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Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

Posted: Today at 13:33

Grendel - you must have needed the rest.

Chris - welcome. sorry to hear about your injuries I hope the news from the xrays is positive

Decathlon gear

Posted: Today at 12:52

Love Decathlon running gear but never had their shoes. I find their backpacks a lot more comfy than my raidlight or nathan.

Phil - I've got a BTWIN bike and i've changed the tyres over but it's a bloody good entry level bike for cycling. Great value for money and good quality.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: Today at 12:25

Nells - Good or bad feedback is always feedback. I like to tell it as it is so that if there are areas for improvement that the RDs know about it. If they're told that there are issues then how can they improve it?

For Giantshead - they take on everything that's said and you can definitely see improvement year on year.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: Today at 10:15

15west - Welcome to the thread! You're more than welcome. What races have you got lined up in preparation for Paris? Sorry to hear about York - how is your running now you've started again? Any pain?

Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

Posted: Today at 10:09

Let's hope on wednesday for Tolkin's run... or alternatively he'll choose an inspired LOTR outfit!

Is there a 43km ultra event I can enter?

Posted: Today at 10:08

Joakin - Yep. I dabble in the 50k's and am planning to step up after next year. This was why i came to the thread - in the hope I could get some event suggestions for post marathon but not a lot further. I dont mind 30 milers/35 milers max but I struggle mentally with anything further.

When I came to RW i was Emmy_bug after a nickname I used to be call. Then i changed it to Emmy_H as that's kinda my name... and then I dropped the H. I may consider going shorter as most people call me Em anyway

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 10:05

Hi Clag!

It's lovely to hear from you! That's a fantastic time to take off for a 10k and I agree that speed work is worth it.

I'm up to marathon #68 and hoping to reach 100 by the end of next year if everything goes to plan.

Is there a 43km ultra event I can enter?

Posted: Today at 08:43

Maxpower - I'm not policing the list but when I see someone posting on the thread that i'm on; then i will make a comment. I do not use Stevie G's thread so cannot see who may be in there.

Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

Posted: Today at 08:41

Morning all,

Kate - bad news re; your heel. Was 5.30 also in fancy dress again? Maybe we should change his name to the dark lord?

Maths - what a great and productive sunday!!

Birky - Yep.... it's christmas planning time as I speak.

grendel - they sound like a strange bunch to be out so early in the morning.

A weird double for me. Saturday's beer marathon went really well. Nice even pacing, had a few beers and really enjoyed the run. Nice mix of road and trail and i just had a blast. Yesterday had a stonkingly bad one at Den Haag. 12k on soft sand in a wind force 5 headwind made me have several sense of humour failures. Finished in my slowest time for a while and was absolutely knackered.

NOC (7am) recovery run for me. Needed the rest

NW: 10 sheep (i counted to take my mind off things), 3 dogs, 1 kamikaze cat.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: Today at 08:36

...learning experience nevertheless

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