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P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 17:22

The toilet was the safest place for me at that point!

OK that's encouraging. Just taking the men so far, I have the fastest debut

Thanks lit! That was the one beacon of light I took from the last eight miles!

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 15:27

Fergster, is this your first?

Out of interest, what did the likes of Andrews and westy post first time and how long ago?

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 15:06

Ha, I know I did think that at mile 22! To be fair he did say to someone behind me 'I've gone off a bit fast, I'm aiming for 3.30'. I felt I was doing the responsible thing.

Yep, its definately something that deserves respect!

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 14:38


Fergster- I went from entirely comfortable to struggling in a moment. It wasn't like I could feel a steady decline. I personally feel I would have held that pace to 20 then who knows. I doubt I would have done 3.10 as I had a very little drop off margin but I think I d have gone sub 3.15 for sure. I'm also disappointed how the nutrition turned out. That didn't help. 

The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 13:59

If anyone gets a minute or 10, I have postd my race report here-


P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 13:56


My target time was 3.10. I don’t see 3.18 as a complete disaster. I have to take on board it was my first marathon and I definitely made mistakes both in training and in the race. Additionally I only ran my first half 2 years ago and it was only the third time I had covered that distance full stop. I have only been running a consistent reasonable weekly mileage since last May and whilst I followed the p and d schedule pretty close to the letter I think I lacked the level of aerobic fitness that comes with more years general running.

I have had the benefit of reviewing the various stats available and the one that I am more pleased about is the fact that in the final 7.2k I passed 33 more people than I was passed by. It certainly didn’t feel like that was happening at the time.

I am glad I ran this marathon, it was an amazing event to be part of and I have really enjoyed the thread chat. It made me feel like I wasn’t training entirely alone.

I think I need more time to develop before I tackle another marathon just to enhance that aerobic base.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 13:56

The Race- Part 2

Lap 13 came in at 7.18 and I went through half at 1.34.40. Perfect I thought, though an equal split was needed what with the extra 200m or so my garmin will measure. Mile 14 was 7.07, then a 7.05. I found as I progressed through the field I was getting pulled along at a faster pace and kept catching myself at 6.50mm.

Then came the demise. I got some kind of stitch or trapped wind under my right rib and had a windy feel in my shoulder. This made breathing harder. The pace dropped, posting a 7.33 then a 7.49. It was becoming a real battle and I couldn’t recover. The pain went towards the end of mile 19 (8.11) but by then the damage was done and my legs had tired. Coming out of what I think was canary wharf back down that dual carriageway way was very dark. Still a long way to go but so very tired. I made a pact that I would stop at mile 20 and have a stretch. I secretly knew I wasn’t going to do this as the minute I stopped it would be run/walk all the way.

I kept trying to push the pace but couldn’t. I was trying to understand why as my breathing was fine, it was just a general sense of tiredness. Mile 20 was 7.48 then 7.59. I knew the 3.15 pacer would be with me soon. He then went gliding past just after 22 miles. Shortly followed by my clubmate( who for the record is about 4 minutes slower over a hm). I tried to go with him but I couldn’t. I then posted an 8.11 and started thinking not even sub 3.20 would happen. Then I saw the lucazade tunnel. I was fearful of this running Bermuda triangle and just wanted to get out the otherside. Thankfully I did, though many others didn’t!

Mile 23 was 8.20. Then something remarkable happened and mile 24 was a 7.22. I then suffered for this with a 8.38 at mile 25. It was apparent by then that I wouldn’t get near 3.15, but equally if I kept it sensible, 3.20 would be comfortable. I didn’t want to try and push for a meaningless 3.16 and blow up completely and not finish. Mile 26 came in at 8.26, people were pulling up on the Mall. I found this incomprehensible as it was so close to the end. As I came down the final strait after Buckingham palace I recalled the red button and so deliberately positioned myself in the clearest line of finish. My Mum thinks she saw me finish.

