldom need to do turns, (Not sure what an open turn is), You might have to swim round a buoy, But hardly something you can practise at the local pool.

and of course generally you swim OW in a wetsuit, So you advocating swimming in the pool in a wettie ?

Stick to just learning to swim TriN

what to do next year tri-wise?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:32

It's a gorgeous day at the moment, you could get 30 miles in before lunch (I meant on the bike)

Pirate Records, Rankings and Shieldholders

Posted: Yesterday at 10:31
fat buddha wrote (see)
M..o.use wrote (see)
Mais non. This is it, apparently, banned for good.

really?  thought it was a bit quiet....

who did she offend this time, or what did she do to get the total ban??  (which there are ways around if you know how)

That was the funny part, She used the usual ways to get round a ban, But still couldn't manage to behave and it was obvious she was back...

.. Think she was put up against a printing press and shot at dawn ( I said at dawn, Not by Dawn !)

what to do next year tri-wise?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:05
Early ?

I think you will find most people who have been trying to give advice will already have next season mapped out by now !

Hate to contradict FD, but he has obviously never done the Chirk Sprint Tri.. So glad it's only for beginners.... The Welsh Junior Squad weren't really taking it seriously, and a couple of top long distance guys who were in the 55 minutes bracket must have just been having a laugh ?

It's also very difficult to work on your open water skills during the winter, as there are very few places to OW in the UK during the winter !

Just spend the winter cracking on with your swimming, and on nice days get out on the bike for 2 or 3 hours
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