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Trionium Greensand Marathon

Posted: 14/10/2016 at 12:32

Thanks all those who have left kind comments and super ratings for the last-ever Greensand - it's greatly appreciated!

Trionium Man v Bike

Posted: 13/10/2016 at 20:21

Well, it happened. The results/write up is here.

Trionium Greensand Marathon

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 19:04

Thanks HappyChap (and fellow marshals) - over the years we couldn't have done it without you!

Trionium Greensand Marathon

Posted: 09/10/2016 at 05:29

Good luck everyone - I hope that you have a great run!

Trionium Greensand Marathon

Posted: 08/10/2016 at 19:20

Go for it - it's your last chance!

Trionium Greensand Marathon

Posted: 06/10/2016 at 19:28

There will be some entries available on the day... £40 half/£50 full, cash only.

Geoff, there is no cut-off for the half.

The Trionium UK Wife-Carrying Race

Posted: 22/09/2016 at 17:47
This is the 10th edition of the race, which is tougher than you might imagine (depending on your strength and on the weight of your 'wife'). It's a lot of fun - but probably the toughest two-three-four or five minutes of exercise you'll ever do!

Last-placed finishers win the Pot Noodle and tin of dog food, while the oldest carrier gets a jar of Bovril. Carrier of the heaviest wife gets a pound of sausages, 'for strength.' All finishers get medals, a mini beer keg and t-shirts with their names on. Oh, and lifetime bragging rights.

Anyone interested?

Trionium Leith Hill Half-Marathon

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 11:38
This is usually popular (as well as for the Wife Carrying Race that precedes the start). Anyone interested?

Trionium Knacker Cracker 10K

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 12:54

Entries are open!

Trionium Knacker Cracker 10K

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 12:53
This is back for more more hills, terrible weather, fancy dressing, hangovers, yet more hills and general lunacy, and is popularly known as 'The best way to start the New year.' Anyone interested?
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