Then finally the end, it was over and I felt ok. I was of course less than pleased by how far I had to walk to get my bag. I then had to climb steps and walk even further for my charity reception. I got there and was the first runner back of circa 500. That was some victory I guess. I had a well needed massage and a bit of food then found my way to the Red Lion. Within an hour or so I felt pretty well recovered.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 13:55

The Race- Part 1

I settled in my pen just by the 3.15 pacer. It took me 1.42 minutes to cross the line (this is relevant later on). I then had a quick chat with the 3.15 pacer and decided I would stay with him until half way. Some 600 metres in there was a set of toilets and 3 or 4 people broke off to go in. I found this odd.

I went through mile 1 at 7.22 but then started pulling away from the pacer. The miles in the first half just seemed to rattle buy. I very quickly settled into a nice even pace with a 7.12 and a 7.09, going through 5k in about 22.48. I was surprised at this point by the number of people breathing heavily. I took it upon myself to advise one bloke he was going to fast for his ability and he wouldn’t finish. I don’t think he appreciated the advice.

As the race progressed I was surprised to see more and more people working way harder than they should. The next 3 miles went in at 7.04, 7.10 and 7.08. I was pretty happy with that and felt like I could run all day. Just going past the Cutty Sark (I didn’t realise it at the time) I spotted a clubmate and another pacer. I was quite confused as I was averaging 7.10 by then and started wondering if there was a 3.05 pacer. As I drew closer I could see it was 3.15. I now understand how this was possible. The blue pen took about 15 seconds to cross the line. I then caught my clubmate. It was his 4th marathon. We had a chat. He just wanted a safe GFA. At this point Marrows introduced herself. We had a quick chat. This is where I feel I made a beginners mistake. Had I known Marrows was secretly wearing a 3.10 pace band an was on her 6th marathon I think I would have tucked in behind her. As it was I bashed on.

The next 6 miles glided by at 7.10, 7.10, 7.10, 7.10, 7.05, 7.11. I thought I was running the perfect race. I felt strong and extremely comfortable. I took my first gel at 10 miles, this immediately upset my stomach, fortunately I flushed it through with a load of water. As a precaution I threw my other gels away, and decided to rely on the six jelly babies I had packed last minute for emergencies.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 13:55

London Marathon Race report 2014


My weekend started at 7am on the Saturday morning. My Wife decided we needed to be on the road for 8am. I thought we could have had a bit of a lie in, but who am I in this process to make such calls.

We arrived at the Premier Inn in Richmond for 10am. I then insisted that we cover the complete route to waterloo East as a dry run. It all seemed pretty straightforward. A quick in and out of the expo and we were back into London.

I had this vision of a somewhat chilled afternoon, my Wife, unbeknown to me, had different ideas. Following a brief lunch we then tackled what with hindsight was a well planned and executed 2 hour walk of the core tourists sites. I followed in silent bewilderment. We then got back to Richmond in time for a quick change and out for dinner (thanks for the recommendation Rachel, was very nice). We were back home by 21.30 which gave me time to get everything together.

Following a somewhat fitful nights sleep I awoke at circa 5.30 with enhanced pre race nerves. I then lay in bed until my alarm at 6.30, dozing and routinely waking to break wind. I then glanced out of the window. Never before has glorious blue sky been met with such disappointment. Following a quick shower I then took my porridge downstairs to the chef. I bumped into another chap doing the marathon. I was a complete bag of nervous energy, somewhat akin to a youth on speed. By contract this bloke was horizontal, not even knowing what time the train was.

The journey to Waterloo East was somewhat uneventful. I found a pleasant Irish chap to talk at. I then got on the Greenwich train and talked at more people and then found some more people at Greenwich park to do the same to.

Eventually I got to the race zone, said goodbye to my bag and joined the first toilet queue I could find, armed with my own toilet roll of course. The queue was horrendous and I made my thoughts very clear. For some reason a kindly French women approached me and advised in confidence that there were further toilets towards the start that were quiet. I went there and found a nominal queue. Once in a toilet I decided the next 20 minutes were best spent staying right there. I had some bananas and a drink so just chilled out for a bit. I then exited at 8.50 and made my way to the pen.

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