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Tuesday 1st September 2015

Posted: Today at 07:51

Good luck Ale,
Hmmm, my heart truly goes out to those returning to work after 6 or 7 weeks off
My eldest doesn't go back to college until the 14th...
OH - have a great holiday
what - club night, 5 min fast, 5x1min faster, two sets. It will hurt.
why - As Oliver says "thou shalt not questioneth thy's methodeths, merely obeyeth"
last rest - 8 days
last hard - It will be today
lyric - think I should do...

Monday 31st August 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 10:36

Morning, yep rain here too!
LmH - vets open on a Bank Holiday? Glad there are no major niggles but do take it easy for a week or two.
What - easy leg stretcher later, half hour tops
Why - after track on Saturday and long run yesterday it's all I fancy. 
Last rest - a week ago
last hard - yesterday had to be toughed out
lyric - possibly
Off out for tea and cake later: my little one is 14 today.

Sunday 30th August 2015

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 18:40

Great result OH, and oliver that is a storming PB well done.
LmH - was wondering how your run went on my jaunt this afternoon. You must be elated as that really is a top effort, sub 8 m/miling for 6 hours is excellent. Enjoy the meal out!
Went for a run today, ended up further than planned. Decent route taking in trail,canal path & woods. 13.75 miles in just under 2hrs. Feeling it now but means tomorrow can be an easy day!

Sunday 30th August 2015

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 09:44

Good luck LMH
Well done OH & Els
Good luck Oliver
what - some miles later
why - see what I can muster. Legs sore after yesterday, not helped but ~10 hours on my feet at Reading yesterday. Took my youngest who loves her music and was desperate to go. Shouldn't have been concerned as she absolutely loved it and I am perhaps no longer the "worst dad in the world", well at least not for another day or two. For me the highlight was the Wombats, headlining stage #2 as opposed to Metallica on the main stage.
last rest - 7 days
last hard - think today will be a 'get it done' type affair

29th August 2015

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 10:50

morning all
Me too Don! Even 8 would be nice.
Good luck park runners and those racing this weekend

what - track session done. Absolute killer: 2x800s at mile pace, 90s rest. 3 minutes, 2x400s at mile pace, 60s rest, 2 minutes, 2x400s faster than mile pace, 60s rest. Short, sweet and brutal.
why - speed
last rest - Monday
last hard - today

Off to the Reading Festival now, so muddy field , 95% chance of rain apparently (although it's very sunny now) and watery beer. Legs will feel it later!

Getting started in trail running - need shoe recommendations

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 10:50

Kandidas are fine, had a pair once but adidas usually a bit narrow for my feet so try to stick with asics/saucony.
Asics Fuji are great, on about my umpteenth pair of those now.
Salomon fell raisers came highly recommended. Invested in a pair a week ahead of a trail marathon in March. Broke every piece of common sense and wore them for that, needn't have worried, it was like running in my slippers.
All 3 in my experience are OK on short stretches of road, if its closer to 50-50 go with Fujis.
Oh and I'm 80-82 kkgs and not exactly light footed so....

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 08:24

Please stop with the "20 best" or "20 must see" or "20 must do" features.
20 best seaside pubs? How many did you visit? It's one person's opinion.
20 best glamping sites, well so says you.
Bit like those "20 albums you must own" features. In your opinion, yes, But not mine, so Fk off..

Friday 28th August 2015

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 08:19

Sounds like me on Wednesday Don, certainly helps getting out. 2 hrs is a great effort.
Good luck Sunday LmH you will do well of that I'm sure.
Ale - hope the move goes well

What - easy lunchtime run
why - track speed tomorrow morning
last rest - Monday
last hard - Wednesday
Foolishly opted to run a few fast 800s on the track after coaching the kids. Dryish for them, heavens opened for me, torrential for about half an hour. Still 3 sub 3 800s chalked off when I really didn't want to be there.

Have a great day

Pedestrian Etiquette

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 11:27

An old thread from 2007 resurrected, and I'm on the old posts....

Thursday 27th August 2015

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 11:22

Sounds busy OH,
Thanks Ale, more like slave labour though
WP - different firm, but did stay with them for 16 years. Was back in the day before you needed a 2:1 or better to make the tea, fetch lunch or run errands.

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