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Garmin Forerunner 50

Posted: 02 June 2010
Overall: re Battery Life: I don't have the hrm/footpod/antstick and it flatted a new battery in 4 months - it was indicating "Battery Low" after 3 months, so at that point you're loathe to go out with it for an important sesh in case it packs up half way round.

re Battery Replacement: think it was designed as a bet to see what the longest possible time was that could be taken to replace a battery - I actually managed it in 25 minutes last night, but I've had plenty of practice!

re Stop/Start Button: positioned in middle of front edge, and only light touch required to trigger it. If you're wearing a long-sleeved top and/or gloves, it's VERY easy to accidentally stop/restart/restop... etc...etc... which screws up all your splits/display - again, if you wanted to design a worse Stop/Start button you'd be hard pushed.

Overall: I bought it mainly cos it was the cheapest watch i could find with such a large Lap Memory, which is my main concern.
It looks/feels great, and when it's working smoothly it's perfect for my needs.
The Battery Life and the Stop/Start Button are VERY frustrating - I'm learning ways to cope cos I'm lumbered, but wouldn't recommend it to anybody else.

Mizuno Wave Harrier

Posted: 12 November 2008
Overall: Harriers are now my "shoe of choice" for all my off-road running needs - I have 2 pairs on the go at all times: a "clapped out" pair for general training/trogging about, and a newer pair for racing/serious training.
They are basically the perfect compromise shoe for me: good enough grip/low enough profile to act as an out-and-out fell shoe, but with enough cushioning for the odd stretch of road or hard trail.
Also, price-wise, they get discounted more so than fell shoes :o)

Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession by Richard Askwith

Posted: 22 November 2007
Overall: Not very well written as a book.
Laying down some of the "old-time" history was a job well done, although the so-called "interviews" with the legendary figures were disappointingly thin/uninformative and, as such, seemed a lost opportunity.
Some of the individual passages read very well as journalistic pieces - you can imagine them in Sunday-supplement or in-flight magazines - and are very funny/entertaining.
However, as a book, it seemed rather contrived and messy - there didn't seem to be an overall "point" to it.
The "bitty" nature of it helps to make it a "page turner" though, and it's definitely worth borrowing a copy, and reading it once.

Saucony GRID Triumph 3

Posted: 29 March 2007
Overall: Took only a couple of 6-8M runs to break them in, then it was straight into 10-12M long runs with no probs.
Very comfy and cushioned.
Not a shoe to be doing speed-intervals in, but not the point. Have given them 5/5 for "Performance" on the basis of how they perform at what they're intended to do.
Just ran my longest distance ever (Coniston 14) in them, and suffered no ill effects whatsoever afterwards.
I even managed to fine mine for £45 on eBay :o)
I would definitely choose to get these again in the future, but would be loath to shell out £80-90 (miserly skinflint that I am).

Saucony Grid Trigon 3 Ride

Posted: 05 December 2006
Overall: My old Trigon 2's were some of my fave shoes ever - ultra-comfy and with the famous triangluar-lugged outsole for good grip off-road.
The 3's are a tremendous disappointment - they feel very harsh and inflexible - not as much padding around the heel and tongue;
They are causing blistering on my arches, and leave red marks on the tops of my feet.
The lacing system is very stiff, and difficult to get them to lace up comfortably at all (again in MARKED contrast to the 2's)/.
It is possible that the comfort will improve with a few more miles of breaking in (might report back);

The famous plain black rubber triangular-lugged outsole that was one of the main attractions of the 2-series has GONE - the triangular bits are buried in a generally smooth sole that is next to useless off-road.

The cushioning on the forefoot is thickly built-up on the inside of the foot - effectively like a "stability" measure to counteract pronation - this is what I would've expected on the "Guide" variety, but I have the "Ride"! It is really weird having the shoes trying to throw you onto the outside edges of your foot-strike, when I naturally run like that anyway! These are supposed to be for a neutral runner... AREN'T THEY?

They're still not ACTUALLY that bad - just a huge disappointment after the 2's - I hope the 4's re-address these issues, or I will be switching my allegiance to Mizuno...

Inov-8 Mudroc 290

Posted: 23 October 2006
Overall: I've only worn these 3 times, but already feel I know them well enough to review.
Was worried by some reviewers mentioning heel blistering, and they did feel a bit weird when I first put them on with their low heel profile, but they lace-up so snugly on my feet that I'll be amazed if I ever get any blisters of any sort off these.
I was a bit surprised that the tongue wasn't gusseted, but the snug fit stops any junk getting in anyway.
The grip is absolutely STAGGERING. The only thing they've slipped on has been a couple of tree-roots, but that was mainly my fault for stopping looking where I was treading BECAUSE I TRUSTED THE SHOES SO MUCH.
The lack of cushioning means that they wouldn't be good for longer runs on harder trails, and the studded sole is unsuitable for roads, but that's obviously not what they're intended for.
I've only just started dabbling in off-road running, and I'm delighted to have found such a "forget-what-you've-got-on-your-feet" pair of shoes at my first attempt!

Mizuno Wave Creation

Posted: 31 July 2006
Overall: If you can find them cheaper than £90 (found mine for £45 on eBay), would recommend as a good "blend of everything" shoe.

New Balance 844

Posted: 31 July 2006
Overall: Excellent everyday shoe for basic mileage.

Saucony Grid Trigon 2

Posted: 31 May 2006
Overall: Ive got the Durable version, but I seem to remember the Trigon 1 felt either more cushioned initially, or lasted better.

Saucony seem to be the best fit for my feet, and once worn in they are so comfortable that I don't even know I've got them on!

Perfect "everyday" shoe.