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TOP TIPS needed...

Posted: 02/10/2012 at 18:36

Hi Brumrungirl, I've sent you a PM with funeral details so that your topic is not derailed.

TOP TIPS needed...

Posted: 27/09/2012 at 18:07
Brumrungirl wrote (see)
Dobo bobo I've offered to cover for the funerals next week as they fall on my rest days, I know Manchester is a pretty big place but our paths may cross!

Another big THANK YOU! I shall have make a donation to Care of Police Survivors in recongnition of your support to Greater Manchester and running for Fiona and Nicola.

Hehe it is possible that our paths may cross. I work at Bootle Street Police Station in the City centre and you may be asked cover the City centre due to the Labour Party conference which is next week. If you get assigned to Tameside Division, I hope you enjoy your patrol - the steep hills will keep you fit for your HM! I used to live in Hyde where Nicola and Fiona were based and I always felt safe thanks to the brave service of officers like Fiona and Nicola.

TOP TIPS needed...

Posted: 26/09/2012 at 19:11

I'm a newbie runner, so I can't offer you the advice you are seeking, but as I work in GMP (civi side, i'm not a cop unfortunately) I wanted to wish you good luck and thank you because of who you are running for. Hopefully when I get more experience I can do something like you for a good cause.

Best of luck

A running tubby

Posted: 26/09/2012 at 18:45

You were embarresed about being 20 minutes behind a fit football player? I know being last is not a nice thing, but I think you being way to harsh on yourself. I honestly do not think that is bad for someone who as you yourself confess is overweight. Plus running 10 minutes in a mile for someone your size aint bad going either. I'm saying all this honestly too. I wouldn't deliberatly set out to insult someone but I wouldn't tell someone they are doing a good job unless I meant it.

Good advice has already been posted. The only thing I would add is, do you record how many calories you have burnt with a runnning pedometer? I think it's best to literally see a figure of how many calories you have burnt, the distance you have covered, and the time it took. For me, seeing how many calories I have burnt, etc and how frigging hard I had to work is my best way of avoiding food that isn't good for me. Or even if it isn't bad I just think how pointless it is to eat it for a few minutes of happiness and then spend tens of minutes burning it off.

Honestly, keep on going.

Meal suggestions before a run to avoid being sick

Posted: 24/09/2012 at 18:17

Many thanks for the further posts, all of them are helpful whilst I develop my running. I'm sorry for the late response, things have been busy busy busy! I started reading the information in the links provided too, but due to lack of time i've yet to finish reading.

I'm going to keep trying different things but last Friday I went on the same 2.5 mile circuit before tea and even though I was slightly hungry it was soon forgotten about within 5 minutes of running. Though I did have a 'healthy' snack bar about 2 hours before running, so think that might of been a factor. I want to avoid the snack bars though otherwise it's pointless running for the main sake of burning calories! I did the run again in 20 minutes and the run felt comfortable with no urge to be sick. However, it was straight to the sink again when I got home but I just had a coughing fit which I put down to the damp weather. (I contracted pleurisy 3 years ago and get a cough whenever the weather is damp - which is often in Manchester.) It didn't put me off and I was all set to go running this afternoon till my boss messed things up.

Thanks again for your help!

Help for newbie with gait/trainer advice please

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 19:30

Typical troll derailing a thread.

Help for newbie with gait/trainer advice please

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 15:47

Yes, but Ratzer, who wants to run barefoot over dog shit and other forms of litter? Hence why I stressed not to take my advise of using barefoot shoes as THE answer.

What makes you think that for 200,000 years (time period backed up by mitochndrial DNA) women have been sat in caves breast feeding and house cleaning? Thanks to XX and XY chromosomes we get one half of our DNA from our fathers and the other half from our mothers. This all means that in a nutsell men and women share abilities that are very similiar. It is just that in some genetic differences men have a slight advantage, just like black atheletes (generally) have a slight advantage over white atheles when it comes to running. Your view that women cannot do distance running is a bit Neanderthal.

