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Treadmills under a grand?

Posted: 14/01/2004 at 15:30
Hi all

Just read this thread with some interest

Treadmills are no different to most other consumer goods - you tend to get what you pay for. You can buy a new car for £5K - but you wouldn't (seriously) then supply said car to Company Rep covering 50-60K/year would you?

Therefore the most important question to ask (before looking at any particular brand) is 'what do I want out of it' (and being honest with yourself is crucially important - you're the one who'll end up losing out if you don't!!)

Aside from that the most important features would be the size of the bed (length and width) and the continuous duty rating (in HP) of the motor - a lot of the cheaper mills quote maximum ratings but this is misleading

I bought a Trimline 1500 last year new for £1,400 and use it 5-6 days/week clocking up between 30-50 miles - it's a good treadmill (quiet but very heavy to initially manhandle into intended position of use) and definately benefits from being left in situ when not in use - lucky I have a spare downstairs room which I use as a combined music room/gym. Having used it for 6 months or so I'd recommend one to anyone


Monday Session

Posted: 03/03/2003 at 10:50

Thanks for the comments - it's much appreciated

Just to put things in perspective, the last guy to finish the Bideford 1/2 yesterday crossed the line in 3:58. He finished in 579th place and suffers from MS as well as having an artifical right leg from the knee down - that guy was truely an inspiration to everyone who took part - it made me feel quite small when thinking about my own 'injury' woes and how my training/plans have been disrupted - he was the hero of the day without doubt

For anyone interested, the full race results can be viewed at http://website.lineone.net/~richard.rundle/half_res_2003.htm

I finished in 53rd place with an official 1:24:37, but congestion at the start gave me a personal start/finish time of 1:24:04


Monday Session

Posted: 03/03/2003 at 07:46
Morning All

What: Rest
Why: Recovery from Bideford 1/2 Marathon yesterday

Ran 1:24:04 which, considering my current fitness, I wasn't too displeased with. It was a good race, beautiful whether - did anyone else run it?

Next Planned - Tomorrow/Weds? (Easy recovery of no more than 5M)

Enjoy the day everyone!

Friday session 28 Feb 2003

Posted: 28/02/2003 at 10:44
Morning all

Haven't posted for a while as:

A. I've not been running
B. I've been too despondant

I had been training for a spring marathon attempt (Taunton) up until about 6 weeks ago when a serious problem with my right hip/groin effectively put paid to my plans - Having now undergone some intensive physiotheraphy and rehabilitation I am at least running again although part of my 'long term' recovery is having to seriously reduce milage (I had been putting in between 60-70 miles/week)- I can now attempt nothing greater than 1/2M distance for the foreseeable future

Anyhow I am entered to run the Bideford 1/2M this Sunday and wondered if anyone else on the forum was planning to run it?
It's a nice course (mainly flat 1 lap loop) with the return 6.5M run on a riverside cycle path

I'm (now) aiming for sub 1:30 and would be pleased with anything under 1:28 (I was originally planning to run this race in about 1:23 as part of my intended Sub 3hr Marathon attempt)

So today: Rest (Tapering for Sunday)
Last 'hard' N/A (See above!)

Hope to see some faces on Sunday (I'm number 555)

friday 31st Jan

Posted: 31/01/2003 at 09:30
Morning everyone

Nice and sunny down here in the South West today

What: 1m w/u jog - 13m steady @ marathon pace (6:50) - 1m c/d jog
Why: On the schedule
Last hard: Yesterday's speedwork (1m w/u, 2.5m @ 7.00, 3m @ 6.00, 1m c/d)
Last Rest: Weds

Have a good one!

