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Mizuno Wave Rider 9

Posted: 20 March 2006
Overall: Just a initial impression counter to B's disappointment. As a more heel-striking user, there doesn't seem to be any problems with the 9 compared to the 8. I'll do a full review after about 100 miles in them though...

Polar RS200SD

Posted: 07 March 2006
Overall: A good purchase for the runner interested in collecting some data, but not excessive amounts. The basic inbuilt data graphs are useful and fun to view.

Timex Bodylink - T5E671

Posted: 07 March 2006
Overall: A good, basic product, that would benefit from a few extra HR functions and Timex really need to look at the data functionality. The Bodylink trail addresses a few problems, but not all. Timex needs to get data recording in the watch unit.