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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:14

I passed through miles 5 and 6 at 7.08 and 7.17 and 10k came out at 44.xx which I was content with as I was having a reasonably comfortable time. Just after mile 6 you turn back down the Pershore road. This was good news as it was predominantly downhill and the wind was behind us. I very quickly felt the pace pick up for no extra effort. Mile 7 came out at 6.47 and mile 8 at 6.49.

The field started spreading out at this stage and I found myself pulling in groups and moving past them. Mile 9 and 10 came in at 6.57 then 7mm dead. I was worried pre race about my lack of training and how I would get on in the second half, however I was having a pretty good time. Mile 11 came out at 7.12. It was between here and mile 12 where the big hill came into play. As I hit the hill I immediately felt I was working much harder so I stopped and had a drink and a walk just to bring things back from racing. Mile 12 came in at 8mm.

The last 1.1 miles are then pretty flat with a downhill finish so I kicked on a little and mile 12 came out as 6.57. I got a bit excited as I got to the last 500m and my legs felt great. Suddenly my standard, feel sick in the final stages, thing kicked in. I somehow found myself running solo and decided I was not going to end up in a gag situation. I didn’t need to and it wasn’t in the plan so I pulled it right back.

Subsequently a friend on facebook who was in the crowd at that point commented that she saw me cross the line like it had been a breeze. I was quite pleased with that as its exactly how I should have looked based on the pre race plan.

I came out with 1.33.32 for my slowest ever half, however on a tough course on a windy day, it certainly doesn’t rank as my least satisfying. I have a slightly restored love for this event now and just as well accept, given its size, that i’ll be back next year all being well. I am pleased to be able to get that sort of time off no structured training in 10 weeks and without trying to race it.

It appears there has been a cock up with the chip timing with everyone who started on the left hand side wave being given an official time that in the main is 1 min 55 faster than their watches. Irritatingly a few guys who benefited from that are quoting that as their time and means they finish a few seconds faster than me, even though they know it was a mistake.


Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:10

Birmingham Half- race report

I didn’t originally enter this race. I did it last year and had a complete nightmare, crashing from about mile 4 and really didn’t enjoy it. I posted my worst ever half time of 1.32.xx. I vowed never to return.

Time is a great healer however and I picked up a free place last week from a charity that couldn’t offload their places. In view of the fact I have ran about 80 miles maximum since mid August and not ran further than 7.5 miles in 10 weeks, there was no point trying to race this. I went along for the ride essentially.

I spent large parts of yesterday debating whether to run and even when my alarm went at 7am I was still in debate. Obviously I decided to go, knowing full well that otherwise my facebook feed would be full all day of updates and come midday I’d have been very peed off.

I arrived at the runners zone, collected my number and got myself straight. At this point it was 9.40. I made my way towards the start line and found a horrendous toilet queue. I recalled from last year that there were also toilets the street below. I dropped down to there and found a very small queue. I then managed to bag a disabled toilet. I was so happy with this I decided to set up base camp. I had a lucazade sport and a carb bar leftover from London. More importantly I had a nice bit of space to stretch and relax.

I exited the toilet 20 minutes later and made my way to the start pen. The warm up had just began and frankly it was ridiculous. I decided to proceed through the pen beyond those taking part in this and then continued straight through the swathes of head phone wearers. I then settled in an area where those I spoke with were after 1.30 ish.

I had a simple plan. I would use my garmin as a guide but run it to effort. If I found myself breathing heavily or like I was racing I would let my pace draft back. This approach worked pretty well.

The first few miles passed comfortably coming in at 6.51, 7.10, 7.14 and 7.17. I really should have taken my headphones as nobody was interested in chatting. To pass the time I decided to take note of various fuel stations and their unleaded prices. My local morrisons has been at 1.28 a litre for some time now and its become an obsession of mine. Just prior to hitting Bourneville I found a 1.21, which incensed me.

As I was going through Bournville I heard someone calling my name enthusiastically. I turned to see Andy Yu (he has subsequently given me a shout in this weeks blog). We had a quick chat and it turns out he was running with and filming a presenter for tomorrow nights ‘Inside out’ programme.

Great Birmingham Run 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 20:23

Yes everyone I know has between 1.55- 2 min differential. Will mess up the runbritain algorithms. 

Great Birmingham Run 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 17:26
Mine too inc 10k split. People I know have been getting 10k pb level times in splits. They all started from left.

Great Birmingham Run 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 15:22

Anyone else had timing issues today? I know a number of people all with about two minutes off their time. The common denominator is they started on left. 

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:42
Quick non racing update. Did 1.33.32 on watch. I'll take that for what was a pleasant trot. Much more enjoyable than last years blow up and only 40 secs slower on no real training. Will report more fully later. Didn't see muddy at all and no signs I have caused any damage...yet.

Overdone it?

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 08:09

Bad news fatty...do what the chiro says and you'll hopefully be back on it in a few weeks. 

I certainly intend being careful. I just need to not see anyone I know and end up in some kind of race! Planning a sub mp  effort.

Lou- no, that wasn't me.Twice I've done Telford  my garmins been pretty much bang on 10k. I'd guess its fast because its a reasonably flat route but also the calibre of runners. First year I did it 8 went sub 30. I did my pb and finished in bottom 10 of a 250 strong 'elite' race. You're not likely to end up in a solo time trial. 

High Five Zero Energy? Anyone Experienced these?

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 14:58

Agreed...................................re the hangovers!

Overdone it?

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 14:54

Im tempted by Sneyd, though it clashes with Telford 10k. It would be a guaranteed pb though and I would finally be able to make skinny update the table!

Easy 40 minutes run on the treadmill then a damn good stretch and foam roll. Felt ok...not perfect but thats rare even when not injured. I have been training obn the same treadmill for last 2 weeks and thinking i have lost loads of fitness as level 11 (about 9 mim mile) seemed to be what felt comfortable. I decided to swap treadmills after 10 minutes today. Seems the initial one was very badly calibrated.

Fingers crossed on the back, Fatty.

Skinny, its just as well most burgulars don't share your intellect!

High Five Zero Energy? Anyone Experienced these?

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 14:32

I tend to use them before and after a race or a longrun. Discount supplements had them on offer the other day...you should be aiming for about £4 a tube if buying multi packs.

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