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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 15:29

Ollie great mileage last week and hope the general aerobic goes well.

Hope the achilles settles down Stuart. Great tempo yesterday and impressive gym session. I used to squat with 25kg which I thought was ok at half my bodyweight but looks pathetic compared to your stats - and Cals! 

Nice MLR and swim yesterday NP. I've used to be OCD but now happy to stop any time!

Cal well done on getting out so early for your run. At least the weather is still ok for homeless guy. 

Tek hope that its not too hot for you. Chilly here today - 16 degrees but a chilly East wind. Had my gloves and arm warmers on this morning but better than too hot.

Great that you got the trail run Gaz but not so great about the long hours in the office.

An easy 30 minutes for me early yesterday then later in the day cycled to the track to do my intervals. Felt tired and couldn't get much speed. Just over 5 miles this morning and plan to turbo later, too shivery to take the bike out.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 20:36

Well done on the half OH  and the swim.

Nice double day Tek. Good weekly mileage - must go add mine up....

Cal that made me smile - the homeless man has more manners than the so called "lady". Hope the various body parts all recover and behave.

Well done on the park run NP - nice speedy win!  Ankle is still niggly but if I do a bit of stretching that seems to keep it under control. It is always worse after fast running - felt it more today.

Stuart hope the cold shifts and the achilles has settled down.

MG1 nice way to do the 15 with the park run in the middle.

Well done on the park run Sub17.

Gaz hope you got your trail run.

Ollie just been checking for lead piping in the study   I'm with Cal on the magpies not being cumulative! 

Did my second park run in two years on Saturday. A bit intimidated as a local running club attended en masse to test all their recent speed training. A bit of a breezy day but nice and warm and got 1st lady in 20:15.  Did a 10 minutes recovery then 5k at marathon pace. With warm up did 11 miles. an easy 10 miles today. Lots of shed staining too over the weekend - that must count as cross training!! A lower mileage week for me this week - 46.3 miles and only 60 on the bike.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 21:24

Good luck with the half OH.

NP sounds like a great week of celebrations  lots of nice training too!

Cal I'm with you on staying away from water! Well done on getting the run done.

HM4 if your pace is quickening can you not just do your Sunday run faster?  Great to see the training working.

Ollie more nice training!  Good midweek MLR.

Gaz I tried running at altitude and had to abandon.

Tek well done on MP running in the heat.

Alan your poor bike! My road bike lives in the kitchen despite the fact I have loads of garage and shed space.   The winter bike is in the study on the turbo.

Sub17 hope you enjoy the marathon.

A 40 minute run on Wednesday - av pace turned out 7:18mm then took the bike out to a hilly 10 mile TT route. Happy enough to do it under 30 minutes as just after the run. An easy short run yesterday and rest day today  Have a good weekend all!


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 16/08/2016 at 19:14

OH the August swim streak is going well!

Cal that sounds like a nice early run. Early mornings are lovely and peaceful. 

Ollie the book was great (The Enchanted) have to rummage on the bookshelves for others not yet read - the Olympics are interfering with the reading and the DIY has been totally abandoned! Great running by you, nice relaxed 20 at the weekend.

NP nice to see the comeback continuing well; sounds like you had a good weekend with the BBQ! 

Sub17 hope the leg niggle from the cycle has improved.

Tek that sounds really tough in the heat - same with you Stuart. Not easy when we are used to an icy gale half the time.

Gaz sounds like you are well on track with all your miles.

MG1 nice 17, great pace. 

HM4 well done.

Alan thats a quality weekend of running. I am also glued to the Olympics!

Was feeling tired yesterday (sore throat) so the morning's intervals became an easy 30 minutes. Intervals later in the day and I was happy enough with them. Didn't hit the pace on a few of the 400s but they were uphill and into the wind! That was meant to be all for the day but got TT bars on the bike so went out to play on it for 22 miles. An easy 30 minute run and some mountain biking today.  A lovely 26 degrees for a change. 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 20:03

MG1 thats still a decent time and you're putting in loads of miles so maybe just fatigued. 

Lots of good club sessions this week Stuart, got to be good for marathon training.  Good luck with the 10k. 

Back to the heat Tek?   Hope it cools down for your long run (if you are doing one) at the weekend. 

Gaz as you say race entry is the least of the expense when it comes to travel to races! Nice tempo mix the other night. 

Great to see you getting back to the training NP.  The usual good balance of swim and run.

OH are you on a swim streak? 

Tricia hope you feel better, thats lots of miles this week. 

