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Adidas adiZero Boston II

Posted: 20 October 2010
Overall: Don't buy these - get the Adios instead.

Mizuno Wave Harrier

Posted: 18 October 2010
Overall: Excellent off-road shoes.

Saucony Grid Fastwitch 2

Posted: 19 August 2009
Overall: I chose this shoe for the London Marathon, having found that my normal racing flats were a bit too light over 20 miles. The Saucony is a very good shoe, beautifully made and it feels very light and fast. It doesn't quite live up to this, but for very long distance runs it's a reasonable compromise.

Nike Mayfly

Posted: 19 August 2009
Overall: You can't argue with the price of these shoes - readily available on-line for under £20. If you can get past the colourway, they are fine shoes but with some notable quirks. For example, the upper is made of something like rip-stop fabric, which feels a bit strange. They're also very narrow. But on your feet they don't feel too flimsy (unlike, say, the Adidas Mangostin) - in fact they're light, responsive and a pleasure to run in. I'm in the process of checking to see if they will last more than 100k - I'm up to 1000k in my Nike Streak Air Zoom racers but they are falling to bits now.

Mizuno Wave Elixir

Posted: 26 January 2007
Overall: I've been looking for a good, everyday shoe to replace the Reebok Performance Lite and Nike Air Ekiden that formed the basis of most of my runs. Those shoes were a little light for the increased training I'm now embarking on for the FLM, for which a more substantial shoe is required, but I didn't want to compromise too much on weight, responsiveness or feel. I'm not disappointed with the Elixir - so much so that I've already bought a second pair and I intend to run the marathon in them.

Reebok Premier 3D Lite Trainer

Posted: 10 November 2006
Overall: Good, everyday shoe. Potential marathon racer

Adidas Adios Litestrike

Posted: 10 November 2006
Overall: Avoid at all costs