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Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 10:04

Yes political and spititual views are safeguarded. The fact there is a law doesnt stop it however. We have had laws against sex and race discrimination for 40 years now but across the county there are multiople cases everyday on it.

Re smokers, its not a protected characteristic and so if you say you have a policy of not hiring smokers due to tendancy to have higher sickness and they swing the lead with smoking breaks etc, theres nothing they can do!

The other argument doing the rounds is whether being fat is a disability? If so, why shouldnt being skinny??

The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 09:47

muddy- just spoken with them and you can e-mail them with a scanned physio note as last as next saturday. I am collecting a note on friday and will just see what happens.

The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 09:42

Mr v- i am not quite sure where the blame rests. Is this the knock on effect of marathon training or was the coaching a bit much. The general view on the overdone it thread was there were too many crazy sessions routinely ie 3 x 15 min at lt week in week out when most would at a push do that as a peak session. I do feel that having run a marathon mid april, i had done very little the 2 weeks before it or the 5 weeks after it and I was very quickly plunged into 3 quality sessions a week.

I think the training is very good if you have a bodty that can cope with it.

The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 07:56

But you're only working half as hard then!!! Yes I found my feet kept gravitating so my heels were on edge. 

Anyhow...woke up and leg slightly sore/tight again this am. Its getting to the point where I'm considering chancing my arm on the injury forum!

Thinking of binning off the coaching at least for time being. There's no point me paying someone to write schedules I can't follow. It will be 7 weeks at end of month and its money I can Ill afford. Even if I get running again in that time I Weill really need a month just building back up. I was a little annoyed this month as they normally contact me before preparing schedules to check what commitments I had over month to avoid sessions on, plus given my status I thought they might have checked position. However they just sent me a load of schedules a few days earlier than usual. 

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 23:10

Muddy, that's not really clear on the site. Will call them tomorrow I think. 

Leg feels pretty good again today. I used x trainer for 40 mins. I found it quite awkward as I kept having this urge to move my feet and go up on toes. 

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:25

Did we agree the small cock point??! I think I was moving towards proportioned!!

I have thought my frame has more dai Greene than mo Farah about it.

Perhaps sumo wrestling! Anyway....when I start my diet next week that will all change. 

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:10

Stevie- no doubt it is possible to be a very good runner whilst being big, however I would view it more as how fast he could be if racing snake shape. I recall being beaten in a 'sprint' finish in a half last year by a guy who told me afterwards he was 16 stone and was solidly built, and the discussion we had was how much faster he would be if he dropped some of the bulk.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:45

I heard the most compelling argument by a caller into BBC radio cov and Warwickshire just...'it was their idea in the first place to get together'. All these intricate arguments and debate and the one point that the no vote has  failed to run with is the announcement some months ago by Eurovision that an independent Scotland's participation in the tournament would be under threat.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:57

it doesnt look quite so small given that im half a foot shorter than the rest of you!!

Re muscle- by coincidence before this kicked off yesterday I was chatting to my physio and he was pushing me down the route of winter strength and weight training. I started saying that i wanted to lose size by about half a stone and he was going on about the risk of losing muscle. My thought was that i wanted to lose muscle as its not overly helpful in running a long way as bigger muscles need more blood and oxygen and not all of them contribute to running anyway.

We discussed this on the p and d thread over winter, how having 17 inch calves dangling at the bottom of your leg would not be helpful!

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:06

Do they do extra small for men? I think most retailers go from small to youth sizes.

Pete- Yes, the vat saving does have an element of appeal to me!

I remember being in uni and going to buy some pants whilst with some female friends and I purchased size small. They then decided that pants were obviously sold based on willy size and told everyone this. I was infuriated by the sheer stupidity of the point!

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