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Monday 5th September 2016

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 11:56

Morning all

Long time no speak

What: 1 hour, 11km run

Why: It's Monday

Last Hard: A while ago

Last Rest: 04/09

Lyrics: Yes

I have been training regularly I promise! Easy weeks around surgical on-calls and full weeks of about 11-12 hours a week.

my last Long run, I hit HM in 1 hour 56. I was happy with this!

Struggling at the moment with tightness in my legs. I have been stretching and foam rolling but I cannot seem to hit the TFL muscle right up in my hip. Very sore and it limits my stepping distance whilst running. I had a massage yesterday which left me with some DOMS.

Anyway.. that's all from me right now! I shall struggle on!

Monday 22nd August 2016

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 12:20

What: 1 hour turbo with pick ups

Why: Sub 5 hours 50 70.3 in my sight

Lyrics: Nope

Last hard: 70 hour working week, including 15 hour shift last Saturday

Last rest: childhood

Radio silence not because I haven't been training, but because I'm going to bed straight after! Horrid week at work last week, long hours and sad cases. Emotionally and physically ruined and it's Monday again.

Not much else to say. Each day as it comes. Off to bed..

Tuesday August 16th 2016

Posted: 16/08/2016 at 11:42

What: 90mins turbo (45km)

Why: Late home from work

Lyrics: Nope

Last hard: Lots of standing at work!

Last rest: Can't remember!

I know the turbo isn't amazing for race performance due to a controlled environment. But my power and cadence sensors are telling me I can hold 35-40km without too much hassle. Hoping when it gets sunnier, I can take it onto some proper rides. Still frosty here though, so house I shall stay- whilst watching the olympics!

Monday 15th August 2016

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 11:53

Morning all

What: 1 hour run (around 11km)

Why: New week

Lyrics: Nope

Last hard: Yesterday's LSR

Last Rest: Unsure.. a while ago!

Legs felt ok on the run tonight, did a few km of a faster pace (around 4:48min/km) to just see that I still could! then slowed down for the rest. I am sure that on a flat 10k or HM I would PB. I have hills around me so they are always hard.

Pretty tired and beat up today though... wore my compression socks to work and required x2 coffees. Early to bed tonight post tacos and a small amount of wine!

Night all.

Sunday 14th August 2016

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 09:53
Ale- I would like to. But they make me more nervous than triathlon! I have such a mental thing around racing a HM

Sunday 14th August 2016

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 07:05
P.s- LMH I feel your pain. My wisdom teeth are haunting me AGAIN! They have been on and off for years now. Not nice.

Sunday 14th August 2016

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 07:05

What: 2hour run

Why: LSR day, to finish a 13 hour training week

Lyrics: No- but funny

Last hard: Last 20 mins today

Last Rest: I can't remember but over a week

Big volume this week. Training and work wise. Hence my silence! I did a 3 hour bike yesterday at home. Tempo with no variables was the aim and completed 112km. Happy with that.

Run today was aimed SLOW. I fought it because I was over 2 hours for a HM but trying to think in a "bigger picture" way and today showed me I could go under 2 hours if I had fresh legs and went for it regardless of HR.

Big week at work to. I ran my first proper trauma code. Young kid with knife to chest. It was scary but I didn't feel my own adrenaline until after I had ran the code. Then I sat down! I also went to theatre and did my very first laparotomy (opened the entire abdomen). Very cool.

Anyway. I won't bore you with all my training for this week. But around 13 hours done including strength session at the gym.

Feeling stronger

Thursday 11th August 2016

Posted: 11/08/2016 at 13:36

I have been training everyday this week. No time to post and off to bed now!

What: 1 hour bike

Why: home very late but got it done

I'll try and catch up tomorrow.

Sunday 7th August

Posted: 07/08/2016 at 03:11


Only managed just under 8km. My feet were agony. Just decided to pack it in early so that I can start a new week tomorrow and try and rest/heal today. Swim later hopefully.

Sunday 7th August

Posted: 07/08/2016 at 01:49


What: Going to attempt a 1hr 30- 2hr run today

Why: Now all out of whack due to a horrid week

Lyrics: Nope

Last Hard: Not being able to tran as much this week

Last Rest: Yesterday (if you could call it that)

My sisters finger has survived to fight another day. I offerred to do the ring block even OH but they decided not to. Poor sis.

Well done LMH! You make it sound so easy!

I am wondering if I will ever get to be a better runner. Do you guys think that people have a genetic pre-disposition? I haven't really improved in a long time... I watch people my height doing 4min kms but I dont think that will ever happen for me. It's not that I want to 'run that speed' etc.. but I don't feel for the amounf of time I have given running, that I am improving really at all.

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