Ollie had a giggle at the encounter with geese. I'm reading The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld but it keeps getting interrupted by Olympics. Great running again by you - speedy time at the sizzlers.

Sub17 great to get the bike on the road again. Are you doing all the bike miles because of injury? Thats why I had to start cycling.

Alan well done on the club win. 

75 minutes for me yesterday with the last 30 around marathon pace. Rest day today so went mountain biking up Cairngorm direction with a few friends (borrowed the full sus bike again) a few hours out and it was great fun but I came off when trying to negotiate going around a gate and heard my shoulder crunch as I hit the ground. Nothing broken as I can still move it but its flipping sore!  Apart from that had a good spin. Planning a longer easy run tomorrow. Have a good weekend all! 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 20:12

Well done on getting the long run done Tek, nice that things are cooler for you. Unfortunately it was  recorded as just below -3 celsius about 20 miles from me last night! Crazy weather. 

OH you're brave with the open water swimming when its so windy.

Ollie sounds like the right approach to go by effort and stick with the 8:15s  No TV signal tonight so back to reading after this. 

Hope the knee behaves Cal.

Welcome Alan. I'm training for Frankfurt but looking at NPs post you may not need to do it! 

Good to have a plan HM4  

NP well done getting out in the rain. Don't suppose Buddy minds! Tipping rain here now and not looking forward to the morning run  

An easy 45 minute run for me this morning and tonight as it was raining did a 90 minute turbo. 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 09/08/2016 at 19:15

Stuart on the plus side, you'll be even faster after 4 good weeks of training 

It was freezing here today Cal so yoga sounds good! 

Sub17 what a pain about the tyre. Obviously easy changing tubes when out but i've never had a tyre incident! 

Nice double Ollie. your post made me go find the book I was reading! I go through phases of reading loads then a book gets abandoned - looks like the DIY will grind to a halt now 

Well done HM4 - 5 sounds like a big step up for you.

Tek nice recovery run/strides.

OH good mix of training.

NP great tri result, well done!  Do you have more Tri events lined up?

MG1 good luck with tomorrow's 5k.

Tricia well done tree dodging - my run was similar on Sunday!

Hills for me yesterday, always think I must look crazy running up and down a hill about 20 times!!  An easy mountain bike spin later in the day. Today was intervals, it still seemed windy and there was a big difference between 800m into the wind and uphill (7:08mm) and coming back (6:05mm) but same effort! Just done an easy half hour recovery; it's far too cold for August!! 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 07/08/2016 at 11:09

Well done on the PB Stuart, that's super fast!  Good run today, the wind is crazy up here. Four big weeks is a lot. I used to do the Forth Bridge 10k, a nice friendly race.

Gaz well done on the 20, always nice to get them done.

Ollie good luck with the progressive and great mileage for the week! 

OH must be a bit breezy up with you!! 

Nice recovery jog Tek. I was thinking about you on my run yesterday - feeling a bit dehydrated as it was a bit warmer and really breezy but I'm so lazy I'm putting off carrying water.

Cal that's an eventful park run and a decent result after getting stung!!

Great park run time Sub17.

A 2 hour run for me yesterday, 15 miles. A recovery 5 miles this morning but a bit scary in the woods - really strong winds. Planning a turbo later as won't take the bike out in this but that is 54.5 run miles for the week  Just managing the niggly ankle but fingers crossed it holds together for another 12 weeks.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 05/08/2016 at 20:14

Speedy intervals MG1! 

Tricia well done on the commute, a good way to build the miles.

Good luck with that approach Sub17, great to have a plan. If I tried that I would have to do big bike miles (as Tek says) I love the bike but it eats up the time.  

OH good to have a weekend off racing. The travelling to/from races must be tiring too.

Stuart good luck with the 10k. Hope the 24 hr relay doesn't interfere with the marathon build up!

Well done Tek, great long run. Still not hot enough for me to take anything to drink on my long run but only doing 2 hours at the moment. 

Rest day for me today so took the mountain bike up Cairngorm direction and had a tootle about - love it up there.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 04/08/2016 at 19:04

Great threshold running Gaz, a decent long run with speedy miles! I lose track of sessions like that so have started to programme the garmin to beep at me! 

Good mileage MG1 and lots of quality too. 

Ollie nice to have an easy day. 

Well done on the progressive run Cal. Failed on the recovery today - 10 easy miles this morning (more or less 8mm) and just couldn't face a 90 minute pedal tonight. Would have been a turbo as it is so wet out but after last nights hour decided to leave it until tomorrow and try to get outside.. 


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