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Posterior tibial tendinitis and sinus tarsitis

Posted: 19/07/2016 at 08:21

Linsmc, if it IS PTT, you need support under the arch so that tendon doesn't have to work all the time (it's involved in maintaining the arch of the foot, all the time). I've ended up using half-length Scholl orthotics, just to give some support (when I'm not running barefoot or in Five Fingers). Those or some sort of little cushion under the arch might help for the moment. Good luck.

Posterior tibial tendinitis and sinus tarsitis

Posted: 03/07/2016 at 18:23

The brace was pretty restrictive - rigid supports on both sides, plus the cushion underneath. I had to wear shoes a size or more too big (two or three sizes at first while the ankle was swollen) and I was only walking e.g. round the house or while volunteering at my parkrun. I certainly wasn't able to run with it on. And it was painful, because my nervous system translates constant pressure on my ankle bones into pain (and the rigid tube to the air cushion went straight over the injured and tender tendon) - so I spent as much time as possible sitting, with the brace OFF!

Good luck for a proper diagnosis soon.

Posterior tibial tendinitis and sinus tarsitis

Posted: 01/07/2016 at 22:40

I tore my posterior tibial tendon end September 2013 (in a cycling accident, when it was improving after I'd nursed it through five 50-milers). I ended up in a PTT brace (with an inflated cushion under the foot to totally rest the tendon) for five months (three would probably have been enough). Then I had to return to running very carefully and gradually to allow the tendon to adapt to being used again, but I did return to marathon and ultramarathon running. No experience of sinus tarsi syndrome, although I have had peroneal tendonitis on the outside of the foot.

Good luck!

Comrades 2017

Posted: 01/07/2016 at 22:34

I did a 15-minute jog on grass yesterday - my longest so far post stress fracture. Felt fine - the only bad part was having to slow to a walk after my 15 minutes was up. So that's me well on the way to qualifying...

What do you eat during Ultra?

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 09:08

Yes, not a lot of fun and messed up my plans to run Comrades. Grr.

What do you eat during Ultra?

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 07:59

SideBurn: they can be dry, but shouldn't be horribly dry - recipes do vary. I've not yet tried them while running - I'd say "I'll let you know" but it could be a while as I'm presently at 12-15 minutes barefoot jog on grass on my way back from a pelvic stress fracture...

What do you eat during Ultra?

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 18:20

Malt loaf, fig rolls, cheese sandwiches/wraps, Kendal mint cake.

I've just discovered/adapted a great recipe for really easy-to-make energy balls (dried mixed fruit including dates, ground almonds, cinnamon) so I'll be trying those out while running as soon as I'm back up to longer distances again.

Hm, I wonder if falafel would work while running...

Comrades 2016

Posted: 21/06/2016 at 08:12

Lakeland 50 is a great race - and it's the one that got me into ultras when I'd never run more than HM (I read about L50 and knew I wanted to do it - just after I'd told my husband I'd stick to HM because I didn't think I could find the time for marathon training...).

Mc Hilly: offroad, more (and much more technical) ascent and descent than Comrades. You have a route map and instructions, but need to navigate (no route markers, unlike e.g. NDW50), including quite possibly in the dark, unless you're very fast. Aid stations are good, but obviously further apart - e.g. 8-10 miles or so and you do have to carry water and food and a variety of compulsory gear. It's a great event - fantastic camaraderie.

Displaced fibula fracture

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 17:09

I had a Weber B fibular fracture almost exactly a year ago. Plate and screws. First jog strides (barefoot round the edge of a cricket pitch - heavenly! at about three months, five minutes at three months after surgery, slow progression for the first month then much faster. Ran a 26.8 mile training run just before Christmas, an official marathon in late January not much slower than my previous time (although nowhere near as fast as you), and a 34 mile hilly trail race in March. Was heading for Comrades until I stress fractured my pelvis 16 miles into the London Marathon...

What is really important is to do the physio exercises and make sure you get back to full range of motion in your ankle (I did the exercises but didn't quite regain full flexion/extension - that put my pelvis out of alignment, which led to the stress fracture). So I'd recommend that when you've been running for a few months and you're getting your mileage back up, you should go to a physio to be checked over for any imbalances.

If you've not been given exercises to do, ask if you can do these:

If you need advice over going through partial weight bearing (PWB) to full weight bearing (FWB) just ask and I'll give you the tips - in my experience the doctors just tell you to do it.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 13:30

lowrez: yes of course; I will try to remember to send them this evening.

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