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Friday 25th November

Posted: 25/11/2016 at 21:58

Hello everyone.

Finally saw a surgeon who surprised me by telling me that my suspected sports hernia was an actual hernia.  Surgery coming up within 12 weeks.

Can I run while I await surgery?

Yes, she says, if you can put up with the pain.  Result!

4 miles on wed and Thursday.  Rest day today.  Good to be back, plodding along. 

sunday 2nd October

Posted: 02/10/2016 at 09:54

Lovely 5 mile run in the most perfect conditions imaginable. 

Wall to wall blue skies, frosty ground, no wind.  

sunday 2nd October

Posted: 02/10/2016 at 08:43

Nice cycling Dibs.  

I am going to go for a wee run now and then a cycle or hillwalk after work, which finishes at 12.  Still leaves plenty time for either.

Lyrics, thankfully not! 

Saturday 1st October 2016

Posted: 01/10/2016 at 16:29

Poppy, yes, it does seem to have gone. 

Nice parkrunning happening today. 

Saturday 1st October 2016

Posted: 01/10/2016 at 14:05

Hello everyone.  Hope you are all good.

I did 4  miles in glorious sunshine today, I just can't be bothered sitting on my ass anymore.  Still waiting for appointment with the surgeon for the sports hernia but have come to the conclusion that some slow jogging won't make anything worse.  I hope.

Lyrics, nope.

Monday 12th September 2016

Posted: 12/09/2016 at 20:40

Loving the new job thanks LMH.  It's fun being Heedie.  Just home right enough, so it's very busy! 

Sunday 11th September 2016

Posted: 11/09/2016 at 21:07

Well done LMH and Poppy.  Two great runs.  

I, rather typically stupidly, did a 10 mile race yesterday after 2 months no training and my groin strain/sports hernia still sore with every step.  Loaded up on painkillers and finished in 77:54, which was quite good I thought.  

Reason: Home village, done it every year, didn't want to lose the streak.  7 up!!! 


Saturday 20th August 2016

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 21:11

Thanks for the congrats! 

Good session Dustin.

My clubmate Andy Butchart is racing in Rio tonight, so I will stay up for the first time!  Lynsey Sharp in the 800 too.  She might medal, but Andy will just be over the moon to have made the final. 

Friday 19th August 2016

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 23:43

Thank you for all good wishes.  I'm pleased to report that I got the job and I am now Head of my school, exciting times indeed!  

Friday 12th August 2016

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 00:18

Love the lyrics, one of my favourite bands and songs and rather topical too!  I should have known yesterday's too.  D'oh. 

Rest is the suggested cure, just give it time.  Happy to wait as enjoying the biking in the mean time.

Back at work unofficially, we start next Thurs when I am being interviewed for the post of permanent Head.  Fingers crossed! 

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