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Posted: Today at 07:20

It's been my experience that relationships don't usually last for long after an affair.


Posted: Yesterday at 14:07

I know this will sound a bit 'airy fairy', but in trying to find out what it is that actually dies answers a lot of questions.  I mean what is the 'self' that actually dies?  Yeh, I know the body dies, but are we the body?  And trying to find a 'self' in amongst our mental processes is impossible too.  We're not our thoughts ('I' do not choose to think what I think; thinking just happens) and neither are we our memories.  Descartes tried to start from the absolute knowable (I think therefore I am) and got it wrong.  He went too far when he posited an "I"; thinking is the thinker.

So what really are we?  If we look closely we won't find an 'I', so if there's no 'I', what is there to live on after we die?

There's a good book called 'The Self Illusion', written by a neuroscientist called Bruce Hood, and it basically says that the self doesn't really exist (I'm not saying we don't exist - that there is nothing there - only that we don't exist in the way that most of us think we do).  The question reminds me of a zen koan which goes along the lines of "What can die that was never born?"

Unless of course you believe in a soul or something; but there's no evidence of stuff like this.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 00:04

Hi Sinbad, yes, I've heard of Smart Recovery and know a few people who've tried it.  It's not really an alternative to A.A. because A.A. doesn't say it's the 'only way'.  

My advice would be to try and find some face-to-face meetings, rather than the online ones.  Yeh, it'll take you out of your comfort zone, but that's a good thing.

Good on you for sticking to your running too; I've been struggling myself with this.  I did get into a really good running habit for a few years, but you know what they say the difference is between a good habit and a bad habit?  Good habits are easy to break.

I'm seriously considering doing an ultramarathon - as a focus - because I prefer running distance to speed.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 25/05/2014 at 18:16

There's a fair bit of stretching on the Insanity DVDs.  There's a recovery day where the whole session is pretty much yoga type stuff (after a few thigh-burners).

And throughout the normal DVDs there's plenty of stretching too.  Today's session was called 'Pure Cardio' followed by 'Cardio Abs'.  Core strength is good for injury prevention; I'm hoping if I survive the 60 day program, I'll be a better, stronger, runner.

I had to mop the dining room floor when I finished because it was just covered in pools of sweat.

I've an A.A. meeting tonight too, which I'm going to have to drag myself along to, because I'm knackered!

Giving up the booze

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 10:30
trigger2 wrote (see)
Stick with it all - I'm still managing to my drinking in moderation and haven't had a hangover in months now!

Well done, Trigger, but being an alkie, I can't see the point in drinking in moderation.  What's a couple of drinks going to do for me?  I'm definitely an all or nothing person! On on-line recovery forums an oft discussed topic is "If they invented a pill that would allow you to drink like a normal person, would you take it?"  I would, but only if I could get shit-faced every night with no consequences and everyone would still love me! 

On the running front, I'm in the same camp as BWF and I've injured myself with Insanity.  I'm not sure what happened, but my calf just tightened up, was painful and didn't feel right, so I've taken a few days off the exercise.  I'll have another go today.  Right now I hear Mrs EDI jumping around the dining room, so she's obviously on the Insanity.

I'm sure Insanity is designed for fit 20-somethings, rather than middle-aged types like meself.

Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend; despite the rain! 


Giving up the booze

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 01:21

We did a Parkrun this morning; I was about 90 seconds slower than my usual approximate time and Mrs EDI was 20 seconds slower, but still came in 2nd lady.

We're on day 10 of Insanity (this keep fit DVD thing which is pretty tough going), which accounts for the slower time.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 01:17


sinbad113 wrote (see)

its just a pain in the but getting to an AA, and the daytime ones in my town seem to be for females only, for mixed and males, itsfinishes at 10pm and my last bus is at 11pm. Still no excuse, I will go at some point.

If you can get to a meeting, speak to the chairman and ask if someone can give you a lift home.  Someone will.  

And someone once told me that if I wanted to recover from my alcoholism, I should be prepared to go to any lengths to do so.  It's a good attitude to have.  I used to go to any lengths to get booze (I've even lied and stolen to get it), so I tried to apply that 'any lengths' mentality to getting and staying sober.  

If you tell me the area where you live, I'll let you know if the day time meetings are 'women's only'.  I'd be surprised if they were, there's not many women's only meetings around.

And well done on the 5k.  

Giving up the booze

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 16:26
sinbad113 wrote (see)


Somehow got to find the motivation of pushing the booze and training forward now,  were already talking about new year though.



Sinbad, one thing to be aware of is that will power generally never seems to be much good when it comes to alcoholics and stopping drinking.  Of course will power is involved, but it's not good for a long term solution.  Why?  Because it fails us, mate.  I once got three months sober using will power; it wasn't much fun; and then I cracked and drank, just like you did after the 12 days.

Staying sober using will power is a bit like Japanese water torture.  We feel restless, irritable, discontented; anxious; and that little voice in our heads is saying, "Hey, a drink would sort that out!  A drink would sort that out".  Eventually we cave in - maybe we just plan to drink a few to take the edge off it, but once we start drinking we crave for more and we've got to get the job finished.

The secret (it's not really) to long term sobriety is to try and feel comfortable in our own skin.  If we have some measure of internal peace, we haven't got those feelings that drive us to drink.

I found my solution to getting some measure of peace through A.A.'s 12 Steps and I can honestly say that I don't obsess about alcohol anymore at all.  The problem is just gone.

It's an easier way to live, mate.



Giving up the booze

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 18:31

Hi all,

Nice to see some familiar names around these parts and apologies for not tipping my hat here every now 'n' then.  I go through phases with the internet!

Still running, though I went through a tough patch after the Gower marathon where I was just sick of it and struggled to get out to do two-or-three runs a week.  I think Winter does that to me.  Currently back running and on day 8 of the Insanity 60 day program thing.  It's quite tough, despite my scepticism of keep fit DVDs.

Sad to see not much has changed with Sinbad on the drinking front!  You know what they say, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Coming upto five years sober next month; still very active with A.A. (I have a lot to be grateful to A.A. for), and things are okay my end, inspite of living with a Welsh woman.

Hope everyone else is well.


Giving up the booze

Posted: 17/12/2013 at 17:19

I hope you have a quick recovery, Bill.  There's lots of runners in our fellowship too.  I know one who is quite famous too; a really big name in this persons area of running.  I couldn't believe they were an alcoholic - seriously - considering how much of a top level runner this person is.  Obviously I can't say who.

I'm meeting up with a few alkie runners at the weekend too for a 12 mile run through the mud and hills, followed by cake at a local coffee shop.

Can I ask which part of the country you come from and is your name really Bill W?  Mine's not EDI; I'm Tosh! 

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