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Posted: 08/09/2015 at 13:09
A big congratulations to PhilPub for winning Wissey and in a course record. Best wishes for Berlin, I think a PB is on the way.

I was there too acting as pacemaker for my daughter in her first HM, a sub 2 attempt. My son was also punting for a first attempt 1.50. With all my achilles problems I was surprised to make the start line but I made it through no problem. Anyway we came away with two failures 2.05 and 1.55. I now know how CRAB must have felt acting as pacemaker for me in some of my sub 3 attempts.

It proved to be an eventful weekend in the end, a blowout on the A11 on the way up with a bill of ??158 for a new tyre, then finding the event was full when I thought we'd be able to enter on the day. My son then managed to lose the car key post race in the long grass at the finish area. Still we raised almost ??600 for Cancer Research which would have needed to be refunded if the kind race director hadn't allowed us to run.


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Posted: 18/03/2015 at 10:09
Well done to the Barcelona crew, JAP, Wardi and DanA.
Especially impressed with Dan who I seem to remember took about a dozen attempts
to go sub 3 so a sub 2.45 is really remarkable.

Really impressed with Wardi too. My last outing was a 3.33 at VLM 2011 aged 54 so a
3.30 aged 57 is top draw stuff.

Can't really comment on JAP because it is way beyond anything I was capable of doing.

While I'm on I thought I'd update you on the Dull family. Some of you will have met them at one of the post VLM drink ups.

I can't run more than 1.5 hours now without running the risk of having a limp the next day.
The problem in in the calf achillies area. Got a roller now which has helped but my marathon running days I think are over.
I'm still in good health though and happy.

Mrs Dull came off the breast cancer drugs last year and is all clear which is a massive relief. She is a runner and recently ran her first half.
Miss Dull is about to go into her final year at Surrey where she is studying Law.
Master Dull is in his first year at Oxford where he is studying Maths and Computer Science
a major shock to me as I thought he was a bit dim.

Neither of the kids are runners then again I wasn't at their age.

My next post will probably be next year when I'll become a V60 that is unless something massive happens on here like another Barcelona.


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Posted: 28/07/2014 at 10:09
Just popping in to say a big well done to Marigold. I hope you make a sackful of cash from your new found fame. Saw the TV coverage but sadly missed the post race interviews.

I thought that the race on TV was awful. The only check point I could make out on the course was halfway, and the guy who kept appearing telling us what was available on the red button was most annoying. Worst of all was them not getting Marigold crossing the finish line. He may have been 10th but it was a V40 British record for god sakes.

Went on to Powerof10 this morning and got a real idea how good his V40 performance was. Ahead of Nick Rose, Hugh Jones, Eamonn Martin, Paul Evans and of course the legendary Ron Hill. Does make you think what might have happened had he listened to his teacher and tried a bit harder in his school cross country runs?

Anyway inspirational stuff but not inpirational enough for me to dust of my trainers and shoot for a V60 marathon British record in 2016. Lots of achillies problems. I can run but anything over 2 hours and I'm generally limping the next day. Such is life.


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Posted: 28/10/2013 at 13:56
Just popped in say a special well done to Jools A great example to us all of never giving up. Also a word for Wardi and Blisters, I ran 3.33 before I jacked it in after VLM 2011, however that doesn't mean you have to do the same.

Not running at the moment due to jarred metatarsal bones in my right foot. Not a running related injury you'll be pleased to hear.
Should be operational again by December.

Regards to All


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Posted: 28/12/2011 at 09:52
Just popping in to say well done to jools both on the fund raising front and in the running. I hope the high mileage translates next year into a much deserved sub 3. Certainly 26 miles won't seem quite so far in future.

Wardi not lost my mojo to train. I did 7.5 hours running over the festive four days with a rare 3 hour stint on Christmas Eve. I must have covered around 50 miles. Surprisingly no cramp and I felt pretty good.

Did make me think briefly about moving up to an ultra, but I came to my senses eventually.


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Posted: 22/12/2011 at 12:47
Not been on for a bit as I've had trouble logging myself in. Clueless how I managed it today.

Good to see Wardi up and operational and nailing the big mileage once more. I hope you crack the 3 next year, you deserve it as you're considerably more committed than me. I've opted for early retirement from marathon running due to total idleness.

Happy Birthday Mr Boat we share the same birthday except I'm now a V55.

Main reason I'm on is to wish jools all the best in her fund raising ultra. A great cause. I hope the body holds up to the punishment. I'll be following your progress with great interest on your blog.


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Posted: 20/10/2011 at 19:39
Oh I forgot!

Belated Happy Birthday to Wardi

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Posted: 20/10/2011 at 19:33
So we'll have an old codger race-off at VLM then tigerrunner. Me, you, Wardi, Dull? Any others?

Running Bear I'm now in semi retirement. I've started cramping in my LSR for the first time and now realise the long stuff has to go. Still not 100% certain though. So no VLM for me next year.

Brian Stonking performance from you at Abingdon. The first V50 to come through the ranks of the thread and do the Sub 3. Mega stuff.

Tiger Runner good luck with your next sub 3 attempt. I think UR a bit older than me so a V55 sub would be remarkable.

Magic score from marders in Berlin. You have been noticed now in NZ. I spotted that they have you there at the top of the NZ 2011 marathon rankings for the first time. Second best is 2.23 and he is even older than you so the Olympics beckons. Rest assured if you make I'll be there in town to support.

Sorry I'm not here as much as I should cannot get on at work any more.

I did notice Running Bears MHR of 192. I did mention my recent health scare which I wont bore you with, but I did finish on a treadmill at a local hospital and found out my RHR was 58 and my supposed max was 171 although they took me off before I could pop into my race pace coma so it might be a couple of beats higher than that.
As it turns out there was nothing wrong with me at all.

Still running around 30mpw average but with little or no desire to race.

As ever best wishes to you all and massive apologies to those I may have missed.


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Posted: 18/09/2011 at 17:51
Lost for words Matt. Really shocked and sorry to hear the news

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Posted: 18/09/2011 at 16:46
I did my 18 miles y'day but skipped today to watch the rugby, do some gardening and play with the kids. I haven't spent enough time with them over the last few years and much as I've tried to coax then into running they haven't shown any interest in it.

Still running OK but I can feel myself slowing as I get fatter and older. Good to see {b]Running Bear back on the thread but sorry to see he wont be doing Abingdon.

MtR I hope things work out for your mum. LS21 sorry too to hear about your hip problems. I hope you get back to the big mileage very soon.

Sorry to anyone that I've missed.

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