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Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 25/04/2006 at 22:53
CRAB -I've heard it all now. Although i have never done it myself (go when running), I did find myself explaining runners toiletry habits in a race, but that one I havent heard!

I have been feeling remarkably mobile today although very tired. Even managed to run across the road! I celebrated in style on sunday with a gourmet burger (highly recommended), 4 bottles of champage (shared with a couple of others) and a pizza finally getting to bed at midnight. Had day off yesterday which found me eating chocolate cake and muffins. I took the carbo loading a bit too seriously last week as my hubby called me porky this morning. And shock horror, I looked down and there was a little belly! Think I deserve it though!

I'm not sure I will run another marathon for a while. I found that the most difficult marathon mentally that I have ever run. I also found that my shoulders and thoracic spine ache from pumping my arms in the effort of the last 3 miles to get my sub 3. I dont think I will ever run significantly faster than that, and it would be unlikely that raising my game to 70mpw would gain me much more than 2 minutes, and I'm not sure my body would cope. I knocked 8 mins off my pb as it is.

On the training front, someone on this thread(whose name escapes me) mentioned they had some time off in feb through injury which helped them, and likewise i had time off because i was on honeymoon. Although I think I may have missed out on a long run, I did resume my training far stronger and quicker than before the break, and likewise, i didn't go easy again until the taper. I also maxed on 52mpw and did very few mp runs, but had one half marathon race(a new pb), and I did do some speed training whether it was track or fartlek. I would like to have done longer mid week runs and two more long runs but it wasn't possible. Still, it worked for me on the day. I think the sheer effort of managing a wedding, my workload and marathon training made it all seem so much harder than it was, hence the reluctance to do another marathon.

I think I will concentrate on 10kms and halfs for the next year and see how I get on. I may try a marathon after I've dropped a couple of sprogs in a few years and see what difference that makes (supposed to make you more 'enduring' therefore faster??).

Thanks to everyone for your congrats and likewise, well done to everyone. It worked for me on the day but it so easily could not have done. I'm slightly suprised I managed it myself given that my training was erratic, prep was not the best and I put on a kg in the week before the marathon. I was praying from mile 20 that i wasn't going to hit the wall too soon as I knew I would be f**ked, and although i'm not religious, think he upstairs might have been listening!! My game plan was to try and pace it and see how far I got. Worked to some degree as did my slowest mile between 23 and 24, and sheer bloody mindedness got me to the end. I was in alot of pain by then but the thought of missing out on a sub 3 by seconds when I was so close got me over the line, thankfully on good time.

Dan A, I am gutted for you. We all know it's in you, your times have shown that but it just didnt pull together on sunday. As you said, we nearly all underestimate the marathon and it is always harder than we expect it to be. Whichever way you look at it, it is still a tremendous effort - dont be too hard on yourself - play golf, drink beer and forget about it! Once you start getting a beer belly then get running again!

Good night all - hope everyone feels less sore tomorrow!

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 23/04/2006 at 18:12
Well, I made it - 2:58:44. Started out wiht very comfortable 6.30 pace (anything slower would have felt odd) alternating between that and 6.45's, wnet through halfway in 1:27:39 until canary wharf when I slowed a bit to 6.50. Mile 22 was 7, 23. 7.30 and then I managed to dig deep and run the next mile in 6.40 and then a real grimace to get to the line as the sub 3 possibility started to fade. Managed to see most of the group I had been running for the last few miles. Suspect my fitness was probably not what it might have been given work and a wedding but still fantastically pleased. Just about to tuck into a sticky toffee pudding!!

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 20/04/2006 at 17:05
DN - Just looked at your pics. Serious amount of effort going on there! No offence but I had you down as a beardy bloke for some reason - I'm trying to think why!

Have been eating syrup pancakes from Tescos today - low fat and high carb. Managed two before feeling sick. Am starting to worry about eating the right foods now.

