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sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 00:13
Need for speed, be careful with that achilles.
took me out for a long time, down to one slow run a week and then hobbling. Less really is more for this.
Get it checked now, massage could clear things in a week or so, or recommend physio and exercises if needed. Don't see how 5 days of biking and still working calf is going to help. Less impact than running but still works legs. Have you changed shoes recently? new model, lower drop perhaps. Usually something you've done.

Howard, you are a young man according to that HR. Have seen exactly the same. 220 minus age is just a vague rule. Good tip on the Polar.

chunkytfg, based on that half time, sub 4 is tight, but those bric sessions will help massively. sounds like a tasty nearly half mara pace run today? If that was easy, likely you could do sub 1:50 which improves chances.
Nearer the time, far better doing a 20 miler event IMO. Its worked well for me every time to be more confident doing sections at PMP so not flat out.

as for mixing tri ironman training, another ironman pal- just slightly slower than me and going for sub 3:30 .. couldn't understand why he blew up during race, legs went, he hit wall, got tired, ran 4:14. two weeks after he came clean - he did a 100km on bike the day before. Madness. You still need a little mini taper of 5-7+ days.

Ikle, Hope the house sorts out. Purple park run sounded great. Hope your friend gets good news.
Which marathon? Barcelona & Malta only road ones I can think of in Feb.
Clearly with your stepson, you're going to need to choose xmas presents wisely... perhaps doc martens, big box of chocolates and playstation games

Mixed week for me. Mad few days at work, and got very stressed to point of being physically tight in chest and felt wiped out, didn't bother running and had a bath, eating custard creams and then good sleep.. One of those days when you want to scream at someone.. came very close!
Thankfully day off and trip to Scotland to see family. Light 7 miles yesterday then tested head torches out tonight with a muddy 10 miles with pals. Mental but fun Blair witch style.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 12:27
Hey Chunky. Welcome.
1:52 is tight for sub 4 especially if you're male. Women generally have better endurance, us men have speed, all the testosterone so tend to fade more. Your tri training will help though.
1:50 and nearer to 1:45 the higher your chances are. WishfulThinking (where is WT these days?) did 3:59:5x off 1:52 half.

Those marathon prediction things overestimate.

Howard sounds good. Enjoy the run.

Martin, c2c sounds like fun. Tempting.

need for speed. It was just the wind that blew me out plus needing clif blok shot or Haribo , . As for first road half in 2 years, in that time, I have done 5 marathons, 6 ultras, 20 milers, 4x24 hr events, trail and lots of league 5-6 mile stuff. 1:40 trail half in September even. I get bored with some distances then come back to them.

Susan in case I'm not on before then, good luck on 16th.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 23:53
Susan, Seems far off now but I'm sure you will be back running soon. we are all thinking of you, and will be on the 16th especially.

Good runs by need for speed , Ikle, and very promising 10:30mm run by Fido.

Howard, great 18 miles and understand why you wanted to do it so early. Compression shorts and socks for me, definitely help, and post run too. Not so sure about the need to do run at sub 10mm by December though or the mention of pain/ tightening up in last 3 miles. men tend to go too fast on LSRs, I've done it myself. If you could do the 10mm and chat then effort about right. Congrats though.

Did you do the long run in the new balances?

Legs were goosed after Sunday half, very tight calfs at top outside.. Racing flats were wrong choice. Fast but surface was hard park tarmac and pavement not road. 1.5 mile section into head wind mile 10 to 11, lost 30-40 secs and wiped my energy out, felt sick, really should've taken something mile 6-7. Tank empty coming out of the wind, no kick and painful last two miles feeling like legs of glue. 6 seconds off target and 35 off a PB but for first road half in two years, very happy with result.

Bit of active recovery slow jog around yesterday, few hills easy and then back for a sports massage. Much better today, worked arms, bit of balance & mobility work with PT. Rest tomorrow.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 07/12/2014 at 18:17
Sorry Susan, these two boys clearly are old if they can remember 1970s are you being served jokes.
How are you today?

Thanks Ikle.

Think wabo got a PB?

Close for me, more later. Was just having some zzzz

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 06/12/2014 at 13:13
Susan sounds like you had a better week, and another op soon so they are looking after you. Hope Gordon and crew are taking good care of you, spotted him on Sherlock last week as the gay bar man. That sounds wrong.

Howard how are the Glutes???I did wonder the effect of two runs close together, by now you might've done 3x 16 in 3 weeks. What's the rush with VLM so far off?
Any races before VLM, 10k or half to give you a true target pace?

Heart rate isn't a rigid 220 bpm minus your age, will vary. I can still get up in the 190s. Hr strap is okay for me, just below breast plate. Wet the contacts, unless you have a hairy chest...

Shedboy, compression socks work for me, even if only less tired in the days following.??Also stop scratches from thorns on trail runs and muddy legs.

Ikle, I saw your joke. Hopefully you will be joking about your own front door soon.
Oh Martin I was of course being facetious. I'm not thinking of doing comrades. I'm doing comrades! Glasgow to Edinburgh ultra sounds tempting too with family up there.

