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2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Today at 08:42

Stuart I hope you are feeling better. It's such a bad time of year for illness 

NP more great training and obviously paying off with such a speedy park run time! 

Teknik good to get some fresh air after doing your tax! 

Daz welcome - are you staying with us if your thread has disappeared? 

Cal well done on your 10k. I always feel slower in winter - my hill reps yesterday were slower than in summer although heart rate was higher. 

Sub17 well done on your 1st place! 

Welcome home Tricia 

I got out for a short recovery treadmill run on Thursday night - two runs in one day so hopefully it will keep working! Friday was an easy hour or so then yesterday I did some rolling hills. As mentioned pace slower than summer but I did put in the effort. Higher HR could be down to the cold, antibiotics or being less fit!  Then in the afternoon I went to see a friend doing a local bike event - the Strathpuffer - a 24 hour mountain bike enduro. So annoyed as I managed to pull my right calf walking up and down the hills in my walking boots. Going to try my run and see how it feels.


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/01/2017 at 12:05

Teknik well done on the MP session  the pace will come down in no time at all!

Nice trail running and swim NP. Yesterday was a great day here, would have been lovely to be off road. 

Glosman I agree with the others that extra running is good but personally I can't push the miles as I get injured so for me it would be cross training.

Cal nice progressive run, I hope that the foot is back to normal. 

No running for me the last two days as not feeling great but back to it today  also the part arrived for my treadmill. I didn't hold out much hope but (touches wood) it's working! Also tried the part in my old treadmill that has been sitting in the garage for 5 years and it works too so may as well order another control panel and have a back up treadmill. So this morning I did some intervals - 5 x 5 minutes at 6:54mm pace with 90 second recoveries. Hopefully I'll catch up on the missed runs as plan to run on my rest day and maybe try a couple of doubles.


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 20:36

NP I saw that on strava. Really bad when people don't control their dogs and encourage them to be aggressive. Years ago that happened to me when walking our border collie - he was chased by 2 alsatians and was terrified - but I couldn't do anything and thank goodness our poor dog was faster. A shocking thing to happen to you but they picked the wrong person! 


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 20:24

Stuart the XC sounds like a tough run - a good session bagged! Well done getting out late last night too. 

Tricia hope you got some nice weather today for skiing 

Teknik well done getting the recovery runs done; that's a great weekly mileage. 

OH I hope your cold disappears quickly. 

Sub17 well done on your treadmill runs, must be tough when it's so hot outside. 

Stewart I hope the achilles behaves now - good luck with the massage  hope it doesn't hurt too much!

An easy 6.25 miles for me this morning, just under 8mm. 75 minutes on the turbo just finished - a nice easy high cadence spin. 


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/01/2017 at 19:21

Cal thats a shame about the run. As NP says not good if it was meant to be a group run. Decent mileage though - same as me today! 

Thats a quality run NP  I'm much better thanks. Thats great mileage so early  My mileage will be so much lower than it used to be before London. At least I know my last 2 PBs were on low mileage but I still have to get my head round that in the run up to VLM!! 

Take care HCH! Good the fall was in snow and great mileage in tough conditions! 

An easy peasy run for me today. 11 miles at 8:07mm pace - the last mile was 9mm as running through deep mud uphill. Really happy as it was such a lovely day with all the snow and ice gone overnight  Mileage particularly low at 39 miles for the week after missing yesterday's run. Mileage peaked at 55 for Frankfurt and averaged 40-45/week. Used to be 70 miles a week but my biomechanics are so poor that I always ended up injured so have to be careful. 


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/01/2017 at 19:54

Well done Sub17 on another win 

OH sounds like a tough run for your comeback  I don't really enjoy running in snow/ice!

Envious of the skiing Tricia, hope the weather holds for you. 

Well done with the long run Teknik. 

Thats a great XC result NP!  Looks like it might be milder for the long run tomorrow. Planning mine tomorrow too as I wasn't feeling great last night or today - hot/cold and shivery. I got all dressed for the run then realised I couldn't face it but its so boring staying indoors! Suppose its better to be ill when the weather is bad than on a nice day! 


