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Thursday 24th April 2014

Posted: Today at 13:54

Red hair, which half are you doing?  I'm panicking about Hanover marathon on Sunday.  I'll be fine, I just worry about silly things, like the train being late, or me not finding the bag drop! 

2014 in 2014???

Posted: Today at 10:20


470 km done, 1544 to go, which was the year rats first appeared in North America.

I have been tapering as have a marathon on Sunday.  Aiming for 3:50, but a pb would be nice (under 3:59:57, I wanted under 4 hours that time!).

With 251 days to go, 1544 is still approximately 6 km a day (and the marathon will kill a week in one go).  Want to get it down to 5 km a day if it's at all possible, to give me some breathing room at the end.

Thursday 24th April 2014

Posted: Today at 10:11

OH it's not going to be embarrassing. You'll be great.  If they're trying to encourage slower runners, then you should be proud that you're taking up the challenge.  Have fun 

Thursday 24th April 2014

Posted: Today at 07:10

Morning all

What: guess
Why: getting bored now, but also nerves are increasing hugely.  Think it's because I'm going to be alone from tonight until after the race, which means I have no one to calm me down!
Last hard: running through the supermarket yesterday to get the milk (yes that's the hardest running I've done for a while!)
Lyrics: nope

Dibs: From SA there's only a 2 hour time difference, so no jet lag.  What matters is whether you sleep on the plane.  I have flown back on a Sunday night before, overnight, and gone straight to work on the Monday morning.  It hurts, but it's nowhere near as bad as going to Oz for either jet lag or sleep deprivation!  Please don't go running around the area on your own though, until you're sure it's safe (I know I've already told you this, but just to make sure!)!  There are lots of cyclists around too, but again be careful as the motorists are crazy.   I can suggest some good cycle routes for you if you like (Let me know and I'll pm them to you).  

Sounds like a good race RFJ, well done.

Hello again RHG, stick around

25C predicted here today.  Will potter in the garden after work.

Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 07:11


What: nothing
Why: it's time for 4 days of nothingness (apart from maybe some pottering in the garden tomorrow)
Last hard: working out how to pick up my race number and get to the race on time.  Will have to make 2 trips to Hannover, either around €100 with the train or a 2.5 hour return car trip on Friday evening, followed by a train journey or car journey (not yet decided) Sunday morning.
Lyrics: not sure

Happy St George's Day.

Are you going to do it OH?

LMH when is your next race, I have a feeling it's soon.

Have a good day all.

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 19:35

Owww Chicka!  Hope it heals soon.  Enjoy your roadtrip.

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 06:50


Chicka to finish with a good time in 70F is impressive.  Hope you can walk today!

What: gardening then the 3 km or so jog home
Why: taper
Last hard: starting to panic about Sunday
Last rest: Sunday
Lyrics: nope

Looked like a good finishing pic to me OH.  Sunny as well.

Have a good one all.

Monday 21st April 2014

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 20:00

Well done Chick, hope you soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed yourself.  Can't wait for the report.

Monday 21st April 2014

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 11:03
I was going to ask about the number too. I think it's 13636...

Monday 21st April 2014

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 07:46
Morning LMH
Good luck chick will be watching out for you.anyone know the start time?
What: something gentle
Why: taper and was feeling a little worse for wear yesterday after a night out with visitors
Last hard: all of yesterday!
Lyrics: nope
Have a good day all
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