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Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 13:07

what bike do you have lit?

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 12:20

private spinning as in i have done so many spin classes over the last few years i just note down my favourite bits from various classes then put a few together and do my own class just for me. Sometimes I can't always make a spin class or the one thats on I dont like so I go to the studio and do it on my own.

whats the cereal box game?

I think a 15 minute drop is being pessimistic.

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 10:50

If only i was on it a year ago, i'd have had a couple of gold cells!!

The Middle Ground

Posted: Today at 10:10

TR- Your statndard pb course in pb weather is usually rated anying from 0.0 to 0.5. I would say something with a 1.6 is worth a good 45 seconds on a 0.5.

Whats the time cut off for the club runners zone, Mr v? They do something similar in brum but you have to put on your entry a time sub 80. Likewise that was half full and just behind the elites. Quite a few of my club mates clearly made up times and got in there and then ran 84/85!

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 22:51

Tr- well done...sounds like you need the abbey dash (I think your in that?) To come soon.

Mr v- it happens...I would pretend it never did in terms of planning next Sunday. 

Wjh- equally, midweek will still be in your legs. Also if you are not a morning person....running at 5k pace at 9am is tough. In fact it got me thinking. My half pb came in a midday start and 10k at 10.30. Generally in life I'm a night owl. Therefore maybe I should find a 5k with an evening start. I did two 10ks in July. The hardest of two was 7pm start and I did it 20 seconds quicker.

Anyone else got any stats around their body clock and race performance.

Alehouse, thats a decent set of mileage there for the month. Fingers crossed you can keep building.

I'm feeling ready to run now....however I'm thinking that having had two weeks off, let's just make sure and have a week of decent spin and cycling then get some easy runs in from say Saturday with perhaps some strides/fartlek as per alehouses suggestion at 10k pace once I've got a few runs in and hopefully turn up at target race feeling OK. 

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:34

Bob, best of luck for the peak race.

Richard, was that the race plan in advance? I've done a big city 10k and wont again. Too many morons in and around the 40 min marker going at 9mm pace. At least with a half you can recover it.

Shame I wasn't drinking at todays christening, my mate put on a free bar! 

Physically I'm feeling ready to run now. Mentally though I'm thinking 'we've had two weeks, let's just make sure with another'. Decent personal spin session tonight and got a week of pump, cycling and spin planned. May run Friday perhaps. 

Last week training

Posted: Yesterday at 20:02

I think by doing that the odds of you physically masking gains are second to you doing more damage. If you've not run in four weeks and the marathon is next week I would do a few easy runs with perhaps a few miles at new marathon pace. 

Help - 4 weeks to go and panicking

Posted: Yesterday at 10:45

Just for some perspective, a 4.58 mile would have you ranked in the top 200 senior men this year. I'd imagine those guys all run a sub 18 min 5k. 

Help - 4 weeks to go and panicking

Posted: Yesterday at 10:03
That makes sense. You need to run 8mm for sub 3.30. That's 10 seconds slower than threshold if that truly is threshold. For someone overly cautious in longer races, it would appear a very risky approach. I think your threshold would need to be closer to 7.30 to hold 8 mm pace that long.

Help - 4 weeks to go and panicking

Posted: Yesterday at 09:50
OK....one place that fear could become a reality is a marathon. If you crash in a half its likely you would only have five or less miles left having only run 8. If you crash in a marathon you could have an awful long way to go. My last 10 miles in London were 1 m/m slower than my first 16. It was an unpleasant plod!!

Problem is your training and racing give very different stories. The best indicator is a recent half however if this programme has upped your training then it's feasible you've improved since then. P and d schedule a 5k in a week or so. Why not have a proper go at that if feeling up to it?
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