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Giving up the booze

Posted: Yesterday at 20:02

Well done on the sobriety birthday, Jugula.  I don't do much for mine.  I said to Mrs Easy on my last one, "Hey, it's my A.A. birthday coming up, what are you going to get or do for me?"

She just smiled and said "Nothing!"  Her take on it is that acting like a normal human being is to be expected and she doesn't need to celebrate it.  She's a tough one is Mrs Easy.

I did a 16 mile run across the Wye Valley today.  I shouldn't have really because I'm not trained for it, but I felt really good at the 7 mile point so went for it.  At 12 miles I was really suffering and wished I hadn't, and I should've just stuck with my original - shorter - route.

I've definitely stressed my body.


Wants to run, but hates it.

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 16:38

There's times I detest running.  And?  There's also times I love running, but to get to the good runs, I've got to get through the ones I hate.

I'm sure many of us have a love-hate affair with running and lots of other things.

Wants to run, but hates it.

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 15:31
RicF wrote (see)

Is that called trolling?

I don't see why.  All she said was that she wants to run but hates it.  There's been times I've hated running (like early morning runs in the army when I was dying with a hang-over).  And?

But for some folk, they add 'running' to their ego and read that when the OP says she hates running, they take it as a personal attack against them; when it obviously wasn't.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 22:39

Bilbao; sounds wonderful.  Is it ran at night because it's cooler?

Giving up the booze

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 19:23
Jugula wrote (see)I listen to Bill Bruford's drums right through and completely lose myself in it, which to me is a bit of mobile meditation and as a bonus saw the early morning sun rising up over the sea.

My OCD is kicking in, sorry, Jugula.  You'll find meditation teachers saying that meditation isn't a way to 'zone out' (aka 'losing yourself'); it's a way of being fully conscious and present to what's happening.

Music also produces an emotional effect that it's very easy to get lost in too.

There's a book I'm reading now called Running with the Mind of Meditation:


The guy specifically points out that many of us distract ourselves with music while we run, rather than being mindful of what's happening when we run.

Apologies for being contrary. 

Well done on the 21 miles; are you training for a marathon?

Giving up the booze

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 18:44
Runner Jonnie wrote (see)
u are speaking my language I went to a meditation class few years back amd walked out as paniced, will try it again thanks for all advice mate I really need yoga amd meditation as its all go all the time, thanks again

Jonnie, it's very common for newly sober alcoholics to feel highly uncomfortable around other people, especially groups of people.  I remember being terrified of going into my first A.A. meeting room and I sat next to this little old lady because she looked safe.  (I'm an ex soldier btw).

But it's important that we strengthen our 'emotional muscles', the ones we weakened while drinking, so it's good to regularly come out of our comfort zones and do the stuff that we know we should be doing.  Just a little at a time.

I try not to let fear and anxiety control me these days.  Easier said than done though; I know I know.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 18:37
Cinders wrote (see)

How did the run go EDI?

I'm clueless but what is about meditation that is tough, what do you do?


The run was okay; 12 miles.  I ran with two guys from A.A., both younger than me (one of them is a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist (I don't know what the difference is)) and the other unemployed.  They psychiatrist is fit, the other guy isn't and he struggled towards the end.  The weather was nice and we talked recovery some of the time.  I think that's the great thing about A.A.; we learn from each other.

As for meditation, it's a massive subject, Cinders.  And in a sense it's really really simple in that we do absolutely nothing.  It's accepting what's happening in the present moment and letting go.  Our mind can only be on one thing at a time, so a very common meditation is to just put our minds on our breath and make that our object of concentration.  But our minds are like naughty monkeys and will keep running off onto other subjects, so we bring them back again to the breath, again and again and again.

The tough part is just sitting with ourselves - no distractions - especially when we're feeling anxious.  It's tough.

There's been lots of scientific studies done on meditation, some using MRI brain scanning equipment and it's proven that meditation has many benefits.  

An easy way to start meditation is to google for some guided meditations and just listen and follow the instructions.  Listen a few different ones (some might suit you better than others).  And it's important (so I'm taught) to stick at it even if we feel we're just sitting on our arses wasting our time.

Oh, and lots of athletes use meditation too (this is a running forum after all).

Wants to run, but hates it.

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 08:50

I ditto the people who're saying you're doing too much too fast.  Break it up with some walking so you're out for 30 minutes.  Maybe run for 5 mins (slowly), and walk for 2 mins; repeat 3 or 4 times, and your stamina will increase.  As time progresses increase the periods of running and decrease the walking.

I started from being a fairly newly sober alcoholic and heavy smoker (my body was wrecked) and could only run for 1 minute at a time before walking for 1 minute; repeat.  I'm currently training to do an ultra marathon.

Be disciplined and patient, and you will improve and then enjoy it (sometimes).

Giving up the booze

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 08:28

Yes, I plan to do the yoga thing once-or-twice a week.  An ultra running friend says it helps protect his body from the mileage.  I stretch after a run, but I probably don't do as much as I should.

As for meditation that's a lot like running in that it's really difficult to begin with and takes some discipline.  I have a daily meditation practise.  When I started I felt like I would burst with anxiety.  It's funny how just sitting with our own head can feel so tortuous. 

My suggestion is to find a local Buddhist group - most have drop-in meditation sessions - and go to a few of those.  A brilliant app is Insight Meditation Timer; there's lots of guided meditations on there too.  And start small; 5 or 10 minutes is fine, but do it everyday.  And don't worry, thinking will happen and you won't feel relaxed.  Baths are for relaxing; meditation can be tough.

Most relapse prevention programs (such as A.A.'s) use meditation as part of the program.  There's a lot of scientific study that shows meditation has a wealth of benefits too.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 21:04

I had a rest day today; did some yoga for the first time - I'm as flexible as a plank - and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  Also did the 3rd session of couch-to-5k with my step daughter, who is 18 and wants to lose some weight.  But it's nothing really, just walking with 60 seconds of running every 90 seconds.

Got a 12 mile long run tomorrow with a couple of guys from A.A..  Really looking forward to it.

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