Weds 29th Jan

Posted: 29/01/2003 at 08:07
Morning all

Achilles/Drew - thanks for the input and comments guys - I do appreciate it

Regarding 'speedwork' - I do incorporate interval training into my weekly 'speed' (!) effort - I run 7.5 miles as follows: a 1m warm up at 7:00, then 6*0.5m efforts @ 3mins each with 3min recoveries following by a 1m cooldown at 7.00 - this gets me round in about 47mins - I do this one week then alternate with asteady tempo run at 6:15 the next to finish in the same sort of time

Other than this I don't really do any other 'speed' related running but do incorporate hills into the two 12m runs and the Friday 15m effort - Sunday is a steady state flat effort

I'm targeting Taunton (April 6th) as my Marathon debut and have a 1/2 (Bideford on March 2nd) as an indicator of potential marathon time - just hope I'm going to survive it!

Rest today (other than the 24m to work and back on the bike!)
Last Hard Day: Sun
Next Hard - tomorrow (speedwork!)

Thanks to everyone else for comments and goodwishes - Enjoy your running

Tuesday Jan 28th

Posted: 28/01/2003 at 16:22
Hi Achilles

Thanks for the input. As i've said I've not run a marathon before but am basing my first attempt off a history of 1/2m training and racing (I ran a Sub 1:24 1/2 in March 2002 and feel I've got stronger since)

I've basically upped the milage accordingly and increased the length of the long Sunday run (progresively over the last 3 months) which I am to peak at about 22M. The current 'speed' session consists of a 7.5M undulating loop which I run once a week and finish (tired but comfortable) in under 47 minutes - should I be running this faster? (I reckon I could hit 6:00 minute miling although 'felt' that 6:15 was fast enough as I'm aiming to race at 6:50 pace)

I am aiming for a Sub 3 - do you think that's feasible based on my schedule & history?

Tuesday Jan 28th

Posted: 28/01/2003 at 07:55
Morning all

What: 12M @ Recovery pace (7:30 - just finished!)
Why: On the schedule
Last hard day: Sun (20M a 7:15)
Last Rest: Sat

My training schedule (marathon) is not ideal but I have to fit it in around work and other commitments - therefore it unfolds as follows:

Sun - Long Run (currently approx 20 miles) @ target marathon pace + 30 (7:15)
Mon - 12m @ marathon pace (6:45) running home from work
Tues - 12m recovery pace (7:30) running into work
Weds - Rest
Thurs - 7.5m speed session (6:15 pace)
Fri - 15M (7:15 - 7:30)
Sat - Rest (complete!)

The intention is to add a bit to the long run leading up to the marathon effort in April. I also bike to work and back (Total approx 100 m.p.week) to provide some cross training. I've never run a marathon before having always trainned and raced for 1/2s, but I really want to have a go at one so am making the effort. Any constructive comments from experienced marathoners regarding my schedule and approach would be greatly appreciated

Enjoy the day!

Training Session - Monday 27th January

Posted: 27/01/2003 at 07:51
Morning all

Didn't post over the w/e as time didn't permit!

What: 12M @ Marathon pace (6:45)
Why: On the schedule
Last hard day: Sun (20M a 7:15)
Last Rest: Sat (Fri 15M a 7:30)

Suffering at the moment from a (very) sore right hip - only painful when running though. As soon as I stop it's OK - anyone else experienced anything like this?

Training Session-Fri 24th

Posted: 24/01/2003 at 12:32
Afternoon all

Not posted here before but thought I'd give it a try!!

Quick introduction - name's Dave and I'm 38 years of age. Been running since the age of 14 (1978!) when believe it or not I was part of a Scout relay team that ran from John 'O' Groats to Land's End - been running (off and on) ever since

I'm currently training for my first marathon attempt (Taunton) where I really hope (dream) to break 3 hours. This comes of a history of 1/2 marathons with a PB of 1:23:28 which I ran in March of 2002 (most have been sub 1:30)

Anyway current schedule is approx 65 miles/week building to 75 about 3 weeks prior to race day (April 6th)

So today's planned session is 15M steady
why: on the schedule + I get Friday afternoons off!
last hard day: Yesterday (7.5m @ 6:20 pace)
last rest day: Wednesday (ran 12 miles tempo/recovery Mon/Tues)

Nice to meet you all
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