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 13/01/2017 at 19:50

Stuart good luck with the XC.  I hate mud too so have never tried XC! Its meant to be a hard frost tonight but will probably have melted by afternoon. 

Teknik it sounds like your club does some good sessions. Good luck with the long run tomorrow. 

Nice to see the miles building NP  well done on the hill reps and running in the tough conditions. You could certainly get the skis out here! 

Hazelnut well done on a good week's training and core work - I should do more too. 

Hope you're enjoying the holiday Tricia 

Well done on your progressive run Cal. I am the opposite - can't run on an empty stomach. Don't like to be full but a slice of toast is good. If its a long run two! They always say porridge is best but it really disagrees with me before a run. 

Missing Ollie's posts! 

An hour on the treadmill in the gym on Wednesday as it was really horrid weather. Think I'd have been blown off my feet! A half hour turbo later in the day. Had a rest day yesterday then this morning trudged through the snow to do hill reps. Wasn't the best session as a bit slippy so didn't run fast up or down the hill! Had an easy turbo tonight but my right knee was niggly so stopped at 30 minutes. My long run tomorrow will just be time on feet as I don't find running through snow the easiest and its really icy where the snow is compacted! Will just enjoy try to enjoy it!  Stay safe everyone!


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 22:01

Lucky you Tricia, would love to be skiing again! 

CK that sounds sensible to juggle rest days to what suits you best. Know what you mean about age!!

Teknik that sounds like a good session tonight. Do you do your fast club sessions on a track or just around town?  

Cal well done on getting the 4 done. Always tough getting out when you're feeling tired.

Sub17 enjoy the rest day tomorrow and well done on the training this week. 

NP sounds like you're having the same weather as here - blowing an absolute gale and its getting colder all the time  when its so wild I'm never sure if I should run in the woods for shelter and risk getting squashed by trees or head out in the open and hardly be able to move cos of the high wind!  Great running yesterday and today. Hope the club session went well. 

OH not so good that the procedure may not have worked  Not such a bad time to be on the bench; hope you stay safe in this weather. 

Managed a recovery run this morning, 45 minute easy. Tonight was turbo night and i had a total wobble at the end. Think just low blood sugar but couldn't stop shaking, so embarrassing!  Thank goodness for an old bag of jelly babies in my bag! Not looking forward to tomorrows run as forecast is 50mph winds here too  all day - and snow.


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 09/01/2017 at 21:39

Big miles NP  I hope the neck is behaving today. 

A good total Hazelnut, more run miles than me last week.

Paul doing all of your long runs at MP is just too hard with a high risk of injury. Lots of different approaches here but the most I would do at MP about a month before the day is half marathon distance with a few miles easy either side. I also do the long runs with chunks at MP. If you hang around here you'll soon pick up on what various folks do. 

Stuart great running today and well done on the hill reps. You must have needed the sleep   Great that the long run felt better today.

Intervals today and the legs were slow  but I did them on the park run course which was a bit muddy in places and it was blowing a gale. Speed was poor but happy with the effort level. Session was 8 x 400m with 60sec recoveries. The first was the slowest at 7mm and the second last the fastest at 6:17mm. The 12 minutes threshold at the end came out at 6:57mm which I was really happy with. Then later I did a recovery run instead of turbo - just 30 mins but my first double day since August  Feels like winter out there now! 


2017 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 08/01/2017 at 19:44

Nice MLR Teknik and great weekly mileage 

Sub17 and NP great park run times!  NP thats a speedy long run and an unusual running injury! 

Cal thats a decent run today - big miles early on, well done! 

Nice running today Stewart, I hope that the birthday celebrations went well! Cycled back via the campus today, its nice and flat so might try my reps there sometime.

My 'long run' is pretty short compared to most on here - 11.4 miles done yesterday at exactly 8mm pace. A nice undulating offered route  Today was a pedal with the club - just over 62 miles in 4 hours. Had to look out the lights to pedal down to town, still so flipping dark. A lovely sociable spin with a few hills. Couldn't be bothered getting the trainers on in the afternoon but happy enough with the day. 


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