Meal suggestions before a run to avoid being sick

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 15:15

Considering the latest news on GCSE's I'm glad I skipped that text book.

Of course I wouldn't rather puke. I was empathising that I don't want to undo my weight training. I used to be a weakling who sat on his arse watching TV and playing computer games. I would still much rather do those things than any form of exercise, but that aint wise. So if I am going to put in effort to do exercise I want to get the most out of it. I have always been slim, so body building is a better goal for me and, for me more important to me than running.

Thanks for the useful information though.

Thanks Pethead aswell for the info about glycogen. I hate doing things on an empty stomach but I think I'll set it as a new challange for myself.

Now I'm off to play Battlefield 3 before I do my weights.

Help for newbie with gait/trainer advice please

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 15:01

splints as you can lead with your right leg. Also, as you may have guessed by now I am frugal with my money, so I would suggest ditching the gym and use the money you save from that to buy some gym equipment. You can get some decent offers with the likes of Argos, I got my York exercise bike and rowing machine from them for half price. It’s just a case of being patient and waiting for the half price offer to come round. Gym equipment is the best of course, but it will do for me.

I have probably put way more information than you wanted or were actually looking for. But I am really against all the bull that the sport company’s come out with. But that said, I don’t see my advice as the gospel, just what I think works for me based on the research I have done.

Good luck!

Help for newbie with gait/trainer advice please

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 14:55

I'm a newbie to running, but i've done a load of research and apply why weight training knowledge to running too.

I'm not saying I am right, everyone should follow what they think is right. But I've also seen the damage over exercising does to people. For example, a colleague at work adored running. He is in his early 40's and damaged his back a couple of years ago and needed an operation to put the disk back in its place. All the indicators were that he did it due to running too much, and especially because he did too much road running. The doctor advised him following the operation that he if wanted to continue being able to walk he should stop running. Plus, even though the operation got the disc back in place, work has to get him a specialist chair and a desk that rises mechanically so that when his back is bad he can choose to stand and use the computer.

That's an extreme example I know, but it's why I am a strong believer in signalling, which is why I only do free weights and now that I have taken up running I use barefoot/minimalist running shoes. Our body runs differently when running completely bare footed, if you change to shoes that make it feel like you are running on air, how do you get the signals? The signals that something is wrong won't getting through because of the cushioned soles. So you don't notice anything is wrong till injury occurs. Whereas if you run barefooted then you run in a natural way that humans have been doing for thousands of years as opposed to the last few decades that running shoes have been around.

Like you I didn't want to be conned when buying my new running shoes. So luckily I saw this BBC Panorama programme LINK and decided to go with getting barefoot running shoes. Even luckier, after watching Panorama, I found out about a discount company called (LINK) and when I signed up they had Vivobarefoot running shoes (LINK) at discount prices. Unfortunately the offers are random and only last a few days, so there is no way of knowing when they will get more stock from the manufactuer. You could always be cheecky and go to Up & Running to see which shoes you want and then go online to see if you can get them cheaper.

I got mine vivobarefoot shoes for £25 and I’m happy with them so far. However, I will be looking to avoid doing too much road running and aim to run in the parks. I live in Manchester too (well Trafford but I am a Manc at heart) and so when I am ready I’m going to run at Sale Water Park, Wythenshawe Park, along the Bridge Water canal and the River Mersey so that I can mix up the terrain and avoid too much road running.

Again, I was very lucky in being able to save money, but I advise watching the Panorama programme, it covers exactly what you are asking (though of course is up to you if you agree with their findings) If you don’t want to watch all of it, jump to 39.50 for the part about running barefooted.

I hope you get back into running and can get to do a marathon. Have you thought about doing more on an exercise bike to keep your cardio training at the level you are aiming for? I think running is far superior to an exercise bike, but I suffer from back pain and don’t want to end up like my colleague so my exercise bike helps me with my aerobic & anaerobic fitness. In your case an exercise bike might help with recovering from shin

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