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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 22:22
Fingers crossed that the ankle settles overnight Stuart.
Nice speed session Ollie. I was going to ask how the reading was going on Monday! My reading had ground to a halt recently. Still have all the house window frames to paint then I can get back to it!
Hope the legs are recovering Cal!
Love the holiday photos OH.
Dr Dan I'm a fair weather cyclist. Well done with the commuting. I would be the same in bad traffic, can't beat the bike!
Yesterday was treadmill intervals; 6 sets of 6 minutes with 1 recovery. Just threshold pace. An hour on the turbo later. Today was an easy 9.25 mile run in the woods in tipping rain and 1.5 hours on the turbo tonight, a pyramid session. The ankle is best it's been in months Icing it for 15 minutes at a time and I think that's helping! F

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 26/09/2016 at 20:42

Cal that is fantastic, well done!  Great when the times start dropping. A well deserved rest day today and exciting to have more races lined up. What marathon are you training for?

Interesting on the weight Stuart. I keep thinking if I could lose a little weight (just 1-2kg) then I would be faster but maybe not. Not that I'm really trying.   I knew you would make a good cyclist and with calves like that you would fly!  That made me dash for the tape measure and mine are the same as yours Cal.

Ollie another great mileage week, park run 2nd place and long run! Nice easy miles today. 

Gaz that's a fantastic MP run. I will be trying one of those in a couple of weeks time and was hoping for something between 7:15-7:25. Hope I get my pacing better on a longer run as the 5k bits I do are always too fast.

Dr Dan a good way to get the speedwork done. 

HM4 well done on the 400s!

A nice recovery pedal for me yesterday with friends - love the fact that coffee and cake are always involved! A couple of hours av pace around 16mph but very windy on the way home. A nice easy 30 minute run this morning and a turbo session tonight. 

Have a good week all! 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 19:20

Dr Dan that sounds tough. I couldn't cut out carbs, love my fruit and veg too much (and chocolate).

Stuart you've obviously not seen me on a bike!  Off road is fun too although that's when I fall off. I guess a few miles every other day will keep you ticking over?

Well done on the recovery run Ollie. 

Gaz well done getting out in the rain and the dinner sounds lovely!

Good luck Cal! 

Inverness was busy today with all the runners registering for Loch Ness marathon tomorrow. If the wind stays the same as today there will be loads of PBs as there will be a tailwind all the way to Inverness and a strong one!

Run today was 2:30-2:40 with 3 * 5k at marathon pace. Was back at the car at 1:55 for a drink and getting going again was a nightmare, so creaky! Ended up 20 miles in 2:36. First 20 miler of the campaign! 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 22/09/2016 at 20:15

Hope you have a great holiday OH.

Sub17 well done on the mix of training. Cycling really shortens the hamstrings, I have had to start stretching.

Gaz a great week of training - lots of miles and a great session yesterday.

Nice easy miles yesterday Oliie and strides today. 

Thanks Cal  hope the race prep and stretching is going well. I'm not a swimmer but when I had to aqua jog night after night it was seriously boring.

Stuart sorry to hear about the ankle but as Cal says what about the bike? Cycling takes a lot more time but on a turbo trainer then you can do a really tough workout in half an hour.   After Frankfurt I may take some time off running again.

Teknik sorry to hear about you having to cancel Frankfurt, I hope that you are feeling better now.  Good that you have another focus in the short term.

Dr Dan week done on the tri result. The Italian break sounded lovely!

An easy turbo for me on Monday evening. Tuesday morning was treadmill intervals - some threshold either side of 400m (2 sets of 6 off 60s recovery) then another recovery turbo at night. Yesterday was an easy turbo early then later went out on the bike. It was blowing a gale and so tough and slow into the wind. An easy hours run today - all off road and I walked up hills to save the ankle and it sees to have worked as no real pain on the run.  Running every second day also seems to help although the mileage has fallen sharply. 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 12:19
Pedal was only 28 miles. Knew there would be at least one typo!! f

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 12:18
Flipping slow broadband, lost my last post so using phone. No doubt will be lots of typos!
Fantastic racing Ollie! 3rd place and a PB at the end of a high mileage week is great. Just think what you could do if you tapered!
Cal loved the report! Well done on the sub 2 . Now that you're a mega chilled sub 2 runner you may surprise yourself at Ealing.
HM4 another great result, well done!
Stuart I'm in denial about my ankle too but i tried resting for 8 weeks (just Aqua jogging and bike) and it made no difference. Much worse with higher mileage. Was yours aggravated by the 24 hour event?
Sub17 hope you're feeling better.
Gaz getting close! Nice to think there's only a few weeks more hard training.
Long run for me yesterday. Right glute really sore after Saturday's massage (told him my hip was giving me bother) and ankle swollen so with all my dodgy bits I hobbled round 19.2 miles av pace 7:39mm. Last 5k threshold and didn't hit the pace I wanted; ended up 6:53mm but not overly bothered. A lovely recovery pedal this morning, 38 miles av pace 16.6mph.
Hope everyone has a good week

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 17/09/2016 at 21:29

Good luck to all racers tomorrow and well done OH  

Hilarious Stuart  Nights out can be dangerous!!

Will read back properly tomorrow. Rest day for me today as went for a massage - thankfully nowhere near as painful as the last one as I have been stretching! Did some threshold running on Wednesday, bike on Thursday and a short easy run yesterday. Trying to rest the ankle wherever possible.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 13/09/2016 at 20:00

Good new on the hay fever HM4. Great news on the PB attempt - just avoid the drugs testers!! 

Cal hope you get better soon. Fingers crossed for a PB run for you too 

Stuart nice double yesterday; hope that the long run went well today. Well done on the 10k at the weekend.

Nice recovery double yesterday Ollie. 

Gaz great long run.

Intervals for me yesterday. Was a bit nervous about how the ankle would be so I did them on the treadmill and a big improvement on last week. Did a recovery turbo spin at night then today did two turbo sessions to rest the ankle. Planning  a run tomorrow 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/09/2016 at 21:06

Tek and Cal 30 degrees is just too hot! Hope the forecast is wrong. 

Nice run Stuart and good luck tomorrow!  Sounds like a good pacing plan for your next few races.

Ollie nothing like a nice peaceful run. Only saw about 4 people on the trails when on my 19 miles yesterday.

OH great to get out despite having to stay close to home/work!

Legs were totally wrecked this morning and felt like lead on my short warmup for the time trial up to Cairngorm ski car park. Could have been much faster if I hadn't run yesterday but got 1st lady so happy with that  Got overtaken by my minute man (super fast guy, disc wheel and TT bike) but no-one else  


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 09/09/2016 at 13:49

Tek well done on getting the miles in - the heat definitely makes you work harder! 

Ollie nice running with strides.

Stuart I hope all went well at the club and that things have settled down.

Gaz, its rubbish when work takes over  I know what you mean about being hungry all the time. I just live for my next meal/snack!

Cal great that you've got the playground back to yourself!  assume Richmond not this weekend or Tek would have added you to the list? I'm in Inverness so pretty far North and although it is stunning with endless places to run the weather isn't always great. 16 degrees and very breezy for this morning's run. Drove to the Cairngorm area and ran all off road round two lochs - Loch an Eilein and Loch Morlich. Blowing a gale up there - 19.15 miles 8:04mm average. Got the hill TT tomorrow so goodness knows what state my legs will be in after Wednesday's long run and today but the run training has to come first. Just hope I don't embarrass myself as everyone else entered is a proper cyclist! 


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