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Saturday 20th December 2014

Posted: Today at 11:57

Another 4 miles this morning taking my total for the year to 1975.  I have only done 30 miles in December and don't think I will make 2000.  Heel was sore during the run today so I am clearly not cured in any way.  

lyrics, don't think so. 

Friday December 19th 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 15:36
Birks, never liked U2 so if you were ever shouted down when I was there, I would have been happy!

I used to have two tape recorders - would play one whilst pressing record on the others! Much prefer todays digital downloads!!

4 miles this afternoon, nice and easy. Heel okay I suppose, just waiting to see if it flares up at all.

Friday December 19th 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 07:44

Lyrics, yes.  Just downloaded a few of their albums - used to have them all on tape.  

Might have a run today.  Not sure.  

Wenesday 17th December 2014

Posted: 17/12/2014 at 13:15


Alehouse, I finished last Friday there so no more work till the 5th Jan.  Admittedly, I was in at work yesterday and plan to go back in this afternoon so not really feeling 100% on holiday as yet!  That's some flood over your path there, good pic!

I managed my wee walk up Ben Ledi on Monday without too much discomfort and my heel is starting to feel a little better but no way can I run as yet.

Got a nice photo of the moon on my way up the hill.

 As usual - the summit was in cloud - Max led on regardless!


Monday 15th December

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 07:47

Morning! 8 days off running, sole of foot improving but still sore at times.  Going a long walk today, up a hill, to see how it feels while walking.  Will cut it short if it's at all painful.

lyrics - yes!

Sunday 7th December 2014

Posted: 07/12/2014 at 11:46

Morning.  Well done to the racers and runners this weekend.

I had a disappointing run at the East District champs - legs didn't have much in them and spikes couldn't get a grip!  Ended up 108th which was below where I expected to be.  Struggling with the PF pain again today so definitely taking an extended break to try and get it fixed. 

Lyrics, maybe but just can't nail the song.

Thursday 4th December 2014

Posted: 04/12/2014 at 16:58

Gobi - you walked home from Stirling to Falkirk?  Bet that sobered you up!

alehouse - I despise all other forms of training, unfortunately.  I have a weights type gym thing in my spare room so I might use that more frequently than I currently do.

I agree with others who say the half marathon target is tougher; I am more likely to be 1:22 this year.

Off to the club night soon - it will be something easy-ish tonight as coach Easton likes to keep his athletes fresh for Saturday's race.  I am praying for short reps.

lyrics, yet again, it's a nay.

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Posted: 03/12/2014 at 17:42
Cheers Blisters, plan A is probably a sub 37 10K and a sub 80 half, although that might be a bit ambitious. The club training will help me reach the goals, I am sure.
Dustin, my ideal rep is 400-800m and I quite like hill reps now too which is a change!!
No running again today, taking it easy on the foot.

Cant wait to make my Central AC debut on Saturday and i think i will run well enough to be a 1st masters team counter, which is quite exciting since they are Scotlands best club.

Lyrics, nope, as usual!!

Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Posted: 02/12/2014 at 20:46

lol I took my nearly sensible self to the club tonight and had the hateful session that is mile reps.  Who invented that and why?  Any rep over 3 mins long is just wrong!!!  

Anyway, the reps are about 1.05 miles and tonight we did 3 reps going off every 9 mins.  1 minute shorter recovery than last time.  Incidentally, Andrew Butchart and his buddies were doing 5 reps off 7 minutes.  He was 2nd down in Liverpool on Saturday. My rep times were around 6 mins dead.  Foot was okay.  Did 7 miles all in including warm up and down.

lyrics, nope.

Monday 1st December 2014

Posted: 01/12/2014 at 18:27
Nice run Blisters!

Nothing for me today, training every 2nd day for a while.

Lyrics, nope.
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