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Comrades 2013

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 19:55

Wow, very impressive everybody. Feeling very nostalgic reading these posts (and funnily enough Chariots of Fire just came up on my Spotify ;-p) I've been having a fight over on another forum about VLM changing the Good for Age qualifiers this morning when I noticed this thread.

I have run all my adult life, grew up in Pinetown on the course and know it well. Can't believe how many 'Richmond Parkers' there are (I live 2 mins from Kingston Gate and RP is my training place of choice.) Focussing on marathons this year (ran Manchester yesterday) but all with Comrades in mind for 2015.

I ran a silver in 2003 and have not been back since. Now I'm an old ballie (40 this year) I want to see if I can silver again, and it's good to know there are Comrades runners in the area so i will keep an eye out for these threads in the future. I found it REALLY hard training for Comrades in the UK 10 years ago. Begging club mates to accompany me for stretches of my 60km runs

I also found RP a little too flat and really suffered on the hills on the day. My advice (too late I know) would have been to get to Box Hill and similar hills / races around the country to seek out Comrades-like hills. Brecon Beacons in Wales is close.

Good luck to everybody on here. It's an epic achievement even to complete. 56 miles of hills (ok 5km flat) should not be taken lightly. Hope to meet some of you when I start Comrades training next year!


London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 16:30

I too agree with the adjusting - it really needed to be done, BUT agree with Dave Falconer, they should given us a year's notice and applied this to 2015. I am a 2:35 runner at best and so could quite easily have run 3:05 yesterday rather than 3:06. (I splitted halfway at 1:26 comfortably yesterday) Just assumed I'd done enough - damage limitation like in a heat for a track meet. Serves me right for coasting at the end I guess, but 'forewarned is forearmed' as they say. Just have to re-adjust training plans and psyche up mentally for yet another marathon now and throw my BUPA 10K place out the window. Just plain annoying!

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 13:38

@MattyWelsh, I may be joining you for that. I ran 3:06 yeterday and also could have pushed on for sub 3:05 if I had any inkling the rug would be pulled out from under us, and will now probably run Kent to go sub 3:05. Should be 'relatively' easy as I had an illness building up to Manchester and am in better shape than 3:06, but have to nail the recovery and re-taper all within a month which will be tricky. Doable, but tricky. Will not try any heroics, go out at 1:31 halfway to aim for 3:02 (need contingency). Around 7 min miling all round. 17 laps of 2.5km does not sound like fun, but al least it's going on an easily controlled, flat course, a time trial essentially. Just scuppers my plans on getting into shorter distances for Summer to build up speed. Waste of another month essentially.

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 09:31

Yeah I have Kent marathon entered early June as a fallback, thanks. Just need to put a bit more effort in now, only trained about 70% capacity for this as I knew i'd not get into sub 2:45 shape in 3 months so pointless aiming for AAA Champ place. Have a 2.35 PB so should be able to get to sub 3 shape with a few more long runs, but was really hoping on focussing on speed now and 10K and HM thru Summer as I've been out of the game a few years, not have to go back to marathon training, this will put my training back massively. Thanks VLM, thanks a lot!

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 09:07

Sorry David, where is that on the website? Don't see a deadline date. What is it?

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 09:05

I've a good mind to boycott VLM - sod them and their unprofessionalism, and go and run Manchester again next year. it was a brilliantly well organised and supported race. Have Kent marathon lined up in a month's time in case Manchester didn't work out, but the prospect of running 17 x 2.5km loops on a cycling track..... oh boy! not fun. Recover, get one more long run in again and taper. Certainly not ideal. VLM have, in my opinion really cocked up this time!

Did anyone see if the deadline has moved forward? They should surely give people a chance to have another bash, it's the least they can do.

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 08:48

That's CRAP! I cruised the last few miles as I knew I was well under 3.10, ended up running 3.06.44. Now I have to find another marathon. Boy they are gonna hear about this from me that's for damn sure - totally and utterly unprofessional moving the goalposts at this late stage.

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 28/04/2013 at 23:36

Well I for one will be INCREDIBLY annoyed if they move the goalposts at this late stage. The webpage with these times have only just changed to 'check back in May' Well if I remember right the GFA time had to be run by 5 July or something. When I read this and fancied giving it a go, around mid Feb I started training. Am nowhere near my best at present (run a 2.35 and 2.37 at London previously) so, risking injury piled on the mileage way too soon without sufficient base and just did enough to get me around in sub 3.10 at Manchester this morning, finishing in an unnecessarily painful 3.06.

Thought, OK time not great, build up shocking (including massive virus during peak month) but my sub 3.10 achieved and now I have a year to train properly. Now I read this thread that it's under review. Well if they review (drop my 3.10 to a 3.05/3.00) and stick to an early July deadline, I have only a month to find a good marathon in the summer to qualify again (and there are not many fast marathons in the UK in June). So running another one in such a short time is both disruptive and annoying (and a month won't necessarily improve you much when you consider recovery and taper time) Like NYM they really need to give notice, or at least have mentioned on the webpage that these times would be under review so not to treat them as givens.

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