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 20/04/2006 at 10:40
Morning All,

Went to the expo last night, stuffed my face with all the freebie bits of power bars and the drink tasters. Bought an energy gel belt (SIS) for a fiver and still managed to spend 45 mins there! Listen to the RW podcasts for about 2 mins but impatience won out - was reassured that any training in the last couple of weeks is beneficial only pyschologically rather than physiologically (should work for you then Dan A) so I then worried that 7 miles on tuesday may have been too much!

I introduced myself to MG and had a chat wiht him, he mentioned that JEJ had been thorugh about 3 times - nervous? He also thinks you are capable of 2.20 marathon ultimately! Very impressive. He also thinks Hilly is capable of a 2:56 and will easily run through half way in 1:28 if she has confidence in herself. He thinks she may do herself an injustice by going too slowly.

I didn't go anywhere near the trainer stands as I have recently purchased a pair of asics (only second pair on my life) with my winnings from Fleet. Felt a bit of a pratt as I was wearing the new trainers (breaking them in gently)round the expo - very new and very white, not a good look - i must have looked like a complete amateur, not too mention that I was fully suited up.

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 19/04/2006 at 18:02
JEJ - have touched base with Hilly. She's doing 6.50, so I think I may start with her and then see how I feel at mile 6 or mile 10. Getting nervous now and off to pick up my number!

Hard Marathon Training with Mike Gratton

Posted: 19/04/2006 at 17:59
We should have a reasonable team then!

hilly, I may take you up on the offer. I may do 6.50's until mile 10 and then pick it up to 6.45 (if I can). I feel a bit nervous about only having 30 secs spare at halfway but i also know that I always find the last couple of miles a huge struggle so may need the extra in the bank. Dilemma! I'm sure you'll be fine - I haven't managed a higher weekly mileage then 52mpw so I should think you are fitter than I am!

Hard Marathon Training with Mike Gratton

Posted: 19/04/2006 at 13:46
Karen, Sorry to hear you wont be running. Do you know which other serpies are running in the championship? I've managed to fend off any injuries although I've been teetering on the brink, and I have a last minute fix with the phsyio to realign me on friday morning! Last two weeks have ben day on day on day off running which is better than nothing.

Hilly, what are you aiming to pace at? I'm debating whether to go out at 6.50's and cut it fine half way or go out at 6.45's with a bit in the bank! I have a real tendency to go out far too fast - my last FLM had me running a 40.53min for 10km and 1.27.37 for halfway so a bit too quick.

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 19/04/2006 at 12:24
Thanks guys! I may try the JEJ way - if I can manage my pacing - idont know how quick the championship start will be. Experience from a long run round Richmond Park has shown me that if I can keep the first few miles slightly slower then I am stronger at the end, rather than one pacing it. Dilemma! anything has got to be better than doing the first mile at 6.16 and the first 10km in sub 40 as I did 2 years ago!

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 19/04/2006 at 11:24
By the way - the weather forecast for sunday (bbc breakfast news) showed that ist going to p*ss down on sunday. Joy. If anyone has a better forecast, let me know!

Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

Posted: 19/04/2006 at 11:22
Dan A - Good luck with the acupuncture if you havent had it already! Hopefully all that treatment will put your right!

I'm off to pick my number up tonight - avoid the crowds! Starting to get nervous and snappy - husband almost left me this morning after 10 days back - not a good sign (but we are putting our flat on the market this weeks so it is anally tidy which I'm not generally)! Also thought I was coming down with something last night as I felt dreadful on my run - lethargic and uncomfortable an had a phantom sore throat after. Did dabout 7 miles - slighty more than planned so rest tonight. Feeling some lower back pain so need to sit down carefully rather than 'plop' into a seat! Hpefully it will all hang together for sunday!

Quick question - I want to try and pace myself (for a change). Would I be better off going for 6.50 pacing and having about 30secs in the bank at half way or going out at 6.45 and having a minute and a half in the bank at half way knowing that I might need that extra time in the last couple of miles? Advice welcome please!
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