Had some good recent sessions. After 8 weeks of speed work and 4 months of gym work, then November 3 x 10ks and off road race, legs are pretty good shape. The free weekly trail runs are fab, see lots of areas i know but new routes, paths you missed. Maybe should tell Judderman?

Last Saturday early 7 miles trail group run, then great training workshop with team GB athlete jenny meadows and her coach, some good tips on hips and posture, breathing.
Turned up at club long run Sunday, only one other runner wanting to do 11 miles but 5-7 minutes faster than me at half m pace. Dragged me around 11 mile trail in 1hr 30... Finishing sub 7 pace. Great run but boy did I have to work hard.

Should be doing club race Sunday but doing a road half instead, see where I'm at if in 10k PB shape.

Good weekend all.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 16:55
Great news from Susan.

Howard, great running to do 16 miles again so soon. Not sure about using virtual partner on an lsr, watching the seconds ahead and forcing the pace to match the previous week? (I only use vp for races)... That's not really a long slow run then.

The 3 weeks hard, 1 easy you mentioned. Week to week my logic your fatigue will vary , so pace varies. Are you still monitoring your hr?

Martin. I'm not thinking of doing Comrades.

Nfs, definitely go for 2 rest days.
Quite a few friends cycle & run, one doing Sportives regularly, aced his marathon first time sub 4 - .3:48, massive improvement all distances since and now on for 3:15-3:30 easily. He alternates one long run, one long cycle at weekends. Other friend did the to / from work cycle 2-3 times a week, and lots of mileage fri-mon, limited rest, struggled on day. Doing runs every week on tired legs (occasional yes), but especially on key tempo and speed sessions is counter productive for me.

Doubles. I do sometimes. Asked our TeamGB coach about this. Long run or double? He answered both, easy on his 80-90 mile a week.
Suggestion was alternating long run one weekend, say 18-20, double the next.
During equinox training though in Sept, I did do triples for 2 weekends and food in between.. 9am/12pm/4pm .surprising thing - best run was always the last one.

Wabo, I'm all for cuddles, sounds like you will be very happy at moment. Can only meet good races for you.

10k didn't quite go to plan. Session with PT on the Tuesday, killed my legs for 4-5 days. Worst DOMs I've had for a long time. Just one little exercise nearly the last one. Legs were running okay, but tight, and not there on a few hills/ ups. That fifth gear acceleration.

One sub 40 and just fraction over in 2 weeks with 2 other races in between as fast so not too shabby. Lots of rest this week. Aced it last night with 2k tempo, 4 x 800 and then 2k again Last 2k in 7:59 so faster than some of Sundays kms when struggling. So the speed is there, just to look after it.

Good weekend everyone.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 18/11/2014 at 23:50
And if that isn't a good sign. Totp taken in honour of Susan.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 18/11/2014 at 23:49
Thinking of Susan. All of us are.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 16/11/2014 at 00:04
Susan, hope all goes well Tuesday.

Wabo great baby news.

Howard awesome 16 miler. I've never known you in Yoda mode. Great to see.

Nfs plenty of speed there, you can go 3:45 with a 44-45 minute 10k time, very close to 3:30. Club pal did sub 3:30 at age 58 so definitely possible. ??Not sure about your plan being "less is more" though with one rest day. I'd drop at least one bike, possibly two so you're rested after Sunday long run and before Wed run too.. Notice you already were tired this Wednesday.. Imagine once you've done 21 miles at weekend. ??My 3:15 and some ultras is off 3 run days, a circuit and a strength session, 2 rest days

Another 10k tomorrow, see if can push the legs further.

sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 00:22
Ikle Good going. I'm sure you can do sub 22 soon.
I can remember doing 5k in 33 minutes maybe 15 years ago and being passed by a man in a 9 ft inflatable nun costume so anything is possible (see current time below).

Still getting sessions with team GB athlete & coach (currently in Kenya for altitude training) with tons for improving at any distance 5k to marathon so could post you some.. He often has our group doing 1k or 2k intervals various ways for any distance race.

Shed boy, off that mile, should be faster.

Last 6 weeks for me.
Took me a good 6-8 weeks to be fully recovered from June Comrades, maybe longer in terms of full speed so have been doing a steady build running and gym work with my S&C coach..The 24 hour team event at short notice at end of September, left hips a bit sore and tired again so backed off from original October plan of 2 ultras, and went for different plan of short races & speed in November.

Came 15th out of 160 in off road 9 miler 2 weeks ago and even got third in age category so some money. Then new 10k PB last week, 10 seconds off 2 year old PB. League race yesterday was short of 10k plus a mile off road but would've been another PB if full distance, highest I've placed for club and even scored 2 points. All looking good.
Got another 10k this weekend, try and stick the fast start of Sunday with the rest of the other weeks race.

Fido, IKEA too cryptic for me.

Times when I joined sub 4 Fred for 1st mara 3 years ago
5k/ 10k/ half / full
21:40/ 46/ 1:39 and ended up doing 3:48 full
20 (never done park run)/ 39:47/ 89:29/ 3:15:04.
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