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Tuesday 24th January 2016

Posted: Today at 17:28


What: 4.5 km done at lunch
Why: all I had time for
Last hard; staying awake
Lyrics; Yes!

Pub quiz last night.  Came last (we got quite a high score too, everyone else got nearly full marks!).  Only started at 9 though so was home late for a school night.

Nice to see you Ollie

Looking at my running totals for this month, I need to get my ar$e in gear...25 km, that's not a good total... :\  must rethink strategy\find some motivation.

Have a good evening all

Monday 23rd January 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 17:11

Oh I forgot to say, I can also do washing and refridgerate food as of 7am

Monday 23rd January 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 16:58


What: trying out the new desk, which seems to have to be a standing desk to enable the monitor to be at a good distance from me. 
Why: the fitted desk is quite narrow so it's a bit uncomfortable having the monitor on the desk.  However, on the windowsill it's the perfect distance and perfect height for standing.  Apparently it's good for me.
Last hard: doing all computer work whilst standing.  I did sit for telecons though!
Lyrics: nope

Debating doing core, but am feeling a bit cream crackered.  Need to cycle to pub quiz tonight too

Wabo sounds really well done.  Nice guardian angel though

Have a great evening all

Saturday 21st Jan 2017

Posted: 21/01/2017 at 07:50


Well the well renound green logoed homeware company has gone rather down in my estimations having waited 7 hours for a delivery yesterday only to be told they were too far behind schedule and wouldn't be delivering.  That means no washing machine, fridge or freezer for at least another 2 days...I am mightily peed off.

What: cycle into town (with flat tyre, hopefully back with pumped up one) then off to London to visit friends.
Why: cycling is quicker than walking!
Last hard: see above
Lyrics: nope but yesterday's is one my of favourite songs, how did I not get it!

LMH secret is that we are about 10 miles outside of Brum

Have a great day all.

Friday 20th Jan 2017

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 14:52


What: just under 7km this morning.  It's beautiful round here.




Followed by unpacking, setting up internet, first visitors (who thankfully brought lunch with them!) and now waiting for the delivery with intermittent unpacking.

Last hard: today has been great but hard work!
Lyrics: nope

Have a fantastic day all.  

Thursday 19th January 2017

Posted: 19/01/2017 at 12:06

Afternoon (just)

What: resting
Why: getting over illness
last hard: illness
Lyrics: nope

in bed all day yesterday with aches and shivers. Cold started Sunday night, but reached a peak Tuesday evening, yesterday morning when I just felt awful.  Managed to make it as far as a work desk today, so at least I can work, but the trip to the library for wifi has rather knocked me for six so will be resting until this has gone.

Hope you find someone to run with Straycelt.  Is it coz of the heart problems you can't run alone?

Ale, really, the birdie song :P

Anyone know how Ollie is getting on?

Have a great day all.  Tomorrow I will get internet, a washing machine, a fridge, a freezer and hopefully a screen and keyboard to enable me to work more comfortably.  It's going to be a good day

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Posted: 17/01/2017 at 12:23

Once we have internet up and running I'll be working from home so should be able to run at lunchtimes in the countryside

What: may try yoga class tonight but not well so see how I feel
Why: settling into my new life
Last hard: work, though doesn't impact me directly but really feel for those it does
Lyrics: nope

Hope everyone's feet are remaining dry. It seems all it does in the UK is rain

Have a great day all.

Monday 16th January 2017

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 09:24


What: not much today
Why: in the city centre as no wifi at home and a bank appointment this evening
Last hard: some news from work
Lyrics: nope

Spent the weekend exploring our new area on foot.  Mostly did walking with my OH, but did one 27 min run.  Seems I can be out in the countryside in about 5 min and there are some nice potential running routes about.  However, may have to wait for the ground to dry out a bit before attempting the off road stuff, it's slippery at the moment.

We are nearly unpacked

Nice to see faces from the past coming back  Please stick around.

Have a good day all.

Thursday 12th January 2017

Posted: 12/01/2017 at 15:28


What: washing machine, fridge and freezer buying
Why: I will start running again once we've moved tomorrow
Last hard: watching me getting fatter (no proper cooking facilities + little exercise...
Lyrics: nope

Good to see you Gobi.
Get well soon WP
Glad the stone is behaving OH
9 miles is a lot Blisters!

Have a great day all.

Wednesday 11th January 2017

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 09:43


What: 10 min core and legs done this morning then picking up keys this evening
Why: trying to keep fit whilst adjusting to new life
Last hard: the last week!
Lyrics: nope

Get keys tonight, removal men come on Friday.  Soon I'm not the home worker without a home (once we get internet).

Dustin that sounds like a tough session!

Well done Wabo!  Great race yesterday. 

Have a great day all

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