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Pockets in running tops

Posted: Today at 15:37

Most shorts have a small pocket that fit keys and probably an oyster card.
Can't help with the strava bit but just time it and log it on map my run.
If you've just re-started running then the stats will be a bit variable to start with anyway.

Vote Jo Pavey!

Posted: Today at 14:57

Some sports are elitist, alongside riding, F1 and yachting you could also add rowing.
Phil Taylor scraped third a few years ago, and his talent is undeniable in a sport practised by far more people than in a sport such as Ben Ainslie's.

To me its a shoo in for Mcllroy. Not a big golf fan, but his achievements this year have been superb. F1 holds no appeal to me either (like all motor sports) but Hamilton will take 2nd.

I won't lie, Pavey's success has given me the greatest pleasure, but it was hardly the world or Olympics. Yet what she has done at her age is probably the most inspiring. Also pleased with Peaty's medal haul this year. Don't follow gymnastics but that Whitlock fella did well too. 
Froch, Dujardin and Yarnold all won global titles, as did Gallacher, albeit in a field of 5.
No idea why Gareth Bale is on there, and I say that as a footy fan.

Think Pavey will nick third for the inspirational reasons already mentioned.

Tuesday 25th Nov 2014

Posted: Today at 07:44

Good news OH
Good running Don
LmH - enjoy the MLR/LSR!
Gobi - and....
Isn't it always one layer and shorts weather? Although I think I might dig the gloves out soon.
what - club night. Mile reps which will be good to stretch the legs rather than the lunacy of 400s
why - I have a plan
last rest - Thursday
last hard - Sunday
lyric - possibly
have a good day

Monday 24th November 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 08:36

Morning all
OH - thoughts with you at the moment
Blisters explains perfectly why I'd never drive to work. Even with their occasional disruptions, trains allow me to read/sleep. I'd love the retirement option if I could afford it!
lyric - oh yes
what - easy run plus stretching
why - need to
last rest - Thursday
last hard - yesterday
knee feels loads better but still have very tight hamstrings. In general things improved since last week, but it's frustrating as most of you have experienced. Barely a month ago I was running faster and stronger than any time in the past 4 or 5 years.  C'est la vie.

Happy Monday

Sunday 23rd November 2014

Posted: 23/11/2014 at 11:49

morning all,
LmH - yes, that is a good streak!
Don -great racing
40 - try not to go too crazy while benched 
Ale - you should tell your London based runner that real runners run in the rain!!
she's right tho' - it has been non stop here all morning, with plenty of roads now stream like!
what - 9.2 easy
why - stretch the hamstrings out
last rest - Thursday was very easy
last hard - warming up after today's run
lyric - think I should

Saturday 22nd November 2014

Posted: 22/11/2014 at 13:14

Well done to all those shedding weight!
LmH - enjoy motherhood (of sorts) tomorrow
Don -good luck, bit squidgy underfoot I imagine
what - 6 miles off road done
why - trying to get it back. Knee seems OK, hamstring in the same leg less tight, but jarred other hamstring tripping on a hidden tree root today...sod's law but hopefully stretching all day will help...
last rest - Thursday
last hard - Tuesday
lyric - possibly

Ched Evans

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 13:51

He's not a premiership footballer, Sheff U are in divvy 1. I always thought that the bloke out of the Housemartins was a Hull fan..

Personally the whole role models thing is a complete fallacy. Footballers don't apply to be role models, the majority work their way up from grass roots having played alongside you or I.
If kids look up to them, then the parents should explain that a bloke capable of putting away 30 goals a season on a patch of grass shouldn't be the font of all knowledge morally.
The lesson parents should perhaps be telling their kids that if you have loose morals and get convicte of rape (a) you will go to prison and (b) your reputation is shredded.
Further still, perhaps we should explain that if you commit a crime and serve the sentence deemed suitable by the state, then you will be allowed a second chance.


Ched Evans

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 11:40

I don't think Sheff U offered him his job back, they were just going to allow him to train with them - an apprenticeship if you like.
However I have no doubt that if this proved successful it would lead to a contract.

Assange has not been convicted of any sexual offences but is wanted for questioning. He has subsequently sought asylum in Ecuador. Perhaps the two aren't related, perhaps they are.

Ched Evans

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 10:17

He has served his sentence and wants to get on with his life.
The same would be true of anyone who has been found guilty of a crime.
Whether the sentence was just should have no bearing on his desire to return to work, but is a matter for wider discussion that extends beyond this, one off case.

Yes he is claiming his innocence but as Skotty says regardless of the outcome of an appeal, he has already served his sentence, or that deemed required by current statute.

I agree his behaviour was hardly exemplary, but I'm a little surprised by the near complete shock that this sort of thing goes on. Self restraint is easily preached but hard to follow through with when you're young and a bit boozed up. I might possibly be in a minority but I'd be a liar if I said I wouldn't try to cop off with a drunk girl when I was his age.
There are girls out there who activley look to hook up with the rich or famous, head to the city on a Thursday night to get a rich banker, and shock horror, actually like group sex. Girls too go on holiday to get laid as many times as they can.

I'm also a little surprised how someone 2 1/2 times over the drink drive limit is near comatose and has complete memory loss.

I should clarify that I agree with the decision of Sheff Utd, that the sentence for rape is laughably short (10+ years minimum) and that he behaved abhorrently.

Friday 21st Nov 2014

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 07:42

morning all,
LmH - glad you're back out again, every journey starts with a single step and all that...
Pammie - good to see you back!
Don - Agree, it should be easy today. Decent monster session yesterday but is the timing right being 2 days out from a xc?
Blisters - some days are just sh1t
what - steady miles at lunchtime
why - aiming to build up again
last rest - did a mile or two easy with the U11s yesterday, so practically a rest day
last hard - Tuesday
lyric - think I should but not obvious. I was wrong yesterday.

Is it crunchie time yet?

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