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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:17
Usually if anyone tries to eat in our bed, including me, they are removed from the premises. I think I might have got away with it because it was so early.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:52
I hadn't considered the complexities of gfa timeframe. Even the London marathon this year is a week later than last. Do you need a gfa time that is valid in July when gfa entries close as opposed the date of the race?

I see people in my parkrun fb page who've barely finished couch to 5k who are immediately on about marathons. I go to great pains to get people to understand that of the two elements of running ie distance and pace, anyone can gain endurance however the real trick is getting faster.

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 20:34
Good going Andrew. Sometimes I do think you need to be optimistic and chance your arm. Especially with parkrun.

Cb, hope it clears soon.

I had a 10k Sunday. Some sniffles turned into a horrendous cold that peaked Saturday and Sunday. I very nearly pulled out. As I had roped a mate in I went anyway. Crashed about 3k but then had a word with myself and had a pretty good second half. Last couple of k were graft and I crossed the line heaving. Hit the deck and spent about 40 seconds gagging, heaving and being a bit sick. Anyway....40.33 official time. Given I've still not done a great deal of fast work, its a reasonable outcome. I don't think I'm more than a solid summer training block off pb level. I just need a flat race and not to be Ill.

I've got a target half Sunday and feel that's my best distance based on training so hoping to get back in 1.27.xx.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:30

4 hrs 32 since the first instalment. The average person will have run a marathon in that time.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:15

In the meantime-

Mace- I would of course be delighted if the cold acounted for 10 secs per mile. I really just need to find a flat 10k course and not be ill. Could be a while!

Bob- Porridge with some sugar from 6.30 and a cup of tea. I had a barocca in most of a pint of water, followed by a zero high tab in the same and i nibbled on a banana. Thereafter i just sipped on a sports drink. That side of things felt good.

Its the stratford half sunday so this week will involve recovery/taper so only planning to run wednesday.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:11

arghhh....i need a wee, what has happend to the end?

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:10

Hmmm, not that brief.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:10

As the race enters the second half and comes into town it is really well supported. As I pass each km marker I am chipping away at the time. I go through 7k in 28.35 and realise that a few targets might be on. My legs and breathing are exactly as I’d expect them at this stage, however I am experiencing that familiar tummy burn. I go through 8k (from memory) in 32.17 and think if I can just run 2 x 4 minute k’s I’ll get my wava time. Things start to hurt more at this point and just before 9km I have to pull up for 5-10 seconds respite, then I’m off again. Halfway through this k I need another brief respite  as I’m on the verge of being sick. I know this is going to get messy with the finish line in sight but I just need to get to the end first.

The finish line is about a 100-120m sprint in across grass and is very well supported. As I enter this stage I think my watch had just ticked over 40 minutes so just decided to let go. I immediately feel the stomach burn. I keep going and the line seems to be getting no closer. I can see the main clocking ticking through 40.30 and knew I had some seconds on the chip. As I hit the last 20m I started gagging but decide to run through it, knowing full well it will leave me in a mess as I cross the line.

I just manage to hold it together to fall over the line. Conscious of other finishers not wanting to walk over it I get as far into the corner and away from the line as I can manage, crash to my knees and spend a good 40 seconds or so heaving and bring up some bile. In between I kept shouting at the marshal who was a mere 10m from me that I just needed water. There was a stack of about 20 crates of water yards from him. I was getting a little annoyed by his reluctance to just throw me one. Eventually he got the message and got one to me just as I’d finished. It must look quite weird to bystanders as one minute I look like I need proper assistance, then less than a minute later, I hop up, explain it’s an occupational hazard and have a joke  and jog off.

So official time is 40.33 so 8 seconds slower than 2 years ago which of course is disappointing as I’ve done a lot of running in that time. Equally though, I’ve been further backwards in the interim so at least things are steadily progressing back towards pb level.


Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:10

Leamington 10k

I’ll keep it relatively brief as we await the ‘main event’. This is a race I’ve run twice before in 2011 (42.25) and 2013 (40.25), the latter coming just at the end of the a few months where I’d set my 10k and half pbs.

With that in mind I had several possible target times all very close together i.e PB, sub 40, 40.17 (70% wava time), 40.25 and as a complete backstop just a time that began with 40.

As luck would have it the sniffles I had been harbouring all week manifested itself into a full on cold on Friday night. Sunday morning I was sat in bed at 6.45 eating my porridge feeling very sorry for myself with what was to come. Had I not been going with a friend I wouldn’t have gone.

We arrived in Leamington and headed for our usual parking spot, being the defunct job centre. We had our usual joke about how Leamington was so affluent it didn’t need the service. By this time it was already 8.20. I immediately made my way to the toilets. This is where the race really lets itself down. There were roughly 8 portaloos for a field of nearly 2000. The queue was enormous, and contained spectators as well as runners. I decided to bin it off and made my way into the overgrown area and did what I needed to.  Time then for a quick warm up which consisted of 7-8 minutes easy running and 5 strides then over to the start. Whilst there were time zones it was quite apparent that people had paid no attention to them. Therefore I placed myself right in the middle of the sub 40 zone.

The race got under way a few minutes late and as I suspected, the first km was spent picking my way through people that would be lucky to finish in sub 50. The race has a very distinct split in that the first 4-5k is undulating and on trail paths, some of which is fairly uneven. I hadn’t realised before, however RB class it as a multi-terrain race.

Anyway, the first few k passed and I was feeling pretty strong and sticking to around 4 min/k (my gps was all over the place due to the wooded sections so I was timing myself based on the stopwatch and km markers). As I go through 2-3 k I briefly spot Lou and mcf. I practically have to go out of my way to get mcf to see me, this costs me vital seconds!

At 3-4km things go terribly wrong. This is undeniably the hilliest part of the race and I really lose it and start giving up, justifying my weakness on the illness I am carrying. Somewhere just after 4k the hill peaks and there is a fair downhill. I have a decent chat with myself and remind myself the second half is very flat and all on roads. I recall passing 5k in about 20.40, so whilst sub 40 was very unlikely, the race was capable of being rescued to something credible. I start getting into a very nice rhythm and find myself running with a few guys of equal capability.

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 12:28
Good work, Skinny. Hope the foot held up.
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