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life after running?

Posted: 27/07/2015 at 21:33

Sympathies. It's hard, losing the running.

Not quite the same, but I've been through two longish enforced layoffs due to injury, including  one of six months when I didn't know whether or not I'd be able to get back to running properly. What has helped me each time has been volunteering at parkrun, and at events of my running club. That's helped to keep me part of the running community, given me a focus - and I've enjoyed it.

Have you considered coaching? With 40 years of experience, maybe you could help local youngsters? Not the same, but it might help?

Not sure what to suggest for keeping up the exercise. You might find that cycling becomes more appealing later - at least you can be outside in nice surroundings.

GPS watch for ultra

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 17:55

Garmin 310xt has done me fine for constant use of over 13 hours. Would consider moving to something else if wanting 20-hours plus.

Lower back pain around the spine and at base of back

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 17:49

Agree. Get thee to a physio!

Pain on outside of leg after running

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 17:48

The main structures on the outside of your lower leg are the fibula (smaller of the two lower leg bones) and the peroneal tendons/muscles. Further to the back you have the main calf muscles, and the the front, the muscles and tendons associated with the feet and digits.

You may just have been unlucky and managed to jar/pull something. RICE treatment initially is usually sensible.

What should be my drink plan for my first ultra

Posted: 24/07/2015 at 18:01

Re. dying... What you do need to be prepared for/avoid is hypothermia - and not just in winter, on the hills. Read the reports for SDW 2013 (mine is on my blog ( - try and look for the title SDW - Wet and Windy!  I played with hypothermia at the inaugural Greater Manchester Marathon (4 C before windchill, gale force winds, rain, hail) and it's no fun. Having the proper gear for SDW made a real difference (GMM I'd had a waterproof jacket with me, but my the time I realised I should be wearing it, my hands were too frozen, despite gloves, to get it out and put it on).

Beachy Head was great fun, despite the wind. There was one point that the wind was so strong I could only keep going forwards because I dropped in behind someone larger than me and keeping right behind him for several hundred yards until we dropped down out the wind - don't know who he was, and he possibly never noticed I was there, but he really, really helped. The Seven Sisters, near the end, are a real challenge.

Enjoy it for me - I was intending to run it again this year, until I broke my ankle six weeks ago (not even while running!)

What should be my drink plan for my first ultra

Posted: 24/07/2015 at 13:18

Mark, dying from dehydration is unlikely and so long as you are sensible, you're unlikely to get hyponatraemia and die from overhydration but too few electrolytes.

Those are good choices for events. NDW50 was my first 50-miler. SDW has less variety of surface and scenery in my opinion, but is more runnable. Beachy Head is best tackled as if it was a short trail ultra rather than a marathon (walk the uphills!). Be prepared for the wind to be against you the whole way, despite the fact that it's a looped course!

Those three events are well marked and have good aid stations. Unless it's a blazing hot day for any of them, you're not going to need huge quantities of fluid between aid stations. More during training runs (NDW and SDW each split nicely into two runs, based on rail stations), but do check if you can top-off your water bottle/bladder part way and carry less.

Millsy's suggestion of having both plain water and water-with-electrolytes options is sensible, as you may suddenly find the electrolyte water tastes wrong. Flat coke is suddenly a nice drink when it's available at an aid station during an ultra.

Metatarsal stress fracture – feeling a bit fed up!

Posted: 24/07/2015 at 13:09

I had a metatarsal stress fracture (clinically diagnosed) and extensor tendonosis in 2011. The stress fracture healed after six weeks of rest, at which point I discovered the extensor tendonosis hadn't settled and that took another six weeks of physio and exercises. Then I restarted gradually and had no problems and worked up to ultra distances while transitioning to minimalist shoes...Don't know whether that helps or makes you feel worse

Might be worth going to a physio, getting the foot manipulated and checked for soft tissue problems that might be contributing, particularly after 12 weeks of reduced use?

Good luck!

What should be my drink plan for my first ultra

Posted: 24/07/2015 at 09:00

Hi Mark, you might get more replies if you post this in the Ultra forum.

This is really variable, depending on weather, how much you sweat (some people just sweat more than others do), what tastes you do and don't like etc. Personally I hate the aftertaste from any of the big, flavoured electrolyte tablets (high5 etc.) so I use Elete (liquid concentrated electrolytes) - added advantages (a) you can just squirt in a bit more if you're sweating a lot; (b in an emergency you can squirt it directly into your mouth and wash it down with a mouthful of water; (c) no frothing or waiting for the tablet to dissolve; (d) if you forget to rinse out and dry the drinks bladder it doesn't start growing algae...

Some people prefer S-caps.

Re. volumes, some people will drink little and often, others prefer larger quantities less often, and how much people drink is highly variable. It really is a matter of practicing on your long runs and seeing what works for you. Too much and you'll be stopping to pee all the time. Too little and you'll get dehydrated and feel very tired.

I found that as I got more used to long runs, I started drinking less (and could go for longer without fuel intake - I completed a training run of about 26.5 miles a couple of months ago on no food during the run and less than a litre of fluid intake - but I'm 48kg and it wasn't a baking hot day, and there's no way I would have done that in my first year of ultrarunning. (And I did have food with me in case I needed it, and a couple of chances to fill the water bladder if I'd needed to).

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 23/07/2015 at 15:47

carterusm: One more week to the six-week post-op x-rays and assessment (which will be seven weeks after the fracture). IF the pics indicate the fracture has healed well, then I'll be allowed to start the rehab. That will be at least a further six weeks before I can think about starting running again - call it mid-September - and then I'll have to work up the distances... again.

I so want to get back out on the trails and running decent long runs. I lover my club's summertime Sunday runs with lots of woodland trails, and I was looking forwards to going out on training runs on the Vanguard Way and NDW and...

Compartment syndrome update

Posted: 22/07/2015 at 08:09

Good luck!

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