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The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: Today at 12:34

Happy nearly holiday Dave- what's the race?

My weirdest work related 'do' was in France where to celebrate my line manager's imminent departure on maternity leave we went to a 'Moulin Rouge' style evening revue.  

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: Today at 09:38


exciting times HC, hope the move goes well and do shout if you need an extra set of hands for box shifting.

Dave, I take it there were a large number of opportunities for embarrassment for the 'up tight'?  I have a contractor colleague who worked for Philips for a while and has regaled me with some stories of Amsterdam's vibrant bar 'culture'.

Happy early Friday, Hope. I'm skiving off tomorrow afternoon for the end of term drinkies.

I have a 'win a lumie bodyclock' as my banner at the top, but I can guess what I'm missing

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: Yesterday at 15:08

Not that I know about these things, but I thought it was normally brownies?  There is a torture museum, which might be the ghoulish thing said boyfriend is alluding to.  That said there is also a cat painting museum to provide the Yang to the Ying (or vice versa) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KattenKabinet

Long Course Weekend 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 11:54

from what I remember the half marathon course (Pembroke back to Tenby) has some nasty lumps in it.  As it doesn't use the IM course, you'd be better off running an out and back loop on the actual IM course on the Sunday(which is hilly but less so than the HM route).

I've (camped) at Kiln Park when I've visited, it's convenient for the town centre.  I don't know how flexible the caravan accommodation is in terms of minimum numbers of days.   

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: Yesterday at 08:56

Morning all,

Schmunks, hope you are now over the jetlag.

Meldy- not guilty.

is this an event Seren or part of the build up to next years ultras?

Hope, I've never been to Amsterdam, but have driven past it many a time on the way to Schiphol airport.  What's on the itinerary other than the Mouse/windmill viewing?

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 10:56

zhù ni  háoyùn Seren,

I've never played Warhammer 40K (it weren't even invented when I were a nipper), but it's not a million miles away from things I do play.

I think weather wise we're promised a bit of everything today.

I should have been running this evening, but we have a work organised pub quiz with a firm of accountants.  I'll leave you to write your own punchlines.

Edit: tidied up translation as RW can't cope with the special accents


Posted: 21/10/2014 at 09:07


most bike systems I've seen use a 16g cylinder.  Unfortunately there's lots of different size cylinders available (for lots of different purposes)-  you'll need to check what your 'CO2 system' will take.  The first basic breakdown is threaded vs non-threaded (although some systems will take both).  If you've got something like this http://www.evanscycles.com/products/genuine-innovations/ultraflate-plus-ec015814 then anything bigger than a 16g cylinder won't fit (can I interest anyone in some 25g cylinders?), if you've got something that just screws onto the top of the cylinder then you've more flexibility as to weight.

Running a Marathon for the first time

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 08:39

When I finished my first half I was convinced it was impossible to go any further.  But it is do-able, recuperate from the half and then start nibbling on the elephant that is the marathon training.  As Millsy said, find a plan and take it one step at a time.

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:53

Hope, I think you were here:


which I think must be worth lots of credits in the bank.

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 09:03

Morning all,

sounds like everyone had agreeable weekends.  I was down by the seaside visiting friends from Uni- got to be a parkrun tourist to boot and cracked the 60% wava barrier for the first time in a very long time.  I also caught up with the first episode of the current Dr Who.

Hope- where was the geek weekend?  One of my uni friends is also a sometime figure painter.

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