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Swimming in or around Chichester

Posted: Today at 15:59

Hmm, might even take my wettie down. It's only seen water once in two years and no sea for yonks. 19 degrees I can live with!

Swimming in or around Chichester

Posted: Yesterday at 22:13

As you come down to the roundabout heading to the sea, the funfair is on your left. If you go past teh enrance to the fair and go diagonally right, you hit teh cordoned off swim area after about two mins. You can actually swim pretty much anywhere along that section but don't go in the water at either the far left or far right (especially) of the island. The current is murderous. The cordoned off bit is fine.

If you do make it to the island, at the funfair roundabout facing the sea, go left for a mile to Eastoke Corner and have a Pepperellis ice cream. It's not a recommendation I make lightly!

Swimming in or around Chichester

Posted: Yesterday at 21:56

Hayling is a spit from Chichester, has a funfair and an adjacent blue beach suitable for OW sea swimming. And cheeseburgers and ice creams!

Meeting Aggressive Dogs Whilst Running

Posted: Yesterday at 17:03

Knowing me I would squirt it the wrong way and get it in my eyes anyway.

I do a lot of canal running and the biggest hazard for me are the little yappy dogs which get under your feet and you nearly tread on them.

Meeting Aggressive Dogs Whilst Running

Posted: Yesterday at 12:39

Does it burn like napalm?

Pirate spotting

Posted: Yesterday at 00:11

Soup Dragon is doing far too much training!

Meeting Aggressive Dogs Whilst Running

Posted: Yesterday at 00:10

Thought I would add a wierd, wacky and wonderful idea.

Thrust a lighter refuel aerosol in its mouth and ignite the whiskers, the dog will bite, the aerosol will puncture, the fuel will ignite, bleve, then explode. You might get a bit warm.

Actually, I stop running clench my fist and offer it to the pooch to sniff. 100% of times it sniffs then wanders off, if it didn't, swift kick into the canal.

Oh, and hold fist in front of balls, the only time I didn't, it ran at me, came and nutted me right in them, all very playful but it stung a bit.

If the owners kept them on leads, trained them, avoided trophy dogs and cleaned up their shit, things might be a bit better.

First Tri Booked - Gear Advice

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 17:43

Nope, but remember to coat the insides of your shoes with talc first and a smear of vaseline on the heel top.

New Bike Help Needed Please

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 21:06

I keep looking at PX as a TT/spare bike but all the shops say they are crap build even though they look nice (on Sat a shop guy confessed to cracking a PX seat clamp just by tightening it) and this is supposed to be a pro shop.

PX do look the mutts nutts but if it shakes your fillings out and the handling is scary, it's a no. I guess as with anything, test ride it, if it feels right, it probably is. If not, go elsewhere. As far as I am concerned, that goes for test rides too. 30 yards in the service road out back isn't a test ride, I'd want at least ten to twenty miles.

Oh, I use Ultegra. Would settle for 105 on a TT bike quite happily.

Bike lights

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 00:15

Deal Extreme do a great front for about 25 quid. Cree 900 lumens, It annoys people. A few on here have succumbed. Ref rear, I use an Exposure Flare, yeah pricey  and batteries a fiver every two years from the market but  great light

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