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Cadence counters on cyclo-HRM

Posted: 22/11/2005 at 14:53
Thanks, Cougie. He's a bit of a greedyguts cos he has a Polar HRM already. The wrist one is fine for his turbotrainer but (to be fair) he says that it's a buggah to take both hands off the handlebars to check his workrate readings when out on the road.

Still don't know what to do about the cadence thing.... I'm inclined to think it's a waste of money.

Cadence counters on cyclo-HRM

Posted: 22/11/2005 at 14:34
Blimey - I thought it was fairly impressive that I had so many responses already!

His turbo is a TacX T1460, if that means anything to you (means nowt to me, I'm afraid). He has a bike computer already to record speed, distance, etc.

Cadence counters on cyclo-HRM

Posted: 22/11/2005 at 13:47
I'm looking to buy my partner a cyclo-HRM for Christmas. I can't afford to fork out wads of money so I'm thinking of the Polar CS100 or the CS200CAD.

My query is: I'm swithering about whether to shell out the extra £30 for a cadence counter. He does a mixture of road biking and turbo-trainer work. Is the counter worth it the extra money, or would I just be shelling out for an unnecessary extra?


Please , please do something for me!

Posted: 12/11/2004 at 08:21
Hi, folks - I know this is a huge cheek and nowt to do with running but could I ask a favour?

For those of you with mobile phones, please, please, please, text the words "Song 5" to 61001 before 8.40 am today.

I'm in a text vote competition and could win £25k of stuff for my dilapidated house.

Thanks so much!!!!

Fiona xx

The number of marathons in a person's legs

Posted: 10/11/2004 at 14:23
Okay, so it's a matter of quality versus quantity. That makes sense. Ta!

Hi, Dodge - you've not changed a bit since I was last here! As for me, I've moved house to the seaside, got a doggie and been suffering from terrible PF. Yay for the first two and a massive big boo for the last.

The number of marathons in a person's legs

Posted: 10/11/2004 at 13:33
Hi, folks - I have a query prompted by something somebody said in one of the threads about Paula Radcliffe. It was that she only has a certain number of marathons left in her legs, and that she may have "wasted" one of these in NY.

Putting the latter aside, I'm wondering about the former, ie, why does a person only have a certain number of marathons in their legs? There are hoardes of people on here who have done oodles of marathons - in fact, haven't some people done over a hundred?

Does this having a certain number of marathons left in your legs only relate to elite athletes? Or does it mean that there are only a certain number of marathons that an athlete can do at such high speeds? Or what?

I'll sit back now with my baked tattie and await your thoughts with much interest.....


Edinburgh marathon 2004

Posted: 14/06/2004 at 21:34
Hi, folks! Here's my tuppeny ha'penny. Three words sum it up:


You are all complete and total heros. And no mistake. It was so lovely to meet so many of you at the well before the race. Try as I might, I don't think I saw everyone on the way round the course. But I was clapping and cheering for everyone indiscriminately anyway! It was quite some sight to see the hoardes streaming down Arthur's Seat. I managed to find myself a nice spot near the finish line and saw some sights there - I've heard about people collapsing within feet of the finish line but had never seen it happen until yesterday. There were a few people who had to be helped to the end and some who collapsed just as they got over - one chap literally rolled over it. Mind you, he made sure to get his feet over first to take a few seconds off his time!!!

It was incredibly hot out there on the course. I was rather sun reddened when I got home, so heaven knows how it must have been for you all running in it. What an effort. And the wind seemed to pick up quite a bit too. All in all, not the best of conditions. So, to everyone who is feelign a little downhearted, try to give yourselves a pat on the back for coming through in tough circumstances. Hope all your aches and pains disappear soon! I've still got a sore throat from screeching so much!

Special mention has to go to BillyB. What a bluddy shame about your cramp and what a bluddy shame about your PB. I was all set with my camera from 3.10, just in case. I was gutted for you, mate. I don't know if you heard me shouting for you at the finish line - I could see that you weren't your usual self so wondered what had gone wrong for you. Chin up, eh? Next year - BRING IT ON!!

Here's a nice tale to end on. For most of the afternoon, I was standing next to a very interesting chap whose wife was the UK super-super-super Vet marathon champion (Catherine O'Rourke). Age 68, she and her husband took up running in their 50s. They travel all over the world doing marathons and have completed around 30 each, taking an hour off their best time since they started. Now, if THAT aint inspirational then I don't know what is. :-)

Edinburgh marathon 2004

Posted: 11/06/2004 at 15:11
Jen M - yup, I'm still planning on being there to cheer! Don't know if I'll be able to get over to mile 18 due to road closures, etc. I'm going to park at the flats where I used to live, at the top of the park. Bit naughty, but needs must! So getting in/out could be a bit difficult as it's within the general marathon perimeter. But I'll be there at start, finish, miles 3 and 7.

I'm going to visualise strong legs, steady torsos, tireless feet and powerful lungs for each and every one of you this weekend. I have bags and bags of positivity to go round so there's plenty for everyone. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Edinburgh marathon 2004

Posted: 11/06/2004 at 09:19
Duck Girl - it's even closer than wot BillyB says if you take a different route. You can exit by the steps up to Market Street, turn right into Jeffrey Street, left onto the Royal Mile and it's all downhill from there. I would guess it's no more than a 10 minute walk.

Edinburgh marathon 2004

Posted: 11/06/2004 at 08:30
Just wanted to wish a safe trip to everyone who is travelling to Edinburgh for the Big Day. And good luck with everyone's final prep. You'll all be FAB!!!!!!!

You know, I wish we had some sort of special slogan/saying that we could chant or use as a sign-off to every message. Why has no-one thought of this.........? (hee hee!!!)

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